Instead of just celebrating the fact their team now has 58 points from a possible 60, many Manchester City fans want to tell the world how unfair it is that Newcastle didn’t just come out and attack and let them run riot.

With so few decent quality players in his squad and relegation six points on Saturday and Monday, it would have been reckless to throw everything at this game if you were the Newcastle boss.

Rafa Benitez went ultra defensive and then in the closing stages threw Gayle, Merino and Atsu on in a late attempt to pick up a point as Man City tired and with added pace and fresh players introduced, Newcastle were able to press effectively.

When you read the comments below from Manchester City fans, just imagine how they would have went on if Newcastle had got that equaliser they came close to getting in the final minutes.

It would have made for some glorious reading…

Manchester City fans comment via their Blue Moon message board:

‘Newcastle are a disgrace to football, hope they go down.’

‘We lowered ourselves to their level.

Don’t know what Newcastle were trying to do but it hardly looked like football.

At home and with their fans actually accepting this rubbish.

Pity we didn’t punish them only to make it hard on ourselves.

It’s every other PL team that needs to come up with a way to actually beat us or make it hard for us. We just play football.’

‘Incredible run against another bunch of football destroyers.

But we will need to finish better or probably lose the next one.’

‘Should never have been hanging on against that newcastle side.’

‘Fair dos newcastle, that was the most extreme park the bus formation i think i have ever seen by a home team. 2 banks of 5 and zero pressing at all. No ambition, no fight, nothing.

and then lob it forward for the last 5 mins in hope.

Really wish we had put our chances away and made the scoreline reflect the actual game.’

‘A bit too close at times but we deserved it on the chances created.’

‘That was dreadful to watch but I’ll take it

18 wins in a row.

15 points clear.’

‘Number 18, that’s unbelievable.

We won’t be so fortunate against palace if we miss as many chances as we did tonight.’

‘Sloppy. Terrible tactics from a team at home in the Premier league but yet again it didn’t work.’

‘Strange game that. But we still get the full 3 points even when the game’s a bit strange.’

‘Unnecessarily inflicted palpatations on my ticker. Newcastle are a disgrace and so poor but our strikers need to stay behind after class for that performance.’

‘A few observations:

If you can’t enjoy a game like this, I’m not sure what you want as a football fan.

18 wins in a row with world class players all over the pitch. Not every game is going to be a 5-0 spanking.

When they attacked us and the game opened up, it was nervy, but that’s what this game is all about. We can’t bitch when opponents sit 10 men behind the ball and then bitch when they attack, too

I fear for some fans when we finally do lose or draw.

Newcastle has the ugliest team I’ve ever seen.’

‘Wasteful in front of goal, not helped by parking a fleet of buses, 3 points, mind the gap, move on.’

‘Worst display (in the league) of the season for me. Slow, sloppy, complacent and dreadful finishing. 2nd half was purgatory. Glad to have gotten away with it.’

‘A few missed chances but beyond that what i expected, Benitez is a sound defensive technician. If they follow that dismal method they will at least stay up this season.’

‘Well deserved win…Newcastle didn’t try to win it but at least attacked in last 10 minutes.

Our fans were superb tonight, well done lads and lasses.’

‘What a strange performance from Newcastle.

It’s like they were happy losing 1-0.

I would have been so p….. off if I were a geordie fan watching that. In fact I would have p….. off after 70 mins.

The parking the bus doesn’t work because we could and should have been 3/4 nil up at half time.’

‘Worst performance of the season so far for me. Newcastle’s tactics didn’t help us tbf. If we play like that against Liverpool, they’ll beat us.’

‘Newcastle deserved less than 0 points.’

‘Why are people saying we won ugly, we played them off the pitch, only the finishing let us down.

That should of easily been a 4-0 game and people would of said we deserved a scoreline like that, newcastle were not interested.’

‘Worst performance of the season so far for me. Newcastle’s tactics didn’t help us tbf. If we play like that against Liverpool, they’ll beat us’

‘Lol they would murder us not just beat us.’

‘Should have been all over after 30 minutes.

Made to work second half.

Another big 3 points.’

‘I hope other teams don’t play us like this and conserve energy for a late push.

It would be galling to concede late equalisers or worse against a rubbish bunch of bus-parkers.’


What can you say?

For seventy odd minutes that was the most tedious, soul destroying performance from a professional football team I’ve seen in a very, very long time.’

‘Imagine being a geordie ST holder watching that? Worst than us under Pearce.

City fans wouldn’t put up with that rubbish even in our darker days. We may have lost a lot of games but the team would have been slaughtered playing like that.’

‘Rope-a-dope nearly got Newcastle a point there.’

‘Great Win at a tough ground, should have been out of sight by half time and the players looked knackered post 70 minutes.’

‘F… off back to the Championship with that dogs… football.’

‘Any criticism of Newcastle is wrong. They very nearly took a point and we could have only blamed our selfs. They got their tactics right, they have an inferior squad, but a very good goalkeeper in the making.’

‘They lost, end of story, dress it up how you like.’

‘The booing of Raheem shows just how retarded the Newcastle fans are and the way they went bonkers with delight about a closing down a player by the touchline in their own half showed how desperate they’ve become for success. Feel sorry for Rafa, great coach but managing a championship side.’

‘I think Palace will be a little more adventurous than Newcastle, and they have improved since the owl found a roost there. I dont think they would be capable of playing like Newcastle, Benitez is a master of setting up a tight defence even with the players he currently has at his disposal.

We should see Palace off, if we dont I suspect it will be down to missed chances. Palace have considerably more to offer going forward than Newcastle so could punish any generosity in front of goal.’

‘I think the bigger issue is for a club like Newcastle to set up like that at home, self proclaimed club of passion, my backside.’

‘I reckon Pep will be fuming after that tbh. Not the first hour, where we were good but wasteful, but the last half hour where we let how rubbish Newcastle had been lull us into dropping our tempo when the game wasn’t done and dusted and we could easily have been punished for that.’

‘That was clearly Benitez’s strategy and it nearly worked. He knew that they couldn’t compete so his aim was to keep it to a manageable scoreline until the last 10 mins then have a go.

By then we were lulled into playing a slow game and the increase in tempo could have caught us out but they weren’t good enough.

Not the best match to watch but you can’t blame opposing teams for these tactics. They’ve tried everything and so far and still haven’t found a way to stop us.’

