Michael Owen has been considering the match at The Emirates on Saturday.

Arsenal fans are once again moaning because they haven’t won a trophy since May.

Plus the Gunners are in a ‘disastrous’ seventh position as we approach Christmas, though with four teams separated by just one point they are only that single point away from fourth spot.

Whilst Newcastle have been losing at home to both Leicester and Everton in the last two games, Arsenal have drawn on the road at both Southampton and West Ham.

Arsene Wenger has only two wins from nine away Premier League matches but it is a different matter at The Emirates.

The stats just start really stacking against Newcastle…

Manchester United escaped with three points despite posting their lowest ever possession stats in a Premier League match, Arsenal fans furious that Alan Shearer wouldn’t admit they deserved to win because they had dominated on shots, corners and that possession figure.

However, Arsenal have won their other seven PL matches at home, scoring 20 goals and conceding only four.

The Gunners have also won their last nine (home and away) games against Newcastle.

Actually prior to that there was a mini spell of good results, consecutive draws (4-4 and 0-0) at St James Park and the game before those two home results, saw newly promoted Newcastle go to The Emirates and win with an Andy Carroll header in 2010.

Newcastle haven’t kept a clean sheet in their last eight matches and of course have picked up only one point in the process.

Just to add to the mix, Michael Owen adds that surprisingly Rafa Benitez has never won at Arsenal in a Premier League match.

The return of Jamaal Lascelles gives some hope we can now see some defensive improvement but difficult to argue with Owen’s prediction of Arsenal to win without Newcastle scoring a goal.

However, Newcastle did manage to score first at both Man Utd and Chelsea through Dwight Gayle both times, so we can carry hope of a potential goal.

Very difficult though to see Rafa’s players getting anything and preventing the run going to one point from 27, so it is up to them to find a much better performance from somewhere.

Michael Owen talking to BetVictor:

“Arsenal have won their last nine Premier League games against Newcastle and they are likely to make that ten at the weekend.

“Given the Magpies have picked up just one point from their last eight league games – the worst record in the division.

“Rafa Benitez has never won at Arsenal in the PL and these are worrying times for my former club.

“Who face a difficult game at West Ham next weekend before they entertain Manchester City over Christmas.

“Prediction – Arsenal to win to nil at 23/20.”

Arsenal v Newcastle Match Betting:

Arsenal win 1/4 Draw 11/2 Newcastle win 12/1

Newcastle win 1-0 35/1Gayle to score 1st goal 10/1At least 7 goals in match 10/1

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  • TheNutJob

    Wait till Leazes sees the name Betvictor

  • Leicester Mag

    Arsenal might moan and in context to many clubs, especially ours, there seems little to moan about. Thats the whole point. It shows how low we have come to set our expectations in the last ten years. We crave mediocrity instead of achievement. No other club would have stood for this. Imagine any other business accepting a step change backwards. Few seem to realise the damage done on and off the pitch most of all to the mindset of most fans. Let’s hope this malignancy is finally expunged in the New Year.

  • Leazes Ender

    BetVictor avoided taxes by moving their company offshore depriving the NHS of some of the £350m promised.

    This is called TAX AVOIDANCE.

    This winter will see people without homes sleeping rough or afraid to turn on their heating, and like never before will Foodbanks come to signify the gap between the ‘have-nots’ and the ‘super rich’ people such as Michael Tabor who own this shameful company.

    The Mag receives a sum for promoting this company on an almost daily basis under the guise of articles of interest, usually predictions by people United fans dislike intensely in order to stimulate hits.

    The Mag backs the Foodbank collections…. and their cause.

    … How duplicitous.

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    What’s with the picture of Own at the top ? Is he now auditioning to be the new Bond ? Can we not have one of him falling of a horse or his sports car with a tree on top of it if we have to put up with his useless punditry on here ?