John Carver was at Anfield on Wednesday night.

Despite only one shot on target and 29% possession, West Brom managed a goalless draw.

Now assistant to Alan Pardew at The Hawthorns, the pair have had a mixed introduction at their new club.

The first game saw a goalless home draw against Crystal Palace, then 1-0 defeat at Swansea, before last night’s match against Liverpool.

No goals scored and only one conceded, and whilst a point is obviously a good return, one from six against relegation rivals Palace and Swansea may prove not to be all that great.

John Carver now says ‘all I’m worried about is West Brom’ but adds that ‘Newcastle are in my heart’.

Rafa Benitez now has one point from the last twenty four and John Carver points out ‘almost similar to the record I had’ at Newcastle.

Carver of course set a new club record of eight straight top tier defeats and it is a frightening thought that Rafa’s Newcastle could easily have matched that dismal record now, considering the point was gained at The Hawthorns after being 2-0 down.

John Carver didn’t have a brilliant squad of players back in 2015 but they were significantly better as individuals than this current one.

For that to change we need major additions of quality in January and seemingly for that to happen we need the takeover to have quickly progressed.

Carver stating ‘The takeover has got to happen and it has got to happen quickly’.

John Carver speaking to Talksport:

“Obviously they (Newcastle) are my competitors now and all I’m worried about is West Brom.

“But Newcastle are in my heart and if they want to go forward over the years, the takeover has got to happen and it has got to happen quickly.

“Newcastle have had one draw in eight games, almost similar to the record I had under different circumstances.

“But the Geordie fans will be so frustrated over what is going on and they will want the takeover to happen now.”

  • Rich Lawson

    What’s in your heart is mostly Gregg’s pasties and if you keep getting annoyed your going to keel over.I don’t think you will be above us at the end of the season.

    • Peaky Magpie

      I remember one Saturday night when I lived in the NE Charva & Sideshow Stone walking into Browns like 2 gunslingers expecting the whole place to stop and recognise them and be all over them,I’m not kidding neebody batted an eyelid,hilarious,talk about tail between their legs.😂😂😂

  • MadMag83

    To be fair to him, he does state that it was under different circumstances. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a bit of ex boss bashing eh?

    The thing that frustrated me with Carver was the fact he didn’t accept he was out of his depth and walk away from it, rather than allowing morale to drop so drastically that only the following appointment of McClown could drain confidence any further.

  • gallowgate26

    Who cares?

  • TheFatController

    One thing we can hopefully do with any money extra in Jan is nick players from under the noses of our rivals, should they plan to spend in Jan, or at least drive up prices lessening their spending power.

    Hopefully some won’t have much left in the pot…