Quite incredible this attack on Newcastle fans.

The national newspapers slaughter supporters for not giving managers time and backing.

Just look at the way they went on when Alan Pardew was the patsy for Mike Ashley, Newcastle fans knew he was a chancer, just as Palace fans found out, and West Brom ones are doing now.

Yet they (journalists) knew best.

Newcastle fans have stayed behind Rafa Benitez despite a solitary point from 27 because they know he isn’t the cause of the problems at Newcastle, plus seven of these past nine games were against top half sides.

Daily Telegraph journalist Matt Law though, has took it upon himself to attack Newcastle fans for staying loyal to the manager, mocking them for chanting the manager’s name at full-time after beating West Ham 3-2.

What business is it of his to criticise fans for staying behind their manager???

Thankfully, after this attention seeker launched his attack via Twitter, many many Newcastle fans have put him right, with Liverpool fans also piling in, as well as an Arsenal supporter!

Matt Law – Daily Telegraph journalist:

“Newcastle fans singing Rafa Benitez’s name.

“It’s like he never took them down and hasn’t failed to get a PL win in nine games.

“Harsh, I know but I don’t really get the Rafa love-in from the Newcastle fans.

“Rafa shaking hands with all the Newcastle players he doesn’t think are good enough.”

Chris Conway:

“Oddly enough, Rafa isn’t the problem at Newcastle.”

Some random non-Newcastle fan:

“Team selection not his fault then?”

Paul Charters:

“You’re right, he should be picking De Bruyne and Hazard.”

Kopite (Liverpool fan):

“Its like he never bought them back up again and also keeps stability alongside a owner whose a complete shambles.”

Honest Johns:

“Amazing isn’t it. Great supporters.”

Mikey O’Brien (Liverpool fan):

“Journalists and pundits always complain about clubs and fans turning on managers too quickly.

“For once a fanbase gets behind a struggling manager and he says this.

“Wonder if he’d say the same if Newcastle had an English manager.”


“Staggering ignorance.”

Welcome David Luiz:

“Yeah I really hate it when our fans support the manager. You guys are right.”

Dave Davis (Liverpool fan):

“Or came in for the last few games of last campaign and did well, plus got them back up and is getting plenty out of a championship quality squad.”

Mark Wright:

“English journalism at its finest here.”

Luke Summers:

“Crazy, showing loyalty to our best manager for years and you’re criticising the fans?”


“You moan at fickle fans that turn against managers then mock loyal ones…. Standard English media that.”

Kevin Ledwith:

“Unreal you’re actually paid to write about football and evidently have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Paul Ottey (Arsenal fan):

“Weren’t Newcastle already sliding the wrong way when he took over, and then stayed to bring them back up. Doesn’t that count for anything these days?”

Robbie Bell:

“Like most journalists and pundits you haven’t seen the job he’s done in uniting the club/fan base and community.

“Under the previous few managers the club was out of touch with the fans the community and even the press. Without him it would be worse.”

Darren Potter:

“If you look at the shortlist for the Swansea job then you’ll realise why we’re keeping our faith in Rafa.”

Graeme Moore:

“Has Keith Bishop been on the phone to you or something?”

Stats from BBC Sport:

West Ham 2 Newcastle 3


Newcastle: Saivet 10, Diame 53, Atsu 61

West Ham: Arnautovic 6, Ayew 69 (Saved penalty by Rob Elliot from Ayew as well! 56 minutes)

Possession was West Ham 63% Newcastle 37%

Total shots were  West Ham 19 Newcastle 11

Shots on target were West Ham 6 Newcastle 4

Corners were  West Ham 6 Newcastle 3

Referee: Lee Mason

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Manquillo, Ritchie, Diame, Saivet (Mbemba 84), Atsu (Murphy 90+1), Gayle (Perez 76), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Haidara, Dummett, Aarons

Crowd: 56,955 (Newcastle 3,000)

(See Alan Shearer’s reaction to the win HERE)

(Read the instant Newcastle fan/writer reaction to beating West Ham HERE)

  • TheNutJob

    they bad losers down there, that don`t live in the real world, how long before they`re calling for Moyes`s head

    • Phil

      But we are happy clappers for celebrating this win aren’t we??

      • TheNutJob

        depends how you define a happy clapper,

        • Phil

          You tell me. You use the phrase often enough.

          ‘there`ll be more happy clappers on the chron than was at the game’

          • wheyayeman

            I’m a happy clapper and I’m absolutely clap happy about this result, our Manager, our fans support of our manager, the Mackems back in the relegation zone and Christmas Day!

          • Phil

            Good man!! 👏🏻

          • Kneebotherm8

            Whey aye man……….what more could you ask for???? ……….Howay the Toon.

          • TheNutJob

            it`s a fan who will go along with anything Ashley does like asset strip the club & replace good players with cheap one`s with the intention of survival only.
            i`m a bit more ambitious i want Newcastle to do well & compete at a higher level than we`ve been at for a decade.
            the happy clappers are just devoid of any ambition whatsoever !

          • Phil

            As if you believe any fan is happy with Ashley!!

            When the term ‘happy clapper’ is used on here I get a sneaky suspicion it is aimed at people who sing rafas name regardless!!

            Which is ridiculous. Rafa could manage any club in the league. Yet we have him. We should be grateful for that and support him. Not slate people for trusting and believing in him

    • Rich Lawson

      Not long.Fortunately for them he only has a contract to the end of the season. Cue Bet Victor odds on him still being there then ?

  • Leicester Mag

    Some have queried Rafa, it’s not simple blind faith but criticism of fans for celebrating after a hugely significant win. What a prat; this sounds little other than sour grapes. Oh I know we could have sacked him and replaced with a super coach just like Moyes

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    so which is it, Londen press?* Do Newcastle fans expect too much from their team and owner and demand a EPL title every season? Or are they blind numpties, who unconditionally back their manager regardless of results??

