I still don’t quite know how but Sam Allardyce has somehow landed the Everton job, the desperate scousers making a…desperate decision.

The Toffees spent over £140m in the summer and whilst Fat Sam claims he hasn’t ‘insisted on a budget’, he admits he is looking to spend money in January.

Rest assured, no way he would have taken the job without guarantees of a serious money to spend, as well as serious money for himself.

Ahead of his first game in charge at home to Huddersfield, Sam Allardyce has been asked if the Everton post is the big chance/club he has been waiting for.

He says that when it comes to the money and ambition side of things, his new job probably is his biggest ever.

However, he indicates that Newcastle would have been that club if only he had been given more money to spend…

Allardyce claims that he’d been led to believe there would be a certain amount of money to spend when Freddy Shepherd appointed him in 2007 but that Mike Ashley’s takeover led to the new owner reducing the transfer budget.

That may be the case (more transfer cash if Shepherd and Hall had stayed) but for Sam Allardyce to claim he didn’t have significant financial backing in Ashley’s first summer would be a big fat lie.

Sadly it was Fat Sam who almost certainly made sure that Mike Ashley would never again allow future managers to get on and bring in the players they wanted/needed with full support and freedom from the owner.

In summer 2007, Sam Allardyce spent around £35m on transfer fees, ironically the same kind of figure Rafa Benitez was allowed to spend this summer 10 (TEN) years later.

(After this summer’s transfer window closed, Sam Allardyce was definitely on the wind-up….“He (Mike Ashley) has openly stated he has given Rafa all the money he can possible give him, that the football club generates. You can’t ask for more than that.)

Allardyce brought in all kinds of older/established players such as Smith, Barton, Cacapa, Faye, Enrique, Beye, Rozehnal, Geremi and Viduka.

The wage bill ballooned with the likes of Barton and Smith reportedly getting massive five year £60,000 a week wages, players who didn’t generate a single penny when they left.

Those wages though were almost ‘reasonable’ compared to ‘free’ transfers Geremi and Viduka, the useless lazy pair reported to be getting as much as £100,000 a week after arriving with no transfer fee attached.

Looking at those signings Sam Allardyce made, it was a complete disaster, and as I said earlier, almost certainly ensured that Ashley would never again trust a manager, even if his name was Kevin Keegan or Rafa Benitez…

Everything crossed that Fat Sam’s spending proves just as inspired at Everton!

Sam Allardyce asked if the Everton job is the opportunity he has been waiting for:

“I think financially and ambition-wise – probably yes.

“Newcastle was going to be the most ambitious club and best financially-backed I was going to manage, way back in 2007, but that didn’t happen…

“When Freddy Shepherd went out and Mike Ashley came in, there wasn’t as much money as I expected.

“This football club has spent pretty heavily this summer. I haven’t stipulated or insisted on a budget, other than saying we would probably need some players in January.

“All I’ve asked is that when we find the right player we do our very best to try and sign him.

“If you have the financial backing it helps and hopefully Everton will continue to grow their own. Which is extremely important as it is getting ever more difficult in that area.

“Everton have a history of bringing players through and there are some in the team at the moment playing well – I would like that to continue.

“I don’t think you can keep going out buying players at £50m, £80m, £100m for every position.

“You can’t get a good Premier League player for much less than thirty/forty million now.”

  • TheNutJob

    once again we have to watch Hippo Heed chewing the cud on the sidelines

  • BangoSkank

    Lest we forget a single point from a possible six against “that” Derby side. Allardyce has long been allowed to re-write history without much challenge.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    ” (more transfer cash if Shepherd and Hall had stayed)”

    Not sure where Shepherd was getting this money from.

    Although you like a lot of BFSA signings in the summer, most of those deals were done by Shepherd himself before the summer. Only Smith was done with Mike Ashley’s blessings.

  • Rich Lawson

    Wont be much at Everton with your suggested basic wage better than Zidane’s ? Ashley probably kept the available cash for himself rather than fill up more brown paper bags for you,or Charnley just couldn’t find the service station ?

  • Jezza

    “there wasn’t as much money as I expected”

    What A-Lard-Arce means by that is the backhanders weren’t as big as he was hoping for. He’s obviously hoping for thicker brown envelopes at Everton.

  • Mike

    how this lowlife gets jobs and money fails me…………….worse than MP’s

  • nufcslf

    Everton don’t usually have an open cheque book policy neither. David Moyes ran the club on a shoestring for most of the time he was there. Off and running today, but we all it won’t last.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Scouse makems and fat sham. A marriage made in heaven. School of science my a***!!

  • Lhc

    no money to spend false promises nufc?! Noooo don’t be silly!

  • Phil Yare

    he let us down buying rubbish and setting us up for relegation. luckily kk came in a put a run of games together to keep us up.

    the hippo thinks he’s the greatest thing to happen to football. to be honest the mackem job is about his level

  • Ken

    Like every Newcastle manager that Ashley has had Allardyce was treated with utter contempt.