On Thursday it was revealed that 5,958 Luton Town fans had bought tickets for the FA Cup third round match at St James Park.

It was also revealed that ‘over 1,000’ extra tickets had been given by Newcastle as a final allocation.

The anticipation being that around 7,000 supporters would be travelling to the north east on Saturday 6 January.

That figure meaning a record away following at St James Park in the modern era, certainly in an all-seater St James Park.

Had there been a bigger away following in the days of standing? Very hard to tell as back then it was very rare for games to be made all ticket, so with supporters paying on the gate, you rarely ever heard exactly how many away fans had paid in and/or got in by other means!

Anyway, the latest update is that there aren’t 7,000 Luton Town fans coming to Newcastle, it is going to be almost 8,000!

Bear in mind Luton get average home league crowds of only around eight thousand and earlier this season had 7,046 (including away supporters) when they beat Port Vale 2-0 at home in the league earlier this season.

The latest update from The Hatters is that over 1,200 more tickets have been sold inside 48 hours, with over 7,200 sold by close of business on Saturday.

In all, they have a total of 7,853 tickets, and with only 650 left on sale, they look sure to sell out.

What looked a mundane cup draw for Newcastle supporters now has a slightly bizarre and unexpected angle to it.

Luton Town Official Announcement – 30 December 2017:

‘Due to the fantastic show of support of more than 7,200 tickets being bought so far for the Emirates FA Cup third round tie at Newcastle, we have now been granted the full 15 per cent of St James’ Park’s capacity for next Saturday’s game.

That means we now have a full and final allocation of 7,853, which cannot be increased once this batch has been sold.

So if you want to join mass exodus of Lutonians to the north-east, proudly flying the Hatters flag for the county of Bedfordshire, please contact the Kenilworth Road ticket office ASAP – or risk missing out on being part of the biggest-ever away following at the Premier League club’s famous ground.

The tie is all-ticket for away fans, so they must be purchased in advance. There will be NO tickets available for Town supporters on the day.’

Luton Town Twitter account – 31 December 2017:

‘FINAL BATCH OF NEWCASTLE TICKETS! With over 7,200 sold for next week’s FA Cup trip to the north-east, there are around 650 tickets left – so act quickly if you want to be part of the biggest ever away following at St James’ Park!’

  • anyobrien

    Good on them I’m sure they will enjoy an away win.

  • Leicester Mag

    Optimism and hope are such powerful emotions not that our amoral pile of whale grease would know or care

    • Kneebotherm8

      Yeah we’ve got two hopes with him,and that’s no hope and Bob Hope.

  • Peter

    Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest 6th round tie was all-ticket in 1974…Forest had about 10 000 at the game…

    • Leazes Ender

      I remember they had the Gallowgate end.

  • Geordiegiants

    Good luck to them, they certainly think that they can beat us.

    • gallowgate26

      They are flying at the top of the league, so they can be confident and should feel like they can win. It’s not like we are playing a struggling League 1/2 side. It’s up to Rafa and the likes of Saviet/Murphy/Mitrovic/Woodman to show that they are worthy of their contracts at Newcastle United.

  • gallowgate26

    I’m looking forward to this game, I think it should be a good match with the likes of Aarons and Murphy getting a chance to show what they can do. A welcome distraction from the league!

    • Kneebotherm8

      The cup is a bigger money spinner for clubs in the lower divisions,polar opposite to the top two divisions where being in,or getting into,the premier league is all important.

      • gallowgate26

        Yup, and uniquely in the cup, I think they share the away ticket revenue. So it’s like they’ve sold 4000 tickets, albeit we only charged £10. ;)

        • AnEnglishmanInNewYork

          Not just the away ticket revenue!

        • akchpmn

          We agree to the ticket costs too you know that right? Surprised our Managing Director didn’t up it a bit to be honest (£15/20).

          • Tony Mann

            Grab it while you can and spend the bit left over having a cracking night in the toon.

  • LEE

    get your money on Luton smashing us next week. Rafa sees them as gaints

  • joppadoni

    thats mental, big up to luton! i hope they behave and have a wonderful night in the toon. might go out after to have a mingle.

  • robbersdog

    The mass exodus from Luton is understandable; it really is a horrible place.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Maybe why they have the airport, “get me as far away from here as possible!” 😂

  • Kev-82

    Great stuff from Luton, selling that many tickets, let that be a warning to Benitez as to how serious they will take it.

    • gallowgate26

      It’s a good job Luton fans are buying up tickets for this game, as Newcastle fans aren’t! I’ve just been on the ticketing site and there are still thousands of empty seats and un-open stands. Despite tickets being on general sale for weeks now.

      • Kev Newcastle England

        Because they know a reserve side will be fielded!!!

  • Leazes Ender

    Mad as Hatters…… it’s a ‘thrown’ game!

    Benitez will do the same as all of his predecessors….. give the competition to squad players in the hope of an instant exit.

  • Jezza

    Back in the 80’s when Luton were in the top division they barely got that many for their home games against us.

    • Colin Hyde

      As a long time Town supporter I agree. Something has changed with the support away from home e.g at Port Vale on Saturday there were 1175 Hatters fans unheard of years ago!!
      One thing we are top of the league and expectation is high, since the FA gave us the disgraceful -30 points which relegated us out the league in a bizarre way has helped with support as fans want to see their team back up the league. In addition a lot of fans have moved away from the Luton area (I live in Matlock) at many away games meet people who have done the same, Finally people seem to enjoy the away atmosphere more too.
      I also believe that if we had a bigger stadium our home support would also be much higher.

