Newcastle United will go to the bet365 Stadium tomorrow and win, you can bet on it…

Where Newcastle United are concerned, I am usually one of the most sceptical when it comes to anybody predicting anything positive at the club.

Experience has taught me, especially under Mike Ashley, that looking on the bright side is almost sure to only end with yet another kick where it really hurts.

Your hopes crushed yet again after allowing yourself to think something good was in the process of happening.

However, against Stoke on Monday, I am very confident Newcastle can win.

I wrote a very similar article before the West Ham match where I explained why contrary to popular opinion, Newcastle would win, sure enough the 3-2 scoreline hardly did Rafa’s team justice as it should have been a wider winning margin.

The reasons why I believe it will be three points for NUFC tomorrow are below, and by the way, I haven’t made a habit of tipping Newcastle to win very often this season.

For example, I didn’t think we would beat Brighton yesterday, I thought it was possible but didn’t believe it would happen. They are a better team than us and it showed, having made a net investment in their promoted squad of over £40m in the summer, almost four times as big a net spend as Newcastle’s. The only thing that let the Seagulls down was the lack of a credible striker but as they showed, Brighton have got a very decent defence – something you can’t say about Stoke City…

Their best player was Marko Arnautovic and now he is with West Ham, where he was also the best player when Newcastle played the Hammers last weekend. Stoke have totally failed to replace the Austrian’s threat.

Unlike Brighton’s, the Stoke defence has been hopeless. they have conceded a massive 44 goals in 21 games, easily the most in the Premier League.

They are also missing their captain Ryan Shawcross against Newcastle, whilst Jamaal Lascelles has been proving just how vital he is to NUFC.

Meanwhile, it sums up how desperate Stoke have become up front, with the last month seeing Peter Crouch first choice up front, that is Peter Crouch who turns 37 in four weeks time. He hasn’t scored in any match he has started, his three goals coming when used as an impact sub earlier in the season.

The Potters have won just twice in their last 11 Premier League outings and those came against relegation rivals West Brom and Swansea, though they have also lost at home to the likes of Bournemouth and West Ham this season.

Their last nine home matches have seen Stoke concede in every one of them.

Stoke are one of a small group of teams that are of similar or worse quality than Newcastle, I also include West Ham, Swansea, Bournemouth and West Brom in that.

You might think I have convinced you about Stoke’s shortcomings but are Newcastle good enough to take advantage?

Whilst Newcastle may not be the best at the other end of the pitch, in the 15 PL games that Lascelles has started, only 13 goals have been conceded. on only two occasions has more than one goal being leaked and they were in the 2-2 draw at Southampton and 3-2 win at West Ham.

Newcastle’s counter attacking style is far more suited to playing away from home and I think they can get a lot of joy tomorrow, as the pressure is very much on Stoke to attack.

Speaking of pressure, the Stoke fans have lost patience with Mark Hughes and if Newcastle take the lead, the home fans will be all but certain to turn on the manager and his players, as they did when losing 3-0 to West Ham this month.

Goals – whilst five of the last six home matches have seen Newcastle fail to score, Newcastle have scored seven goals in the last five away games, only failing to score in the tight 1-0 defeat at Arsenal. Those last five away games included taking the lead at both Chelsea and Man Utd but not having the quality to take advantage.

If Rafa’s team can take the lead against Stoke, I think it will be a different matter.

With odds of 12/5 I think that Newcastle winning is a cracking bet.

Stoke v Newcastle Match Betting:

Stoke win 13/10Draw 23/10Newcastle win 12/5

Gayle to score first goal 6/1NUFC win to nil 19/4NUFC win 2-0 17/1

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  • DC1964

    I agree. We are better away than at home.

    • Danimal

      We’ll have to be, because we’ve used up all the easier home games apart from Swansea. I do think we can win away at Bournemouth and Watford, two teams who won at our place. Hopefully a couple more wins from somewhere and maybe just maybe, one surprise result against a top team, like all our rivals get occasionally.

      • Guest 2

        Or, 12th December Staveley was treated to a cheap curry. Between now and 12th January we hear the deal is complete – that being the 30 day PL fit and proper test to sign off a sale. I’m not sure we’ll get more entertaining football though even if Rafa gets money to spend.

        • Danimal

          Surely no one is going to give him anything like £250m for a club that is almost certain to be in the lower leagues yet again next season.

  • TheNutJob

    Rubbish defence v rubbish attack, 0-0

    • DC1964

      Stoke have conceded so many goals this season.

      • TheNutJob

        I know they have but we need our lads to hit the target

        • DC1964


      • Kneebotherm8

        Joselu for a hat trick against his former club………………….OK….only joking.

        • DC1964

          Many a true word spoken in jest!!!

          • Kneebotherm8

            I’d like to think you’re right there.

          • DC1964

            Me too!!!!

        • nevfur

          Not a hat trick but what odds on him scoring against his former team. How often does it happen. Diame at West Ham?

          • Kneebotherm8

            Fingers crossed,it does often happen.

