With the January transfer window only 48 hours away from opening, an exclusive now claims that there has been zero progress on a Newcastle takeover.

In the first week of December hopes were raised when another exclusive revealed that Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley had met.

The venue was an Indian restaurant in London, with photos showing the pair of them together (along with a number of other people) leaving after the meal.

The story was carried by all the media along with claims that progress had been made between the pair with talks to continue.

However, the latest exclusive claims that nothing has changed, with Mike Ashley refusing to go lower than £300m and Amanda Staveley still sticking on £250m.

With then maybe the biggest sticking point also said to remain, Amanda Staveley still insisting on a relegation clause. This has been previously reported as being either Ashley later paying the Staveley bidders compensation if Newcastle ended up relegated at the end of the season, or Staveley’s people paying a lower price up front and then an additional amount if the club stayed up.

We all pick and choose who we believe in the media but on the Newcastle takeover, all the coverage relies on either journalists simply guessing, or being told something by one of the interested parties keen to push their agendas.

A lot of people will dismiss the latest exclusive simply because it comes from The Sun, via their man who covers  Newcastle United, David Coverdale, but they were also the same newspaper who had the exclusive on the curry house meeting.

This latest report follows claims as recent as yesterday (Friday), where it was said Rafa Benitez still doesn’t know for sure if he has any money to spend in January.

The simple fact remains, selling a club whose value at any moment can instantly change on one kick of the ball, was always going to be a big ask. If Newcastle had 10 more points or so at this point then possible relegation would be a very small issue – but as it stands, you basically have a club that could have its value halved if it was relegated, so how can a sale go through now to the satisfaction of both parties?

We all hope that a solution can be found/has been found…but for now it is as usual, a case of just getting behind Rafa and his players and hoping for better news on the overall control of the club.

Yet another fine mess Mike Ashley has got us into.

The Sun exclusive:

‘Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley have hit a £50million wall which threatens the takeover of Newcastle.

Toon owner Ashley appeared close to agreeing a deal to sell the club to Staveley earlier this month.

But the two parties are at an impasse over the sale price — with Ashley refusing to sell for less than £300m and Staveley yet to bid more than £250m.

Now there are fears the takeover could be dead if neither side budges — with Staveley also wanting clauses written in to the deal covering relegation.

Staveley wants boss Rafa Benitez but is also concerned he could go at the end of the season if a deal is not done by then.

Ashley met Yorkshirewoman Staveley, who runs private equity fund PCP Capital Partners, for talks at a London curry house at the start of December, as we exclusively revealed.’

  • joe mac

    thats a suprise then!….did fatso ever want it to happen?

    • TheNutJob


  • Mrkgw

    Ashley out!

  • ghostrider

    I don’t want any new owner who tries to get the club on the cheap.
    That spells danger to me and I’d rather have an owner that at least won’t let the club die a death.

    • Geordiegiants

      Keep off the tramadol son.

      • ghostrider

        As soon as you keep off the glue.

    • Danimal

      He is doing.

    • TheFatController

      The club is cheap – cheap with his advertising all around the ground, poorly invested squad, complete disrespect shown to any person popular with its customers – Keegan, Shearer, Hughton, Benitez, Gutierrez, and those customers themselves.

      If by cheap you mean ‘below market value’ it’s not, the market doesn’t want his club at his price, that’s why for ten years now he’s had no serious bids above £300m.

      What part of ‘we’re not interested at £300m+’ from the world’s investors would make you realise that PCP are realistic and Ashley is greedy or deluded?

      • ghostrider

        The club is worth more than what’s being asked.
        Ashley has every right to hold out for what he wants.
        When 2 players can cost a club 400 million and you think an entire club like Newcastle United isn’t worth 2/3rds of that then something is very wrong.

        This club with it’s ultra loyal fans is worth every penny to the right owners who want to put it on the map.
        Haggling over 50 million sets alarm bells off, in m y opinion.

        • TheFatController

          He does have the right to hold out for what he wants. But he won’t get it will he? He has had it up for sale for £400m, he’s had one offer of £250m

          What part of ‘the world’s investors don’t want the club at £300m’ do you not get?

          Buyers set prices, owners can only set a valuation. Think about that for a day or two…

          • ghostrider

            I don’t care who won’t pay the asking price.
            If they don’t pay it then we have Ashley and I’m happy with that because I know we still have a strong club, regardless of not being able to splash like the Liverpools and the reckless clubs like Palace with an owner that’s worth 45 million and living on a dying surf.

            If investors don’t want to pay for a club like ours then they can do one.
            I want a blank cheque owner because I want exciting entertainment Man City style of similar for the extra money I’ll be spending for my season ticket, which will be probably double.

