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Mark the players now with your ratings for Saturday’s defeat.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle United 2 Leicester 3


Newcastle: Joselu 4, Gayle 73

Leicester: Mahrez 20, Gray 60, Perez OG 86

Possession was Leicester 62% Newcastle 38%

Total shots were  Leicester 13 Newcastle 10

Shots on target were Leicester 5 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leicester 5 Newcastle 6

Referee: Neil Swarbrick

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin, Clark, Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie (Atsu 64), Hayden, Merino, Murphy (Perez 71), Joselu (Mitrovic 88)  Gayle

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Lascelles, Shelvey, Diame

Crowd: 52,117 (Leicester 3,000)

(Instant NUFC fan/writer reaction after the defeat HERE)

(Alan Shearer sends message to Mike Ashley after final whistle, read HERE)

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    If Hoss hadn`t of scored he would be -5

    • Phil Yare

      totally. at least gayle is a threat. the way he put that on a plate for joselu even half of us lot could have converted.

    • Viru leckworth

      Hadn’t HAVE scored I think you mean. Learn English before posting

  • magpiefifer

    3rd relegation under Ashley looming!!!!!!!!

    • Natturner26

      2nd under Rafa

  • Aberdeen chisel

    I’ve followed the toon for 28 years and i’m Sorry but this team is so bad. Not 1 person wants the ball unlike Leicester. We are so far behind other teams it’s unreal!! I love Rafa but his team selection is amazing bad but i’l travel 5 hours from Aberdeen on wed to cheer them on. Please play Shelvey.. we soul without…

  • Albert Stubbins

    Rafas stubborn refusal to play anyone other than hosselu is going to get us relegated. Admittedly shelvey hasn’t been great this season but for a player to be talked about as an England selection a month ago to not even being considered good enough for a poor a Newcastle team as I’ve seen for many a year is quite honestly baffling. Rafa is making a poor team look poor. Where are these brilliant tactical changes and the coaching of players to make them better, at least in setting up a team not to get hammered?. That’s ten goals in four games we’ve shipped in? Were really missing lascelles for organisation and leadership. Membeba is a far better left back than manaquin. It looked today like we gave up. No pressing or fight. So so disappointed on another terrible performance. Giving mitro one minute plus stoppage time is insulting to the player. I don’t rate mitro but a stick of rock offers more to team than hoss. What’s going on? Questions have got to start to be asked. Half of these players are not upnfor the fight. We do not look like being able to defend a lead. Granted if Gayle had scored a second we should be comfortable but after that miss we sat off them when we had looked comfortable as an attacking force before the miss. The mindset is all wrong for me. Rafa needs to change this negative gameplan and quick imo.

    • Jezza

      Fatso’s stubborn refusal to allow adequate transfer funds in the summer is what will ultimately get us relegated.

      • GToon

        Joselu, Manquillo, Diame, Lejeune all cost money and all are useless. The left back at Bristol city would have been less than Manquillo. A loan move would have been better than Joselu. Colback is better than Diame and Mbemba is better than Lejeune. I’m not defending the fatty and me and you always agree on stuff but I don’t think Rafa can be totally excused. For a decent tactician he seems to be well off the pace at the moment. Case in point tonight’s game. Merino was losing everything and playing deeper and deeper and yet Shelvey remained on the bench. For somebody who is highly respected in the game, his man management of Mbemba and Mitrovic has been shocking.

        • mentalman

          Mbemba and gamez are better at rb than yedlin but hes almost a certainty to play every game

    • Anita kick up the Hoop

      You constantly hear how Rafa improves players .. where and who?

      • GToon

        And how they practice and practice and practice. So what exactly did they practice for tonight’s game?

        • Expatabroad

          I thought Darlow did very well picking the ball out of the net 3 times….

    • GToon

      You are spot on mate and you’ve saved me a few minutes hammering the keys myself. I’m really starting to doubt Rafa. Forget the clown that owns the club. It’s rafa that sets the team up and the tactics. Last season we managed to sneak over the line in the EPL despite being cleaned up at home by far too many teams and having to share the points with any team prepared to have a go. So now we move on to this season and it’s same old same old. Sitting back at home, playing like the away team, hanging on against rubbish like Palace and being taken to the cleaners by world beaters like Watford, Bournemouth and now Leicester. Mitrovic is brought on only when Rafa is sure the game is lost. We need a keeper and left back and yet we look for a loan move for woodman and sell a promising young left back to Everton. We get totally turned over today in midfield, insist on playing long balls and yet leave the best passer in the team on the bench. We have two full backs who can’t defend and yet never try 3-5-2. The list of errors under Rafa’s watch is growing. Did he really sign Diame, Manquillo and Lejeune? Because those three are useless! Big time!