    • AnEnglishmanInNewYork

      And to be fair Newcastle’s gates weren’t that special then either – like many clubs the 80s saw terrible attendances a lot of the time – just the was it was back then.

  • Mitros gotta start

    Rangers brought 15000 down in 2004….they had the whole gallowgate and both corners filled up….more lies being spouted on the mag…..nowt new there then.

    • gallowgate26

      That was only a pre-season friendly game though?

      • Mitros gotta start

        I know….all the article says is who brought the most fans since st james was made all seater….doesnt mention if it was a league or cup game

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Celtic had around 10,000 too for a friendly/teestimonial?

    • Martin Rooney

      If rangers filled the the gallow HF ate and both corners with 15000 that would mean the leazes lower with both corners would be 15000 meaning the milburn and east stand only held 6,500 and the east stand holds 4,600 dream on man. wish people would think before they write stuff.

  • TheNutJob

    They must think they`re going to win

    • gallowgate26

      Up until Rolando Aarons rifles one into the top corner. 😂
      I’m sure they’ll have a great day out, win or lose. “Hats” off to them for bringing up so many. I wonder if they have a flight coming from Luton airport? 😂

    • Michael Lisle

      Sadly few Newcastle fans would be surprised and some actually welcome being knocked out of the Cup. Sad state of affairs. We should play a strong team ,try to score a few goals and get some momentum/confidence but this logic doesnt seem to apply anymore,

  • Nvm

    Yes, Sunderland took over 8,000 to Wigan in 2004 in a championship league game. Look it up.

  • Paul

    There is a good number of non Luton fans coming up from the area which is boosting the numbers. I am based down here and work in Luton and know of lots of fans from other teams using it as a weekend away and take advantage of the £10 tickets. Still better to have some atmosphere I guess.

    • gallowgate26

      Reminds me of Gateshead taking thousands to West Brom in the FA cup 3rd round and to Grimsby in the National League play-off semi-final, do you think they were all weekly ‘heed fans? Not a chance.

      • AnEnglishmanInNewYork

        These are pretty much all Luton fans though, even if they don’t go every week – it’s not like a plucky non league side borrowing support from their big brothers up the road!

  • Tony Mann

    Proper support putting many ‘bigger’ clubs to shame. Hope they have an excellent day and a good night sampling true Geordie hospitality – and I mean that in the nice way.

  • Blockers Seaside

    As one of the near 8000 Luton fans heading north to see the game, I can say we are all looking forward to a entertaining match between our two teams, as well as a great night out on the Toon.
    You’ll find us Hatters a noisy bunch who like a beer; we’re a bit of a northern town exiled in the south really so it should be good for all.
    Our current form was fantastic up until Saturday’s mauling by the mighty Port Vale!, so I fully expect to be beaten by a strong Newcastle team, but hope to give you a run for your money.
    Good luck to all, and may the best team win!

    • gallowgate26

      I look forward to enjoying a drink and some banter with your supporters. We’re a welcoming city and top UK destination, not like some other towns where they still wear dungarees, hold pitchforks and ban away supporters from pubs (Huddersfield & Wolverhampton to name just two).

      • Blockers Seaside

        A list of good pubs in the city centre would be appreciated. Good to meet a bunch of proper footy fans who like us have experienced a few highs and lows over the years.
        Might even sample my first ever Newcastle Brown Ale pre match!

        • gallowgate26

          If you come by train, there is Victoria Comet, The Town Wall & The Forth Hotel all within spitting distance of the station. If you like real ale, Tilleys and the Bodega are on the way to the ground (Westgate Road) although be aware they get very busy on match-days. Any of those pubs would be ideal for away fans. There are literally hundreds of bars in Newcastle though, so if you don’t like the look of a place you should not be far from another! With 8000 coming and Newcastle not selling out, you won’t be alone as away fans!

          • Blockers Seaside

            Cheers for the info Gallowgate.
            Will be sure to use of few of those.

        • Whickhamrobbie

          any pub is good . old george or bee hive in the bigg market .
          or rosies and the newcastle arms .
          Dont drink brown ale thats strictly for americans as it rots your bottom.

        • Kev Newcastle England

          Cheap beer 1.50/1.60 a pint.The Beehive.City Centre.

  • Andy Mac

    This could have been a deadly dull game with the diehards turning up and a crowd of around 35-40k ? Well all that’s changed now ! Come on you Hatters lets have a great cup tie atmosphere and if Rafa has anything about him he’ll put some real thought into the lineup. Hope he watched Port Vale yesterday ?

    • Colin Hyde

      port vale was a one off on a poor pitch and we gave them three goals – so don’t just look at the PV game Rafa ! COYH It will be my third time at St.James park and hoping it will be third time lucky!

  • Dennis Tate

    You Luton fans sound like a great bunch of supporters with over 7000 travelling up to Newcastle. That’s what we call propper supporters up here, considering it matches your home attendance.
    Enjoy your visit to St. James Park and Newcastle you won’t be disappointed, loads of pubs and great nightlife.
    Well done.

    • Kneebotherm8

      It’s like us taking 50000 to an away game,if that were possible,hats off to the Hatters fans.

    • Blockers Seaside

      Cheers guys. Really looking forward to a cracking game with a decent atmosphere followed by a great night out.