Rafa Benitez reflected after what could prove a disastrous night for Newcastle United.

Against an injury hit Everton side who offered little, Newcastle saw the woodwork deny Matt Ritchie with Jordan Pickford well beaten.

It was then gutting to see the scousers go up the other end and Newcastle gift yet another goal, this time Karl Darlow making a feeble attempt to hold onto a weak header, Rooney following up to score.

To then see Mikel Merino hit a 30+ yard effort that left the Everton keeper with no chance but his the keeper’s left post and then rebound out of play past the other post, you kind of guess it isn’t going to be your night.

Rafa Benitez claimed it was ‘unbelievable’ that Newcastle went in a goal down with ‘the chances we had’.

It was unlucky but apart from the two that hit the woodwork, Newcastle rarely caused the Everton keeper any real problems, I can’t really remember him making a difficult save.

Everton came out for the second half and instead of sitting back and letting Newcastle get easily up the pitch, they pushed up and made it very difficult/impossible for  Newcastle. Teh home side’s lack of pace and creativity leaving them struggling to create any chances to save the game.

Rafa Benitez:

“The way that we were playing, the chances that we had, it was unbelievable to go in at half-time losing 1-0.

“I think the team was working so hard and making clear chances, good chances, then we made a mistake and then the second half, when you are losing for us and not too much experience, it is difficult to manage. Then they were just wasting time.”

‘How is Karl Darlow after the game?’

“Everybody is a bit down because we lost together, that is the main thing.

“If we avoid the mistakes we will have more chances to win games.

“This is a team that has to learn and avoid these mistakes.”

Jonjo Shelvey red card:

“It’s difficult, because, for the second one, I think he knew that it was a very dangerous counter-attack.

“It’s different to the other one.

“You don’t have control in this case. It’s part of the game.

“We’ll miss him, but we have to manage.”

Asked when he needs to know his January transfer budget:

 “As soon as possible but I don’t know when (that will be).

“We have the money from the summer window – I think we have some money but I need to know how much.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Everton 1


Everton: Rooney 27

Possession was Everton 45% Newcastle 55%

Total shots were  Everton 7 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were Everton 4 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Everton 1 Newcastle 4

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie (Aarons 74), Shelvey (sent off 90+4), Merino (Perez 86), Atsu, Diame (Joselu 67), Gayle

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Clark, Hayden, Murphy

Crowd: 51,042

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  • Paul Patterson

    When you’re looking at changing the game and the sub you make is Diame coming off for Joselu, you know you’re in trouble . .

  • TheNutJob


    • Peaky Magpie

      It’s not even as if we can look forward to the mackems next year cos they’ll be dropping again ! We’ll have to make do with the smoggies I suppose.

  • ghostrider

    Are fans still happy with Benitez?
    Do the fans still want this man to be let loose with transfer cash.
    Who’s he going to buy to not play to their strengths?

    Look at how he sets the team up.
    It’s disgraceful and even worse with his subs and even double worse when he’s leaving players out who are biting at the bit to play, like Mitrovic.

    Mitrovic’s problem was probably questioning Rafa as to why he won’t play him and that’s enough for Rafa to take it as an attack.

    Please someone step in and get this man (Benitez)out of our club.
    My most disliked manager since Gullit.

    • Peaky Magpie

      He’s years behind a Pep,Poch,Klopp & Silva in his methods,whether funds in January will help im really not sure.Yes I know he hasn’t got the squad to match others but by continuing with these strange selections and leaving his best players out he’s on a suicide mission.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Mitrovic is rubbish hes not our best player. Hes our most paid player mind.

        • Jezza

          Spot on. People seem to forget Mitrovic being out muscled, out paced and out thought by average third division defenders for the entire 90 minutes at Oxford last season. Now he has somehow transformed into a guaranteed 30 Premiership goals per season striker if only Rafa would pick him.

