Manchester City fans are looking forward to tonight’s game.

Their closest rivals only picking up a point against Burnley, meaning they can go 15 points clear with 20 games played.

Fair to say that the visiting fans are overwhelmingly confident.

When your team has won 17 in a row then little wonder you get your hopes up…

The odd Man City supporter goes with the view of sometime they must fail – but most of them see such a gap in quality that it is most unlikely to happen against Newcastle.

Here goes…

Manchester City fans comments via their top Blue Moon message board:

‘Tonight we go 15 clear, no ifs, no buts, no maybes… That’s the title sewn up for me.’

‘I’m often quite cautious, dare I say pessimistic, before many games but think we’ll win comfortably tonight.

Newcastle are just one of those teams that we always seem to do well against in recent times.’

‘Funnily enough, I’m usual captain optimistic but I’ve just got a bad feeling about tonight.’

‘I think our main defensive tactic tonight will be possession. No need to defend if they do not have the ball. Especially if they get tired chasing shadows.’

‘I just think Newcastle have just had a great win away from home, the crowd will be right up for it and at some point our run has to end.

I think the run will end at one of these next 2 games. Hope I’m wrong of course.’

‘We are going to have to have a huge drop off from the current level we are at to lose.

I thought against Bournemouth, in particularly the first half, I thought it was the worst half we have had in the league all season, yet we won the game in the end 4-0.

I am expecting the run to end at somewhere like Liverpool or Arsenal away, not Newcastle or Palace.’

‘Just read this..

Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles says they are plotting to get tough with City and bully them off the St James’ Park pitch.

“We need to make it as difficult as we can, small fouls and we need to make it physical with them. Don’t let them play pretty football.”

Christ on a bike not again, be nice if teams just tried to play football.’

‘That’s the part Newcastle have been struggling with though.’

‘There will be the usual 15mins of blood and thunder from Newcastle, then the adrenaline will wear off, reality will set in as we start to throttle them, run them ragged.

Also, not wise to threaten to kick us off the park to the media, especially with what happened against Spurs, Pep has already asked for more protection for his players, and rightly so! The first bad challenge and you can bet Pep will be in the 4th officials ear, and Fernandinho or Kompany will be vigorously doing the same. This game is now preloaded, and I expect a sending off as Newcastle get increasingly frustrated chasing shadows, and result to the afore mentioned bully boy tactics.’

‘Anything can happen in a one off game, but Newcastle’s team are nowhere near the level of ours. Until their last match they had taken 1 point out of 27. With the last game they have 4 points out of 30. Most of their team are Championship quality at best. Barring a disaster, we should beat them.’

‘If we win i reckon it will be narrowly. Newcastle will be well up for it backed by a huge crowd.’

‘The crowd won’t be a factor IMO. All the hype about their fans being amazing is a myth.

Their fans are s… if it’s not going well, they are quick to turn on their players.

I think we will batter these tonight.’

‘Rafa can organize a defensive setup as well as anyone.

Fortunately i do not think he has the players to pull off what he would be demanding tonight.

Make no mistake though if we are lethargic and they are on the ball they could nick a draw so complacency and xmas lethargy needs slapping out of them before they step on the pitch.’

Newcastle v Manchester City Match Betting:

Newcastle win 14/1Draw 11/2Man City 2/9

Man City win 4-0 12/1NUFC win 4-0 350/16 or more goals in match 6/1

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  • TheFatController

    In fairness to Man City, I do find them performing a necessary task this season of letting Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal that they’re well off the pace. Season over for them in terms of winning the title – already Mourinho needs more money to be able to cope!

    Sit back and watch the fall out at the top resulting from City’s dominance, particularly whichever one or two of the top 6 don’t make CL qualification and/or get dumped out of the FA Cup …

    As for tonight, I suspect we’ll struggle but also the ref will drop a clanger against us somewhere also.


    Be great to ram their words down their throats. HWTL. Hope I am rushing home after the game to watch it again but I have a feeling I may be in a bar drowning my sorrows with Double JD’s.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Having met Citeh fans on the road to & from away games many times over the yrs, in many respects they were like us, big club with most of its success in the far distant past. Like us, they turned up home& away despite the lack of success. Having ManUre winning everything nearby must’ve been tough, but we always had good craic without any of the arrogance of their neighbours & similar clubs. I don’t begrudge them success, in fact its good to see them being able to rattle Jose’s cage & wind him up, but lets just hope we manage to put up a decent display 2night. After that, they can win the lot !

      • GToon

        It’s not so much the fact they are winning everything but the media’s total blindness to the fact that it is purely and simply down to money. All this pep is amazing rubbish is beyond a joke. So he’d win the league if he managed Swansea would he? No chance. He doesn’t join a club unless they are certain to win the league. Total bottler in my opinion.

  • HappyToons

    Citeh’s change in fortunes is like SAFC winning the Champions League or Gateshead arriving in the Premiership. When they were in the old third it must have been hard to even dream about a promotion, now they look down on the rest of us. I am glad for their support, but how massive would Blyth Spartan be with the same investment!

    • GToon

      Or any tin pot outfit for that matter. £1.2 billion spent gets you what they have now. It’s a shame our owner isn’t a billionaire who likes a gamble. Oh wait a minute…….
      There’s a team called Shaw Lane Aquaforce who are just the same. They play in front of 50 or 60 fans and yet top a league made up of clubs who can pull in over 1000. Money. Only reason. Rich owner, ploughing money in so they win the league they are in. Even in the lower league it’s the same. It would be great if the fifa fair play rule actually worked. Didn’t man city get the wrong side of it and get some fine that was basically peanuts to their owners. Perhaps removing them from the league like Glasgow Rangers would have been a better move.

      • Andy Mac

        Yeah but that would never happen because money talks !

        Citeh take money form the State yet they pretend it’s from Etihad Airlines and other sponsors. Who are mostly owned by the state. They’re a plaything of an oil rich monarchy like Abramovich’s Chelski. The problem comes when the oil, money runs out .

  • GToon

    Unfortunately the teams are a total mismatch and the crowd can only do so much. It’s luck that we need more than anything. We need those shots that hit the post every game to go in. We need the fouls outside the box to result in free kicks not penalties and we just need a bit of luck. Simple as.

    • nufcslf

      With one win in ten, that has been the case most weeks. Doesn’t exactly fill you with cinfidence, does it!!!!!!!

  • TheNutJob

    Damage limitation, don`t pick up any injuries don`t chase a lost cause & make sure there`s enough left in the legs for Saturday & Monday

  • 1957

    If NUFC were fortunate enough to be in their position and the roles reversed we would expect to win. I don’t think their confidence is misplaced…

  • Tony Mann

    Hiding behind the settee. Single figures please.

  • Andy Mac

    I still maintain that I wouldnt want my club to spend over a £1bn to top the table. This isnt football any more its Monopoly.

    Before any Manc comes back with the “jealous” accusation, what tells you you’re a great club ? Unlimited pots of Arab money or 50k who regularly attend despite having won nowt for 50 years ?

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Tragic really

    Spend a billion and waddya get?
    Dunno but certainly NOT a game of football.
    WTF was that?
    In all my years I’ve never seen that before.
    If giving a team a bit too much respect is a bad idea then what is parking the bus, continuing to do so after conceding and applauding when we get into their half??
    It was understandable but it wasn’t a football match based on my understanding of the requirements i.e. competitive

    • Andy Mac

      Wrong thread Leazes. It was what it was because we fundamentally lack the most important factor when playing football. Someone who can put the ball in their net !