All football supporters want to see their team do better but can anybody top the Arsenal fans in terms of going so overboard in feeling sorry for themselves.

They really haven’t got a clue what it is like to support pretty much every other club apart from the obvious handful at the top.

Never mind a club such as Newcastle United which has endured these 11 years of self-inflicted misery under Mike Ashley.

Arsenal fans have seen:

Their club have won two trophies in the last seven months.

Fans at The Emirates have watched the team win 12 of the last 13 Premier League home matches.

In the last eight of the League Cup and knockout stages of the Europa League.

They are fifth in the Premier League.

The players have scored 49 goals in all competitions so far.

As a Newcastle supporter I almost felt sorry for the Arsenal fans reading through their comments…

Arsenal fans commenting via their top Arsenal Mania message board:

‘It’s just not entertaining to watch Arsenal play football. Terrible game.’

 ‘I’d said I wasn’t going to watch any more PL games until we won.

I didn’t watch this and it sounds like I didn’t miss anything other than Özil’s goal.’

‘Pretty impotent performance today, which is a trend. It is really hard to stay upbeat watching us these days.’

‘We don’t really have any good wide players who can beat players with pace and dribbling. Need to address that in the summer.’

‘Good to see we won. I can resume watching the games.’

‘I’d give you Ozil as an example. His shooting is terrible. He scores a decent goal every now and then. My point is, Iwobi is you and he could develop excellent finishing ability, or he could just end up finishing like Ozil.’

‘Poor performance honestly, if Newcastle had any quality about them we might have been punished here.’

‘Great day, got the 3 points after a tough few games not that the crowd help matters but the players showed character to hold out in spite of that.’

‘Should’ve scored more in our period of domination in the first half. Newcastle got into the match as it wore on, and would’ve had something to show for it if Ayoze Perez could finish.’

‘Getting to the end, they had too much space and a couple of uncontested chances. We deserved the win but we gave them hope.’

‘Yes they had a few chances at the end but I don’t think they were that close really. But you are right that the only hope they had is due to us not putting them away like we easily should have.’

‘Watching this side is a chore. Can’t remember an Arsenal side playing football this bad.’

‘It’s easier and cheaper to change a coach than it is to change a full squad. The players aren’t playing to their full potential as well. So it’s a case of OK what can we do differently?

Haven’t seen the match but reading the comments it seems like our finishing was awful again.’

‘Elliot didn’t even have to make one decent save in the entire half. Can’t believe people can stomach such rubbish.’

‘On another day this would have been a routine 4-0. You could see that Newcastle had given up on this game early. Unfortunately we allowed them to think they had a chance and look what happened.’

‘I know Newcastle did nothing until the last 15 minutes but what is worrying how wasteful we are.’

Another poor game. It became a standard lately.’

‘At one point in the match it looked as though a cricket score was on the cards but then the match turned into a brawl between two relegation scrappers.

We’ll soldier on but a significant number of personnel need to be marshalled out the front door this summer.’

‘Man this is such a boring depressing team to watch. Horrible unimaginative football, errors strewn all over the place. Just burn the whole thing to the ground and start from scratch. Awful.’

‘Would not have been unconvincing if we had just scored when we should have. Newcastle barely threatened and the game should have been over by the 30 min mark.’

‘This newcastle side are POOR, we saw that in the first few minutes but we allowed them to grow in confidence.

Sometimes that can be the difference between a 5-0 walk in the park and a 1-0 nervy win.’

  • Andynufc

    If you look at the comments on Arsenal’s home page. Most of the comments are like this. You’d think they’d lost. Haha you know the most ridiculous thing is, is that the media (shock) are quite sympathetic towards Arsenal fans and how they’d had to suffer not winning the PL title since 2004 under Arsene Wenger. The FA Cup isn’t good enough for them. Aww my little heart breaks

    • Ogban

      They have been spoilt by the same man they loathe 😂😁

      • Leazes Ender

        They’ve only had tin pots not the real trophy….. the title.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Give us one of those tin pots ffs.

  • Mrkgw

    They aren’t having a dig at us – they seem aggitated with their own side in the main. Where they point out that we are rubbish -its a fair reflection. Thanks to MA, we are exactly that.

  • Leicester Mag

    Maybe they do moan overmuch on the other hand what would their response have been to an owner like Ashley?

    • Leazes Ender

      He would have been run out of town, the media would have turned on him in an unrelenting onslaught…. can you imagine Arsenal being relegated twice by the same bloke (a Chelsea fan)?

      Newcastle fans muttered and spluttered and we of course have had Lee Ryder fighting our corner…. NOT.

  • Whitehurst

    What’s really funny is the majority of the so-called Southern “hacks”, who constantly berate us for being deluded ….are in fact Arsenal fans themselves! Think they’ve got some god-given right to win trophies every year!!

    • Leazes Ender

      They have….. the cups are for losers, the also rans.

      We have a different mentality….. A crust is a banquet to a starving man.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Good to see we won,I can resume going to games again” Spoilt,cockney t##t !!!

  • Little Pedro

    Sooner or later Wenger will leave , because whether Arsenal fans believe or not he is the arguably the most consistent manager the premier league has seen ,he has delivered Champions league football for almost 20 years, plus a few F.A cups,. The phrase ” Plastic Fans ” comes to mind, WENGER OUT ! ,

  • Dillon Tovak

    Hypocrites around these parts. Our dumba$$ fans booed Sir Bobby after finishing fifth.
    Now they want Rafa out, forgetting the past 10 years and the conditions he works under.
    B…b….b….but Mitro!? blah blah blah.
    I despair.

    • thewildchimp

      I think only a few folks want Rafa out. But majority of us wants change. It’s not going to happen in the terms of reinforcements so it’s up to Rafa to find a solution. We shouldn’t waste word on Ashley, what he needs to do and what he clearly isn’t going to do.

      Rafa wants to play a solid defensive football, peppered with fast breaks and a bit of flair. He was laying the foundation for it for the entirety of the last season. That’s why he refused to play some players who don’t fit in and was hoping to fill the gaps with reinforcements this year.
      However, the reality is that he was screwed over. He is now left with the side that can’t do it. Slow, technically inept, no real leaders on the offense, devoid of any panache (apart from a few lads). Not his fault.


      He’s still the manager, hasn’t resigned – so he HAS TO work with what he’s got. I’m not expecting him to be happy about it. I’m expecting him to get the job done.

      He has to try to adapt. I’m sorry, but I don’t care that he doesn’t have pricey players in our side. Work with what you’ve got. I could mop all day that my parents weren’t filthy rich, but that’s not gonna help my financial status.

      He had this bad spell to try and find a solution and I hope he did, but I somewhat doubt it. And players do too, make no mistake about it. If he thinks that the team is sh’te, fine. Then play Mitro and Joselu, put the team behind the ball and fish for an odd corner or a foul to try something, or wait for the opposition to tire until the last 20 and then press hard. Kill the game for all I care.

      Rafa is a good man and really wants to please us (with wins, if not with his playstyle). But the only thing we really want from him is to try anything that would help us survive. He isn’t doing that. He is trying to improve on something that isn’t working and won’t, until we get a better set of players.

  • TheFatController

    What this reveals is the big problem for 2 of the ‘big 6’ every season.

    Two of them (or one if they can’t take advantage of their CL bye Bia the Europa League) won’t make the champions league, so they’ll have to sack their manager and sell their squad to appease unhappy fans…