          • Mike Adam

            Same tired excesses time and time again, you are like a recording that plays ever time the Messiah needs an excuse.

    • Paul Patterson

      Wow! Over Souness, Allardyce, Kinnear, Pardew, Carver and McClaren? A slight overreaction. But I too don’t agree with the Mitrovic situation . .

      • ghostrider

        I honestly don’t think it’s an overreaction. I can guarantee you one thing. If any ordinary manager produced what we are seeing in terms of results and methods, there would be no flags waving with his picture on it, unless it had a noose around the neck of it.

        The man is a mercenary and is living on his past and certain little hoyed in comments about how much of a perfection genius he is.
        It’s sickening.
        We hear all this with McClaren and how he was the best coach certain players ever had and blah blah blah….but at least McClaren tried to play football as did most of the rest of the managers we’ve had who were hounded out for right and wrong reasons.

        Honestly he has to go. Pay the mercenary off and just get shot of him and bring in someone who can resurrect the real character and ability that many of these players are capable of showing to at least give us a settled team and a settled season.

        Rafa has lost 75% of this squad.
        He’s destroying the entire set up.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          You do realise hes performed a miracle to get the points he has with these players?

          He hasnt lost the squad they are devoid of confidence and the reality they arent good enough in too many areas.

          To see a lost squad check out our 2 relegations they didnt put in the work these players do. Theres a difference between lack of quality and lack of effort.

          Too many are mixing those two up.

          • Jezza

            Rafa also performed miracles to get us promoted last season. We weren’t the best team in the Championship last season, far from it and it was purely down to Rafa that we won the league.

          • Tomb

            Miracle to go up even though we were favourites?

          • Jezza

            We were only favourites because we were by far the biggest club in the Championship and because we had a world class manager. We did not have the best team in the Championship last season, not by any stretch. That’s why it was a miraxcle we came straight back up. The other two teams who went down with us both struggled and by rights we should have to but we didn’t because of Rafa.

          • ghostrider

            A headless chicken can use one hell of an amount of effort but it doesn’t mean it’s going to get anywhere.
            Effort has to coincide with commitment and coincide with team ethic and togetherness.
            All that has to be on the back of being trained to be that and it’s not happening because Rafa has lost too many players and darkened the mood to either, the point of no return or so close to it as to require him to stand up and take the blame, as well as fixing his wrong doings.

            I prefer him to pack up and leave with no handshake rather than him get sacked with a big pay off he doesn’t deserve.

            The man is a mercenary.

        • Jezza

          Cheer up, Joe Kinnear will be back in the St James’s Park hot seat soon enough and then you’ll be happy.

          • ghostrider

            No, I won’t be happy.
            I want Rafa out not any old rag hand in.
            There’s only 2 things saving Rafa’s bacon.
            The take over talks and the fans belief that a January transfer window will magically turn us into power rangers. It’s morphing time.

          • Jezza

            Come on then, tell me who you think we could REALISTICALLY get who would be better than Rafa.

          • ghostrider

            99% of managers would be better than Rafa in this current mindset.

            Chances are we won’t get anyone until the takeover happens, so Rafa seems to have a pocket full of get out of jail free cards.

            If a take over happened right now and we could make a move then I’d sack Rafa right now and go for Bilic or Koeman or even Luis Enrique or Laurent Blanc.
            I could list many I’d have instead of Rafa.
            I don’t like Rafa’s ways and he’s absolutely no good for this club.

            I think a brilliant suit for this club would be Bilic or Koeman and especially Koeman.

          • Jezza

            You’ve just mentioned two managers who had huge ammounts to spend on proven Premiership quality players in the summer but got off to far worse starts than Rafa did with our rag tag bunch of Championship cloggers. I can’t take you seriously at all.

