The Rafa Benitez Chelsea press conference has taken place on Friday lunchtime.

The United boss once again asked about Aleksandar Mitrovic potentially getting his first Premier League start of the season and Rafa Benitez once/yet again deflecting the question.

The Newcastle manager  declaring instead ‘We have very good competition with strikers and I’m pleased with it.’

As always, what else is Rafa supposed to say when asked?

One thing for sure, Rafa Benitez is anything but happy with the options he has up front!

The Spaniard was also asked about the Chelsea fans, with some of them once again dredging up the abuse of Rafa Benitez despite the fact he was only there six months and handed them the Europa League trophy as well as Champions League football via third place in the Premier League.

His reply was that the ‘majority’ of Chelsea fans are ok…

Rafa Benitez Chelsea press conference:

“At West Brom, we showed character and a good reaction. There were a lot of positives.

“Chelsea will be there at the top of table but hopefully we can do something there and get some points.

“The normal Chelsea fans in the street are fine.

“The rivalry is because of Liverpool v Chelsea.

“We qualified for the Champions League and won the Europa League, the majority of  Chelsea fans are fine.

“I was really pleased with all the players who were involved the other day, because they were doing their best.

“Rob Elliot has been training well. The competition is crucial for us.

“The team will improve defensively, but they will need time… The only way is to work harder and better.

(Asked about Mitrovic) “We have very good competition with strikers and I’m pleased with it.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Rafa reverts to Spanglish when interviewed, in other words you can never get a straight answer out of him
    to say he`s happy with the strike force is bordering on insanity

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    when the 3 Stooges (Pardspew, Geordie John & McFool) used to announce the team 1 hour before kick off i was always filled with fear
    that i`m afraid will be the same feeling i`ll have tomorrow at 11-30am

  • Marveauxless

    Joselu wastes more chances than a virgin during Freshers’ week…

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Joselu has won the competition for being the worst striker, Hands Down !

  • Dillon Tovak

    There is competition for places, they’re just rubbish.

  • Leicester Mag

    The competition being cow’s rse and banjo presumably

    • Andy Mac

      No the competition is those who turn up every day and dont fire shots at Carabao images near the side of the pitch 🤔

  • Andy Mac

    ‘We have very good competition with strikers and I’m pleased with it.’

    You know this is shlte but Rafa wants to stay close to his players and so doesnt want the world to realise we’ve 1 striker plus a couple more who pretend they are !

    All of this is down to the Fatman but sadly he doesnt ever figure in the after match interviews when asked why we have strikers who look more like children in first school ?

    • Albert Stubbins

      The world already knows so to be frank he’s kidding no one. The unequivocal support he’s giving joselyn isn’t exactly making him play any better as far as I can see. Polishing turds has a limited effect and it’s clear to anyone who’s been watching the games this season that the forwards arnt fit for purpose. If you put the combined qualities of joselyn mitro Gayle and Perez together to form one striker you’d have a player that was constantly injured, had no desire, got blown over by the wind and couldn’t hit a barn door from five yards. A player that would make Lewis grabbham seem like Aguero!! Howay Rafa pack this shyte in FFS.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Spot the lie competition. We have very good competition for strikers and I’m pleased with it!!! Quote unquote. incredible balls to come out with that one Rafa on the basis that our top scorers are the two centre halves this season!!