Dear old Mike Ashley has really had everyone running around in circles this time!

Given his so called timing ability, it has become clear that there is no intention to sell and never was; otherwise why pitch the price so high.

This for a club from which he has already stripped it’s main assets…plus he can continue to enjoy the services [he thinks!] of a top class manager.

Then can tuck away a new windfall of TV cash, knowing that a drop to the Championship will only be temporary.

Why worry! Just spin a couple of rumours to use Amanda Staveley as a stalking horse and see what happens.

The only thing is that Rafa, being Spanish, is a very proud man, with good reason;  Mike Ashley has treated everyone with contempt, for the sake of more money than he can possibly need.

I am 89 and spent 30 years in the Middle East and Spain.

Mike Ashley will certainly have left a bad smell in certain quarters; it may well be that if he carries on in his usual unscrupulous way, he will lose not only the opportunity of finalising a sensible sale but he will, without doubt, add to an already unsavoury reputation.

Middle Eastern business people are not going to be led up the garden path by Mike Ashley!

Buyers can also choose and may well prefer to buy a strong Championship club, at a very much lower Championship value, less Rafa.

Newcastle United – strong potentially but certainly demoralised.

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  • Dutch

    Utter Rubbish. Scaremongering of the highest order.

  • TheFatController

    You’re implying I think that Ashley is in control of things and believes that control extends to keeping Rafa and instant promotion if we are relegated.

    That’s reasonable based upon past behaviour as a precedent, but I think now is different.

    Why? Because I think he, like most of us, knew the squad was poor. So when we won four games, he saw his opportunity (being an opportunist) for a quick sale – surely with 14 points in the bag, and a few more home wins (with Watford, Bournemouth, Leicester and everton to come at home before Xmas) we’d be mid table up to Xmas.

    So no surprise he announces a sale and wants to done by….Xmas !

    However, the squad’s weaknesses have been ruthlessly exploited by other PL squads whose owners are a little smarter than Ashley when it comes to keeping your manager happy and funding strengths not papering over weaknesses.

    So you say he’s in control, I think he planned on being fully in control but events (poor form, only one bidder) have left him completely out of control.

    Add in the delirious rejoicing among his old enemy (that’s us obviously) every time we get a hint of a sign he may be going, and he’s looking at being left out of pocket and publically humiliated should he sell.

    That’s why, I’d suggest, he’s dragging his heels on selling…

    • TheFatController

      Additionally, the other 4 interested parties that seem to have disappeared – I’d suggest they too knew that 14 points was a false dawn given the squad depth and pundit predictions of a tough season, and decided, unlike PCP, to not go to the expense of doing due diligence until we got through a run of nine games against 8 in the top 10.

      Seems that was money well saved …they may yet come in with their own bid, but not dissimilar to PCPs £250m. Sadly that’s more likely to be an owner like Ashley with no real plan for the club, just buying on a whim..

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Agreed. We need a proper owner this time. Not someone looking to add assets only to their portfolio.

        • Dave Pattinson

          Hope that whoever our new owners turn out to be, they’re better than both the current person we have, and the latest owners at Milan who apparently have been traced to an empty office in Beijing with only 3 filing cabinets! I’d take a rich sheikh over that!

    • Toonrobbybobson

      I think he’ll blink first. Too much money at stake.

      Remember money talks to him.

  • Peaky Magpie

    She’ll end up telling him to f**k off.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Does he really,really want to sell?………I’m not convinced.

  • Leazes Ender

    I was thinking the same thing myself George….. there’s nothing to Staveley’s offer.

    The meeting in the Paradise Curry house was attended by the rather nasty Richard Desmond owner of the racist Daily Express. who is said to be a friend of Amanda Ghodoussi….. really?

    I somehow doubt it….. there’s less to this takeover than meets the eye.

  • Roland

    Sorry, chap, but the article is a load of frightened guff. There’s no way under any circumstances Ashley could ‘use’ Staveley as a stalking horse, the legal repercussions could be seismic!

    As with anything, the simplest answer is more than likely the truth of it. It’s either (a) already a done deal going through legal due process, or (b) there’s some ground to cover on price.

    I think it’s (a). I think Desmond has the Express lined up as an exclusive, and that the agreement was formalised of £250m, +£50m if the club stays up, +£60m (and whatever else is generated) to spend in January. The leaked takeover number of $500m seems to stack up against this likelihood.

    If it’s (b), Mike’s hand weakens every week. I find it impossible to believe he’s haggling in the current market. He wants out, he is well aware that not selling will mean another relegation and if he keeps having to loan money the price of the club will reach untenable heights. He is a businessman and is well aware of the price of things. The only sticking point on price is probably related to relegation. It may be that he’s happy with £250m + £50m, but wants more than £60m invested in Jan.

    Outside of these scenarios, nothing else makes enough sense.

    • TheFatController

      Agreed. We should take comfort from the fact that, for once, the poor results that result from his lack of investment hurt him as much as the rest of us.