            I’d rather football went back to grass roots to be fair because in truth I’m sick of this footballing charade that’s becoming more like the Alamo for most teams and pom poms and fireworks for the well off plastics.

          • TheFatController

            You’re ambition for the club knows no bounds …..

          • ghostrider

            Rafa is here for Rafa because 5 million a year says it’s the right club for Rafa.

          • Danimal

            I used to pull my hair out back in the 80s when some people thought we should stick with Seymour, McKeag etc. We had all the same tripe back then about it being impossible to compete because of our geographical location and how we should be happy with our lot. They were comprehensively proved wrong back then and hopefully again soon.

        • Jezza

          If haggling over 50 million sets alarm bells off what do you make of Ashley haggling over (and ultimately refusing to pay) the £1 million loan fee for Tammy Abraham?

          • ghostrider

            I make Tammy Abraham a waste of space.
            Abraham chose Swansea because he thought it would be an easier ride without too much expectation on him.
            Nothing to do with us not paying.

    • Jezza

      Make your mind up. One minute you’re defening Ashley next you’re saying you want an owner who won’t let the club die a death.

      • ghostrider

        I want an owner who won’t let the club die a death like Ashley won’t let it die a death.
        If Ashley is to go I just hope it’s to an owner who can see to it that we are challenging long term but financially secure whilst doing it.

        I’d be more than happy to keep Ashley rather than have chancers coming in.
        We might not get what we want but we still have a club in the premier league under him, regardless.

        Look at Sunderland for your real knights in shining armour owners that only reveal the rust when their armour gets rained on.

        Ashley came in almost naked in front of the city.
        He didn’t promise the world but he had a vision of what he could do with the club.
        He believed befriending the fans and giving them some comforts to start with would be a marriage made in heaven.
        He didn’t bank on bringing back a former messiah so out of his depth as carrying dummy spitting history in the extreme.

        Mike Ashley was ultra naive but he’s 100% sure where he stands with the fans and in my opinion we are fortunate that he still plays a fair game with the haters.

        My guess is the fans have done him a massive favour because he could have possibly and very naively tried to appease Keegan to keep on side with the fans and we could very easily have ended up as a Sunderland or even worse.

        Sound far fetched?
        As it stands it might but that could very easily have been the reality.

        What happens from this point is anyone[‘s guess. Let’s hope the haters don’t regret the hatred and bile that is largely undeserved considering the footballing climate.

        • Jezza

          If you could step out of that fantasy world you inhabit for just a second you would see that NUFC is dying a death under Ashley. If he stays a few more years there is a strong possibility the club will cease to exist.

          • ghostrider


  • TheNutJob

    Doomed, another decade of Fatty.

  • Vito Genovese

    It’s in the sun, let’s panic, Jesus!

    • TheNutJob

      it`s been on the cards since he knocked back the bid

      • Vito Genovese

        So why no article until today?

        • TheNutJob

          use some common sense, he refused the bid them nothing for weeks on end, that means no deal. he won`t sell cheap

          • Vito Genovese

            Please read the question again

          • TheNutJob

            forget it, just wait & see. it`ll all come out in the wash

        • TheFatController

          They always put a click bait story up on match days – it’s sometimes about Rafa being wanted by another club, unless we play West Ham and it’s about Andy Carroll returning…

  • Kneebotherm8

    Another fine mess he’s gotten us into……

  • Shields Mag

    I wouldn’t wipe my backside on that paper to be fair.

    • TheNutJob

      doesn`t mean they`re wrong

      • Vito Genovese

        And it doesn’t mean they are right.

        • TheNutJob

          why print it then, did they just think we`ll wind up the Geordies. the nature of the man tells you he wont sell cheap

          • Vito Genovese

            To answer your questions
            1. To sell papers on a slow news day, they’ve done the 75million defender to death
            2. Yes because it will spike the sun’s views/ sales up here and in sunderland today
            3. Would anyone, never mind ashley, sell the club on the cheap with the potential that’s here. Do PCP do cheap acquisitions? No.

          • TheNutJob

            well they haven`t got the money have they

          • GeordieZebra

            They haven’t got the money?? Based on what knowledge, insight or crystal ball?

            Negotiating a relegation clause when the asset will depreciate is logical. Seems sound to me and bodes well.

          • TheFatController

            Your theory based on what facts?

          • Vito Genovese

            Do you even understand what PCP are?

      • Shields Mag

        Unless there’s an “insider” perhaps leaking information…..

        • TheNutJob

          one of Fatty`s minions no doubt

          • Shields Mag

            Wish he would just take the 250 mill and go.