  • Jezza

    Money City are a disgrace to football. The way they operate we might as well scrap all matches and just award the title to the club with the biggest bank balance.

    • Scooter

      that`s exactly whats happening & they`ll spend another £50m-£100m next month

      • Alphie_Izzet

        And if they do all of it will come from their well run, profitable TV, commercial, and match day revenue of over £450m pa with no club debt.

        • TheNutJob

          no it`ll come from the super, super rich guy that owns them

          • blueknight

            Well you have the right it must be true.

            City best team in the land and all the world..

          • Tony Mann

            How quickly you forget where you came from.

          • Jezza

            He hasn’t forgotten where they came from because he was never there. He’s only been a Money City “supporter” for the past couple of years.

          • Tony Mann

            Your spelling of ‘forgotten’ is very appropriate – as in the ‘teen’ bit – no history.

          • Scott wood

            Your on drugs you kid barc and real are much better

          • Phil

            You have a very good team funded by one of the richest families in the world. Congratulations. Enjoy it! No need to go on like a bell end

          • Tony Mann

            Smug [email protected] What goes around etc.

          • Simon R

            No it won’t we’ve got a clean bill of health from UEFA FFP. Wanting something to be true doesn’t mean it is.

          • Phil

            Wonder how much that clean bill of health cost you’s?

          • Dukinfield blue

            Nut job, don’t talk wet. It’s well published that city have been self sustainable for 4 years now and the shiek has put nothing in for transfers since 2013 as we generate our own well run commercial deals.
            Funny enough it’s reported that if Amanda Staveley takes over Newcastle, your fans hope you follow city’s business model, then in the next breath, you jealously slag us off.
            Grow up you muppet

          • Phil

            Revenue can’t be from ticket sales! Never seems to be full at that running track you call home

          • paul mclaughlan

            Hahahahahahaha. Utter nonsense.

          • TheNutJob

            and pigs fly, you crass idiot

        • paul mclaughlan

          Just debt to a billionaire owner. Fingers crossed he doesn’t ever call it in. Chelsea have 18 months to pay Abramovich back if he ever calls their debt in. Hope your billionaires terms aren’t the same or you’ll be up poop creek without a paddle.

    • Alphie_Izzet

      What a strange and bitter comment. If that were the case the PLTrophy would live permanently at ‘Old Trafford’ whose profitability exceeds all other UK clubs including Manchester City who actually put most of their profit into investment in their playing staff and not their owners back pockets.

      • TheNutJob

        If they had Pep that`s exactly where the title would be

    • Simon R

      Well Jezza even up to a year ago that comment would have got to me. That’s how long it’s took most of us to get used to the fact that we’re now an unpopular club as opposed to being amiable cannon fodder. Really just enjoying it now, what else can we do? You’d love it!!

      • Jezza

        I’ve been a long suffering Newcastle fan for 45 years and yes I would love to see my club become successful but not like that. Just blatantly buying success like that would have the feel of a very hollow victory to it.

        • Simon R

          What would you do about it?!

        • Simon R

          He could now actually walk away tomorrow and we’d be ok. It’s gotten to that point.

          • Phil

            And we are called deluded??

          • Simon R

            Are you?

          • paul mclaughlan

            Sorry mate you really wouldn’t be alright. Unless the sheik writes the billlion off he’s ploughed into your club. Which I very much doubt he will.

          • steelwheelsandflattyres

            The thirteen % sold to the Chinese puts a value of over two billion on the club. City and Sheikh Mansour won’t lose out and the club will move forward whatever happened.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Everything comes to an end. And when it does money/investment has always got to be paid back. Basic economics mate.

          • steelwheelsandflattyres

            City have the fifth largest turnover in football, its rising every year and the club is valued at more than Sheikh Mansour has invested in it. In the unlikely event of the owner wanting to sell after all the investment in the club and the local area any prospective buyer would have to stump up over two billion. None of the money invested is owed by the club and if you want to inspect the clubs accounts, they are available for download on the club site.

            Its quite likely we will be the richest club in the world in the not too distant future and as we are already self funding, a change of ownership shouldn’t be too problematic….providing we don’t get Ashley.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Yeah you would. We loved it in the 90s.

          • Jezza

            Newcastle under Keegan was very different to Money City under Guardiola. Yes we were spending big but our spending was in line with that of other clubs and indeed it was still well behind what the likes of Manchester FC snd Liverpool were spending. We weren’t spending double other clubs entire transfer budgets on one full back. We also weren’t signing players for the express purpose of weakening rival teams. We also had a lot of players who had come through the ranks or had been unearthed from unlikely places for bargain prices. It was very different to what Guardiola is doing now with Money City.

          • HarryHype59

            Still cannot fathom how a club like City don’t get real sanctions under FFP.

          • Alypaly

            Spending the owners money? Isn’t that what city did? Only city now pay for themselves as they have one of the highest turnovers in World football. Hmmm a self sufficient city or a Newcastle spending a rich old mans money without a chance of paying it back? Ewww wouldn’t want to be like that lol jezza you keep giving!! Hypocrisy at its best!

      • paul mclaughlan

        True mate we would. People on here are getting upset at some fans spiteful comments. Unfortunately all clubs are tarnished with bad winners/losers. I don’t begrudge Citeh at all. And of course I’d love it if it was us. I can safely compare us to you (before you were taken over). Massive clubs with unfulfilled potential. Unfortunately our billionaire owner has moths flying out of his wallet. Enjoy your success.

      • Dave Pattinson

        Love watching City play this season, anyone who says otherwise is a fool. If it meant watching that at St James’s every other week, I’d be prepared to accept Donald Trump as our new owner and Adolf Hitler as manager. Had good craic with City fans on the road over the years, no prob, but please don’t morph into your red neighbours guys!

  • Paul Patterson

    It didn’t take them long to become disrespectful idiots. Well done.

    • Jezza

      I’d like to think these comments come from a new generation of bandwagon jumping glory seekers and not the true fans who followed their team through the dark times.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    boo mf’ing hoo. It isn’t enough to buy the EPL title, they also have to dictate how the other 19 sides play…

    • Paul Patterson

      There’s a nice opposition, look at them putting the ball in back of the net for us..