      He must feel our pain at last! Not nice, it it Mike, waiting for results that never arrive …?

    • Leazes Ender

      Nothing illegal about using Bishop and Staveley to instigate a bid….. its cheap PR advertising.

  • Giraffes

    So who is he using Staveley as a Stalking Horse against? She is the only game in town. If he doesn’t take PCP’s offer he has Newcastle at least until May and if NUFC get relegated his £300m becomes £100m. So he either has to sell and hope PCP inject funds in January or he has to keep Newcastle, inject his own money.

    • Leazes Ender

      A ‘stalking horse’ is a bluff….. in this case to draw out a genuine buyer.

      A fake, insincere, a lure.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    This article is nonsense.

    There are so many legal reasons why not but dont let them get in the way of a story.

    On a more sensible note id agree that middle east business people likely dont want to deal with Ashley. Staveley will ultimately prove to be a go between owner/investor to kick things off for who ultimately wants to own the club.

    Ashley is in a position of weakness at present. He however absolutely wants out of NUFC. He cant afford the risk. Hes not a big enough boy to own NUFC. Its served its purpose for him now he wants to cash in and checkout. The financial city know that.

    There will be a deal and it will be filled full of clauses short and long term. Unfortunately with the weakening of Ashleys position will mean more haggling in the terms which will take a long time to iron out and be water tight.

    No good business person will walk away. Andeal is there to be done and they could get a big discount if negotiated well on a relegation. Lets face it. If Newcastle went down they do have the ability to come back up especially funded by a new owner even if it took a few years. It would still represent a good deal if there was a huge clause for relegation.

    Ashley tried it on with our purple patch thinking he was the master gambler but it soon turned sour as he never learned his lessons. He doesnt understand football nor is he interested.

    • TheFatController

      I think with new owners we’d come straight back up. I base this on the fact that we had momentum with Rafa and were top most of last season, and now Wolves, with owners investing, are experiencing the same.

      Add to that we already have a squad that have done it once and with a few astute additions, and more experience among a young squad. With new owners, an incredibly strong championship squad, and fans still unable to believe that this time if they get promoted there’ll be a massive assault on the PL, not bargain bucket trading, we’d be odds-on favourites

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Numero Uno Knave & Charlatan, the deals been going on for to long and with a new Tv windfall due to be announced in February he`s more likely to be here in the summer, you bet on that.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      What a lot of people don`t understand is that he`s not bothered, never has been, it`s all about power & manipulation. so he drops a £100m, he`s dropped £400m before but he always recovers

  • TwinFire

    Here’s my prediction: By midnight tonight there will be a widespread report that Mike has sold the club.
    If there is no such report then we are doomed, times up!

  • Nut

    The truth is Ashley as he previously said is in no rush to sell, if the “right buyer” comes along and by right he means right for him (money) and right for the club (money) then he wold consider selling. He has always said this.

    Stavely pottentially is this right buyer as she has access to the kind of funds that could make the club competitive and give Ashley the money he wants. It’s a case of if she is willing to do that.

    Ashley bought this club to make it a success, since then the ballpark has changed and money involved has become far greater, he is a gambler but a good gabler knows to only bet what they are willing to lose, and now he knows he can’t with out risking alot, so he wants out.

    So this takeover is real that I promise, real on Ashley’s part and really just a question of Stavely meeting his financial demands.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Agree. Either way we know a fair amount by end if month. Nothing stopping the deal even beyond if a deal can be out in place to allow transfers. A couple of signings will turn things around with an uplift of takeover news as well. Also think timing of that is important to gove club some impetus.

      Either way for me… id take a relegation again if its means being rid of Ashley. The club will never go anywhere with him onboard.

  • chuck

    No one mentions the fact Ashley has realized he cannot compete with the multi billionaire owners of the top PL clubs, plus as time passes the free advertising of his real business does not cover the clubs costs, nor does the profit from buying and selling players, presently leaving the club bare of anyone worth selling.
    Being he is in the middle of a business expansion in both the UK & USA, he is in desperate need of extra cash,and will sell.
    It should be obvious to all he desperately needs the extra cash that a sale of the club would provide.
    His ten years as owner of the club, has resulted in a chaotic run, with no real top management personnel , he being such a control freak, who knows little about football or it’s management, only looking at the bottom line.
    Lets hope things change soon as he as the club owner can only result in a club bereft of quality and in way worse condition than when originally bought.
    not to mention had a detrimental effect on both fans and the population of the north east in general.
    please go now !

  • Guest 2

    I really don’t see Stavely as being that naive – or so desperate for a cheap curry she’d agree to meet him in public.

  • Michael Pattison

    End of the day the negotiations will continue until someone breaks – or Newcastle are odds on favourites to be relegated in which case Stavely will likely just walk away

    • HarryHype59

      NUFC are now second favourites for the drop at 6:4! The club is bottom of the form table!
      It wouldn’t surprise me if the deal is already dead!