          • Guest 2

            100/1 I’d say! The bloke can’t the net if a fish was in it.

          • nevfur

            I’ll give you a daft pound at that lol

  • Natturner26

    I look at the teams below us: Palace on goal difference, West Ham a point with a game in hand, West Brom two points, and Swansea three, and surely without a major change at Newcastle all of those teams will pick up more points than us in the remaining fixtures. We need either several new players or a new manager, maybe both. And we need three points against Stoke. Looking at the fixture list we are beginning to run out of games where we can realistically hope for the whole three points.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Sadly you may well be right.

    • Kneebotherm8

      New players and give Benitez a chance,he’s been shafted by this owner since he was appointed.

      • Big Al 1967

        I have a horrible feeling that any money made available to Rafa will have to come from players sales first.

        • Guest 2

          Shouldn’t be though. Rafa is 40 mil in profit from sales and there’s the tv money coming at the end of the season. If Fatty was such a great businessman then he’d advance some of that at least to protect his asset. But he got where he is, and our club where it is, by being a tight [email protected]

          • Kneebotherm8

            I think we’ll see some signings to protect his asset,he’s got a lot to lose if we don’t improve,goalscoring especially.

  • Leazes Ender

    Pay your Taxes Michael Tabor you tax cheat.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Happy New Year to everyone & your families.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Is that even to Michael Tabor???

  • DavyB

    So that’s a 4-0 drubbing with Crouchy scoring a hat-trick! :-p

  • Shields Mag

    We’ll play on the counter attack against a suspect defence, you could well be right. HWTL!

  • Cuh

    Stoke 3-1 Newcastle

    • Phil Yare

      we will get a goal? must be a 95 yard dummett strike because we cross the halfway line once in a millennium

  • Peaky Magpie

    How exciting is it waiting for the transfer window opening…….for the other 19 teams in the PL that is ! 😁

    • Phil Yare

      but apparently staveley is going to jump in with 400m then hand rafa 500m to make 15 signings in 3 days
      meanwhile on planet earth joselu, diame and murphy are ready for the next game

  • Kneebotherm8

    Some good points there,hope it turns out like you forecast.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    stoke are terrible. we are terrible. the football will be terrible. I’m not sure who will win but I’m certain everyone who watches will lose.

    • Phil Yare

      we are capable of making a terrible team look like barcelona. where as we remain terrible even if we played against 11 cones

  • GToon

    Stoke have struggled lately and are looking for a team to play against to get their season back on track, get a win under their belts and get their fans back on side. Though it pains me to say it I bet they can’t think of better opponents to play.

  • 1957

    Crouch may be 37 but he is more likely to score than Benitez first choice striker, the mighty Hoss.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Yes at 37 Crouch has more chance of scoring than Carthorselu !

    • Phil Yare

      crouch would be 10 times a threat than joselu when hes 47

  • Phil Yare

    if shearer played tomorrow overweight, totally unfit and arthritis in his joints, i guarantee he would do far better than joselu

    in fact the same applies for micky quinn because you can’t do worse than being absolutely useless

  • GeordieZebra

    Taking my 6 year old to his first away game tomorrow/today, plodding around the desolate wasteland that is Stoke! Sorry son. HWTL.

    • anyobrien

      Good luck to you and your lad… Keep the faith Howay the lads

  • paul mclaughlan

    IT’S OPEN.

    • Peaky Magpie

      AND SHUT AGAIN !!! 😂

  • Whickhamrobbie

    0-0 all over it . BOTH Shyte clubs going down and deservedly so .

    • Danimal

      I’d take the point. Huddersfield are now drawing all their games and very happy about it. They’re only a win and a dodgy decision above us. Stay calm. If we’d drawn 0-0 at home to Bournemouth and away to Brighton/Huddersfield, we’d be in mid table. At the time everyone said they were ‘must win’ games… Don’t panic. On a side note, it would be nice if we could be awarded regular dodgy penalties, like West Brom and Palace. Thankfully Palace don’t know how to take them.

      • mentalman

        Palace are screwed after january
        Zaha will leave and the team will implode

  • mentalman

    Here we go with the net spend nonsense again.

    Brighton dont have a better team than us, they have a manager who is using tactics and a style of play that suits what ge has to work with.

    As for counter attacking play, i think its more hit and hope at the minute, we sit so deep any counter attack stalls waiting for players to catch up

    • Vladimir Biggski

      Rafa is the best manager we will ever have. Mike Ashley is the worst owner we could ever have.

  • Michael Smith

    Cenk Tosun signing for Everton £25m + £150,000 a week, Ashley would want 4 players for that

    • GeordieZebra

      Cracking player as well

  • magpiefifer

    Hope you’re right Dean,but I dread a late winner from Crouch!

  • MadMag83

    Unfortunately our record away to Stoke is dreadful. Can only see a Stoke win, with Shaquiri and Chewbacca or whatever his name is, having a blinder and Crouch causing havoc.

    Honestly think Rafa has to play the same eleven that beat West Ham if we are to stand a chance.

  • HarryHype59

    Well done Dean making another accurate prediction!