          • TheNutJob

            not a chance i`m afraid

          • Danimal

            He’d break even with that wouldn’t he? According to his three man fan club on here, that’s all he wants because he’s not a nasty profiteer like the last lot. Funny how he’s not taking it and fan club still love him.

          • TheNutJob

            how can he break even when he spent £250m 11 yrs ago,

          • Danimal

            I thought he paid about £130m and transferred a mortgage into a £100m or so interest free loan. About £250m should cover it? He has also benefitted from massive exposure of SD, not through the free advertising so much as the constant media interest. Certainly a case of no publicity is bad publicity for him.

          • Jezza

            Because of all the transfer profits and television money he has creamed off over the years not to mention all the free advertising for his core sweat shop business. If he sold the club now for £250 million he wouldn’t break even, he’d come out with a huge profit.

          • Jezza

            I’m convinced his three man fan club is one person posting under different ID’s.

          • Danimal

            I think there are two of them. Unless he posts as Fleckman in his more lucid, calm moments then becomes Clarko or the other one when he’s taken the angry pills.

  • Chris

    Jabba must go!

  • Wor Lass

    It`s market trading – Grainger market!

    • TheNutJob

      he was never going to sell for £250 and that`s the bottom line

      • TheFatController

        Well, maybe, but he won’t be selling then. It’s not a seller’s market clearly. What a loser trying to sell something in a buyer’s market.

        Like when he buys brands when they go bump, that’s all PCP are doing – you need to sell and I’m the only buyer …

      • Jezza

        He was never going to sell full stop.

  • TheNutJob

    If they haven`t got £50m extra then they haven`t got the money for players.
    Newcastle is worth £300m

    • Danimal

      It’s worth what someone will pay.

      • TheNutJob

        you only have to look at the income now generated in the premiership to know he`s never ever going to sell for £250m

        • Danimal

          You have to be in the Premier League to benefit from it.

    • GeordieZebra

      Just because they’re thrifty and bidding less than Ashley wants, what indicates they cannot afford the extra £50m? We could afford to bid £15m for Joselu but would you? If the takeover happened and that £50m was spent on players, happy days. All ifs and buts, but I have no issue with them haggling with the fat man.

  • TheNutJob

    New Tv deal next moth including overseas broadcasts, it`s not going to go down is it.
    Fatty will stick it out

  • ghostrider

    I only want Ashley out if we are taken over by an owner with a long term blank cheque or it’s pointless and much better to keep Ashley as our owner.
    At least we know we have a club to support.

    If we get taken over by chancers we are in deep deep doo doo.

    • Danimal

      I know we are not blessed with the best of luck but surely we can’t manage to find another owner as bad as Ashley.

      • ghostrider

        He’s not the best owner in the world but he’s certainly by a long long walk not the worst, either.

        Whatever people believe his motives were and still are for owning this club, the fact is he’s been owner for 11 years and we are still a premier league club after a few relegations which turn out to be actual highlights for us in terms of a feel good factor in footballing terms.

        We can argue about Ashley till the cows come home but the real issue is in who replaces him.
        You think we can’t get worse?
        I think we can jump out of the frying pan and into the fire…..in fact, I think we could potentially jump out of the frying pan and into a huge erupting volcano that spews out its energy and dies a death to end up dormant.

        Let’s put it in simple terms.
        If PCP are haggling over piddling amounts of money then that should be a massive massive red light for any fan to see that they may not be anything like fans think they are in terms of spends to put us anywhere.

        One thing with Ashley. He might be greedy in terms of cautious spending but we always live to fight another day as a top club and not a sinking into the abyss club that many seem to be doing.

        • Danimal

          When Ashley haggles over every last penny on transfer deals (usually with the result that the player in question ends up enhancing someone else’s team), we should thank him for being prudent with the club’s money. When a prospective new owner tries to pay a sensible price for the club thereby making it a more viable business and freeing up budget to strengthen the squad etc, we shouldn’t trust them because they are not willing to have their pants pulled down and chuck tens of millions of pounds around like confetti.

          • ghostrider

            You can trust whoever you like. I’m giving you my side of things whether you think it’s worth nothing, anything or something.
            If you think a multi billion pounds potential owner(s) haggling over 50 million and resting their hopes on Rafa as manager as well as having a relegation clause and you think they’re owners with the fans’ best interests at heart, then go right ahead.

            I hope it’s just bad speculation and the truth is somewhere inside the boardroom….but, let’s see.

          • TheFatController

            Only someone divorced from both life reality and business negotiation would write the words ‘haggling over £50m’ like £50m should be easily found to throw at something not worth that amount.

            No business investor anywhere on this planet will pay more than what a business is worth if they are going to be doing the investing in.the business to realise it’s potential.