          • ghostrider

            I wonder how many of those players were forced onto the managers?
            Rafa doesn’t have that excuse because his contract seemingly gave him messiah status to do as he please, with what Ashley stated was ALL the money the club generates.
            Did you notice how many players Koeman had to ship out?
            Do you think that Gylfi Sigurðsson was a better choice for Koeman than what Koeman could have bought in.
            It appears that these managers have had their input taken away from them, in favour of what can only be termed as owners dip into lucky bags in the sweety store.

            Bilic and Koeman play football how it should be played and would be a revelation at this club, in my absolute honest opinion.

          • Jezza

            With the best will in the world you are making no sense whatsoever not to mention contradicting yourself.

            You say those players were forced on to Bilic and Koeman. Do you not think the vastly inferior players we signed in the summer were forced on to Rafa?

            You ask if I noticed how many players Koeman had to ship out. Did YOU not notice how many players Rafa had to ship out?

            You ask if Koeman would have wanted to sign a better player than Sigurdsson. Do you not think Rafa wanted to sign better players than Joselu.

            You say Bilic and Koeman “had their input taken away from them, in favour of what can only be termed as owners dip into lucky bags in the sweety store” if that’s the case then Rafa had his input taken away by an owner who was only prepared to look at the penny chews in the sweety shop.

          • ghostrider

            Well, only time will tell about what Rafa does and has and could have had against what his contractual stipulations are.
            My opinion is that the minimum expectations from him is to ensure safety and then build.
            I’d accept that all day long.
            How long does he have excuses for the way his team is going backwards?
            How much money should he have to ensure he beats relegation?

            What money does he require from that point on if he manages to stave off relegations?

            The man is an excuse maker and will always use the old quality clap trap or lack of funds.
            Look what he bought with the funds he had.
            He bought all kinds of players he didn’t need and then goes and spends his last fiver on a striker.

            By all means you stand up for him.
            By all means sing his praises and bash Ashley as much as you feel you want to.
            If the new owners come in and actually have some real spending power and are not a flash in the pan, then let’s see what Rafa does with their money.
            My guess is he’ll spend massively and leave the fans in absolutely no doubt about the mercenary dinosaur that he now is…living on the past.

            However, I hope I end up looking a mug and he somehow waves a magic wand and gives us a team to be proud of, with some success.

            I see doom ahead with him at the helm.
            I just hope the new owners do not see him as the one to take us forward.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Theres a bigger issue with Mitrovic we arent privy to.

        • Paul Patterson

          Wonder what?

          • Toonrobbybobson

            Good point. It could be he doesnt train as hard as his team mates and they dont like him. Many things like that we dont know.

            Be good to be a fly on the wall.

            But to be pushed out so much there is definitely something up.

        • Jezza

          I believe that too.

  • TheFatController

    I respect people’s opinions, and I am sure if asked to comment on a murder scene, someone whio watches Silent Witness could have an opinion just like a top crime scene pathologist would. But I’d go with the latter as I prefer experience and track record over experience that is dipping in once or twice a week at a very superficial level.

    So, if just for one day, rather than taking the opinions of people who watch the game and Match of the Day (and are not professional managers) on the merits of Mitro, Mbemba, Shelvey, Joselu etc, if it’s ok with everyone I’ll stick with the opinions of the winner of La Liga, Spanish cup, CL, FA Cup, Italian Cup, Europa League, world Club Championship and last year’s Championship?

    But do carry on… i’ll respect it, but won’t be able to be swayed by it. Just like in court, where they only bring proven experts as witnesses, I’m only allowing proven experts in football to influence my opinion.

    But I personally think there should be more respect for Rafa’s achievements when he has an opinion. As the judge said in A Few Good Men, ‘I know I’ve earnt it…’ – surely Rafa has ?

    • ghostrider

      It’s all about opinions and like you say, you’re entitled to yours as I and every other are.
      The issue isn’t about Rafa not knowing what he’s doing. The issue is why he’s doing what he’s doing.
      Track records are history. It’s good for a CV but is only worthy of a CV build if you carry on enhancing that CV.

