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Manchester City fans say it just isn’t fair how Newcastle played – Classic Comments

4 years ago

Instead of just celebrating the fact their team now has 58 points from a possible 60, many Manchester City fans want to tell the world how unfair it is that Newcastle didn’t just come out and attack and let them run riot.

With so few decent quality players in his squad and relegation six points on Saturday and Monday, it would have been reckless to throw everything at this game if you were the Newcastle boss.

Rafa Benitez went ultra defensive and then in the closing stages threw Gayle, Merino and Atsu on in a late attempt to pick up a point as Man City tired and with added pace and fresh players introduced, Newcastle were able to press effectively.

When you read the comments below from Manchester City fans, just imagine how they would have went on if Newcastle had got that equaliser they came close to getting in the final minutes.

It would have made for some glorious reading…

Manchester City fans comment via their Blue Moon message board:

‘Newcastle are a disgrace to football, hope they go down.’

‘We lowered ourselves to their level.

Don’t know what Newcastle were trying to do but it hardly looked like football.

At home and with their fans actually accepting this rubbish.

Pity we didn’t punish them only to make it hard on ourselves.

It’s every other PL team that needs to come up with a way to actually beat us or make it hard for us. We just play football.’

‘Incredible run against another bunch of football destroyers.

But we will need to finish better or probably lose the next one.’

‘Should never have been hanging on against that newcastle side.’

‘Fair dos newcastle, that was the most extreme park the bus formation i think i have ever seen by a home team. 2 banks of 5 and zero pressing at all. No ambition, no fight, nothing.

and then lob it forward for the last 5 mins in hope.

Really wish we had put our chances away and made the scoreline reflect the actual game.’

‘A bit too close at times but we deserved it on the chances created.’

‘That was dreadful to watch but I’ll take it

18 wins in a row.

15 points clear.’

‘Number 18, that’s unbelievable.

We won’t be so fortunate against palace if we miss as many chances as we did tonight.’

‘Sloppy. Terrible tactics from a team at home in the Premier league but yet again it didn’t work.’

‘Strange game that. But we still get the full 3 points even when the game’s a bit strange.’

‘Unnecessarily inflicted palpatations on my ticker. Newcastle are a disgrace and so poor but our strikers need to stay behind after class for that performance.’

‘A few observations:

If you can’t enjoy a game like this, I’m not sure what you want as a football fan.

18 wins in a row with world class players all over the pitch. Not every game is going to be a 5-0 spanking.

When they attacked us and the game opened up, it was nervy, but that’s what this game is all about. We can’t bitch when opponents sit 10 men behind the ball and then bitch when they attack, too

I fear for some fans when we finally do lose or draw.

Newcastle has the ugliest team I’ve ever seen.’

‘Wasteful in front of goal, not helped by parking a fleet of buses, 3 points, mind the gap, move on.’

‘Worst display (in the league) of the season for me. Slow, sloppy, complacent and dreadful finishing. 2nd half was purgatory. Glad to have gotten away with it.’

‘A few missed chances but beyond that what i expected, Benitez is a sound defensive technician. If they follow that dismal method they will at least stay up this season.’

‘Well deserved win…Newcastle didn’t try to win it but at least attacked in last 10 minutes.

Our fans were superb tonight, well done lads and lasses.’

‘What a strange performance from Newcastle.

It’s like they were happy losing 1-0.

I would have been so p….. off if I were a geordie fan watching that. In fact I would have p….. off after 70 mins.

The parking the bus doesn’t work because we could and should have been 3/4 nil up at half time.’

‘Worst performance of the season so far for me. Newcastle’s tactics didn’t help us tbf. If we play like that against Liverpool, they’ll beat us.’

‘Newcastle deserved less than 0 points.’

‘Why are people saying we won ugly, we played them off the pitch, only the finishing let us down.

That should of easily been a 4-0 game and people would of said we deserved a scoreline like that, newcastle were not interested.’

‘Worst performance of the season so far for me. Newcastle’s tactics didn’t help us tbf. If we play like that against Liverpool, they’ll beat us’

‘Lol they would murder us not just beat us.’

‘Should have been all over after 30 minutes.

Made to work second half.

Another big 3 points.’

‘I hope other teams don’t play us like this and conserve energy for a late push.

It would be galling to concede late equalisers or worse against a rubbish bunch of bus-parkers.’


What can you say?

For seventy odd minutes that was the most tedious, soul destroying performance from a professional football team I’ve seen in a very, very long time.’

‘Imagine being a geordie ST holder watching that? Worst than us under Pearce.

City fans wouldn’t put up with that rubbish even in our darker days. We may have lost a lot of games but the team would have been slaughtered playing like that.’

‘Rope-a-dope nearly got Newcastle a point there.’

‘Great Win at a tough ground, should have been out of sight by half time and the players looked knackered post 70 minutes.’

‘F… off back to the Championship with that dogs… football.’

‘Any criticism of Newcastle is wrong. They very nearly took a point and we could have only blamed our selfs. They got their tactics right, they have an inferior squad, but a very good goalkeeper in the making.’

‘They lost, end of story, dress it up how you like.’

‘The booing of Raheem shows just how retarded the Newcastle fans are and the way they went bonkers with delight about a closing down a player by the touchline in their own half showed how desperate they’ve become for success. Feel sorry for Rafa, great coach but managing a championship side.’

‘I think Palace will be a little more adventurous than Newcastle, and they have improved since the owl found a roost there. I dont think they would be capable of playing like Newcastle, Benitez is a master of setting up a tight defence even with the players he currently has at his disposal.

We should see Palace off, if we dont I suspect it will be down to missed chances. Palace have considerably more to offer going forward than Newcastle so could punish any generosity in front of goal.’

‘I think the bigger issue is for a club like Newcastle to set up like that at home, self proclaimed club of passion, my backside.’

‘I reckon Pep will be fuming after that tbh. Not the first hour, where we were good but wasteful, but the last half hour where we let how rubbish Newcastle had been lull us into dropping our tempo when the game wasn’t done and dusted and we could easily have been punished for that.’

‘That was clearly Benitez’s strategy and it nearly worked. He knew that they couldn’t compete so his aim was to keep it to a manageable scoreline until the last 10 mins then have a go.

By then we were lulled into playing a slow game and the increase in tempo could have caught us out but they weren’t good enough.

Not the best match to watch but you can’t blame opposing teams for these tactics. They’ve tried everything and so far and still haven’t found a way to stop us.’


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