Before Christmas we brought you news of remarkable ticket sales for Luton Town fans ahead of the FA Cup game at Newcastle United.

The 6 January sees Newcastle host the Hatters in the third round.

Before they stopped ticket sales just before Christmas, Luton revealed they had sold an astonishing 5,860 tickets after a number of increased ticket allocations for the game.

They said they had only 98 tickets left on sale but hoped to be getting yet another further allocation post-Xmas.

The League Two club have now revealed that those 98 tickets were quickly sold and that Newcastle have provided over 1,000 more tickets on top of the 5,958 already sold, which would mean in excess of seven thousand travelling Luton Town fans heading to Tyneside if they are snapped up.

Clear at the top of League Two and after just smashing mid-table Swindon Town 5-0 away from home, it looks odds-on that this will happen.

Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday brought between five and six thousand in recent years for cup matches but it must be over 40 years ago back in the 70s and the days of standing when any club brought that many away supporters. Most clubs capable of bringing those type of numbers are never allocated that many these days, as the authorities don’t want to deal with so many away fans at more high risk matches in terms of potential friction between the two sets of supporters.

Fair play to the Luton Town fans for making the most of their day/weekend out on Tyneside, hopefully they won’t repeat their last result when visiting the banks of the Tyne, having hammered Gateshead 5-0 in the FA Cup 2nd round earlier this month.

Luton Town Official Announcement – 28 December 2017:

We would like to advise supporters that the last allocation of tickets for the Emirates FA Cup third round tie at Newcastle United will be on sale from 10am on Thursday (28 December) morning.

This allocation will be in excess of 1,000 tickets, in addition to the 5,958 already sold.

Tickets will be available online, in person and via the phone on 01582 416976.

As the extra tickets have not yet been physically received by the ticket office, they will initially be available to book and collect at a later date, or they can be posted out to supporters.


Adult: £10, Under-18s: £5, Over-65s: £5, Students (with ID): £5, Disabled: £5

The Mag – 22 December 2017:

Luton Town fans have experienced the highs and lows in the modern era.

A small club that punched well above its weight when finishing as high as seventh in the top tier in the eighties, as well as winning the League Cup.

Recent years haven’t been so kind with eventually the Hatters dropping down as far as the Conference (now National League) before bouncing back to League Two in 2014.

A small ground and never the biggest fanbase, the Luton Town fans certainly seem to feel their club now has momentum.

Currently top of League Two, drawing a big but struggling Premier League name such as Newcastle United in the FA Cup has certainly fired their interest.

Luton had sold out of their original ticket allocation for the third round tier but now they have given an astonishing update when their ticket office closed at 5pm on Friday.

As it stands, 5,860 Luton Town fans have bought tickets for the game.

Their club revealing that they have only 98 tickets left which are now on sale online, which will take them up to 5,958 in total.

However, they also say that they are currently in the process of agreeing a further ticket allocation and these tickets will go on sale next Thursday (28 December), with the final numbers surely heading to the seven thousand mark or more depending on how many tickets they are given.

I am happy to be proved wrong but whilst I know the likes of Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday have brought around five thousand fans for cup matches in recent times, I can’t remember anybody heading towards as many as seven thousand. In fact , since St James Park was redeveloped back to a 50,000+ capacity, I can’t remember any visiting  club having seven thousand or more inside St James Park.

Obviously much depends on ticket allocations and no doubt the club/Police would be happier giving so many tickets to the likes of Luton rather than a club with more Newcastle rivalry.

The number of tickets Luton Town fans have bought is especially notable when you consider their home average attendance is only 8,366, plus of course the distance involved.

Luton Town Official Announcement – Friday 22 December 5pm:

‘The Ticket Office would like to advise that we currently have just 98 tickets available from an allocation of 5,958 for the Emirates FA Cup third round tie at Newcastle United on Saturday January 6th.

These tickets are still available on general sale, online only.

We are currently in discussion with Newcastle regarding a further and final allocation.

These tickets will be available to purchase online, in person or via phone from 10am on THURSDAY 28th DECEMBER.

Once again, we thank all of our supporters for the wonderful response to buying tickets for this match, and for your ongoing patience during the sales process.’

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Remember Man Utd bringing round eight thousand in the F.A. Cup one year of which many were housed in the East Stand. Apart from that Hull brought a good allocation and even had all the Milburn paddock. Nice to see that the F.A.Cup is still a live in some parts of the country. Remember queing from five P.M after work all night for Blackburn away tickets and that was only the fifth round. They had to bring the ticket office staff in at four in the morning as there was a riot. Those were the day’s.

  • Mike

    I bet Luton dont park the bus like we did last night….they will have a go!

    • holbeachhatter

      We never park the bus – home or away – were you not a little embarrassed with the world watching on TV? Do hope Rafa gets some dosh for Jan as you’re (like us) proper supporters and deserve better

      • GToon

        So Luton would have a go against man citeh would they? Does your scoreboard go to double figures?

        • TheNutJob

          they`d never score that many against Citee

        • gallowgate26

          Haha so true. I bet they think they’re gonna stuff us 5-0, like Swindon and Gateshead!

    • Danimal

      There isn’t as big a gap in class as last night. If any.

  • Jezza

    Quite strange considering that when we used to play Luton in the top division in the 80’s they hardly brought any fans to St James’s Park, 150 or so at the most. They didn’t even come close to filling that little corner section of the chopped down Leazes End.