    *the answer is whatever is convenient to the story they are currently writing…

  • Geordiegiants

    He must be one of these lot from here.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Told you before George at the Times and the tory papers associated with it like the Telegraph hate the North East with a passion but on this site you hear dear George the hero from the times they hate us with a passion.
      For George read Margaret.

  • Leazes Ender

    Tell me…… what is the Journalist insinuating here?

  • gallowgate26

    Alan Pardew took us on a death spiral of about 10 defeats in a row and the Laandan Nationals were queuing up to defend him. Take your mouth to the toilet Matt Law, these matters don’t concern you. Get back to writing about Wet Spam, a club you might actually know something about.

  • anyobrien

    I’m speechless…. Is the idiot winding us up. Glad to see other fans wading into the moron

  • Alreet

    So to sum up. We expect a top 4 finish. We want the owner to spend 300mill a season without fail. We want to win everyweek no questions. We are generally hard done by. We want a new gaffer. We want to keep the current one. We want rid of ashley. Hes done briilant work balancing the books.

    Lazy so called journo. Back in ya box laddy. Get back down the market

    • anyobrien

      Well put

  • Shields Mag

    What an absolute load of garbage…..surprised a rag like the telegraph supported such ill informed claptrap, this fella should be ashamed of himself for having a dig at our loyal fans for backing our manager…..

  • Phil

    This journalist is doing what a large number of our own fans do….
    Mock people for supporting Rafa.

    Then you will get those same fans on here slating the journalist!!

    Funny owld game!

    • Toonrobbybobson

      We will always have some fans as moronic as the journalist. Some just dont see the wood for the trees. There is so much at play at the club currently with horrible setup for a great manager to be working under. Dont forget its Mike Ashley that Rafa is battling the same time… a self harm owner with no interest in the club… only £££

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Mocking,after we won 3-1 ? Sounds like he left quite early to get his poison in ?

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Brilliant response! Love social media! Moronic journalist southern hack.

  • Kelvin

    Typical journalist carnt get his facts right 3-1 😂

  • DaveH

    Matt Law has just won this weeks Richard Cranium award.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Dck heed extraordinaire………

  • TheFatController

    I’ve never heard of home before ….

  • Peaky Magpie

    The Telegraph,Times etc are no better than the Mirror,Sun,Star,so on and so on,w***er journalists all of them who find it easier to jump on the bandwagon rather than be constructive.Effing t***ers the lot of them.

  • paul mclaughlan

    Don’t get angry. Just do as I do and don’t read any newspapers.

  • Paul Smith

    Plenty of our fans were starting to turn… hence a couple of rants i’ve had on here. It hadn’t got to the stage of banners or chants for Benitez out but in the last month i’ve noticed a lot of people making negative comments about him, questioning his credentials and even saying it was time for him to leave.. Idiots linking pointless Transfermarkt squad value stats as a way of saying we should be higher in the table and that it was Benitez doing a poor job that meant we weren’t matching up to that etc.

    Glad to say I wasn’t 1 of them…

    • Buck Blacket

      Same here Paul.

  • ghostrider

    Great win but if anyone thinks that solves all issues then fair enough.
    If anyone thinks Rafa is above criticism just because we won, then fair enough.
    I’ll sit back and hope that Rafa can start using players he has at his disposal.

    If anyone thinks 1 game solves our issues, then I hope you’re correct…….BUT.

    How many raised massive eyebrows when the team selection came out?
    Two new midfielders put together.
    Saivet never getting a chance and yet not only does he get a chance, he’s also our dead ball specialist.

    Hard to work Rafa out.

    What’s happening in training?
    Is Saivet telling Rafa to eff off in French or did Rafa think Saivet was saying eff off when he was begging Rafa for a game?

    Rafa deserves the criticism he’s had. He deserves it, simple as that.
    The only thing I’m taking from that game is the 3 points, for now.
    Let’s see what Rafa decides to do against Man City at home and more importantly, let’s see what he does in the next 3 games after it which are all very winnable if he sets us out properly.

    • anyobrien

      That’s the spirit…. Ffs we have not won a game for nine matches let us enjoy… Rafa is not beyond criticism read some of the Comments on hear before kick off… Merry fin Christmas eh. As for the Manchester City game coming up who have not lost a game and are playing sublime football, what do you really expect to happen?
      And yes let’s see about the next three fixtures and let’s see if he’s backed in the transfer market which I probably doubt he will be.

      • Phil

        He is one of the idiots I am sick of seeing on here!!

        Nobody has ever said Rafa is above criticism. But what the real fans realise is he is the best we have had in years and he is one of the best in the game. So we decide to support him.
        This gob shyte obviously decides to take the other route and moan about everything and cause a negative atmosphere at the stadium. If he actually goes to matches!

        • Vladimir Biggski

          Probably a Mackem

        • TheFatController

          We should worry about who has to sit next to him for Xmas dinner tomorrow ….

          • Phil

            It’s just a hunch. But iv got a feeling he will be dining alone!
            Then he will post on here how bad his microwave meal for one was!

      • Damon Horner

        Not a single fan would have selected Saivet ahead of Shelvey, Merino or Hayden but now he is great and it’s on Rafa that he wasn’t selected…. Some people just look for reasons to have a go.

        • anyobrien


          • Damon Horner

            Don’t worry about. Just an add-on and agreement to your initial response.

    • Danimal

      But you have no problem glossing over the ten years’ appalling stewardship of Mike Ashley.

    • Damon Horner

      Whichever player who started there would be “two new midfielders put together”

  • Paul Patterson

    Journalists are generally not impartial and normally follow an agenda. They also tend to agree with whoever they are friends with or pay them . .