      Let’s put this into very recent history to present perspective.
      Rafa can dine on his past but to be able to dine on the present in the future, as his recent past, he needs to have done something worthwhile.
      He’s not doing anything worthwhile as it stands, he’s losing the plot.
      He’s turning a fairly decent squad that could hold its own with 70% of the premier league, into a squad that’s become depleted in numbers due to him leaving the players out in the cold and also tearing the confidence, ability and positive mindset to pieces.

      How long will he be allowed to go on making excuses?
      How long will he be revered as some kind of messiah?
      How long will it be before fans wake up to this mercenary?

      This man will do nothing, even if he’s given the funds in abundance, because players do not improve under him, they stagnate, because he refuses to play many players in better suited positions and seems to blame everything else other than himself on failures.

      Fair comment though…you stick by him. I’d love for you to be correct and it turns out that I’m just yapping for no real apparent reason when Rafa turns it all around and shoves it in my face. I’d be as happy as all hell because that’s what I beg for.

      Guess what?
      I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Nothing of merit? This is a championship squad with next to no quality good enough for this league. End of.

        We had a purple patch where the stars aligned and put points in the board. That was until injuries and we got found out by other teams. The premier league doesnt sit still it gobbles you up and spits you out. Teams with quality are now settling down and the class is coming to the top. It usually does.

        Its not the players fault either they are asked to do mission impossible. There isnt enough quality around the box. Everton got comfortable that we couldnt break them down. We had ran out of ideas and the ability to pull anything out the bag. Its too disjointed the build up. Gradually things get more desperate and forced.

        Rafa is trying to find solutions with what hes got so he tweaks. When you dont have the quality it forces more errors making it look like you dont know what you are doing. You have to balance games between player fitness, injuries, how trained, fixture list run in etc. The players are trying their best there is no doubting that. The fans need to stick with them. Help could be coming in January. If you start mixing in some quality to the hard work and provide more threat up top with more solidity through the midfield and goalkeeper it will make a difference.

        Last night was a culmination of the players clearly believing the world was against them. They are struggling for confidence which does make a difference. That difference is needed with these lads. Stars have to align to get results. They and Rafa have been asked to do mission impossible through a premier league season by Mike Ashley. If takeover doesnt happen we are down.

        If Rafa gets some sort of funds for loans in January we can stay up. When I say loans I mean for the likes of batsuayi level of player at your chelseas, citys etc. This run is forcing Ashleys hand to sell or invest in January. He has no choice.

        Rafa is the man to sort us but we still have a tough run in until any signs of new blood come in to help. Support the lads.

        Some fans really need to take a deep breath step back and realise just what the situation is with the squad and the task Rafa is having to do. Frankly im amazed we have as many points as we do.

        • Damon Horner

          Right. Maybe Mitrovic should be played more but he’d only be part of the tweaking in my view.

        • Jezza

          Excellent comment.

        • ghostrider

          You’re amazed we have as many points as we do? How?
          Let’s get realistic to the point of brass tacks.

          Rafa Benitez is absolutely not working with a championship squad.
          It’s only the classic excuse that he is because he’s destroying a reasonable premier league squad by his actions on the squad and individual players.

          he’s had close to 2 seasons and 125 million player buys in that short space of time and most of the players bought are his players.

          Now let’s look at his championship so called team.


          There’s 15 players right there that are not championship quality no matter how much you argue it.
          They are reasonable to decent premier league quality and a match for 70% of the teams in that league, if trained and used correctly.

          Now let’s see what we have left.

          Are you seriously telling me that this is a championship squad?

          Let me tell you what it really is.
          It’s a comfortable premier league squad that could more than hold their own well away from relegation.

          Not to mention the ones Rafa farmed out on loan.
          The blame lies firmly at Rafa’s feet.
          He spent the money and he didn’t just spend it on championship players.

