You might have heard the news, Newcastle have now gone eight games without a win, losing seven and drawing one.

Thankfully an own goal seven minutes from time at The Hawthorns prevented Rafa Benitez now standing here on the verge of breaking John Carver’s record.

Carver of course created an all-time Newcastle United record when losing eight top flight games in a row in 2015.

We all know of course that Mike Ashley is the chief architect of this real struggle of a return to the Premier League, but the takeover talk has just maybe, diluted the reaction of fans to the disastrous form of recent months.

It is shocking and if it wasn’t for that late Mikel Merino winner against Crystal Palace, we would be looking at no wins in the last 12 games, and as it stands anyway, Rafa’s players have picked up only six points from the last 36.

The media and supporters of other clubs would love to see Newcastle fans turn on Rafa Benitez and blame him…but they have been left disappointed.

Newcastle fans never showed the same understanding to Alan Pardew or John Carver but they also trusted Kevin Keegan.

When KK inherited the Mike Ashley/Sam Allardyce mess in 2008, the team had just lost four Premier League matches in a row.

Kevin Keegan actually extended that dismal run with no victories in his open eight league matches, only picking up three points from 24.

Despite that, supporters stayed with Keegan because they believed in him and understood the problems he had been landed with.

Once it clicked though he turned it around, going on a seven game unbeaten run which included beating Sunderland at home and Spurs away.

That kind of run may be a little beyond Rafa Benitez at the moment, but Newcastle fans believe in him, and also think that some decent realistic signings in January can help lead to an upturn in results and safety.

Bottom line is that supporters have faith in Rafa Benitez, that he has the best interests of the club at heart, and that no other manager would be doing better with the resources/players at his disposal.

There is plenty wrong at St James Park but the manager in place is not one of them.

  • Andynufc

    I don’t want to see Rafa leave. I’am resigned to the fact that even with all his experience, he just can’t get this team to perform better than they are. Yes, his team selections are head scratching at times. Think we just need to ride out this bad run we’re on and hope the season is still salvageable by the time the window opens. Signings or non signings will determine whether we stay up or not!

    • hetonmag

      Andy I think we’ve been unlucky the last couple of games, especially when you look at Liecester trouncing the Saints,

      • ghostrider

        No mate we haven’t been unlucky. We’ve got what we deserved.

        • hetonmag

          Unlike you I’m looking for positives otherwise what’s the point of supporting the team I love.

          • ghostrider

            Great stuff. I’ll shake your hand and buy you a pint. I love a positive mindset and I feel like I want to apologise for mine.
            I used to be a glass half full person no matter what.
            I always went to games with a mindset of us getting a win.
            I always tried to take positives even when the barrel had been scraped.

            I was one of those that jumped up shouting ” wow, we’ve got Rafa Benitez…pinch me.”

            I went from being a glass half full person under strain to a dreamland.
            I thought ” this is it. This is blooming well, it. We are going places.”

            The reason why my glass was always half full under other managers was simple.
            We had a team that was unpredictable in many aspects but mainly a team that had a go offensively in the main…and in a weird sort of way, even in defeat and despair, I used to think ” Ahhh well, maybe next week we’ll tonk someone.”

            All I see under Rafa is beyond weird and sometimes beyond dire with fleeting glimpses of something that can be construed as a tinge of excitement.

            The man has ground me down and made it even worse because I had a gee up in faith and my glass wasn’t just half full but filling up.

            On top of that I’m seeing a so called world class manager on 5 million a year making enough excuses to turn the tables….or shall I say…keep the tables turned on a hatred of Ashley first whilst Rafa plays his get out of jail free cards on transfers, subs, tactics and players seemingly put out to grass or loan.

            I’m a right misery under him and this is generally not me.
            In fact go and have a look at my post history and see how I started by looking at the positives and making excuses for Rafa.

            There’s only so much rope you can let out before you have to let the managerial trapdoor open up to ensure the feet do not touch the floor.

            Rafa’s rope is at max. He has no more excuses left for me.
            I don’t run the club so all I can do is whine about it.
            Let’s hope my whining comes back to bite me and he turns it around or the club do something to turn it around.

    • ghostrider

      This is more than just a bog standard bad run mate. This is deeper than any of that.
      Something is very wrong and I think that wrong is Rafa.

      Here’s my take on it.
      In normal circumstances after a run like this with head scratching team selections and tactics and not to mention no plan B with subs, the players would have more or less lost faith with the manager and so would the fans.
      So would the fans.

      What I actually think is happening is similar but with a massive end difference to the problem the players have.
      I believe they’re on the verge of revolt in a sense but do not dare show it because they know the fans are prime time in love with Rafa so they’re grafting but with little soul left in most.

      That’s just my possible far out opinion, or could it be less than far out?

      Something is very wrong for Rafa to act like the odd ball and play the tactics he’s playing and the players he’s playing and what he expects players to do instead of what the players should be doing in their positions.