    • Scooter

      watch what happens if they win the league by a vast margin, Mourinho gone, Conte gone, Wenger gone & maybe even Pochettino gone

    • Alphie_Izzet

      Actually that seems to be what is happening – well spotted!

  • DC1964

    Man City are a classic case of ‘buying the title!’

    • Paul Patterson

      Teams with money have generally always bought the title, but the way Chelsea did it and now Man City is quite sick.

      • DC1964

        I agree, Blackburn did it too. City have taken it to another level.

        • Big Al 1967

          And if someone did the same for us would we complain??

          • Davy

            Oh my god a non idiot Newcastle fan!!! Yes they would complain they aren’t screaming out for investment all the time , didn’t want Ashley to spend and don’t want the possible new owner to spend anything they haven’t earned. Clever people u see lol

          • Big Al 1967

            I just don’t get it. I for one would love to be in City’s position and to every Newcastle fan who says otherwise I’m sorry you are lying. Ask yourselves this and be honest who do you think Rafa wants as an owner; Ashley, PCP or Shiek Mansoor

      • Jezza

        Yes we used to talk about “cheque book managers” back in the 70’s but the likes of Guardiola and Mourinho are in a different universe.

    • Scooter

      Man U, Chelsea, they bought the title, that`s football at the minute

    • Davy

      How are Newcastle going to win it if they ever do? Do you think they do a 1:1000000 Leicester city?

  • Boris D. Raghunter

    I bet Newcastle wish they had a Billionaire owner.

    • TheNutJob

      he`s on holiday every transfer window

    • paul mclaughlan

      We do, he’s skint.

    • HarryHype59

      We do have one! Trouble is, he don’t like spending!

  • Gallowgate Dave

    I love how we simultaneously manage to be both deluded and expect to win the Champions League and Grand National every year AS WELL AS too accepting for being realistic enough to recognise that we can’t compete toe to toe against such a wonderfully assembled team of footballers (albeit one that seems to make a mockery of FFP) and had to come up with an alternative gameplan (which didn’t sit completely right with me in those first 30 minutes) but that almost paid off when we could have nicked an undeserved equaliser at the end. We’re quite a talented bunch to occupy two diametrically opposed viewpoints at the same time.

  • Paul9

    Just sound like what Man U fans did a few years ago probably just ex-man u fans still glory hunting real city fans would remember what it was like struggling for every point

    • Jezza

      Spot on.

      • Alypaly

        Like Newcastle fans under Kegan?

        • Jezza

          All I can tell you is that I supported Newcastle through thick and thin for 20 years before Keegan became manager and I was at Maine Road along with 15,000 other Newcastle fans for a second division game in 1984. Sorry, how stupid of me to mention that. The name Maine Road won’t mean anything to the new breed of Money City fans.

          • Alypaly

            Funny you seem to make presumptions about other fans, oh and u have mention similar a lot! What are these me breeds? 47k 2004 47k 2012. What were your lot attendances before Kevin? You should know you were there lol

          • Jezza

            Our attendances before Keegan were consistently higher than those of Man City during the same period.

          • Alypaly

            Is that right? I thought you were going to matches back then? Just taken to lying eh? Or is it u just don’t know? Well let’s look Kev took over in 92 so 1990 is before that Nufc av was 21k Man City’s was 27k hmmm how about that can’t be right lol what about 1991 nufc 16k!!!!!! Mcfc 27k again well let’s trying Kevs first season 92 nufc 21 mcfc 27k yet again! Hmmm strange seeing as you were there and all eh? You would suit being a rag lye about it enough and it becomes real for them, fact are their worse enemy, look like they could be yes too!

          • Jezza

            You are talking about a mere two seaasons at at time when Newcastle’s attendances were severely affected by a series of organised boycotts aimed at removing the incumbent board of directors and opening the way for John Hall and the Magpie group to take over.

            You are obviously good at looking up things like average attendances on the internet and in coming up with those figures for the period 1990 to 1992 you will have seen that in the preceding years Newcastle’s attendances were, as I said, consistently higher than Man City’s but of course you chose not to mention that. I was going to Newcastle games back then and I went to away games at Maine Road a number of times. I doubt you ever set foot inside Maine Road.

          • Alypaly

            What is wrong with u people? Sorry did you mean 50 years before??? That’s three years but it goes on more than that jezza lol fuxxin 6 year boycotts eh? Hahahaha you’re just a clown mate! Your lot want to remove a lot of boards don’t you? fancy not going for 6 year straight hahaha boycott hahah fact you said (you didn’t know) you have a higher average pre kegan you simply did not a would have to go back years before you did, how does that make what u said not wrong? (Don’t forget to ignore this hahahaha). Problem is more than most your club fans seem to feel a sense of entitlement, god knows why?

            I’m good at looking thing up? You’re not good at making them up are u hahahaha let look again for you. Year 4 in 89 nufc 22k mcfc 23k hahaha! Go back 10 further back and it 5 years a each but on number of fans you get battered in 80 and 81 your lot get 17k and 16k!!!! Were you boycotting these again ?Hahahaha! City had 34k and 35k so please when are you on about? Embarrassing! Pre kegan doesn’t mean the 4 season before so we’ll do 10 still the same you wanna go 20 now? Pmsl I wouldn’t u sure you were at Maine rd all those years ago you seem to get 16k confused with 30k quite often, maybe it was when you were boycotting games hahahahahahaha

    • paul mclaughlan

      Ex manure fan from down the big smoke.

  • You Newcastle United fans are such a stupid bunch of idiots, I see right through you all. Since Manchester City were bought by Sheikh Mansour you’ve been nothing short of jealous, upset because it wasn’t your poxy club. Then when Nigel DeJong accidently broke the leg of that French kid, you all took it to yet another level launching a hate campaign against Dejong and Manchester City in the media and on the Internet. You’re all nothing but a bunch of bitter jealous haters and will take any chance you get to slag off Manchester City and City fans but guess what, Manchester City fans have so much more class and respect than any of you ever will in your lifetime. You’re all obsessed with Manchester City because our club highlights where your clubs failures, shines a fkn big magnifying glass on your pathetic club owner Mike Ashley, all cradling the romantic fantasy that Arsenal fans hold dear, that you’re doing it the right way while failing spectacularly to achieve anything. You hate us because you ain’t us and that’s your problem.