          Rafa has no excuses for this run, because it’s Rafa that’s knocked the stuffing out of this entire set up by acting like a clueless git or deliberately doing it to tell everyone that he’s the boss and it’s his way and everyone else is at fault if they don’t work it to perfection.

          The man has OCD and very possibly showing Dunning Kruger syndrome.

          • Jezza


            Are you seriously telling me that this is a championship squad?”

            No, third division at best but even that’s pushing it.

          • ghostrider

            Conveniently left out the premier league players I see and used those I placed under them.

          • Jezza

            I didn’t conveniently leave them out. Your “better than 70% of the Premiership” players are Championship quality at best.

          • ghostrider

            How about you put up the first batch of 15 players and let’s talk about it and let people see if they’re championship.
            It’s utter nonsense to believe those players I mentioned, are deemed championship players.
            Most of them are internationals for crying out loud.

          • Jezza

            You are a fantasist. You claim our squad is “better then 70% of the Premierhip”. Do you realise what you are saying. You are claiming that we have got one of the 6 best squads in the Premiership. That we are right up there with Man City, Chelsea, Manchester, Arsenal and Spurs.

          • ghostrider

            Twisting again, I see.
            I said our squad is on par with 70% of that premier league in terms of being able to compete.
            I didn’t mention better.

          • Jezza

            “he’s had close to 2 seasons and 125 million player buys”

            More nonsense. He’s spent £80 million gross, MINUS £28 million net. He has had to sell £108 million worth of Premiership talent to spend that £80 million.

          • ghostrider

            Let me try and put something to you.
            Gross and net means nothing.
            What counts is the overall spend whether it’s with cash on the hip or/and sales of players to add to the cash on the hip.
            It’s all the same spends, so using this gross and net is nonsense.

            And saying he had to sell 108 million worth of premiership talent is also meaningless seeing as he was going into the championship where these players did not want to go and wanted out.

            He has had 125 million to spend no matter how you dress it up in otherways.
            He’s responsible for the buys. He basically signed a contract on the basis of him having full control of that side.

            Is Ashley to blame for giving him 125 million?
            Is Ashley to blame for allowing him to spend 125 million from cash and player sales?

            Is Ashley to blame for giving Rafa full control of player matters, including transfers?

            Or is Ashley simply to blame for not handing Rafa another 50 million on top of what he’s had even though Rafa went summer hunting for players and must have identified many.

            Or is it Ashleys fault that the players Rafa went in for were too expensive or wanted massive wages and Ashley refused to bankroll that?

            No matter which way you view it…if you’re honest with yourself you’ll know fine well that Rafa is solely responsible for putting that squad together and training them with his supposed genius know how, so Rafa needs to either man up and stop going loop the loop with stupidity set ups that we can all see is head scratching, or he should be kicked out with a good heavy imprint on his aris as he rolls down the hill from out of the club.

            I’m sick to death of him.

          • Danimal

            Your second last paragraph states that Rafa was not solely responsible. Nail on head. Then you contradict it.

          • ghostrider

            I said he’s solely responsible for putting that squad together.

          • Danimal

            Yes. From what was left in the market once Fatty had blocked any players who wanted Premier League wages.

          • ghostrider

            What a load of garbage.
            Take a look at the wages the players we had were on.
            Does that look like Ashley putting a block on wages?
            I’d say we’ve been over generous, not the other way around.
            Rafa is on close to £100,000 a WEEK for crying out loud.

          • Danimal

            Well it was you suggesting Ashley had refused to finance Rafa’s choices, so not sure how that is now garbage. But ok, I’m sure you’re right, Rafa could have signed the proven Premier League players we needed but he wanted to prove himself as a coach so he chose to sign Stoke rejects and promising punts from the Championship.

          • ghostrider

            Massive massive twist on things there, Danimal.

          • Jezza

            Ashley is to blame for everything.