            They want to use the money to invest, not line the pockets of the current grubby owner who didn’t invest and doesn’t have the relationship skills necessary to be a success in that business …

          • ghostrider

            In this day and age of football stupidity as far as transfer fees go and what not, 50 million is haggling over a piddly fee for a club like our club.

            They are trying to penny pinch and that’s fair enough if it’s a clever attempt to get the club on the cheap, as long as they don’t do it with the club long term after an initial investment that whets the appetite of fans.

            When Ashley first came we all thought it was lift off. We were naive and so was Ashley.

            One thing naive Ashley has done, is allowed us to have a club to support in the higher leagues and mainly the prem.
            It’s not what we all wanted or expected and we feel we’re entitled to much more but we could very well have been dealing with much much less.

            This new set of potential owners could be a pep up for us long term as well as immediate short term righting of the wrongs….it could also be the stuff of nightmares.

        • GlasgowMag

          Am I missing something here are we not already in the abyss!! So basically you get excited watching a relegation battle every year going out of the cups before the 3rd/4th round stage watching your best players being sold as soon as they gain value. If the work houses were still operating our current owner would own a chain of them but then again if you were in one of them you would probably be happy saying at least we get one meal a day its not all bad lol!!!

          • ghostrider

            I hate watching relegation battles some years.
            I hate selling our best players.
            That’s not the entire issue though, is it, if you are honest.

            There’s many issues that contribute to where we are and it’s a mixture of the good the bad and the downright ugly .

            Our biggest problem is having a postcode that reads NE14ST.
            That creates an immediate second class stamp on the situation.

            From that point on we have to try and play the field and take the scraps and do the best we can with what we lay out and drive the hardest bargains for who wants out.

            Ellis Shorts look good and are short term fan appeasers until their piggy banks don’t rattle anymore.

            Ashley doesn’t have that issue, as much as he’s hated.
            Because he’s shrewd enough to know that splashing cash that the club doesn’t have on players that hold no sell on value but hold massive wage demands, is criminal to the whole set up of Newcastle United football club.

            I would love more but like I said earlier, it has to be a blank cheque long term owner we need and nothing else other than that will do anything much for us in terms of a fight at the top end.

            The next best hope is a Mike Ashley ownership for a longer term in the knowledge that the club generates its own funds and runs from it.
            Simple as that.

            In some ways I want to slap Ashley but in others I want to shake his hand and thank him.
            That might not go down well with the haters but there you go.

          • Lofty

            The club has generated its own funds for years, the only money he has injected recently was to cover entirely avoidable relegations brought about by poor decisions from him, in my opinion. We could earn more from commercial and sponsorship streams but again, these have stagnated under his ownership. I have no doubt he must be a clever businessman, but he will never understand the football business.

          • ghostrider

            He’s been here 11 years. Tell me what football issues are?

          • Lofty

            Again, just my opinion ghost, but business and football issues are intertwined. Commercial income is less now than eleven years ago. No other club I’m aware of has had this issue. Free advertising brings in less income. Daft ideas like renaming the ground make us less attractive to potential sponsors. If you have less money you can’t buy quality in football, and currently even average players cost a lot. So in my opinion, his decisions mean we shop in Poundland instead of M&S.

          • ghostrider

            He’s no angel and he’s obviously going to use his own club as his own perky advertising.
            Isn’t he entitled to that?
            Let’s put it in a simpler way using yourself.
            You own a bus company but also own a chain of restaurants , are you telling me you won’t use them to their max to advertise each business?

            People only hate what Ashley gets because they hate Ashley and are not happy with his ways and amount of money he spends.
            People expect him to go to his own bank and just hand money over out of his own pocket.
            He tells you that the club runs from what it generates and yet people are not happy with that.

            If Barry Moat had came in at the time he would have had no choice to to beg steal and borrow to hope the club floats with nothing to bail it out should it fail.
            Ashley was willing to make sure that never happened.

            Guess what?
            It’s not very nice.
            I don’t particularly like it but I can understand the juggling act….especially as we are a north east club.

            And trust me, it matters a lot. A whole lot. More than many people realise in terms of getting players in in order to bypass the south.
            It also takes high wages just to get players over the line in many cases.

            And yes, we do shop in cheaper shops because we simply cannot afford to do otherwise.
            the club might appear to be massive but that’s because the fans are loyal and the ground is spectacular.
            The issue is, fans are a portion of income…not THE income.

            So what do we do?
            Do we have a quick go to see what happens and then suffer the inevitable or do we try to just play among the elites league as also ran?

            Not ideal, is it?

