It is the 125th birthday of Newcastle United on Saturday.

The club confirming on Wednesday morning that the last few tickets have now been sold and the game is a sellout.

They have also revealed how the club intend to celebrate the occasion.

Newcastle United Official Announcement:

‘Newcastle United will mark the club’s 125th anniversary when Leicester City visit St. James’ Park in the Premier League this Saturday – and supporters can expect some extra special touches around the ground and across the city.

Saturday 9th December marks exactly 125 years since the official formation of the present-day Magpies, when Newcastle East End absorbed the assets of rivals West End to become one stronger, unified club.

On arrival

On arrival in the city on Saturday, visitors will immediately see the club’s crest and iconic colours projected onto prominent sites at the Millennium Bridge, Baltic and Central Station.

Greatest XI

At 12pm, the club will unveil its Greatest XI in association with ChronicleLive.

Voted for by thousands of supporters, the line-up will be confirmed across the club’s social media channels and via @ChronicleNUFC and it promises to be packed with legendary names from the club’s long and illustrious history.

Some of those players will also be at the stadium for the match, with a number of ex-professionals from across the ages being welcomed back to St. James’ Park.

Road closures

Please note there will be a change to the usual road closures around the stadium for this fixture.

Road closures will commence at 3pm on Leazes Terrace, the area around the East Stand and Strawberry Place. They will be in place until approximately 45 minutes after the final whistle.

From 3pm, supporters arriving at the ground will be greeted at Strawberry Place by two large LED screens, both featuring content which celebrates the club’s past, present and future.

Inside the ground

Inside the ground, every supporter will receive a free commemorative flag on their seat, with blocks of black and white stripes visible right around the stadium.

A sea of black and white will be accentuated by stunning fan-led flag displays at both ends of St. James’ Park, with Wor Flags at the Gallowgate End bolstered by an inaugural Leazes Flags display.​

Supporters will also notice brand new crowd-facing LED displays around the pitch perimeter, which will feature special anniversary content throughout the afternoon.

Meanwhile, hospitality guests will see some special decorative touches to mark the occasion, with a number of new displays celebrating great figures and events from 125 years of the Magpies.’

  • Peaky Magpie

    Wait til the fat f***er has gone then we’ll party like its 1999 !

    • Grahame Johnson

      Ha ha

  • Leazes Ender

    Is the ‘Greatest Eleven’ really the greatest in the history of the club and going to include the greatest of all ‘Colin Veitch’…..

    ….. or is it going to be the greatest in Ryders shiney heed ‘post entertainers’ with Milburn chucked in for good measure?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      A lot of fans forget the true legends that have played for Newcastle,
      History says Frank Hudspeth was our greatest left back.
      Ryder knows nothing

      • Leazes Ender

        Has to include Hughie Gallagher surely. Did you know United invented the off-side trap, and were the first club in the world to get a million through the gates in a season.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          I didn`t, but you must always include H G in any Newcastle team

          • Rich Lawson

            My dad,now passed,started going to NUFC matches in the 1920’s for well over 70 years and always said Hughie was the best player he ever saw,bar none.

          • Davey drape

            well said and even Wor Jackie said Wee huge was the best

          • Leazes Ender

            He was a tiny little man, really small.

          • Peaky Magpie

            My grandad always said only Stanley Matthews came anywhere near him but Wee Hughie was the greatest.He would have hated today’s pampered stars,going to war then down the pits for years he was a real mans man and said things as they were.

          • Rich Lawson

            It was a much harder game back then,which make Hughie’s statistics look even better. On a personal note,I have been going to matches since the early 60’s and the greatest player I ever saw was George Best by a country mile,his legend has been tarnished by the drinking exploits.The 2nd (and I only saw him in this 1 game) was when I went to Milburn’s testimonial,’67 I think,and in the main game this short, fat, tank of a bloke came on,I thought they were having a laugh until he actually started playing and watched open mouthed his passing and reading of the game. This was Feranc Puskas of the all conquering Real Madrid team,and he must have been pushing 40 by then,never forgotten it.

          • Peaky Magpie

            Only really remember Best in his latter years at Man Utd and from what I’ve seen on clips and documentaries it’s hard to argue he was and still is the best British player ever.Its always hard to chose personal favourites but in recent years I would have to go to Man Utd again unfortunately.Cantona,a pure genius and although a divisive character I would also say Ronaldo.In a black n white shirt it comes down to three.Supermac,Shearer but best of all in my opinion Beardsley.Theres a great video of Beardsley goals on YouTube to the backing of “Back In Black” by AC/DC which shows how great a player he was and I think he was without doubt even better in his second spell.

          • Rich Lawson

            Beardsley was a wonderful player,he doesn’t get enough credit these days because he never interviewed well and is tainted by his management of a poor performing reserve team.I always remember seeing him destroying Liverpool at the park and years later it being devalued by suggestions Grobbelar threw the match for betting !! My own personal favourite remains Wyn Davies,not as good or prolific as other strikers we’ve had,but just for the sheer physicality of his game and seeing how high he could jump for a header. Just going back to Best,he could score with either foot and his head and in an era of defender assassination was very hard to knock off the ball.My favourite memory of him is being taken to Roker Park as a treat by my dad to see Man Utd ( Charlton,Law etc) and he got the ball in his own half and went down the right.As both mackem full backs ( Irwin n Ashurst ?) moved to close him down he knocked the ball between them and ran round.Sounds simple but you had to see it,breathtaking !

          • Leicester Mag

            My dad always said Tony Green was the best player he ever saw in his time.

          • Rich Lawson

            You don’t say if your dad saw Hughie play ? My own father was still attending matches in the early 2000’s and certainly saw Tony play as indeed did I.A great player who never reached his potential due to injury.

          • Leicester Mag

            He didn’t started in the Milburn era. Another great seldom mentioned is Len White

        • Leicester Mag

          Bill McCracken was the man. Mind you Cisse invented the reverse effectively managing to be off side the whole 90 mins

          • anyobrien

            I wish we had cisse now

          • Down Under Mag

            @leicestermag:disqus That made me chuckle :)

    • Peter Stabler

      Bill McCracken made them change the rules – he was that good.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Fat Lad announces on Saturday the deals done, he`s selling.
    that`s the best way to celebrate.


    • Leazes Ender

      I’ll go to Disneyland.

  • Peaky Magpie

    I hope when Santa drops down the chimney at the Ashley household this Christmas he’s ok plodging about in an inch of regurgitated lager,vodka & carrots !!

  • wheyayeman

    Sone reasons not to have any desire to indulge in celebrations:

    – Mike Ashley
    – What is happening with the takeover?
    – It’s freezing cold – can’t we do something like this in Summer?
    – Who even cares what Lee Ryder has churned up at the Chronicle
    – We are getting 🔨 every week
    – Rafa wants to leave
    – Sp**** D****t plastered all over the stadium
    – Joselu up front at kick off

    What is there to actually celebrate again?

    Can’t we wait til Ashley leaves then we can go mental for an entire season?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Anything pro Newcastle and this site will not support it so waste of time printing this article. A demonstration and protest march is more up the Mag Websites street not celebrating hundred and twenty five years of history. Wonder how many on here want us to lose on Saturday to put more pressure on Ashley be quite a few.

  • anyobrien

    Three points is all that matters

  • anyobrien

    Len white?

  • Mike

    Big flag display “GET OUT OF OUR CLUB”