      • 1957

        The club couldn’t stop Gibson going to Everton but at a recent u23 game I was told he moved because he had seen his brother’s career stall and those around him felt his chances of getting to the first team were poor under Benitez who has a preference for filling his squad with journeymen rather than bringing through youngsters.

      • mentalman

        For the players we have 3-5-2 would be the ideal formation.

        Just look at chelsea, they were struggling last season and conte realised and switched formation and went on to win the league.

        Lejeune is a totally different player when playing alongside lascelles

  • Colin Brumwell

    Another puzzling team selection ,Lejeune is turning into a catastrophe

    • Tino o

      He has been from day one a liability

      • GToon

        He’s very consistent tho – useless with the ball and useless without it.

  • Tino o

    Not good enough from Benitez again team selection [email protected] substitutions and timing [email protected] Ashley can only be blamed for so much im sick of the games. I didn’t mention tactics non existent! It’s so enjoyable supporting the toon!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

    • Leicester Mag

      Sat in a pub with a load of Leicester fans, laugh a ruckin minute. It’s got to the point that people couldn’t be bothered to take the p5ss. Thanks Mike you’ve taken a joy and made it a predictable misery you chucking funt

    • Mike Adam

      How dare you say something negative about Rafa the Genius. He is not responible at all, it is totally Ashley’s fault because he chose the players to sign, he trains them, he selects the team and formation, and he makes the substitutions!
      I totally agree that Fatso deserves some of the blame and I do want Rafa to manage the team. But I cannot believe the audacity of the Rafa apologists who will not admit that he also deserves some of the blame!

      • Tino o

        I’m sorry up his wages

        • Mike Adam


      • GToon

        If you look on this site at the posts coming out tonight you will see that there are an awful lot of people questioning Rafa after tonight’s catastrophe. That team is nowhere near as bad as that performance and there’s only one person who can be held accountable for that.

        • Mike Adam

          I agree, but there are still those that believe he “walks on water” because of his past success and hardware won. I won’t mention any names. There is plenty of blame to go around Fatso, players, but Rafa is right there with them!

  • 1957

    Benitez – 2

  • Essex_Toon

    I was concerned before the game. Now I’m very worried.

  • Phil Yare

    a couple of months ago all i heard was the reason we only have 30%-40% possession is because we are set up to counter attack even at home. well that is basically B0LL0CKS. we have 30%-40% possession because we are garbage.

    we have no tactics. the tactical masterclass that rafa possesses is as much use to us as a condom machine in the vatican. we signed some of the worst players in our premier league history

    • nufcslf

      Feel your pain.

  • Sadman

    Of course the manager has to take some responsibility but you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Thanks to ashley we have had to sign players from the bargain basement. The players are giving their best but unfortunately some of them are just not premiership quality. All we can do is get behind tbe team and lets hope there are three teams worse than us at the end of the season. For all of you Rafa doubters please tell me who you would like to see in charge or how you would feel if he were to leave.

    • nufcslf

      Nobody, but Rafa no be so stubborn to not try certain plauers that just looked left out when given chance could help. No guarantee whatsoever, but at least see if it could get a result. Not for the first time in 10 years of total mismanagement, but Cashley is looking like the piece of sh*t he really is once again.

    • Clarko

      Newcastle have spent similar amounts when compared to the lower half teams.

      There is a difference between criticising Benitez and wanting him sacked. He deserves to be criticised for his mistakes.

  • TheNutJob

    Watched the match in Toon, spoilt me night. lot`s of rumblings from the plebs about Rafael

  • ghostrider

    The squad is far better than is shown.
    We’ve seen the odd game where they can produce.
    The issue is not the players, it’s the manager and his coaches….well, it’s the manager aided by his coaches to follow HIS ways.

    He might as well have planted a sign on Mitrovic’s head that says, “I am taking the pee out of this player” because what Rafa is doing is nothing short of disgraceful and the fans need to let this git know it….I’m serious.

    This man is playing for himself and his own ego. This man has no real affiliation for this club, city or fans. He’s riding on the crest of a fans wave because Ashley generates the energy for it to happen.

    It seems that anything that happens is everyone’s fault but Rafa’s.
    How long are people going to put up with this absolute garbage?

    I sincerely hope Ashley sells up quickly and I sincerely hope that the new owners sack Benitez. It has to be done or this club will just keep on suffering, along with the fans.

    Nobody can tell me that Rafa is using any tactical thought and nobody can tell me that Rafa is using the players he has available, correctly.

    This man almost appears like he’s deliberately having some kind of dig.
    I’d absolutely guarantee you right now that if any other manager who didn’t possess the so called messiah like tag like Rafa seems to have for some strange reason, would be getting absolutely crucified and told they had enough money to spend to produce far far better.

