There is no chance of a Newcastle takeover in the coming weeks according to Christian Purslow.

The former Liverpool managing director describes it as ‘fanciful’ for a deal to be done by Christmas.

Newcastle fans have been hoping that new owners would be in position in time for the January transfer window, to ensure Rafa Benitez got realistic transfer funds to help Newcastle to stay up.

Mike Ashley stated that he wanted a deal to be done by Christmas but Christian Purslow says this was just opportunism by Mike Ashley.

Newcastle winning three games in a row early in the season and drawing with Liverpool, Purslow saying: ‘Mike Ashley was rushing, positively rushing to capitalise on Newcastle’s very good start to the season in the summer and autumn.’

However, with then a downturn in results, the former Liverpool MD believes it is now impossible that this kind of rapid deal could be done, if it ever could have happened…

Purslow doesn’t see how there can be any agreement on a value whilst nobody knows what division Newcastle will be in next season.

He states that the Amanda Staveley bidders, or indeed anybody else, will never agree to pay Mike Ashley’s top dollar price.

Whilst on the other hand Ashley won’t drop close to what they are willing to pay and most definitely won’t be agreeing to any kind of compensation arrangement in the event of Newcastle then being relegated.

Christian Purslow was Liverpool MD when FSG bought the club from  Hicks and Gillett, Purslow forcing through the sale as the pair fought to keep hold of the club.

Newcastle fans will live in hope that a quick(er) compromise can be reached but it is difficult to argue with Christian Purslow’s argument/logic.

Mike Ashley was always going to be driving a hard bargain and any potential buyer, especially somebody with Amanda Staveley’s reputation, was going to do the same.

It is exactly four weeks until that January window opens and whoever owns the club then, must surely see that to not properly back Rafa Benitez will mean dicing with potential disaster.

Christian Purslow talking to Sky Sports News:

“Her (Amanda Staveley) view on value and Mike Ashley’s are some way apart but critically she is also starting to be concerned about relegation risk.

“Offering an owner of a Premier League team a deal that says, ‘I will give you £250-300m, but if in August I find myself in the Championship I’d like a refund of a £100m’…Mike Ashley is never going to accept a deal like that.

“The more likely sequence of events, I am not saying it is impossible, is that buyers wait to see where Newcastle settle and once their Premier League fate is secure then a deal gets done by the end of the season.

“But the idea that a deal is going to happen in the next few weeks, let alone at levels that are way below what Mike Ashley’s asking price was, is fanciful.

“I think by the end of the season is when the club gets sold.

“A run of poor form can turn a team in seventh place, everything looking rosy, into a team where the possibility of relegation starts to loom.

“The significance of that is that when you are buying or selling a football club, the valuation is directly linked to the revenue performance of that club.

“A club in the Championship is worth substantially less, a fraction of a club in the Premier League.

Mike Ashley was rushing, positively rushing to capitalise on Newcastle’s very good start to the season in the summer and autumn.

“We are now moving into these long winter days and Newcastle have had a very bad run of form.

“For any potential acquirer of Newcastle, today, to commit to a valuation would be a very bold move because if the club was relegated that value would look crazy.”

  • magpiefifer

    I would agree with Purslow – unfortunately!
    If no deal is done before the end of the season we’ll be back in the Championship – so what chance of a deal then!?

    • HarryHype59

      Fatty does a “Randy Lerner” and sells us for 40% of the EPL price!

  • Waxi

    If Ashley does not dig deep and spend some money in January the clubs value could plummet if we are relegated so it will be a very interesting window for us. We spent next to now’t in the summer so with a bit of luck he will splash the cash this January.

  • anyobrien

    Fat boy should invest to safeguard his asset but we all know he is greedy and likes doing us over so I suspect it’s relagation again under the morons ownership.

    • HarryHype59

      His whole business model is based on cost cutting! He applies the same logic to a premier league club as he does for one of his budget tat stores!

      He has never grasped the concept of speculating to accumulate!

      His obsession with short term budget restrictions over rides the need to invest, in order to protect the multimillion TV revenues!

      It could end up costing him £109m in lost TV money!

  • Leazes Ender

    Maybe fans should start targeting members of Ashley’s family for peaceful protest…. make it uncomfortable for the whole scumbag family.

    • Guest 2

      Who are they? Where are they? We can’t even target him unless he decides to show his face up here.
      That said, his family aren’t to blame in any way so why even suggest that?

    • Wor Lass

      I hate that guy with a passion but people should leave his family out of it. They`ve got enough to cope with.

  • HarryHype59

    Purslows’s argument is alas, the most likely outcome until the end of the season! Fatman’s legacy,is that we are no longer an established top flight side, but mere relegation fodder!

    No business consortium will pay the odious oafs inflated price as relegation is a distinct possibility!

    If another relegation occurs he will be lucky to get £100m.