            I’d love to play among the best but to do that with a club that stands out like ours does and also due to its geographical location….we absolutely need a blank cheque owner for long term, not just a flash Harry with plenty of lip and little cash on the hip.

            Get a blank cheque owner in and I’m well onboard the rollercoaster .
            In the mean-time I’m willing to accept Ashley allowing the club to run from within it’s genuine means and hope we can get some joy.

            We won’t get it under RAFA so he has to be the first to fall on his sword or be pushed onto it…but he has to go.

          • Lofty

            I understand what you are saying ghost, it is a balancing act. However, a point I failed to make about his running of the club was that we are unique, to my knowledge, in paying transfer fees in full. Why do that when not another club appears to do it, especially now when prices are so inflated. Liverpool can’t have £75m stashed away in cash for Van Diyk? He’s insisted we live within our means and I can agree with that, but to remain competitive it would surely be more sensible to structure transfer payments over the course of contracts as other teams do? By not doing that he’s continuing to leave the club to scrape the barrel in terms of better quality signings.

          • ghostrider

            It’s a very delicate situation in the way I see it.
            We simply cannot compete by buying big. It sounds like a cop out but we seriously can’t do it.
            If this club was in London we would be likely challenging for all honours.

            For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
            Basically if we pay big transfer fees we must give a long contract and also a mammoth wage to go with it.

            Remember when we had a squad of players on big money contracts who we had to let go for much less than they were worth just so we could free up the wage bill when they relegated us?
            Some stayed on mammoth wages of the time.

            We literally had a real decent team and it went teets up but Ashley took it on the chin and ensured the ones that stayed got their premier wages.
            The time Shearer tried to save us.

            Now think of it this way with Rafa.
            Look at the squad he inherited. One hell of a decent squad to be fair.

            10 games to save us he had.
            Starts off his tenure by calling them all in on their day off.
            A top quality world class manager taking over a team that were capable of playing their trade in the top half of the table and yet he relegates us with thar quality.

            Not his fault I hear fans say. Granted it’s not his fault entirely but the writing was on the wall and he was part of it.

            Think of the money that was spent at that time. A lot of money and a lot of wages.
            Guess what?
            We had players on long contracts on that hefty money who we couldn’t shift once again…so what does Rafa do?
            He banishes them to the reserves or the kids or just ignores them.

            It’s not surprising that Ashley, after giving Rafa 80 million to spent to get us back, told Rafa that he can have all of the money the club generates including transfers out.

            All we get fed is the piddly net spend, yet the reality is that Rafa has had over 100 million in less than two seasons with further money in January, assuming he’s allowed to stay on (which I beg Ashley to sack him before he’s let loose to make a mockery of the club and fans).

          • Lofty

            I’m not wanting us to spend big in the way of Shepherd and Hall, I’m asking for the club to spend everything it generates in the way other clubs seem to do. In response to Rafa relegating us, that damage was done long before he took over. 13 points from 10 games with the squad he inherited indicates that he would have given us the top half finish you suggested it should have had he been the manager for the season. It would seem Mr McClaren was the architect of that failure. As for sacking him, please give us a credible candidate to replace him with? Rafa isn’t a saint but he’s certainly not the devil incarnate either.

          • Ian

            why cant we compete with the likes of brighton, huddersfield on transfer fees? before relegation why couldnt we pay the same level of transfer fees as bournemouth, west brom, villa southampton etc?

            you are defending ashley to the hilt when it reality we arent asking for an owner to come in and spend trillions to make us man city. we are asking for an owner to come in show a bit of ambition and give us a level playing field.

          • ghostrider

            We have competed with Brighton and Huddersfield. there’s very little in it and we are far better than both, squad wise, if used correctly, I believe.

            As for the rest. Take a look at what’s happening to them.
            Fast cash splash and now it’s splashing back in their faces.

            The difference between them as us is, we are careful to spend what we do have as opposed to what we might have or could eventually have or will have in time.

            Not the best policy for excitement but not the worst when it comes to surviving as a club at the right end of the leagues whilst the others start to sink and sink and become stagnant where they eventually sink to.

            I’ve seen this argument time and time again.
            “Ohhh Southampton are the benchmark. They do it properly.”…..Really?
            Brighton are ambitious and know when to spend with a top manager to ensure it works.”….Really?

            Apparently all clubs seem to be fantastic at first, until it all goes teets up.
            We are always short changed and going nowhere except into oblivion, apparently, under Ashley.

            And yet here we are still fighting the same fight whilst we watch those very same big spending clubs drop out of the league, one by one.

            Ashley might be a bit too miserly and shrewd but he’s still willing to allow the manager to spend what the club earns.
            Too many are spending beyond their means and will be found out soon enough, just like the rest.

