The media have had lots of questions to ask about Newcastle United in recent days but they aren’t asking the right ones.

So lazy and used to being spoon-fed their content these days, with very rare exceptions do they ever challenge anything that they should be doing.

Rather than asking what was the point of Rafa Benitez’ team selection and tactics against Manchester City, the media should be asking why the Newcastle boss has been put in such a position, where he feels he has no other choice than to do what he did.

Let us take a journey back to August/September this year…

Mike Ashley talking to Sky Sports – 13 August 2017:

“I actually now believe that Newcastle will look to make mid-table this season and maybe we can make the cup a priority this season.

“We can get ourselves safe and then go for a cup.

“It means that in my few years at Newcastle United I might be able to win something other than a Championship trophy.”

Sky Sports – 10 September 2017:

“Mike Ashley says he will donate £20m to the players if they win the FA Cup this season.”

The media actually reported these two farcical episodes just as news stories, rather than challenging the ridiculous nature of what Mike Ashley was saying/doing.

A newly promoted club, a manager allowed a net spend of only £11.5m, and Ashley has the nerve to say he expects Newcastle to get themselves safe in the Premier League by January, then have the resources to launch an all out attack on the FA Cup.

The final insult of course being the embarrassing £20m bonus offer if Newcastle win the FA Cup…

So just like the media have questioned why Rafa Benitez picked such a negative team/formation for the Manchester City match before two imminent relegation six-pointers..

Will they be doing the same when he picks his team against Luton a week before another crucial relegation clash against Swansea…or if Newcastle make it into the heady heights of the fourth round, be questioning why he picks that team – the weekend (of Saturday 27 January) before another key home match against Burnley on the Wednesday (31st January)?

Newcastle must be the only club where you have an owner who is capable of actively working against the manager, laying an obstacle course/booby traps to make his job even harder.

You now have the crazy situation of the media questioning Newcastle fans as to why they are staying so loyal to Rafa Benitez, rather than targeting the real big fat problem at Newcastle United.

  • Headless

    Shouldn’t the media be asking why Klopp (with a vastly expensive squad and aspirations to win the Premiership) lost 5-0 to City when a clever manager with a Championship squad held them to 1-0 and nearly got a draw.

    • Leazes Ender

      This is a United site mate.

    • Danimal

      Love it.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Bang-on mate! Sadly it won’t happen.

  • Leicester Mag

    Spot on Just have a read of the latest sycophantic pap in the Chronic. Complaining that prices are high. No sh2t Sherlock. Totally missing the point

  • GToon

    The takeover news seems to have gone quiet recently. Maybe Ashley is counting the money.

  • Leazes Ender

    When Ashley is gone we’ll still have Ryder and the Chronicle not asking questions….. so part of the problem will still be there.

    • Leicester Mag

      Ryder is to Journalism what Clouseau was to criminal detection

      • 1957

        No, Clouseau always blundered his way to the right conclusion, the Chronicle journalists learn 5 things each game and know get no nearer to printing worthwhile information

      • FatParosite

        Ryder is the Allerdyce of journalism.

    • Danimal

      Ok, he has a loose grasp of the English language but Ryder was pretty scathing of the Ashley regime the other day. Not sure what you’re expecting from him.

  • TheFatController

    Any media bod wondering why we back Rafa, it’s not just all the positive things we know he brings to the team performance, it’s also his ability to wind up and dismiss Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher with tactics and a simple ‘they’re pundits, I’m a manager’ quip.

    He gets my vote just for that alone ….

  • GlasgowMag

    When we were being slated by Carragher after the City game it was an ideal opertunity for Given to defend us and have a real dig at our owner. Instead of defending us and putting the case forward for the defence he started to join in not even a mention of the difference in budgets or the shocking mis-management by our owner over the last 10years. I actually think there must be a gagging order put in the sky presenters contracts or mabye they are just frightened of being sued by Ashley. As nobody that I can remember from Sky has ever brought him to task or even has asked him any difficult questions about his stewardship of the club.

    • FatParosite

      The erstwhile Given is just punting his book & never really cared about NUFC. Besides he’s as thick as custard so he couldn’t probe skip rat Carrier on his BS. Neville the failed manager boiled my micturation.

  • magpiefifer

    Which journos – TV or other media – have the backbone (or intelligence!) to really investigate/question Ashley’s decisions?
    I’m still waiting to see/hear them!?

  • NE5

    Lets face it, the press talk bollocks. Most of the journos are clueless morons who know nothing about NUFC and just look for headlines. And its the monkeys who believe what they say and buy their rags.