          • ghostrider

            It hasn’t been ideal by a long shot but we still have a club in the higher leagues and mostly in the prem in his tenure whilst twice getting a title to get right back in his tenure.
            Ashley is to blame for us still having a club in the prem because had he not taken over when he did, this club was heading for administration and a sitting duck for a ripping up and sending into the depths of hell where crawling out would make Leeds United’s attempts look like they’re on a leisure trip.

            Ashley’s got a lot to answer for in many ways but a lot to be thanked for as well.

          • Jezza

            Ha ha I was waiting for you to come out with that old chestnut again. Another Leeds. It’s pure nonsense. Despite your melodramatic prose that seems to have been lifted straight from the lyric sheet of a Meat Loaf album, NUFC were never heading for administration. Look at the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Manchester for example. Their debts must be a hundred times any debt NUFC ever had but I don’t see them ever becoming “another Leeds”.

          • ghostrider

            Big difference. How many were interested on taking our club on compared to those clubs?
            We had a certain Barry Moat with a few quid on the hip but wanted to run the club on the never never.
            Ashley scuppered that.
            Imagine if he’d allowed it and said, ” ok Barry you’re a newcastle fan, off you go and give the fans what they want.”

            Before Ashley took over, who wanted to buy us?
            A quick answer…..Ashley and some made up dodgy Malaysian consortium that was probably used to force Ashley into negating due diligence.

            Ashley without doubt saved this club from a Leeds United, minimum.
            Let’s hope these new owners aren’t full of hot air.

            This club has one massive disadvantage. Can you guess what that disadvantage is over the bigger clubs?

          • Jezza

            Could that Malaysian consortium be any more dodgy than Ashley and his core sweat shop business? I doubt it very much.

          • ghostrider

            Ashley has made many mistakes but he’s always strived to rectify them.
            He’s made the biggest mistake for some fans in that he won’t bank roll the club and they’re not happy about what there is to spend.

            Some just can’t get it into their heads that he’s said time and again that managers can have what the club generates.
            He’s proved it to be true because they do get it.

            The problem is, when it appears to look good, everything is hunky dory but when the good turns not so good or bad, it’s back to Ashley being a greedy bar steward and only here to tear the club apart…and so on and so on.

            What exactly are we, as fans, living on?
            The past?
            Stadium size?
            City size?
            One club in one city?

            Ashley hasn’t given us the presents we all dreamed he would. We dreamed it because he dreamed it when he first came but as I said earlier, that was scuppered by the influx of sugar daddy owners coming in to bankroll clubs.

            I remember not too long ago when fans were lauding Ellis Short.
            “ohhh we wish Ashley was like Short. At least Short is willing to finance the club and managers” and blah blah blah.

            Now look.

            I want better for this club. I beg for a play with the big hitters and them to fear us and us to be on the verges of winning trophies.

            The stark potential reality that nobody will accept as a potential was, we could have been took over by an Ellis Short or Venky’s or a

          • Tomb

            Our squad has the same value as Leicesters title winning squad. Their key players cost very little. It could be argued Burnley have a championship squad. I would say our present squad is too good for the championship but one of the weakest 6 in the prem

          • ghostrider

            I’d say our squad is on par with 70% of teams in that prem in terms of holding our own, IF trained correctly by a supposed world class manager.

          • Jezza

            Where do you get £125 million from? You are just making things up to suit your pro Ashley agenda.

          • ghostrider

            Would you like me to add it all up for you?

          • Jezza

            No don’t bother you’ll only make it up.

          • ghostrider

            Aye, you’ve looked it up and got a shock.

          • Jezza

            I don’t need to look it up, it’s all in the public domain. You are getting very tedious and I can’t be bothered any more. I have already blocked you on your Clarko and Monkseaton ID’s and I am on the point of blocking you on this one too. Just one more question, what would rather see happen: a takeover in the near future or Ashley to remain indefinitely?

          • ghostrider

            Block me all you want but try not to make yourself look silly by making out I have different names on here, it makes you look weak.

            Anyway about your question.
            I’d love a takeover as long as the takeover takes us forward in a much better way than we are doing at the moment.