        • TheFatController

          Many? Like Burnley, Bournemouth, Southampton, Watford, Huddersfield, Brighton etc? Ashley has had way more potential than their owners have had yet he’s floundering around claiming we’ve got no money.

          So based on your theory that you shouldn’t want rid of a useless owner because you might get a more useless one, should we advice victims of abuse to stick it out as there may be more abusive people out there? Laughable logic from you – careful what you wish for is pathetic logic used in any fallacious argument.

          • ghostrider

            Why has Ashley got way more potential than those clubs owners?

          • TheFatController

            Bigger fan base and stadium to make more money from with merchandise, match day revenues, sponsor appeal

            More attractive to players so less financial inducements required

            More attractive to top class managers due to fan base and recent history PL top 5, CL and European qualifications, Cup finalists, world record transfer fee paid etc

            In summary, in business terms, more customers and bigger brand in the market

          • ghostrider

            NE14ST. Think about that for a while.

          • TheFatController

            Sorry can’t, off to the match, maybe another time….

          • Jezza

            Is it some sort of code or maths puzzle? On the other hand it makes as much sense as any of your other comments.

          • Danimal

            No, he’s talking down his own wonderful city, trying to imply that top class footballers would rather ply their trade in Bournemouth, Leicester, Manchester or pretty much anywhere but the north east. Don’t remember any postcode related problems when we were a successful, ambitious club in the 90s. For God’s sake this is a tiny country, you can get around it in no time.

          • ghostrider

            Yes it is a code. It’s a postcode of St.James’ Park and it’s that post code that ensures we cannot play on the same level as many teams due to it and that postcode will only be considered part of the elite when someone walks in with so much money that we can afford to cater for quality mercenaries and right immediate wrongs, long term.

            What’s the chances?

          • Jezza

            I will refer you to the comment by Danimal below.

          • ghostrider


          • Jezza

            He contradicts himself all the time. As you say he doesn’t want rid of a useless owner because we might get a more useless one but he has been calling for Rafa to be sacked for weeks and insisting that any incoming manager would be better.

    • GeordieZebra

      £11m next spend for a promoted team. Less than £2m net investment pa during his tenure. 2 relegations. A top manager who’ll leave if Ashley stays. Somebody who employed JFK, Wise, Schteve, Pardew, Carver. Somebody who changed the name of our beloved stadium and continues to skim via free advertising. I’ll take my chances with the new lot, whoever they may be. The argument we’ll stick with Bin laden just in case it’s Hitler coming in does not work. We need change. Embrace it.

      • ghostrider

        I’ll embrace change if it is change for the better. It’s as simple as that.
        Just be careful what you wish for because not all people have honest intentions and especially where wealth is concerned. It doesn’t just stop at Ashley.

        • GeordieZebra

          If we go down again, better prepare for a Pompey situation. Ashley is taken us there.

          The optimism and upsides of a takeover far outweigh the risk. What guarantees do you get in life? If unhappy with the status quo, surely it’s ridiculous to accept it through fear of change?

          • ghostrider

            We’d never do a Pompey under Ashley.
            That’s why I’m happy enough to know that we at least have an owner who may be naive or has been naive but certainly isn’t financially stupid and nor does he dislike this club

            You get one life and Ashley has spent 11 years of his as Newcastle United owner and isn’t leaving it in any bad situation for any potential new owner, unlike the last owners.

            I think Ashley wants to walk away knowing that this club is in good hands and not in the hands of chancers.
            This would be my guess as to why any take over is done his way.

            That’s my belief because I don’t hate the man and cloud my own judgement of him with that hate.

          • TheFatController

            You think the stalling isn’t about his greed….?

            Wow, you’re seeing a different personality from the one I’ve witnessed in the past decade

          • ghostrider

            The whole footballing set up is greed.
            The world is greed.
            What’s so different about Ashley?

          • TheFatController

            Sorry am I missing something??

            You said Ashley wasn’t doing the deal because he wants to know new owners have the club’s best interests at heart.

            I said it was not that, it was stalled due to his greed.

            You then ask me what’s different about Ashley being greedy.

            So you’ve gone from saying he isnt greedy he wants the best for the club to saying he is greedy.

            Stop wasting my time, you can’t make a coherent argument, contradicting yourself because you’re obsessed with a need to win arguments so can’t remember what you have said previously.

            Take your personality disorder elsewhere

          • Jezza

            Great comment.

          • ghostrider

            Ashley is greedy.
            That still doesn’t say he’s willing to leave Newcastle United in the hands of people who would do 100 times worse than he has.

            Let’s put this simple.
            If Ashley walked away accepting less money for the club and washed his hands of it, then PCP or whoever takes control only to slowly start destroying the club from inside out…what will you and others be saying?