  • Michael Pattison

    I disagree, what is the point of waiting till end of season. Mike wont sell if we get relegated, the price will be too low. I think Mike is very keen to sell and wants to avoid any future relegation scraps and of course investment….he likely wants the money for other pursuits so my money is on Ashley selling for less than he wants to get the toon off his hands…….

    • TheFatController

      You may be right that he does want to sell, but I wonder whether now even Staveley will buy. She won’t get January now, they still have the month of ‘fit and proper’ to do even if Ashley does a deal…she’ll hold back, as Purslow is saying

    • HarryHype59

      I hope you are right, however, Fatties pig headed arrogance will probably prevent this!

  • Down Under Mag

    Without investment in January we are more than likely going to continue to spiral downwards and end up in a relegation scrap once again thanks to lack of investment by the owner. Any prospective buyer will be understandably nervous to pay over the odds for a team that is a gamble to whether it stays up (even investment in January is no guarantee to avoid the slide since players we would need are unlikely to want to join a side in that position). The way I see it Ashley needs to either take the hit on the sale figure to get it through before the January window OR he invests money in the window himself to secure the clubs future. In all likelihood though he will take a gamble on the club staying up with no investment and we will just have to suck it up.

  • TheFatController

    I said on here days ago, that Staveley would not bid again until later in the season. My theory was that, given Ashley was valuing the club as PL status, if she couldn’t control the Jan window, or have a clause including rebate for relegation, and there were no other bidders, why pay top end now when we could be relegated?

    Purslow is staying the obvious – Ashley went to sell at our highest league placing we were ever likely to achieve under him.

    Bizarrely, having had an offer based on being PL status (£250- 300m allegedly) he let his ego decide things and believed (god knows why) we would be PL guaranteed next season. Staveley and PCP disagree and want relegation clauses.

    Purslow is saying – without saying it – Ashley has been an idiot by gambling the sale on staying secure in the PL this season based on beating Swansea Stoke and West Ham. 1 point in 18 has told the world that not every team is Swansea, stoke and West Ham.

    I’d put my mortgage on Ashley being aware of this mistake, but whether his ego will allow him to admit it and sell now to Staveley for around £300m I doubt very much.

    He’s publically made a fool of himself. Will he get out now while the going is good or hang on in there hoping Rafa stays despite no acceptable bid, and we stay up?

    I think he’ll hang on in there, Rafa will leave and we’ll be relegated. And I’ll be right, not because I’m a genius but because I know Ashley is an idiot …

    • TheFatController

      And would the contributor who mocked me for saying that defeats to Watford and West Brom would affect Staveley’s value of the club downwards please note Purslow saying :-

      “A run of poor form can turn a team in seventh place, everything looking rosy, into a team where the possibility of relegation starts to loom.‘

      Two results are verything to do with club’s value in a PL where 12 teams are two or three results apart …surely you can do maths?

  • Guest 2

    If Fatty is prepared to dole out 20 mil on FA Cup bonuses (not that I believe that either) then he should screw his loaf and give that amount, at least, to Rafa for January. PL survival is more important, to the club and to a sale, and therefore to Fatty than a cup is. Not a hope in hell we’d win it anyway.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you generate about £20m for winning the FA Cup, it was never going to be his money for a bonus.
      As for wining it, well that`s fantasy football

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    As soon as he named the price it was never going to happen, i don`t believe a 2nd bid has been placed as reported in some parts of the media.
    i don`t think the Fat One cares if he sells or not, So it`s on to January & state normal, Sell before you buy !
    He`s taken the fans, the manager & any bidders for a ride.
    He`s a bad, bad Man

    • Peaky Magpie

      He’s a Fat C**t,nowt else !

      • HarryHype59

        Stop sitting on the fence, say what you mean!

  • Leicester Mag

    Any normal owner would invest. It’s a nailed on cert West Ham will. Ten years greed and hubris tells us what he will do though – gamble. Ten years experience tells us the outcome.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      If West ham don`t improve by the New Year they`ll pay Moyes off & offer Rafa a huge war chest to save them.
      I can see it coming with the Pie Man still here

  • 1957

    Never expected it to happen by Christmas but then again I didn’t expect it to happen at all. Ashley’s supposed asking price was high for me. He seemingly tried to lure investors with the deferred terms ruse but that presumably goes with the top end of his valuation.

    My belief is he merely tried to create the illusion of selling and will appear on Sky Sports at some stage saying he tried to sell couldn’t get what he considered a realistic price so we’re stuck with him for the foreseeable future.

  • Peaky Magpie

    He should be held to account for selling Slazenger & Lonsdale ! 10 years at Strangeways should do it

  • jaffa

    So the assumption is now there’s gonna be no takeover and with Cashley still owner there’ll be no squad strengthening of anything to get excited about, relegation looms and I doubt Mrs Staveley will still have the same offer on the table as we wait for the championship fixtures to come out, I think Cashley is too greedy to accept anyone’s offer !

  • Mike

    look across the road i wonder how much the Mackems are worth now? we could end up in the same situation if Cashley is not careful