Michael Owen has been looking ahead to Newcastle v Manchester City.

Wednesday night’s match is daunting from Rafa Benitez’ players.

Not only champions-elect against relegation strugglers but happening at a time of year when those with the strongest squads have a very significant extra advantage, with so many matches in a short space of time.

Wherever you look there are statistics weighted against Newcastle having a hope.

Michael Owen points out that if Newcastle don’t win, it will be the first time that Manchester City have gone 20 league matches without defeat against any one club.

Difficult to believe but Newcastle’s last win against them came three years before the Man City takeover, a certain Michael Owen scoring the only goal of the game back in 2005. Not like him to be so modest and not mention it…

In these last 19 Premier League matches between the two clubs, it is three draws and 16 Man City wins.

Man City’s current run of 17 Premier League wins in a row this season is all a bit mad and 55 points from 57 so far, is astonishing.

Thankfully, Newcastle made it 10th time lucky on Saturday at West Ham but four points from the last 30 is still pretty grim.

Hopefully though whatever happens against Manchester City, Rafa’s players will have gained confidence and momentum for the challenges ahead.

This calendar year Man City have already scored 101 Premier League goals and still have two games to play. meanwhile Sergio Aguero has scored in his last five games against Newcastle, scoring nine in total in those matches.

When it comes to stats, a little difficult to find positives, although Newcastle did pick up a point under Rafa Benitez when holding the Mancs to a 1-1 draw in April 2016. Then if you really want to stretch it, in all competitions Newcastle have a win and a draw in their last four games against this lot – Aarons and Sissoko scoring in that 2-0 League win at the Etihad back in October 2014.

Michael Owen can only see more goals for Manchester City tomorrow night to go with the 60 they have already scored in 19 Premier League games this season. Owen tips/predicts Man City to be ahead at both half-time and full-time.

Personally, I would settle for a draw…

Michael Owen talking to BetVictor:

“City will create a club record if they avoid defeat at St James’s Park given they are unbeaten in 19 league games against the Magpies and have never gone 20 league games without defeat against any other club.

“City have been top of the table on Christmas Day five times in the history of top-flight English football but have only gone on to win the title on one of those five occasions.

“Sergio Aguero has scored in each of his last five PL games against the Magpies and I expect to see the league leaders among the goals against one of my old clubs.

“Prediction (tip) is Manchester City to lead at half-time and full-time 7/10.”

Newcastle v Manchester City Match Betting:

Newcastle win 14/1Draw 11/2Man City 2/9

Man City win 4-0 12/1NUFC win 4-0 350/16 or more goals in match 6/1

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    Newcastle should be 140/1, of course if you put £20 on Newcastle to win 3-1 with Hoss scoring a hat trick you`ll be able to buy a villa in Spain
    for god`s sake don`t use Betvictor

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    some good results went our way today, not all but most

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    Easy game tomorrow: Newcastle to win comfortably, 4-1

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    If I was a betting man I’d put a tenner on us to win but I’m not so I guess I saved myself £10.