    • Megatron1505

      I don’t hate you or your club. Your money has made you an irrelevance to those who don’t compete at your financial level, and I freely admit i’d love Newcastle to have a slice of what you have, to win major honours is surely every fans dream.

      Being honest though, do you feel like you win these honours fairly? Because if we were in your shoes, and being totally honest, I know i’d ask myself that question.

      • Yes we are winning our honours fairly, 2012 we deserved to win the Premier League title because we won every single match, you don’t just walk onto a fkn football pitch and hand a referee money to win.

        We are a self sustainable club and no longer require our owners money to operate and that’s a fact. FIFA found nothing wrong with our Sponsorship deals but you opposing fans have this fantasy that we’ve found loopholes in EUFA’s and the Premier Leagues FFP rules, which is utter bull. Our club were punished for failing EUFA’s FFP severely and it hindered us in Europe for 3 seasons. Our supporters were punished for it too by being banned from supporting our club against a certain Russian club who was sanctions for repeated racism, only at the last minute they were allowed fans to attend the very same match City fans weren’t, City fans were forced to watch from their hotels or bars in Russia, then to add insult to injury, EUFA lifted the sanction on said Russian club for no apparent reason despite the fact the Russian club violated those sanctions by allowing in their fans.

        So don’t talk to me about privilege, or try to claim we don’t deserve to be where we are. We may have had help to get to where we are from our owner but, everything we’ve achieved is down to our clubs hard work on and off the field.

        What makes your situation so different from ours? You have an owner just like us, it isn’t our fault your owners a fkn cheapskate. It’s not our fault your owner is holding your club back. Your fans certainly wouldn’t be running their fkn mouths off like they are now if you had an owner like ours that’s for sure.

        • Phil

          Your entire statement ruined with…. FIFA found nothing wrong!!
          It would be interesting to see the sheikh walk tomorrow and see how long you remain at the top

          • Ah the owner walking cr4p, you’re going to need some new material Phillip. Even if our owner did walk, we’re a self sustainable football club you utter moron.

          • Phil

            Yeah ok. You don’t need him! Silly me.

            Self sustainable. 😂

          • paul mclaughlan

            You’re an absolute fool if you think your club is self sufficient. Money from The PL, gate receipts and any other monies generated by the club comes nowhere near to covering recent transfer dealings. The owners have bent the rules massively over FIFA’s financial fair play rules. If you don’t believe that you’re an utter moron. Yes I’d love our club to be in your position. But I’d be laughing at other fans calling us. Not posting spitefulness on other fans message boards.

          • Oh i forgot your delusional world is real right, you have inside contacts at the etihad right, you’re the son of mystic meg right, fk off lmao.

          • paul mclaughlan

            No, I just know basic maths mate. And Citeh don’t generate enough money through PL, gates… etc etc, to cover transfers and players wages. Even a simpleton like you should be to work that out.

          • You don’t know shlt.

        • You’re trying to buy glory too, everyone is trying to buy success ffs, pull your heads out from your backsides, football has always been played with money.

          • HKMAG

            The problem is not Man City is rich now.

            The problem is they are rich now and have by far better quality players and their fans start blaming others not to play an attacking game with them now.

            Attack and defence are both parts of the game. How can some Man City Fans described our players that didn’t put an effort on it and being disinterested? They knew they may never outplayed Man City but they tried in a diffenrent way and fought for 90+ minutes for whatever they can possibly get. That’s why we as a Mag fan appreciate that.

        • paul mclaughlan

          And the billion invested by your owner.

          • What and your owner hasn’t invested millions, wake the fk up.

      • Alypaly

        Do city win fairly? We they got investment like Utd in the 80s, Utd spent more than any others club ever to get to the place they were in the 90’s they spent so much they nearly went bankrupt trying desperatly to sell the indebted mess they’d made. Then it worked the premiership came and boom. City’s like Utd’s investment paid of for the last three seasons city have made a profit meaning they are now no using others money. But what would you know about that? Role out the £20m a year Etihad deal lol but then answer where the other £465m a year is from.

        I guess why he’s calling u lot idiots is that you only seem to see the investment in city have made, in fact you even ignore the huge investments made in your own club in the 90’s it didn’t work did it, so you ended up paying for that. City couldn’t buy players like Shearer and Asprilla. But of course that different because it more now eh?

        The guy has a point you’ve picked out single messages to make this pathetic story. Thousand of others go and try to find these.
        In reality you did nothing every team does every single week parked the bus and tried to counter. And all this ‘nearly got a draw’ stuff? Every indipendent writes you were nearer to a hiding!

        • Phil

          So if the sheikh was to leave you believe you would carry on with the same revenues? Would these same sponsors still be as interested?
          Enjoy it whilst it lasts. All good things come to an end.
          Your team are playing excellent football. Enjoy

          • Alypaly

            Why wouldnt they? The current city squad is the most valuable in the World, the city group has clubs fully owned in the USA, Australia, Japan, not to mention a La liga side and others. A training ground fully owned by the club unrivalled in World football. Again the value of the group is £2.5b what do u mean walk away??? Are u really this stupid? Why don’t you walk away from the thing u own? You could sell them but walk away? U sound like the thickest of Rags!!!! Comical. You’

          • Phil

            And all that was achieved in a few short years fairly? FFP means nothing. Not just your club that bend the rules but the rules are a joke!!
            By walk away I meant hyperthetically.
            You have went from a nothing club to a massive club in a very short space of time. If it did all go belly up you would never recover in the way juventus did for example. You are not a club with history, you are an ikea style club. Like your stadium proves. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

          • Alypaly

            I asked you a question about what you made up before, you didn’t answer. I’ll ask another, what are these rules are city bending? FFP isn’t aimed at clubs that make profits (city have over the last three years) City spend what they make after initial investments. Theses investments made city a exciting prospect to investors such as Nexen, Hugo Boss, Nissan, jaguar, Nike on and on and on. You are clearly one of the most bitter fans hear facts don’t matter to u no matter what is shown the same result, beyond stupidity I’m afraid. City are a World brand that investors want to invest in. One of the favourites for the league every year and cl too and you think no one invests? You have made you self look bitter and stupid with your ‘walk away’ comments. I mean if u bought a house what happens if you just walk away? It really is that stupid lol Juventus isn’t in city’s league, are you really this daft? What they won in the past hasn’t done Huddersfield, forest, villa much good has it? The Italian league is dead the fans don’t bother the investments not there . Stop making a fool of yourself. Again take this in city squad is the most valuable in the world, they are in they top 5 turnovers in the World, the faculties are the best in the world they have zero debt because of owners but still true. If the owners wanted to sell they’d proabably be in the top 3 most expensive in the world. It’s clear you’ll hate this but they are facts. You can’t come up with one sad. Maybe u tell why you don’t want Ashley? Pre takeover city would have been made up with him! Delusions of grandeur with a huge dollop of jealousy, sort yourself out ffs

