Next June, this particular Newcastle fan will be 60 years old.

I don’t feel sixty and I’m still pretty fit for my age.

I have been a Newcastle United supporter for 52 of the 60 years.

I was too young to appreciate the Fairs Cup games in the winning season of 1968/69, however I did attend a number of home games in the following season. My mother was a cleaner for a wealthy family and one of the sons was pally with Pop Robson. My mother got me the tickets from Robson, which were for the Popular Side.

I don’t really want to go over ‘those were the days’, but nevertheless, there were some good times.

Supermac’s hat-trick v Liverpool, the Semi-final in 1974 at Hillsborough, Keegan’s debut and his second and third coming. Alan Shoulder and Peter Withe in the late 70s.

The downside was the absolute heartbreak I suffered during, and well after, the cup final in 1974. Dennis Tueart’s overhead kick in the League Cup final in 1976, and finally the hammering we received in the Charity Shield at the old Wembley in 1996.

I have been heartbroken quite a bit during my love affair with Newcastle United. I’m wondering if we will win anything in my lifetime.

The way things stand at the moment I’m not very confident, as we are miles behind the top Premier League clubs. We can’t even win a minor cup.

The Club may lose Rafa, if he isn’t given the right tools to do the job.

As I write this, there seems to be no progress with the takeover, which is worrying. We are one point above the drop zone and we could face a further humiliation in the FA Cup game against Luton Town.

When I look at the achievement of Leicester City two seasons ago, I can imagine the sheer joy felt by their loyal supporters.

I want some of that please.

Any trophy will do. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

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  • Geordiegiants

    At the minute, all I can think about is finding the cure to the disease that is engulfing our club. Then we can think about winning something.

  • CladderJack

    No point in dwelling on it Rob, I’m not far behind you in terms of both age and addiction but realised some time ago now that our generation may have just missed the glory days of the past and may well not be around for when we do eventually find greatness again. In the meantime though it’s either the temple of St James and a few pints with the lads on Saturdays or Tesco with the wife!. So it’s a no brainier really. Luckily and like most of us, I was also born with an eternal hope of seeing our beloved toon lift a trophy before I leave this earth. So each week I go to worship with renewed optimism. So my advice would be just enjoy it for what is (a way of life up here) and be sure to leave instructions upon death for burial rather than cremation!!

    • nufcslf

      I wish I could share your idea of what should be a passion and no day like match day. Wouldn’t be caught dead in Sports Direct Arena. Cashley has squashed anything united at Newcastle. The Man City match summed up how pathetic it has got even on the pitch, simply not worth paying money for. This is coming from someone that has lived in Vancouver, Canada since 14 and could have switched this all off. My passion never died and I didn’t miss a beat. Back on holiday and missed Keegan’s debut by 5 days and cried while the coach left Gallowgate bus station. Had to watch the Keegan years as a manager in Sports Bars over here at 7am and 4am for mid day kick-offs. But Cashley has killed my love of footbal with taking the p** s for 10 years and now into his 11th. Not good enough and a third relegation is not worth the thought. A takeover has to happen or league 1 here we come.

  • NE5

    Agree with this. Younger fans and those who “supported us all for evermore etc” but didn’t bother in the 70’s and 80’s, are sucked into this bollocks about finishing as high as possible in the premiership – and making money for Ashley. Bollocks. We want a club that is BUILDING to achieve sustained higher positions, who doesn’t, but if we throw FA Cup ties, League Cup ties, and people are allowed to get away with it by spouting the above bollocks, I despair. We are in no position to turn down the FA Cup and League Cup. Besides, it builds confidence and momentum, usually anyway. Up here it certainly builds fervour.