            I’d like to be taken over if that takeover means the focus is on us battling against the bigger clubs for silverware.

            Now get on and block me and stop whining on.

          • Danimal

            And most of the spend was putting together a team to get out of the Championship (successfully). These days, that doesn’t equal a team ready for the Premier, so clearly far more transfer activity (in and out) was required in the summer. And yes, of course the net figure is important. Over a period of 18 months or so, the reason for that minus net figure is that we are significantly minus quality on the pitch from what we had 18 months ago. As we are seeing.

          • Tomb

            So if we compare that squad with say Cardiffs who are second I would say that team would do canny well in the championship

      • Jezza

        “a fairly decent squad that could hold its own with 70% of the premier league”

        What are you on about? This NUFC squad would struggle to hold its own with 70% of the Championship.

        I have been supporting NUFC for 45 years and I genuinely can’t recall a weaker squad than this one. Even the squad that almost went down to the third division in 91/92 had more quality.

        • ghostrider

          I’ve been supporting this club for a similar amount of time as you and I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse than what this squad is capable of. I’ve also seen a hell of a lot better mind.
          We can more than hold our own against 70% of this premier league.
          The only issue is in how we allow those teams to play and we worry about them rather than have them worry about what we can do.

          Get another manager in and we’ll see what this team can actually do.

          • Jezza

            Yes let’s see what this team can do under Joe Kinnear. Somehow I don’t think “70% of this premier league” will be quaking in their boots.

    • Kneebotherm8

      I respect him too and as far as transfer dealings are concerned ,he’s obviously got little input. He stated quite clearly before the season started that his plan was for short term loan deals to begin with,but that obviously wasn’t what the owner was going to allow and we saw potential loan deals “not getting over the line” pre season.
      We ended up with permanent signings Joselu and Manquillo,mebbees Ashley thinks they’ve got a sell on value????
      Ashleys treatment of Rafa in transfers has been akin to a mushroom,that’s to say he’s been “Kept in the dark and fed full of sh!t”.

  • TubbyMunky

    Why bother even picking Diame? We’d be better off with a sack of spuds in his place.

    • Jezza

      We’d be better off with a sack of shight.

  • 5floorshigh

    once again a head scratching team selection and a special mention for the sub bench and the subs used (Joselu on for Slomo in particular)……..Rafa has either gone mad and lost the plot or is in cahoots with the Stavely takeover and has been maneurvering a long term master plan to get rid of Ashley…….
    oh such drama ahead !
    the takeover is gonna happen, but…….how much will the Stavely squad investment amount too ?
    The Rafa NUFC ambition is to get us into Europe, so squad investment over next 2 seasons would need to be at least £200M…….
    Oh what dreams we can have !

    • Peaky Magpie

      Not sure I can 100% trust Rafa with a £200m budget,some of his signings leave a lot to be desired.

  • Mrkgw

    For as long as Rafa remains stubborn, leaving out Mitro, Mbemba, Clark and Elliott in favour of the likes if Darlow (who genuinely, I’ve never rated), Manquillo (doesnt seem quite up to it) and Diame (catastrophic) we are only going one way which is back down. His purchases have in the main, been absolutely abysmal – Joselu, Murphy and last season, Hanley for example. He let go Gouffran, Krul and Anita whom on evidence of this season, would probably put this crop to shame. I had great hopes for Rafa but I’m fast developing the thought that he is a one trick pony. I do hope that he turns it around and proves me wrong but this run of defeats would have brought the sack to a good few this season.

  • Rich Lawson

    We’re on a hiding to nothing at Arsenal anyway,Woodman in goal and Mitro’ and Gayle up front with pace on the wings,Arsenal do shoot themselves in the foot sometimes ?

  • Saul Williams

    On Wednesday we all believed the deal was close,then it turns out it’s not.An Ashley leak to his friends at sky to wind us up?