          • Phil

            Juventus are not in man city’s league??
            It must be nice. Being able to be so blinkered and believe your club is the best in the world. It is ran perfectly from top to bottom and you no longer need the man who made it all possible. As said previously…. Enjoy it whilst it lasts [email protected]

          • Alypaly

            You’re talking about winning things in the past. I pointed out so have villa and others. I believe football around the world is now solely about money made this way by UEFA the premiership and others back by fans wanting FFP that wasn’t ever anything to do with city but only ever to stop you and others becoming like city. City fans knew it ur lot like many others wanted it! Now you got it your new investment won’t do anything as you can only spend what you earn. City have already built. Juventus turnover isn’t even near City’s that’s what I mean and what matters. Therefore while city can spend £160m and still make profit, jive can only do half as much and not pay the wages city can. Now genius what’s that say to you DOH. City have put in place the best of business brains in every dept. Totally different to Chelsea.
            , PSG and Utd they are doing a totally different approach. Ohhh I’m so hurt ‘[email protected] lol at lest I not a bitter twisted thick’o like u, go put ya dunce hat on and back to the corner!

          • Phil

            Turn over is what matters??
            If we get investment and in the same week FFP is by some miracle made fair I would not care. If the rules were transparent and the same for all then happy days! It would be a case of best team wins. Not a case of best turnover wins!!
            Jog on thick’o!! Thick’o…. What an insult!!

          • Alypaly

            A you really aren’t the sharpest are you? In the days of ffp of course turnover is what matters! That gets the players for the modern game or didn’t you notice every league top spenders are the winners? FFP hasn’t changed you and every other club wanted it, the only one who spoke out about it were City’s fans as they went blinded with bias. FFP was 100% transparent only some ‘thick’os’ like u didn’t bother to read it.i argued with many Newcastle, Everton and spurs fan what it was actually for to stop other breaking through. The investment you crave cannot happen. The top teams that are top now will always be top. If fans of clubs like yours could at the time seen past the green eyed monster they could have done something, but you were that convinced it would somehow stop a culvert who revenues were already up by 200%. When blue were telling other fans this they just said no it’ll be fair lol yeah you won’t ever see the Cl co you won’t get near Spurs revenues never mind City’s or Utds!. It’s never been ‘best team wins’ you wally before the prem you had more of a chance but in the 60’s Utd were buying Denis law for record fees just like they do today. Money has always decided the best, remember your own club doing well? Didn’t spend more than others did they? Totally fair wasn’t it? Batty, asprilla? And Ferdinand all free signings weren’t they? Was it fair that the £16m u paid for shearer would have bought most lower half tables full teams? Fair back then lol. Now best turnover win you dumb, dumb man you can’t invest as FFP doesn’t allow it so how else you supposed to get the best players to win? Not City’s rules the rules you and ur likes bitter jealousy wanted and got. City like Utd, Chelsea, arsenal and maybe pool play by

          • Phil

            FFP is far from transparent.
            If transfers and wages were capped across footballing leagues you wouldn’t end up with people being bought for 200 million and paid half a mill a week. Football has always been about the richest club. But it’s beyond a joke now. If you can’t see that you are blind.
            I’ll repeat. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. Football cannot carry on the way it’s going. One way or another it needs change.

          • Alypaly

            It’s very clear, you have losses over £39m over a three year period and you face sanctions. Ground re generation and infrastructure are not included.
            You don’t have a clue about it like City’s finances. Clubs can spend the money they do because if they didn’t they’d make a £200m profit. They don’t as they spend. Do you get that? I have shown you to be wrong here time after time yet you still come back with more rubbish!! You are a prime know all who knows nothing and one of the reasons other clubs fans have a go at u. I mean what happens when the owner walks??? Then it somehow a hypothetical question??? What are u on?

            Football is the same as always u couldn’t compete with Liverpool in the 70’s or 80s then Utd in the 90s then Chelsea in the 00’s and now city nothing’s change except to club turnover has gone from £20m in the 90’s (shearer £16m) to £500m (De Bryune £54m) hang on look at that a sec lol. Difference now is all u will ever be at your level after FFA is a survival club who make owners money!
            It will stay that way as long as the game is growing which it is, American are starting to love it so decades ahead. But even if the money goes do u think u will be in a better position than City? Not a chance lol I don’t get how ur thinking works at all!
            It’s what u wanted! Yay!hip hip hurray for FFP, remember now live with it haha

          • Kev Newcastle England

            Barca will tank you if you meet….

    • hetonmag

      Ha ha ha a star studded team and you still can’t fill your ground, I’m not a hater in fact your team has been good to watch but don’t get ahead of yourselves and start calling other teams fans just remember where you were.

      • Stagy

        Are you a rag seeing seats but not your own? City’s max is 54, 700 and that get 54k plus every game show ur not a hater just a fool who listens to rags. Next will be the clueless classic which ur lot give out about a crowd of 3k won’t mention it was a Jonson paint trophy though. You’re being called because the shixe you are coming out with here. One or two decent but the most seem simply bitter and jealous go and check city’s attendances you silly man

        • justchampion

          Fair point, so roughly the same average as Newcastle achieved in the championship? Hmmm

          • Alan

            No thousands more actually, but maybe 10’s of k more if you’re talking pre Kev ( big spend) ;)

    • paul mclaughlan

      Why do I get the impression you’re not even a Manc?

      • Must be a numb feeling in your head pal because I’m very much a Manc, not that I have to you or anyone.

        • paul mclaughlan

          So definitely not from Manchester then. 😂

          • hetonmag

            All the vile hatred is coming from his posts probably been a Manc for 4 years at the most.

          • Ahahahahahahahahaha, you think this shlts going to work on me?