            I’ll bet it will go something like this.

            “That Ashley has deliberately sold us down the river on the cheap to people he knew would destroy the club.”

            Or something along those lines.
            Argue it all you want but let’s hope we don’t have to suffer the arguments or something like that.

            When mud sticks, it sticks.
            Ashley doesn’t deserve a quarter of the stick he’s been getting of some fans.
            Peer pressure has cranked it up to epidemic levels.
            Guess what?
            This is one person who would rather see it all in its entirety and park the blame in equal measures for the wrongs as well as praise in equal measures for the rights.

          • nufcslf

            He owns a football club that I once used to love. The man cannot f**k off quick enough.

          • ghostrider

            He owns a football club that you love , not used to love.
            You still love the club but you don’t like him as an owner because he’s not giving you what you really want, which is to be battling against the big hitters and he just won’t put the club into dire debt attempting it.
            In a way you have to admire the man, because most clubs who tried and are trying to rub shoulders with the blank cheque brigade are dying a death as we speak.

            We are probably the strongest and most secure football club in that premier league or any of the leagues aside from the blank cheque brigade.

            I think Newcastle United gets taken for mugs by many people Ashley employs.
            His naivety is his trust.
            Maybe if he can literally get in some people that aren’t mercenaries like Benitez and co and other little critters running about, then we might have a steady full steam ahead footballing ship instead of just a steady unholed floating ship.

          • say what?

      • Gallowgate Dave

        Absolutely superb reply GeordieZebra.

        There’s been some dreadful owners past and present in football – Vincent Tan (Cardiff), SISU (Coventry), Oystons (Blackpool), Roland Duchatelet (Charlton), Allems (Hull), Massimo Cellino (formerly Leeds), Fawaz Al Hasawi (formerly Forest), Francesco Becchetti (formerly Leyton Orient) and the various ones that made a mess of Portsmouth but Ashley is there or thereabouts up there with them. Your analogy of some people’s fears of swapping Bin Laden for Hitler so they’ll just stick with Bin Laden is bang on and made me chuckle. Two words for those “fans” – Stockholm Syndrome.

      • Jezza

        I’d rather resurrect Westwood, Seymour and McKeag than have Ashley stay at the club any longer.

    • Jezza

      We were taken over by a chancer ten and a half years ago.

      • ghostrider

        Nahhhhh…we were sold by chancers and taken over by a visionary that fast realised his vision was getting blurred by the day.

        • Jezza

          The only person with blurred vision round here is you. You are completely out of touch with reality.

          • ghostrider

            I think it’s people like you that are well out of touch with reality and the truth of what’s really happening right slap bang in front of your faces..

          • Jezza

            If I’m out of touch with reality or at least your version of reality I must have been in a coma when Ashley signed a never ending stream of world class players repeatedly breaking the club transfer record time and time again, I must have imagined the sales of players like Andy Carroll, Demba Ba, Kevin Nolan, Yoan Cabaye, James Milner, Shay Given, Sebastian Bassong and Andros Townsend, I must have been having a bad dream when I thought Joe Kinnear, Alan Pardew, John Carver and Steve McClaren were all appointed manager of NUFC, I must have been hallucinating when I saw clubs like Watford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Middlesborough and Wolves making the kind of signings that Newcastle United can no longer afford, I must have had a bump on the head when I saw that St James’s Park had been renamed the S****s D****t Arena and I must be holding the newspaper upside down when I see Newcastle fourth bottom of the league.

          • ghostrider

            Your argument is getting weaker by the second.
            Why are you bringing up players that mostly deserted the ship like rats?
            Were you slating Pardew when he had us 5th?
            Was John Carver the business when we had him as a coach years ago and most fans were more than happy to see him back and yet he had to manage players who simply didn’t want to be at the club to go with his own out of his depth deep water swimming pool drop with concrete boots on?
            He doesn’t/didn’t deserve the bile but fans thin k it’s justified and yet treat Rafa as some kind of messiah when he’s basically an excuse making numpty.

          • Jezza

            Deep down you know that I have just put forward a cast iron argument and you can’t handle it. Your pathetic attempts to save face really aren’t doing any favours. You are just making yourself look bad.

          • ghostrider

            Your arguments are more like melted plastic than anything stiff.

    • gallowgate26

      Exactly, look at all the Chinese owned midlands clubs. Yes Wolves are doing well, but as it stands only Leicester look like being a certain PL club next season. West Brom, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Wolves could all be championship. So having new Chinese owners hasn’t helped them has it?

      • Jezza

        And NUFC under Ashley will also be in the Championship next season.

