Jamaal Lascelles has insisted that Newcastle United are not in a relegation fight…yet.

On a run of only one point from twenty four and one point separating Newcastle from second bottom place, most neutrals would say Rafa Benitez’ team are very much in a relegation fight.

Reality of that won’t be able to be denied by anybody surely if/when Newcastle drop into that bottom three.

Points definitely looked to be needed in these home matches with Leicester & Everton and with Newcastle pressing the self-destruct button yet again, with soft goals conceded, the next three matches see trips to Arsenal and West Ham, then a home game with Manchester City.

If Newcastle United are not in the bottom three after playing Man City in 12 days time then I would be a very happy and relieved man.

Alan Shearer said this week that Newcastle United takeover talk is nothing to do with the players and shouldn’t affect them once they go over that white line.

Jamaal Lascelles agrees that this distraction can’t be used as any excuse, saying ‘It has nothing to do with us’.

Obviously a takeover can affect us all for the better if there is progression and it leads to some realistic backing for Rafa Benitez in January.

Lascelles improved the team on Wednesday night but the bottom line is that apart from Paul Dummett, Newcastle had a full squad to choose from against Everton and couldn’t find a goal, looking desperately short of ideas in that second half.

The Newcastle captain says that ‘there were a few home truths’ said after the Everton match and that he didn’t ‘want to leave it too late for things like that to be said’.

Sad truth is that with three such tough games coming up (West Ham beat Chelsea and drew with Arsenal in the past week), Newcastle could improve and yet still not get any points.

Let’s hope both the level of performance improves and a little bit of luck turns Newcastle’s way.

One thing is for sure, if the players don’t keep/get their heads up then Newcastle would really be in a desperate position, whether or not they are in a relegation struggle already.

Jamaal Lascelles when asked if Newcastle are in a relegation fight:

“No, not yet…

“A lot of people would probably have been happy with the points we are on, if they were asked at the start of the season, so I am not going to say we are in a relegation battle.

“There are still loads of games to play and it is a long season.

“We’re not looking at that and just taking things game by game.

“There were a few home truths said (after Everton) – I don’t want to leave it too late for things like that to be said.

“The reality is that we are not in a great position and sometimes things need to be said that players do not want to hear.

“Hopefully it will get a reaction.

“We are not focusing on that (Newcastle takeover talk), it has nothing to do with us.”

  • TheNutJob

    He needs a reality check like Rafa the Gaffa

  • Saul Williams

    So glad lascelles is back.Already he is having his say on the pitch and the dressing room.He needs to kick some backsides.put Shelvey’s,darlow ,manquillos and a few others backsides all in row and give em a good kick.

    • 1957

      He needs to use his influence with Benitez to ensure SlOMo never sets foot on SJP again in a black and white shirt

      • FatParosite

        SloMo didn’t only live up to his epithet of slooooooowww. He won no headers in midfield despite being one of the tallest on the pitch. He is an all round failure & not even Championship standard.

  • Steve Smith

    There are 10 teams in a relegation battle.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Do we have 15 points? Two games left of the first round of games?
    Arsenal and Man City.
    So that means we’re due for 30 points at the end.
    Relegated and bottom.

  • Kneebotherm8

    The squad is what it is(thanks Mike)and the club is in the position where it was expected to be pre season,no surprises there.
    It’s gonna be a long hard struggle with this squad as it stands,thanks again Mike.

  • Alreet

    And if we get 4 points from the next 3 games all of a sudden we could be mid table. This league is silly and is mega tight in the bottom 8 or 9. Gone are the days where its between 5 teams.

    Still back rafa all the way. When heads drop we might need the cappy and experienced lads to speak up.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    That was the attitude and talk of those who got us relegated. Get real lascelles,and admit WE ARE in a relegation battle ,just like thousands predicted at the start of the season. The blame lies with Ashley, Benitez AND you players. Professionals ????? I don’t think so.