          • TheNutJob

            Manchester, what a schitt hole, it`s like a foreign country down there & to have scum like the Gallaghers as your pinup boys just about sums you lot up,
            junkies, lowlifes & Liam & Noel, what a shower

          • hetonmag

            1976 league cup final met some decent city fans, people who new thier level how times have changed when you get plastic [email protected]@ts like you bigging yourselves up.

          • Boohoohooo boohooohooooooo, Mummy them Mancs stole my sweeties.

          • justchampion

            Is it not past your bedtime?

          • No but it’s past yours and your friends here.

          • justchampion

            I suppose you are on your xmas holidays. Don’t stay up too late or you’ll be grumpy in the morning, and tidy your room! Night night mammies little soldier….

          • Rushy

            Boohoohoo boohoohoo those nasty boys in black in white wouldn’t play nice and let us score loads of goals like the other boys in the playground do

          • Phil

            He has a lot of hatred for a guy who’s team are p!ssing the league. I’d be as chilled as Bob Marley if I were city fan

          • paul mclaughlan

            Tell he’s not a long term City fan as he keeps on giving his team its full title. Us long time suffering Newcastle United 😂 fans would never do that.

          • hetonmag


      • Jezza

        My thought exactly. He probably swapped his red replica shirt for a light blue one two years ago.

      • Leazes Ender

        Because its Kevin Lee…. aka Bigs Sams B&W Army, WorMonga, Clarko, and several others…. this is what he does…. that’s never a City fan in a million years…. he craves attention.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      Pointing out how the bully on the block became the bully on the block is not jealousy, it’s history.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      If you think Toon fans GAF about Citeh then you are totally deluded. We are much more concerned about:
      a) whether our squad will be strengthened enough in January for us to stay up. In total this will probably require about 1/3 the money you’d spend on a single player.
      b) whether the buy out goes through so we can get rid of MA.
      c) whether Rafa walks if he isn’t backed.

      It’s great to see ya doing so well after last season, but that’s what £300m does. Surprisingly watching good sides play appeals to all except the most sub-normal fans btw. Good luck in Europe.

      CIteh fans were once tolerable human beings. Shame you’ve developed the same massive egos of the other Manc glory hunters since your sheikh adopted you. What do ya think’ll happen when he gets bored ?

    • Jezza

      I’ve got nothing against the genuine loyal supporters who were there in the days of Peter Swales, Malcolm Allison, John Bond and Billy McNeil, it’s just the Johnny come lately bandwagon jumping glory seekers like yourself that I’ve got no respect for.

      • Jezza, you don’t know me and i doubt you know any other City fan. You’re nothing but an internet warrior running your mouth off, you look like that freaky serial killer trans out of silence of the lambs. I don’t need your fkn respect, you’re a nobody no mark.

        • Leazes Ender

          Are you Kevin Lee?

        • Megatron1505

          The irony of you calling someone else an internet warrior is amazing. Well done for your total lack of self awareness.

          • Jezza

            It’s what the psychologists call projection.

          • Alypaly

            Why do I get the feeling ur very familiar with psychologists?

        • TheFatController

          In fairness, read your post, you said ‘you’re all….’

          You know nothing about any of us, let alone enough to be able to make a generalisation.

          By all means defend yourself but not after making generalisations that have no factual evidence.

          We all know the good side of a huge investor and the bad side – as a Chelsea mate of mine said after their first PL win – ‘yeah, love it, but still would prefer to do it with the graham Roberts and Kerry Dixons…and without the plastic fans!’

        • Jezza

          I have known a good number of City fans over the past 40 odd years of of following football and by that I mean true fans from the Manchester area who were there in the old days. Fans who used to stand on the Kippax (look it up) not bandwagon jumping ex-Manchester FC/ex-Liverpool/ex-Chelsea “fans” from places like Surrey.

          I am not an internet warrior because I am a peaceful, easy going non-violent person both in real life and from behind my computer screen. This is the only football site I use. I don’t visit other club’s sites. You are the one coming on to a rival club’s fan site and trying to wind people up. The fact that you have resorted to personal insults makes it clear that my initial comments were close to the mark.

          • Toon

            Jezzer- the mag write these and include City in the title to encourage their fans to come on the site, it’s all about hits for the site, they insult the opposing teams fans to get a bite. Other club sites don’t lower themselves to this sort of thing, just the mag

      • Alypaly

        Here we go again! You calling him something you don’t have a clue about. He could say similar about your lot pre kegan. Just pathetic mate most big clubs (yes Mewcastle are a big club have fans this can be said of) if You say insulting stuff as many on here Ur gonna get it slung straight right back at u!! Not hard to get is it?

        By the way City’s average crowd in 2004 was 47k. And when they won the league in 2012 it was the same now at our apparently to every bitter fool out there our half empty stadium has over 54k every week after expansion. So hardly Man Utd style plastics eh? Now there will always be those ‘distance fans’ around the world but they’re just fans not supporters, who this guy is I don’t know but seen him on comments for years. glory hunters are those from The UK who follow a team simply for glory when they could follow a local, this can be done by all (how many old pool and Man U fans u know?)

      • East Durham Mag

        Citeh are the new United or Chelsea Jezza with lots of self entitled fans who hadn’t been to see them before the rich Arab bought them.

    • Alreet

      Chill out fella. We almost had you at the end.

      You will win the league by some distance and united will cry for a month. Jose will be sacked and united will get simeone.

      Pep will get another 100mill to buy some bench warmers just in case sane or silva or jesus or sterling get tired or a broken toenail. Sanchez will come in Jan to fill in the gap left by……………. erm………..aguero??? When he leaves for madrid.

      You will win the league again net season and others will play catchup.

      You will win the quadruple and beat barca in the CL final 12-0 and the world wont take its eyes off the finest team ever in the history of time and space.

      But dont worry I will have a bowl of cornflakes for you to cry into if one team tries to defend and only allows your petulent child of a team to score one scrappy goal coz your finishing was pap.

      Your turn……..😁

    • Albert Stubbins

      you probably supported chelsea three years ago you halfwit.

