Tuesday has seen reports of Newcastle United interest in Jack Hendry.

Rafa Benitez is said to be keen on bringing in the centre-back in the upcoming transfer window.

Clubcall say that Newcastle are one of three Premier League clubs, along with Southampton and Crystal Palace, that have been watching the 22 year old.

Leaving Partick Thistle at the age of 20 he went to Wigan but only played a few games, as well as a handful on loan at Shrewsbury and MK Dons.

Moving back north to Dundee in the summer he has thrived, Hendry playing in all 16 of their league matches starting 15.

The suggestion is that if Rafa Benitez has only limited funds in January then the defender could be seen as a bargain signing to strengthen the squad.

In October, Celtic narrowly beat Dundee 1-0 at Celtic Park and manager Brendan Rodgers said:

“The boy Hendry at the back I thought was excellent.

“He is quick and strong and is a good size.

“Scotland need centre-halves and that looks like a good kid.

“He’s tall, he can run and he can pass – he looks a talent.”

  • TheNutJob

    here’s me finking we need a striker, silly me
    In Rafa we trust

  • mentalman

    Another young lad who will never get a sniff at the first team

    • Clarko

      Like Lascelles? Oh wait. Like Murphy? Oh wait. Like Merino? Oh wait. Like Hayden? Oh wait. Like Manquillo? Oh wait.

      Newcastle have the second youngest squad in the league. Dumb comment.

      • mentalman

        For each of those you have mentioned you can name 5 who weve brought in and never played.

        We had the perfect opportunity to bring through some of our young players last season and instead brought in players like hanley.

        We have a terrible record of bringing younger players through

        Back to your list most of them came through bigger clubs academies who got them ready for first team football

        • Clarko

          “You can name 5 who were brought in and never played”, can you? Because you didn’t.

          “We had the perfect opportunity to bring through some of our young players last season and instead brought in players like Hanley”. Again, in that same season a 22 year old Jammal Lascelles was named captain and made 43 league appearances. The Hanley argument also doesn’t work because Hanley didn’t play, he didn’t take up a spot. On top of all that you have again failed to give an example of “our young players” who could have played.

          Lascelles came from Nottingham Forrest, Murphy came from Norwich and Merino came from Osasuna, I wouldn’t classify any as “bigger clubs”. Not only was that argument wrong but it is also irrelevant, “academies” was not part of this discussion.

          You can’t say that in the “Benitez era”, young players don’t get a “sniff” of first team football, they do if they are good enough, that’s the defining factor, age would not keep Jack Hendry out of the team.

          • Josh Reeve

            I see your point, but Merino came from Dortmund to be fair.

            We have brought in other academies players and played them, but very rarely bring our own through and give them a chance. Armstrong is a prime example.

          • Clarko

            No, Merino came from the Osasuna academy.

            Again, bringing through our own academy players isn’t relevant to this discussion. On a side note, Armstrong is being given a chance, at Coventry, Barnsley and now Bolton, he is playing first team football on loan.

      • Lhc

        All those bar Lascelles were bought for the here and now, not to go in youth reserve teams. Dumb comment! This type of signing (Scottish pub league)we may as well give up.

        • Clarko


          It’s not about “youth reserve teams” you complete moron, it’s about age. Age will not keep Jack Hendry out of the squad.

          • Lhc

            😂you trying to sound intelligent there son with your choice of insult. Top n bottom line Jack Hendry would be another perfetic signing, nothing has changed even with this so called ‘rafalution’, as it never started and I doubt Ever will.

          • Clarko

            Again, you’re talking about something different, different to the initial irrelevant drivel you were trying to argue in your first comment. No one is arguing about whether Hendry would be a good or “perfetic” signing (whatever that means). Learn to read.

          • Lhc

            Right go back to the very start and I think you’ll find what ‘mentalman’ was referring to and the impression I got was young players no specific ages who get brought to the club initially not to go straight into first team squad which I think Hendry would be ,majority haven’t made the grade or not been given a fair chance to prove it, Toney, c good, tozer, birigmana, amalfitano, the list is endless. Then you blab on about young players we have bought from other clubs already made the grade proven elsewhere and who were bought to come straight into our first team squad bar laselles and darlow loaned back to forest for a season & imply we do give youth a chance and use your fav ‘dumb comment, I think you’ll find you interpreted his comment differently to how he was meaning to express it. Then you call me a moron trying to sound all hoity toity with your insult, Clarko – the village idiot of the mag! Goodbye.

          • Clarko

            We know exactly what mentalman stated so lets not assume, interpret or imagine anything else.

            “Another young lad (Hendry) who will never get a sniff at the first team”. The statement is not true. As proven, all you have to do is look at the age of the players in our squad.

            There is a “specific age”, Hendry, the player in question, is 22 years old, not 19 like Toney when he joined, not 19 like Good when he joined, not 17 when Tozer joined and not 18 like Bigirimana when he joined. Those are youth players, Hendry is not. Again, irrelevant anyways.

            “I think you’ll find you interpreted his comment differently to how he was meaning to express it” 😂

            I think you’ll find that you’re trying to imagine a scenario where the random arguments you were making fit, they don’t, you’re wrong.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Oh no …………….not another potential signing.

  • anyobrien

    Clubcall ffs

    • Jezza

      30 years ago, long before the internet, Clubcall was the best source of infomation about the goings on at St James’s Park. I can fondly remember making many an illicit phone call from work to their Premium rate number. In those days it was a lifeline for exiles like me who had no access to the Chronicle or Journal outside of match days.

  • Danimal

    Was wondering if he’s the son of former Premier League champion Colin. Then realised if we’re signing him he’s more likely to be the son of former Snooker champion Stephen.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Stephens lad would still be better than Hoss,in fact so would his daughter!

  • Jezza

    A player who couldn’t make the grade at Wigan and who’s biggest claim to fame it would seem was that he had a good game in a defeat against a Celtic side who haven’t lost for three years in Scottish football but have had two seven goal thrashings in Europe this season alone. A typical bargain basement Ashley signing. Nothing personal against the lad but we need much better signings than this to get us out of the mess we are in.

    • Rich Lawson

      And certainly not another centre back !

    • theoriginalbomberman

      To be fair to Celtic do you really think we could do any better against PSG or Bayern?

      • Jezza

        You’re completely missing the point. I was trying to emphasise the weakness of the Scottish league not slag off Celtic.

  • MadMag83

    Yet Mbemba can only get a game as a full back? Our more urgent requirements are in central midfield, and the number 9 and 10 roles. Save what little funds we’ll have for where it’s needed most.

  • robbersdog

    We don’t need another centre-back; we’ve already got four decent ones, and Chancel Mbemba, who is a VERY decent centre-back, can’t get a game in that position.

    We need three players: a number nine, a number ten and a left back. But I’d settle for just one signing if it was a decent centre-forward like Cenk Tosun or Bas Dost.