Paul Merson has been looking ahead to Wednesday night at St James Park.

Newcastle playing Manchester City twice, only 24 days apart.

On Saturday they made it 101 Premier League goals in December but how many will they end up altogether? Playing Newcastle and then Crystal Palace on New Year’s Eve.

Paul Merson says that Rafa’s team ‘had a massive football result at West Ham’ but predictably says Manchester City will be a slightly different proposition.

He reckons ‘City will beat better teams than Newcastle by more than 4-0’, so on that basis, Merson is surprisingly generous in predicting ‘only’ a four goal defeat for the Magpies.

The Sky Sports pundit believes that ‘City will just rip them apart’ and that tactics of sitting with ’10 men behind the ball’ will do Newcastle no good.

Newcastle fans will see this game as a free hit, especially after getting the vital win at West Ham.

The last encounter between the two teams was an excellent 1-1 draw as Rafa Benitez had got his feet under the table and Vurnon Anita’s goal earned a point in the 2015/16 run-in. Maybe another surprise hero once again this time…

At this point in time maybe best not to dwell too much on the previous encounter, when Manchester scored six in 20 minutes at the Etihad, Sergio Aguero grabbing five of them.

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

“Man City played in second gear and still beat Bournemouth 4-0 on Saturday!

“They won 4-0 in second gear, so I am going to go for another 4-0 win.

“I think City will just rip them apart and Newcastle have had their result (beating West Ham).

“The problem is that Newcastle will sit 10 men behind the ball, but you are going to get broken down though before the end of the game.

“And City are just relentless, relentless, but it is no disrespect to Newcastle, who had a massive football result at West Ham on Saturday, but City will beat better teams than Newcastle by more than 4-0.

“Prediction is Newcastle 0 Manchester City 4.”

Newcastle v Manchester City Match Betting:

Newcastle win 14/1Draw 11/2Man City 2/9

Man City win 4-0 12/1NUFC win 4-0 350/16 or more goals in match 6/1

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  • Soldier

    Man City are playing at a different level to the other teams in the premiership
    they have the manager, the players & the money, they`re unstoppable

    • Peaky Magpie

      They are also favourites for The Champions League I think.

      • Steve Smith

        On that basis 2-1 to United then.

        • Peaky Magpie

          Can you imagine,there’ll be a news flash.But hey,why not ?

          • Soldier

            or as Clarko would say, that is illogical Captain Kirk

      • Soldier

        I`d like to see them play Barca

        • Peaky Magpie

          That would be a spectacle,can’t see Chelsea getting past Barca so it could well happen.

    • Jezza

      The respective owners of Newcastle United and Man City have got polar opposite transfer policies which is amply reflected in the difference in quality of the two teams. Let’s face it there will not be one player in our starting eleven on Wednesday night who would even make the bench for Man City’s youth team’s second string. We just need to get this match out of the way. If we’ve got any first teamers carrying injuries or close to a suspension it would be a good idea to have them to sit this one out.

      • Soldier

        exactly keep them for games we can win, ie Brighton & Stoke

      • hetonmag

        Boxing day under the lights Jezz nothing finer.

        • Jezza

          Ha ha, I’ve had a good few miserable Boxing Days watching Newcastle United from an epic and horrendoulsy expensive trip by public transport and taxi from Edinburgh to Stoke back in 89 to last year’s debacle against Sheffield Wednesday.

          • hetonmag

            Still a good atmosphere’s tho mate that’s if you’re not bladded before the match comes around.😀😀😀

    • GToon

      In the reverse order though. Give that amount of money to any tin pot club and they’d be in the same position. Lets see “Pep” go and turn Plymouth into EPL winners without any money.

      • Werneth Blue

        Nearly every club that has won the prem and everyone that has won in Europe has got money. It could be you in a couple of years but you just sound jealous which is not a good trait for a football fan and unusual for a Geordie.

        • HarryHype59

          Where were you when you were sh*te?

          Two decades ago Citeeh were in the third tier of English football.

          The latter day success of City is down to being funded by a ME nation state.

          • Werneth Blue

            I was there when they were sh*te Harry as are you when your team are poor. You cant change your team and I haven’t through thick and thin(some very thin) but I am loving it now.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          pointing out the obvious is not jealousy. The Mancs entire starting 11 plus the 7 on their bench would each individually fetch a price that would smash Newcastle’s transfer record.

        • GToon

          You’re dead right I’m jealous! But joking aside I just find it a bit sad that people go on about Man City like they have created their team from scratch. The guardian article about where the city money has come from makes an interesting read. The bottom line is I like the phrase “may the best team win”. Unfortunately in football it’s more like let’s arrange the league in order of wealth and hand out the trophy. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Cloughs Forest upset the Liverpool trophy machine and Leicester do the same to the top sides recently.
          In a perfect world there would be no such thing as transfer fees. All players would get the same wage at every club. It would be up to the manager to get the best out of what he has at his disposal. Now what’s the chances of that happening? Happy Xmas anyway mate. Glyn.

          • Werneth Blue

            Cheers, we had a good one, Happy new year to you, might see you later tonight.

          • GToon

            You won’t see me (is a sell out and I’m not going) but safe journey, enjoy your day and happy new year.

        • Jezza

          With a user name like Werneth Blue I assume you’re an Oldham Athletic supporter and not some bandwagon jumping glory seeker.