    • gallowgate26

      Class! I think the above comments prove otherwise, run along now…

    • andynufc

      Ha hahahaha now say that without shaking with anger! Must be a Manc thing to be obnoxious without class

  • Mxpx

    Who cares about whether city have more financial muscle than us we aren’t in a position to compete with them over the course of a season with their squad BUT we are in a position to compete with them over 90 mins and well for me we were very negative and I would have liked us to go for it a bit more BUT Rafa played the percentages and city missed some chances we’d expect them to put away if Dwight gayle had taken his shot and not dived maybe we could have had a point though so I can’t really fault the game plan it was probably our best chance of getting something from the game albeit a terrible game to watch I think the real problem is that the top and the bottom of the the premiership are so far apart from each other that games like that will happen unless it’s addressed

  • Gary McCarron

    Sadly, I agree with them. Embarrassed by the way we played last night.

    • Alypaly

      ‘Them’ aren’t hardly anyone. The writer has tried to find anything he can for clicks. Chelsea, Utd both did exactly the same at their grounds. City fans would 100% expect Newcastle to play how they did. As I said team that have spent as much as city did the same with the same outcome nothing to be embarrassed about. The writer on the other hand…..

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    I can remember when Citeh were constant also rans. Seems like the money has gone to their heids. Pity about the fair play rules.

  • TheNutJob

    Looks like we put the wind up Manchesters noisy neighbours last night, didn`t like us parking the bus cos their show ponies couldn`t knock in 5, then they have to go back & live in a drug ridden schitt hole , very sad

  • justchampion

    Some saddo mancs on here. You’d think they would be happy with life at the moment without having to ‘justify’ themselves on other fans forums. And then claim we are obsessed with them! Oh the irony…

  • Leazes Ender

    A long way from the ‘entertainers’…..

    I remember when opposition fans would sing ‘where were you when you were sh !t’ so it was strange to hear the level 7 corner singing it to City…..

    We have an answer for them too…..we’re here….

    ‘we’re sh !t but we have a bus’
    ‘we’re sh !t but we have a bus’

    Your owners have destroyed football along with Sky.

    • Geordiegiants

      Exactly and [email protected] like Neville are worried about their gravy train. I hope the sky falls in on all of it.

  • Alreet

    Are you effin joking. “We just play football” your team is burning the league and record books at the same time. Short memories these fans. Youve only been close to greatness since your bezzie arab mates came to town 10 years ago.

    Now I love the way city play but dont dare blame other teams or managers for trying to stop you the only way they know.

    I remember leicester tanking u in your own back yard last season. Were they just playing football. Or what about that dirty rooney overhead kick. Just playing football or amazing skill?

    Come on lads. We nearly had you admit it.
    Teams dont want to get ruined anymore and this could be the turning point. However i do want city to take arsenals record now.

  • Geordiegiants

    They are the disgrace to football! We never went on like that when we were at the top of our game, reality will bite some day and it’s gonna be a mighty fall when it happens.

  • TheFatController

    It’s christmas and they’ve won 18 on the trot and still they are really angry.

    I’m sure those there don’t represent general Manchester City fans as most I know are humorous and know what it’s like to be stuck with a poor team as a big club.

    But that lot sound more like escaped lunatics from the anger management asylum.

    “It’s Christmas and you’ve had 18 straight wins – how do you feel…?”

    “I’m very very angry !!”

  • Alreet

    Getting a bit narkey in here this evening. It is lovely to see fans getting on. One set from a club backed by a billionaire arab. The other by a billionaire pot bellied pig.

    How times have changed.

  • steelwheelsandflattyres

    Obviously the author of this piece just wanted to stir it up and he’s been totally successful. The match day threads on any clubs forum attracts large numbers of numptys, but its disappointing to see someone who thinks he’s a genuine supporter trawling random comments that hardly reflect the thoughts of the majority of a clubs support base.

    I would have thought most City supporters expected nothing less than a backs to the wall fight off United last night, certainly I did, and only an idiot would think they would line up conveniently like lambs to the slaughter. I will just assume the person responsible for the above piece is as immature as the half wits on both forums.

    • Leazes Ender

      You know Graham then.

      • steelwheelsandflattyres

        No more than he knows how I or the majority of City supporters feel about Newcastle’s performance last night.

        • gallowgate26

          This is a regular ‘piece’ on this website. There is a before and after post, with what the opposition think about us. Yes it’s clickbait and causes tensions. It’s not just targeting Man City though.

          • Mental this

            No city fan said it’s not fair how u played hahaha they said I’d do exactly what u did. The likely out come was ud get beat. And ya did, no bragging no being upset because they didn’t score 5. That all in ya heads

          • steelwheelsandflattyres

            Fair enough, but you have no guarantee whether anyone posting here or on any other website actually ever goes to a game or even supports the club they claim they do. Its sad that anyone would form opinions on any clubs fan base off the ravings of a few juvenile saddos out trolling.

    • Alypaly

      Wow well spotted! You missed he posted it on Man City’s newsnow page. Then you get a bunch of dunces commenting on money, but apparently different from Utds and empty stadiums that funny enough are full every week. What do you think will happen? The average site take pure hits and the owner get some advertising using the dumbest of the Newcastle fans. P.s there are some sensible and intelegent ones here too but fun to put the idiotic right not that it sinks in

      • steelwheelsandflattyres

        I’m quite aware there are sensible posters here and will be happy for your club when they get rid of your present ownership, I just find it sad when at a time everyone should be fighting for the games future that bloggers prefer to write petty one upmanship articles while the game is being taken away from ordinary working people. Palace lost tonight, I think the foamers will be hoping our run continues when we play them in a few days time. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • GToon

    I normally like to join in with most discussions but I don’t particularly appreciate the tone of this one. I think this is the first time I’ve seen such offensive contributions from opposition so called fans. That even includes Sunderland whose fans have shown much more class (mh17 and little Bradley). Even the mackems come on this site, have a laugh at/with us and then move on. This teams fans don’t seem to. Is that what money does to you? Shame.

  • HappyToons

    It sounds like true blue Ricky Hatton is commenting when you call someone a ‘keyboard warrior’ as comment below, as it isn’t a hooligan website talking about Citeh up here in the fa cup in the 70’s. “Come and have a go if you think your hard enough”. Does he want to meet up with an ex-army boxer who will have a go with anyone except Nigel Benn and Ricky Hatton :-) I guess he is probably more like a stuffed Bernard Manning with nowt better to do. The day I go on a Citeh forum is the day Shearer wears a ginger toupee and Sunderland win the Champions League and Citeh sign my son. Never.