      If a player like Lascelles has to come out and berate the players under a world class manager like Benitez, then there is something massively wrong and people can only dress it up to look so good when the reality is, it still looks like rags and stinks of rot.

      • Damon Horner

        What gives you the impression there is a revolt? Not led by the captain (who will speak his mind regardless of manager if he is doing his job, see Keane/Ferguson).

        • ghostrider

          The clue is in Lascelles having to berate the players and not hold back giving some home truth’s.
          Now let’s get this into perspective.
          If this was happening under Freddie Bloggsworth who was a cheap managerial option you could shrug and say ” no wonder.”

          This is happening under a so called world class manager on 5 million a year, so ask yourself a question.
          If the team is grafting as fans rightly say then something is badly wrong in other departments.
          Now is it that the players are just all garbage and just managed to fluke a decent start or is it that the Rafa negativity has taken its toll?

          • hetonmag

            Rubbish and all conjecture.

          • ghostrider

            Maybe it is. That’s my dark take on it.

          • Damon Horner

            Reputations count greatly. Which of our group would risk being labelled a troublemaker in the dressing room when they’ve achieved as little as they have? They could wreck their careers.

          • Alreet

            The other option. Most of the players arent prem class and by that i dont just mean skill levels and ethics but temprement and mental fortitude.

            Being a player who has the proverbials to rag a whole team into a match and get them back fighting. A gary speed. Rob lee. Big Al. Ben arfa. Jonas.

            A list of players with all sorts of qualities but all had the billys to get a team ticking again. We have a tiny dash of that in ritchie lascelles and gayle but nothing more.

            When the team drops its head you have to be the biggest character on there and rag it back.

          • ghostrider

            I agree you need characters and we do have them.
            The season we went down we didn’t have those characters and Lascelles the rookie had to stand up. Good on him and good on him this time.
            However, the issue isn’t about fight, it’s about something that’s destroying the confidence and the mindset of the players who can play and that is Rafa Benitez’s crazy set ups, in my honest opinion.

            We have half a team of clearly frustrated players while the other half are trying to find their feet.

            I’m tired of slagging everything off but I can’t see anything to shout about and it starts and ends at Benitez’s feet because this world class manager should not be churning this out.

            The excuses of championship players and lack of money would be a fair argument if our aspirations were to finish in the top 10 or higher.

            The issue is he bought by gamble and some have paid off and some have crashed and burned whilst others haven’t had the chance to do anything much because his lack of trust and mindset in games and what not doesn’t allow their input or enough of it.

            When a player who’s been out injured has to read the riot act to players who are supposedly privileged to play under a world class manager at a fantastic club, then logic and common sense should dictate that there’s a lot more wrong than just excuses of championship type players who lack quality.

      • hetonmag

        Boy o boy you have some serious issues with our manager you need to lie down in a darkened room and just meditate, he’s tried different formations ie 4-4-2 which the fans clamoured for. You can pick holes in everyone of the squad,we haven’t got one real top class player so any manager it doesn’t matter who it is would have a hell of a job to set a team up.

        • ghostrider

          Top class player?
          We’ve got enough players in that squad to make a fist of it in this league.
          Look at the teams in it.
          Some are punching well above their weight whilst some are stagnating, including us…but one thing in common; the squads are not much different in terms of overall quality in 70% of teams.

          You say the fans clamoured for a change and that’s why it’s all went wrong?
          I’ll tell you what went wrong.
          We were found out.
          Rafa’s tactics were found out.

          Because you can’t keep sending out a team that would rather defend and hope to nick a goal, all the time and even at home.
          When you have a manager that sets up like that at home against teams that are beatable and what not, then your manager needs kicking out.

          Rafa changed it because he had to, not because the fans told him to.
          If you think rafa Benitez bows to anyone but Rafa then you’ll soon find out the reality soon enough, In my honest opinion.

        • Mike Adam

          When a manager includes players like Horselu, Slomo, Perez, Manquillo, Hayden(although he does serve one purpose), on a regular basis something is wrong! Especially when there are others who have not even been given a run!!!

          • robbersdog

            Hayden’s a decent player; certainly the best defensive midfielder we’ve got.

          • Mike Adam

            Yes, and he got us the goal or contributed to getting us the goal we needed, right?

          • robbersdog

            The clue is in the word ‘defensive’.

          • Mike Adam

            So why is he the change that Rafa makes unless it is just for damage control? So what competent manager makes that change in the 61st min down a goal??? One with a losers mentality or an ulterior motive!

          • hetonmag

            So you are another one one on this forum that doesn’t trust the manager’s judgement, just think on the consortium that wants to buy the club would probably not have bothered if Rafa wasn’t manager.