      • ghostrider

        Yep. Too many chancers.
        A few years of dipping fingers into pies before the pie burst open and they all get scalded.

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s simple what Ashley is doing. He’s holding out for the highest price possible and to do that he needs a win or two on the board.
    He’ll be hoping for wins against Brighton, Stoke and Swansea, plus one in the cup against Luton and then he can sell the club at a higher price.
    Lose all of them and the price drops considerably.
    He reportedly wanted 400m a couple of months ago when we were 7th, now were in trouble that figure is a pipe dream.

  • Leazes Ender

    Ashley is in the Caribbean…. and an exclusive now claims that there has been zero progress on a Newcastle takeover…..

    …. Getaway.

    He’s due back in the next week.

    • TheNutJob

      thank God for that

  • HarryHype59

    According to Fleckman, the deal is as good as done!

  • Stephen

    The Sun?

  • HarryHype59

    It doesn’t matter a flying fig what the EPL TV deal is worth next season, if the club is back in the Championship in May. NUFC are a relegation threatened club. That is why no one will buy without a clause.

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Hate fuelled & lying newspaper.
    Let’s just see what happens with the takeover and give Rafa our full support this afternoon!

  • East Durham Mag

    Its a pantomine which i suppose is very apt at this time. Can one word the Fat Oaf says be believed? This is exactly how a lot of people said it would pan out. I hope he sells but i now have grave doubts.

  • Dave Pattinson

    Time for anothet curry, Fatboy, PDQ!

  • TheFatController

    There are some here seem to think Ashley is like the King canute and can actually hold the sea back.

    They write on here ‘the club is worth more than PCP are offering…’

    It’s for sale, and no one is offering anything. Ashley can thus set a valuation, but he can’t set a selling price, just like he can’t hold back the sea either.

    Being ‘a tough negotiator’ won’t get him £400m, £380m, or anywhere close.

    Think of it like Wolf of Wall Street’s pen sales technique:-

    ‘Write your name down.’
    ‘I haven’t got a pen?’
    ‘You have now..’

    If no one is buying, you’re not going to be selling. Ashley has a pen but clearly no one is needing to write anything. He won’t be selling therefore…

    • Michael Smith

      according to reports £250m was offered

      • TheFatController

        That’s my point in reality. If only one person wants to write something down, and you’re selling a pen, you’re not really able to dictate price. Unless that person really wants your pen, but if you’re greedy, they’ll walk away knowing ‘there’ll always be other pens’

  • NE5

    I don’t see what difference it makes because its The Sun. Inverted snobbery here. Lets just hope it is wrong, but if we are honest, it could be spot on.

    • Leazes Ender

      Most journalists write fake news…. the Sun has particular agendas to work on the political allegiance of social groups E and F…. Murdoch destabalises democracy where he can and promotes Walls not Bridges.

      • Jezza

        Great comment.

    • TheFatController

      Irrespective of the publisher, the story didn’t have anything new to say.

      On match days they like to put stories in about every club, knowing it’ll get clicks.

      So the sports editor asked the junior, ‘re-write the Newcastle takeover with a new but non-libellous angle…’

      ‘Shall I say they disagree on the price? It’s not a new angle but we can just let the reader infer it’s still the case, almost as if we have privileged info….?’

      ‘Bingo! Give me 50 words on that for click bait yes…’

    • Whitehurst

      Because The Sun & David Coverdale are never right!!

      • HarryHype59

        Just like the ailing Daily Mirror!

      • TonyGreenFanClub

        They are all the same, including the Chronicle which is one of the biggest shitrags of them all

  • Mike

    How much is club worth if0 relegated. …sell u fat scum or we will be like safc

  • Whitehurst

    Anything in The Sun, surely isn’t: 1. an exclusive and 2. worth writing an article on!!

    • Vito Genovese

      Or even wiping your arsenal on!

  • Desree

    Transfer window opens in 24 hours. No investor will buy now unless they have a long term plan to rebuild. Benitez won’t hang around if we get relegated even if we have new owners.

    This article is putting pressure on Ashley to sell up, not save him face.

    He has a week to make a decision. He isn’t very good at gambling I hear. I can see him going all in and bust.

    No sale = disillusioned fans, players and manager. Certain relegation, Rafa exit and doing a Sunderland.

    On the bright side I win the bet with Ashleys lackey, Fleckman. Happy new year to the Mag readers.

    • Leazes Ender

      A lot of clubs have concluded business before the window opens.

  • Waxi

    Talks are still ongoing people so chill this will happen sooner rather than later. I think Shearer has it spot on when he states if they come out now and say the deal is done the transfer prices will double. MA is back in the UK as of yesterday so the deal will be completed soon.