    What happened to the Citeh love in when they won the Premiership and they were given great support from us when they went on that lap of honour that many Citeh fans were over the blue moon and had a great day up here. They know we are fair loyal fans.

    One poster below seems like he had a bad xmas and thrown all his toys out of the pram including that bus, or he spent too many years sitting next to that Helen the bell ringer Turner.

    Honest older Citeh fans know that they are where they are because of sheik ya money and it could have been Leeds or Villa or Everton or West Ham or dare I say even us. I have always liked Citeh fans and on these boards we always say they are one of the clubs whose fans deserve their success. Yet they are becoming like Chelski and Reds fans with some divine right to success and it is all becoming too easy for some of them.

    They would have been pleased to park the bus themselves not that long a go, but maybe not up Bath lane.

    So Citeh fans we love you more than most and a Happy 2018, but stay on your own boards as I am one of the half wits on here who can’t be arsed with blue moon morons giving it large. ;-)

    • Alypaly

      Couldn’t be arsed reading but ur missing the fact the site owner has put u on a city forum. He wanted the clicks and he’s got them good plan

    • Jezza

      To be fair I don’t believe the comments highlighted in the article or the ones on the discussion below are from genuine loyal Mancunian fans who were there in the dark days. I know a lot of old City fans and they have all got far too much respect to act that way. What we’re seeing now is an influx of bandwagon jumping glory seekers who have latched on to Man City in the wake of their recent record breaking, all conquering run of results and inevitable Premiership title, “supporters” who have recently swapped red replica shirts for light blue ones.

      • hetonmag

        So right Jezza 👍👍

  • East Durham Mag

    Seems that the Citeh fans we all used to like are turning into a set of self entitled supporters like their mates on the red side of Manchester. Its a shame but obviously the seemingly endless resources available to them has clouded their thinking.

    • Mrkgw

      Never were truer words said. ‘Self entitled supporters’ – sums them up to a tee.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Man City players fall down banging the floor before a tackle is made and get free kicks when we break pull shirts and kick players down with no protection from the referee. This club knows every trick in the world the most corrupt club in EnglIsh football should be sponsored by the OALYMPIC DIVING TEAM

    • Phil Yare

      The ‘Oalympics’??

      • Tony Mann

        It’s the Old Age Lympics – Don’t worry – his mentality ensures qualification.

    • Ur not right

      Hahaha u Moaninho in disguise? Two words, Murphy and Gayle, forgot about those or just totally bias?

  • StevieB

    I’m on board with the tactics, it would have got naughty if we’d played open, but whatever way you look at it , it was just a dark day for Newcastle fans, so degrading to be forced to play like that due to the lack of investment on our own pitch in front of the sky cameras, I’m almost embarrassed by what our club has become . Where’s Amanda Staveley ???

    • Albert Stubbins

      it would have got naughty? are you phil mitchell or alf garnett? which one?

  • Pat Cassidy

    It is interesting to read the Man City fans comments but they don’t seem to remember the negative displays by teams facing “The Entertainers”. Everyone accepted that their defensive displays were understandable……and we did’nt complain. Watch out those days may be coming back.

    • nufcslf

      I think the one level headed comment about how will certain fans react when they do finally draw or lose a match sums that up nicely. As much as most of their comments were head up rse arrogance, I did find basically defending a 1 nil loss at home hard to watch. Sad that a lot of them have been brainwashed by the money success and have forgotten the div 3 years.

  • Albert Stubbins

    used to be a decent club citeh- now their all spoiled what a bunch of arrogant t**** they’ve become. Going to just like their horrible neighbours- if thats what mega money does to a fanbase then you can keep it.

    • Jezza

      I’d hate to think NUFC would attract that kind of “supporter” if we ever became succesful though it’s a moot point anyway.

      • Albert Stubbins

        all clubs would to an extent but I never thought the plastics would outnumber the genuine city fans. We had relative success under Keegan but although the gates grew the fans themselves remained largely Geordie. Our geographical location, isolated as it is, is too far away from home counties hooray henrys and cheap day trippers thank god!! THeyve morphed into Chelsea, so funny reading the posts, city fans who think they’re there on merit and not mega money. Cringeworthy.

  • Toon

    What’s the point in two sets of fans bickering over this? It’s just a link to get hits with both sets of fans, you could probably have selected 20 posts from the same website and they would’ve have a totally different tone, don’t fall for it and bite, sad thing is it just embarrasses NUFC fans more

  • Andy Mac

    “It’s every other PL team that needs to come up with a way to actually beat us or make it hard for us” Doh !

  • Philippines

    If anything is wrong in football today, it is not NUFC tactics, it is the advent of “chequebook” teams like Man City. They may have success as Chelsea did on the same basis. It is hollow success, however. The folks we could admire were the likes of Busby, Shankly and Stein who were successful without massive funding for transfers. Stein won the European cup with a team all of whom had been born within 20 miles of Glasgow.

    • Davey drape

      yep, 1 player 30 miles away from Ayrshire coast but the rest around glasgow. never to be achieved again at that level. i wonder how many local players city had in their 1st 11 tother night

  • custurd

    It isn’t fair how Newcastle played? LOL. It “isn’t fair” that Man City’s squad on the day cost over half a billion quid. There is no way that club are self sufficient enough to cover that kind of spending with shirt sales, match tickets and whatnot. Quite frankly, they are taking the pi*s out of Uefa and the “fair play” rules that were put in place to create a more even playing field. And they aren’t the only ones.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Man City are a team which goes to ground even before they are tackled. Near the Milburn stand one of their players fell down banging the floor that was even before our player made contact. On the few occasions we did get past them it was a shirt pull to hold us back and when we did get clear hacked down to the indifference of the referee. Mark my words tis team has been well trained in cheating but could meet their match in Europe where the teams have similar cheating tactics.

    • Why are most nufc loons?

      Was that after the the Murphy tackle? Hardly touched him did he! A small for their diviing you must have seen that citeh scum bag Gayle clearly cheating trying for a pen!!!! What cheat citeh are eh? Imagine if Newcastle did that! Oh wait a minute….. nugget!!

  • Gary McCarron

    We sound so jealous on this blog. Well played Man city. As for us…..well who knows.
    Ashamed to be a Toon fan.

    Ashamed to be a football fan.

    RIP Premier football and all who sail in her…..