          • Mike Adam

            And you are another blind apologist. Many of those like you accuse myself and others of not wanting Rafa and that is not true about most of us. We just question his treatment of certain players, his inability to build confidence in the side, his strange team selections, and his absurd use or lack of use of substitutions early enough in matches. One of my biggest gripes with him was in the Chelsea game down 1 – 2 around the 61st minute and he doesn’t go after the tying goal with aggresive offensive subs, he instead takes out Perez and brings in Hayden. Of course, the apologists critisize me for questioning the “Messiah” and tell me he knows what he is doing, no matter what! No owner, manager, or player, is above criticism, they all make mistakes just as we all do!!!

  • GToon

    He’s the right manager at the wrong time. We need a “ship steadier” at the moment not a top manager who needs to work with top players.

  • goggsy

    There’s only one thing world class at our club from top to bottom,Rafa Benitez.whos thinks takeover is likely without him? A championship team with no manager,worth 250m quid? Don’t think so somehow.

    All he wanted in the summer was to be able to compete with the other relegation fodder,in terms of matching their wages. He wasn’t afforded that meagre demand and now the only reason we are not rock bottom already is because of the early season optimism generated by having a world class manager. We were left with players that nobody else wanted because we can only sign players that no one else is trying to sign,guess what,that’s what happens when you can’t compete with wages. Murphy was the only exception as he has links to the north east. It’s not rocket science.

    A minority of our supporters don’t deserve him. The irony is if he got hounded/walked now,the club wouldn’t sell,certainly not for the quoted prices.

    We need him right now and he needs us,as he says,United.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Utter rubbish…..if any other manager had a record of 1 point in 24 they would be run out of town….we have a poor squad yes….but telling everybody that will listen that they are rubbish is hardly going to motivate them…..picking favourites regardless of form wont either…..and leaving your most expensive striker who is scoring goals for fun at international level despite hardly kicking a ball for his club is pure madness…..time for the highest paid person at the club to start earning his wages and stop with the excuses…..over to you Rafa.

      • goggsy

        Ok my opinion is utter rubbish so…..which part

        Is anything else world class at Newcastle?

        Will a takeover happen without Benitez for the said fees?

        Do we compete with the competition in terms of wages?

        Have we got players that were in demand in the summer?

        Have we signed players with premier league experience?

        You don’t think the club needs Rafa?

        We shouldn’t be United?

        I actualy agree that Mitro should be given a chance,even though I know he’s absolute garbage,he’s no worse than Perez or Diame but he’s crackers and has more chance of getting booked early and ruining the rest of his game or worse get sent off,because he’s a very silly young man.

        No probs having a difference in opinion,in fact I absolutely love debating,but at least back up the “utter rubbish ” qoute by disecting what I said and give a reason as to why the points that i made are “utter rubbish ” . Rambling on about your own opinions on other subjects make your original statement totaly futile and rather silly,regardless of your opinions.

        • Alreet

          Agreed. Anyone with half a brain sees the scale of the picture. Ur not getting close to 250mill without rafa. All he is doing at the moment is working with players he was allowed to afford at the time.

          People have a short memory. We were never close to relegation in the freddy and hall era. Yet here we are, 2 relegations down and one 1 point from the drop zone again under the dumbass ash.

          Please mandy and your eastern promise. Get Jabba out of toon. You will be the belle of the tyne M’dear.

  • Mitros gotta start

    A lot of sense being spoke on here….no doubt the sheep that will back the manager no matter what the results will have a problem with it but i dont want to be in the championship next season with ashley still in charge wondering why wr didnt even give it an honest effort……nobody at the club is beyond criticism….players, manager, fans or owner…..blind faith sheep are part of the problem.

    • Damon Horner

      Part of the problem? What exactly is the problem?

    • hetonmag

      Your post started off ok, then you start and call people 🐑 and having blind faith, well if that means following the only good thing to happen to this club over the last decade then Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

      • theoriginalbomberman

        So finishing fifth and qualifying for the Europa league wasn’t a good thing to happen to this club? That Pardew managed team played far more entertaining football than I’ve ever seen from Rafa at Newcastle.

        What has Rafa done since Liverpool to deserve this god like status a lot of people on here give him? Sacked from inter for not being good enough, hated at Chelsea, underachieved at Napoli and sacked at Real Madrid for being a Train wreck.

        • hetonmag

          Yes after finishing fifth who did we buy remind me oh yes Anita and by the way we fluked fifth and what happened the season after, get real man and stop making stats to suit your agenda.

  • robbersdog

    Good article. We’ve got a Championship team and a Champions League winning manager who, much to the annoyance of a minority of posters on this site, isn’t a miracle worker. He very nearly kept us up after the McClaren fiasco, he got us promoted at the first attempt and he’s the best thing about the club right now.

    I know that results have been dire recently, but Rafa’s a class act and he deserves our support and respect. And remember, if he leaves, we won’t be able to attract another manager with even a fraction of his credentials and track record.