    • Geordiegiants

      They only had Home crowds of around 2500 then.

      • Jezza

        To be fair their home crowds were bigger than that. I’d have said about 7,000 or 8,000. I remember the time they brought in a blanket ban on all away fans at Kenilworth Road in the 80’s after Milwall’s hooligan element ran riot there in a league cup tie. The ban never stopped me, I went to all three games Newcastle played there during that period. Each time I was itching to know just how many fellow Mags had made it into the ground knowing I’d only find out when we scored. Needless to say we didn’t manage a single lousy goal in any of those three matches.

        • Durham hatter

          We actually average more the past few seasons (including a couple of seasons in the conference)than we did in 88 when we won the Littlewoods cup…a bit like yourselves in the 80s… I remember going up your place one season when Mirandinhia ? had just signed for you and there was under 200000 inside st James park….I think the £10 and £5 for kids has helped and hopefully a few kids who don’t normally get the chance to watch Newcastle play live will get the opportunity to get down and watch their club

          • Leazes Ender

            200,000 blimey

          • Jezza

            He’s wrong anyway even allowing for the typing error. I’ll guarantee there would have been more than 20,000 there and in any case we didn’t play Luton at home till a good 8 months after we signed Mirandinha.

          • Durham hatter

            0-0 game …could it possibly have been Mirandinhas last game for Newcastle ?….I was at the 4-0 defeat aswell…first time I had watched Gascoigne live and he tore us apart

          • Jezza

            Mirandinha signed for Newcastle in August 1987 our first home game against Luton after that transfer wasn’t till April 1988 so you are clearly mistaken about that one. That was when we got revenge for our 4-0 drubbing at Luton earlier in the season when the Luton team, egged on by their odious captain Steve “The Headband” Foster were taking the pish in the closing stages. We certainly got our revenge that day with a 4-0 win of our own and blatant pish taking with the highlight being Kenny Wharton sitting on the ball.

    • TheNutJob

      they are coming to a great City for a good day out in town & to watch a game in a fantastic stadium
      they may also think they can win

      • Rich Lawson

        They could be right !

    • gallowgate26

      It’s the novelty factor. Clubs like Fulham who had played us for several years in the league, only brought around 500. When we played Brentford last year in the championship, they brought 3000 despite being a smaller club. Once the novelty wears off these South East clubs don’t bring many. For Luton fans it’s this seasons’ chance to beat a big club and visit a big stadium. They might not get that again for 3 or 4 years.

      • Danimal

        If Ashley stays, there’s only reason Luton won’t be visiting our stadium sooner than that – they’re in the division above us.

    • Durham hatter

      I remember my first trip to StJames park in the early 80s Imre Varadi scored a last minute winner for you and our coach Windows got bricked….only around 15000 at that game…..

      • nevfur

        Remember that, cracking goal too

      • Jezza

        I remember that one well. We were 2-0 up at half time and cruising then in typical NUFC style we let Luton back into it and they scored a last minute equaliser but incredibly we went straight down the pitch and nicked a winner. I’ll tell you something else too, there was a lot more than 15,000 there that day. I’ll bet anything on that.

        • Statto


          • Jezza

            Thanks for that, I knew I was right.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Park the bus then hit them in the last 5 mins ,we could pull it off couldn,t we ?

    • GToon

      Who? Us or them? Both teams might employ that tactic for all I know!

      • Leazes Ender

        …..and leave the ball sitting in the middle of the pitch for 90 mins like a landmine.

  • John Magnusson

    Don’t forget that Luton Town are bringing supporters from Mainland Europe as well as Scandinavia to the game, not bad for a league 2 outfit :-)

    • TheNutJob

      good lads, do you know you won`t get in after 2019, so make the best of it

      • Leazes Ender

        And we cant get out.

  • LEE

    Will Luton defend like we did last night, you know giving the value of our squad and world class manager.

    Luton will probably beat us, and this not because we lost last night, i expected that, it was the total surrender in the first half.

    • Anthony Hayward

      Not a chance we’ll come and defend, we’re an attacking side and we’ll stay that way whoever we come up against

  • Rich Lawson

    They are scoring goals for fun in a lower division and will be full of confidence for a giant killing. If as usual we put out a team of reserves and juniors we will get beat. Do the long suffering Geordie public not deserve to see the 1st team trying to go further than the 3rd round of the cup,even for £10 ?

  • HappyToons

    WE could put the same team out and tactics as Citeh and then watch Luton win 0-3

  • HappyToons

    In the bad old hooligan days I can recall a mate in his work gear- bright orange council boiler suit and doc martins- getting grief off the home supporters (NME) so went in the Leazes Corner rather than Gallowgate Corner and found himself with the other 18 travelling fans from Luton. They shopped him as a toon hooligan and the police set the dogs on him. So a nice day out at court for daring to go to a game in his work gear!

  • Mrkgw

    Good old Luton. I seem to remember when at a game in the 90s (vs Luton) when they were sat near the bottom of the first division when Alan Robson mocked the fact that they had a poor points tally. I thought it odd as such comments would only serve to inspire the opposition. Keegan obviously thought likewise, as the ‘Flashing Blade’ was consequently banned from matchday announcements! Such a shame but great and memorable times nonetheless.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    Well done both clubs, the ticket price is very reasonable and NUFC have also been good about the allocation (even though FA Cup rules dictate a higher divide).

    Also, the police have had a rare bit of common sense and allowed the allocation to be higher than normal.

    I just hope we still win.