    125 million in 2 seasons this man has had.
    125 million.
    Never mind net spends and all the hogwash.
    He’s has 125 million in two seasons whether it’s cash on the hip or selling players to buy players. It’s the same thing and amounts to the same thing, which is 125 million spent, not matter how dressed down it gets made.

    Not many managers could expect anything like that even near the top end, never mind coming up from a championship.

    The man is on 5 million a year.
    The 6th best paid manager in the premier league and this was when he was in the bloody championship.

    He’s had two seasons to shape this squad. Most of it is his and yet he’s got them playing worse and looks to be destroying the confidence and ability of the players by stifling their natural games.

    Playing a goalkeeper who is just clearly not up to it is another thing added to the list of head scratching moments.

    I don’t need to scratch my head anymore because this man will take us down because he’s destroying the players day by day, because to me he’s not a manager that inspires players, he’s a manager that appears to drain and scare them by his inability to act anything other than irrational.

    That’s how it appears to me just by looking at the way we play and the body language.
    Ritchie is shot.
    Shelvey will be done.
    Mitrovic probably wants to grab him and shake him.
    Merino looked totally peeved off.
    One by one the players are most likely ready to rebel in the dressing room and against Rafa and Rafa is going to blame everyone but himself.

    Please please please get this man out of our club and even bring in someone who can take charge until the takeover.
    We can definitely escape relegation if we get rid of Rafa right now.

    Many fans might think I’m nuts for saying this but I’m telling you, I’ve went from a glass half full and always looking on the bright side of everything with this club and I’ve seen some bad teams and bad managers that made excuses.

    Benitez is so highly paid and thought of as world class with many and yet he’s producing soul destroying football for at least 70% of most games and sometimes 90% of some, with the odd game that appears to paper over cracks such as against other teams that are equally as dire.

    I want him out. I want Rafa Benitez to walk away right now. Right NOW.
    Pay the man up and send him packing with his backroom staff.

    Bring in someone that the players can identify with and watch the difference is play. I’m serious.
    This team is far better than it shows.

    Rafa Benitez, get out of the club before you leave it on the point of no return.
    Do it NOW.

    Yes I’m fuming and there’s nobody to blame for it other than Rafa Benitez.
    It’s almost like he’s sticking two fingers up at the players, the fans and the club.

    If he’s doing it to be sacked so he can walk away with a big pay day then it makes sense.
    Pay the mercenary up and ship him out and let’s get this team playing football until a new owner comes in.

    • Alreetpet

      Well said

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      And replace him with who

      • 1957

        Given I think we’re a lost cause and likely to be relegated no matter what, or if any, money he is allowed to waste in January I would bite the bullet and look to the next generation of managers, even at the likes of Nolan, and prepare for another scrap to get promoted.

        I don’t think anyone could do worse with the players available in the squad, Benitez continued favouring of his own inept players over Mitrovic, Mbemba and now Shelvey is beyond belief.

        • hetonmag

          All I will say to you and the idiot above is Rafa doesn’t give the ball away to the opposition, when we equalised I and 50,000 others thought we would go on to win the game so it doesn’t matter who you put on the pitch if you keep making mistakes you will be punished in this league whoever the manager is. In RAFA I trust.

          • 1957

            The immaculate Rafa has a worse record at this point of the season than SMc. The difference…Benitez bought his own players and Steve didn’t so theoretically Benitez should do better, he picked players to play in his system. His problem for me is for two seasons he has gone for quantity over quality with players and it has rebounded this season.

            For me he just throws out one excuse after another, but the fact remains his players make mistakes week after week and no amount of his stellar coaching helps them improve, he needs to address his own failings before critising others. Other managers at this club have been slated for better records

            I’m not a believer and never have been, my posts from last year will confirm that. Feel free to worship at the alter of Lord Rafa I won’t and as I’ve said before we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • hetonmag

            With respect before the season started he wanted a GK a LB and a striker of his choice, he couldn’t make an upgrade because of the restrictions imposed on him, you can’t buy a seaside donkey and turn it into a Derby winner. As far as quantity over quality is concerned how could you get quality to sign for you playing in the championship, personally he did a stellar job getting us out of that God awful division. And by the way how did you expect the season to pan out before it started truthfully, because mark my words if Lord Rafa leaves this club will implode that’s a certainty.

      • GToon

        The bloke at Watford

        • Wor Lass

          There`s no point whatsoever in saying who you would replace him with because noone worth their salt would come at the minute with all the uncertainty about ownership and whether or not there`ll be any investment in January.

    • 1957

      I’m with you completely.

      Looking back at Benitez stellar record the spat over backing in the transfer market is par for the course, it happens everywhere he goes. His record in bringing through young players from his clubs youth system is lamentable, his judgement in transfer market is poor, and that’s not just here.