          • Werneth Blue

            If your geography was better you would know it is easier to get to City than to Latics by bus from Werneth. Grew up in Oldham supporting City (every week). If I jumped on the bandwagon it was in 1960 so I have earned my seat today I think.

          • Jezza

            Fair do’s it might be just as easy to get to the Commonweath Games stadium as it is to Boundary Park from Werneth but it is a lot further to Maine Road (that’s where Man City played before the Arabian money).

          • Werneth Blue

            Its the same bus Jezza, the 53, goes past the Etihad, Bellvue and on into Moss side. I am on the road soon, picking up a mate in York, he is from Wythenshaw, hope that is ok for a blue? Will be up at yours for tea time. Hope its a good game and we continue on our happy winning streak. I know we will have lots of good natured banter from real fans up there anyway. All the best for the New Year.

          • GToon

            Tbh must toon fans feel the same as Jezza. We feel cheated. Cheated that when our savior with all of the money arrived just like the ones at Chelsea, Man City or even your mates in red he has actually decimated our club rather than develop any aspect of it. It would have been easier to accept if he had turned up and said “I’ve bought the club, but I’m afraid I’ve only got £20 left so we’ll just have to make do….”. The word jealousy doesn’t even come close to describing how bitter I feel I’m afraid.

          • Jezza

            Yes just our luck, Chelsea get Abramovic, Man City get the oil sheiks and we get Fatso.

          • Jezza

            Fair enough. Nothing personal just a bit of banter. No problem about you being a City fan from Oldham. Certainly better than supporting the team from Old Trafford not that many people from the Greater Manchester area do support them anyway. Enjoy the match today, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will.

      • Albert Stubbins

        The games all about having good players. Look how well Rafa is doing with poor ones!!! Better than most to be fair.

  • Leazes Ender

    Couldn’t the tax evasion company BetVictor chose a different pundit…. I dunno…maybe Marie Osmond or the deceased band leader Glenn Miller….. or just toss a coin…. it’ll have a 50% success rate.

    • Rich Lawson

      Ron Atkinson doesn’t seem to be working at the moment ?

  • S.G.M.

    Not once has this plonker got it right, I love when he predicts a loss for us.

    • GToon

      Well he should have had a good chance of getting it right over the last few months!

  • East Durham Mag

    No sh*t Paul, Man City are likely to do us good and proper. Oh aren’t you just the Oracle of the Premier league? FFS talk about money for nothing.

    • Jezza

      Fair do’s he needs the money. Shoving half the gross national product of Columbia up your left nostril doesn’t come cheap.

  • GlasgowMag

    Has this idiot ever predicted a toon win!!! I for one am not just ready to throw in the towel yet, everyone’s run has to end at some point why not at our place.

    • Paul Smith

      Ye I remember he predicted us to win at least once this season. Think it was the Bournemouth game. We lost..

  • Saul Williams

    We will beat citeh 2-1,and know I haven’t been on the whiskey!someone gotta beat em!

  • TheNutJob

    All the best to everyone who uses the forums i hope you & your family have a great day tomorrow

  • Peaky Magpie

    Different subject I know but I see Pulis is current favourite for the smoggies job.Signing off for a couple of days now so hope everyone has a great Christmas.🎅🏻🎄🍺🥃🥂🍾

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    play the U23’s. No sense in risking injury to the first teamers in what will be a blood letting no matter who we line up.

  • GToon

    Happy Xmas and new year to all the people on this forum. It’s always a pleasure to chat with fellow fans whatever opinions we all have. Glyn.

  • Wor Lad

    2-0 to the Toon!
    It is the time of year for miracles!
    A Merry Christmas to us all: God bless us, everyone!

  • hetonmag

    No disrespect to Newcastle every time he mentions us he disrespects us so nothing new their, another thing if every favorite won in sport the bookies would be skint so we have hope.

    • Rich Lawson

      Speaking of which,they’ve got to come unstuck at some point,those odds for a home win or draw are worth a festive quid ?

  • TheFatController

    Merson – pantomime villain and Scrooge rolled into one bringing us his Christmas cheer … although we may disagree on things on this site, it seems we share a love of the Toon and wanting the best for it, and it seems we all share a sense of pity and bewilderment towards Merson …

  • GToon

    It would have been better if he had said “I’d like to see Diame snap Silva in half like de Jong did on Ben arfa and not even concede a free kick. I’d like to see Gayle score a glancing header when he’s offside like Aguero but the goal still stand. And finally I’d like to see Man City score two perfectly good goals like Tiote did but then have them given offside when the keeper complains”. And things even themselves out do they?

  • Alreet

    No disrespect merse but go back to the bottle son.

    Doesnt sound very nice does it.

    Yea we could end up being whipped but we might also spring a suprise. That suprise being an odd goal from Joselu.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We will win two one and after the game Merson can have a bottle of whiskey a line of coke and spend the night in Aspers spending the family silver nothing will change with him.

  • Tino o

    It could be worse Simon joke Jordan could be predicting! I have had a feeling even before beating west spam we would be the first team to beat them.huddersfield and the hammers were unlucky.hwtl !!!

  • Gandalf Greyhame

    Ugh, Bournemouth kept trying and failing to set the offside trap just outside the 18 yd box, and didn’t bother to cover Sergio Aguero, or anybody else for that matter. That’s how you lose 4-0. A number of City’s wins have been by only one point, a packed, solid defense can definitely slow them down, although nobody has shut them out this season so far.