      He’s almost always gone into clubs that have had a good base of players, he won the ECL at Liverpool with in the main his predecessors players only two of his made the final. He then went on a spending spree which included expensive flops, journeymen, fellow countrymen and occasional trophy signing.

      Yesterday’s starting team was almost exclusively his buys

      I wouldn’t trust him with my money.

  • robbersdog

    Come on guys, let’s not turn on Rafa. He’s the best we’re going to get right now, he’s done an excellent job until the last five games and all managers in charge of Premier League teams that don’t have massive transfer budgets experience similar blips.

    He’s a significant upgrade on the likes of Kinnear, Pardew, Carver and McClaren, so let’s keep the faith.

    • 1957

      He has a worse points return than SMc this season and Steve didn’t get to chose his own players. Benitez gets a free ride because he ‘stands up to Ashley’ but he is responsible for the player selection and tactics, but he has lost the plot completely over the last half dozen games, he needs to take some responsibility instead of blaming everyone else.

      • robbersdog

        I know, but you’re taking the last six games out of context. Look at his points return in the Premier League when he joined us at the end of the season before last – and the fact the he got us promotion from the Championship at the first attempt.

        It’s all been pretty good until recently, and I believe that, even without investment in new signings in January, he’ll steady the ship and keep us up. I really like the man and I’ve still got faith in him.

        • 1957

          The end of the season we were relegated he had to work with what he had and despite their attitude problems, Gini, Sissoko and Janmaat were better players than the ones he has replaced them with. I’ve no faith in his ability to keep us up and I wouldn’t give him my money to spend if I were the new owner.

          • robbersdog

            Who would you like to see as manager?

          • 1957

            Answered that one below

          • robbersdog

            Ah yes, Kevin Nolan. To think, I actually took you seriously for about a minute!

  • G Doon Unda

    How long do we go on protecting Rafa? Best player left on the bench for the whole game. If Perez is worth bringing on, and Shelvey not, WTF ??? If Shelvey has upset Rafa, why put him on the bench at all. I love Rafa, but I have no idea what he is up to, and it could ultimately cost us our Premier League status – mind you, Ashley would have to take 99% of the blame. Tqat that he is.

  • GToon

    My worry is that Rafa is somehow using these defeats and setting up this style of play to prove a point to Ashley – that we can’t play attacking flowing football because we didn’t sign the players to do that. I really hope that isn’t the case because if he does get backed in January it’s not like we get to play those games again. If he is good at tactics what does that make the managers of the teams who have beaten us? Watford play a style of football we would like to see so what does that make their manager? A genius?

    • Damon Horner

      Silva is a genius in fairness to him. He’ll have a top club within three years

  • mentalman

    Yedlin currently our highest scoring defender and had a hand in all of their goals, either he’s being scored for making it easy for the opposition or its because he’s one of rafas favourites

  • Rob

    It’s uncertain whether we would have got anything from the game if Lascelles and Shelvey were brought on.

    Perez had promise when we bought him but never progressed. Our defence is a a circus without lascelles.

    Darlow is no better than Elliot so don’t really see the point in Elliot being dropped.

    Formation again was wrong we need more bodies behind the ball.

    Overall it still stands that we need three proven players that will be in the price bracket far above what Ashley is willing to pay.

    He can either sell or take us down again.

  • Philippines

    A bit harsh on Perez when he scored the winning goal. Joking apart, I am sure that many would agree that we could have won with Shelvey to start and Mitro on in the second half.

    • Viru leckworth

      Can’t understand why Shelvey didn’t play.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The marks given show how pathetic the Mag Website is as we could have scored at least five goals and gave them a good game. All the nationals gave the players six or seven marks and the Sun gave Gayle nine we were in the game all match with two own goals our downfall.

    • HarryHype59

      Still got beat again! Face facts the game is up!

  • Tony No.9

    I think Rafa has lost the plot. Last week 96% of voters put Shelvey at the top of the list for selection, our only player who can create something. Rafa keeps up some form of not seeing the obvious. I know I’m in a minority but we need a new manager as well as new owners!

  • Hughie

    Rafa is losing my support with his selections. Mbemba and Gamez are far better players than either Yedley or Manquillo in either full back position, or in Mbemba’s case even a holding midfielder where he has played internationally, rather than hopeless Hayden who cannot control a ball, hold the ball or pass more than two metres. Shelvey with Merino should be the hub of this team. Ritchie has lost it, is too slow for a so called winger, and is exposing Yedley’s defensive shortcomings every match. Perez is possibly just Championship standard. Darlow is not dominant enough. Team: Elliot, Gamez, Lascelles, Clark, Dummett , Atsu, Shelvey, Merino, Mbemba, Murphy, Joselu, Gayle.