Florian Thauvin is in European action on Thursday night.

Marseille guaranteed to go through to the knockout stages if they beat Red Bull Salzburg in their final group match.

In advance of the match, the French international has been interviewed by the official UEFA website.

As well as asking Florian Thauvin about what is happening with him now at Marseille and plans/hopes for the future etc etc, he also was quizzed about what happened at Newcastle.

The winger says that he moved to the Premier League at too young an age and without enough preparation.

The Marseille player saying that the transfer was rushed and it didn’t happen like a normal move, where there is time taken to make sure it is the best option.

At the time Marseille were desperate for money to keep the club afloat and there were claims that Florian Thauvin didn’t really want the move, only doing so after being pressurised to do so.

It is a whole different scenario now, as with new owners taking over after Thauvin’s move to Tyneside, they have steadied the ship and invested in the club, helping to facilitate the return of Florian Thauvin as well as big signings such as Dmitri Payet.

After throwing him straight into the team and giving Thauvin three Premier League starts by mid-September (he only joined Newcastle on 18 August 2015), Steve McClaren then never selected the player again for a league match.

Since returning to Marseille though, Florian Thauvin has shown himself to be a far better player than Newcastle fans saw.

Last season he got 18 goals and 8 assists, whilst this season he has already scored 9 times with 9 assists.

Florian Thauvin talking to the official UEFA website:

“The (Premier) league is completely different.

“It is far more physical.

“There is a lot more contact and you need to be ready, you need to put on more muscle before going to the Premier League.

“It was too early for me.

“It’s a transfer that happened quickly and normally you take your time and you think about it, but for me it all happened too quickly after the departure of (manager) Marcelo Bielsa.

“I was young.

“I was 22 and at 22 leaving your country: you discover a new culture, new language, new league, the food isn’t the same.

“It was complicated but they are things that help you to grow up”.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The lad has talent there`s no doubt about that

  • Andy Mac

    “Last season Thauvin got 18 goals and 8 assists, whilst this season he has already scored 9 times with 9 assists”

    So was the lad McClown’d ?

    • Marveauxless

      Rafa clearly didn’t think much of him either given that he loaned him out for a season and then sold him at a loss without playing him in a single game. The guy clearly didn’t want to be here, remember that League Cup game against Sheffield Wednesday reserves when he just wondered around making absolutely no effort and did nothing other than running into Vurnon Anita and playing with his hair?

      • Andy Mac

        However the game against Northampton, yes only Northampton, he was on fire. He had the ability according to McWally, “I thought he (Thauvin) was very good – he had 20 minutes at Old Trafford but he showed his quality on the night and he has been terrific in training. You never know what to expect but we have seen a lot of him and he has great ability. The key thing is he can score and assist and that is going to be a big asset for us”

        Then he got McWally’d !.

        • Marveauxless

          Northampton were in League 2 at the time, that’s hardly a measure of quality. McClaren’s not exactly going to call him a big of sh**e in a press conference is he?

  • Jimmy_toons

    “….ew culture, new country, new language

  • Down Under Mag

    The bottom line is that he was thrust in the deep end, expected to be a match winner from day one and when he wasn’t he was jettisoned because…well Pardew. He showed glimpses of his skill, it was just obvious to everyone watching that he needed to be brought through more slowly, but Pardew wasn’t the right person to be able to do that, he needed ready made players to come in and hit the ground running to cover for his lack of tactical awareness. Thauvin basically suffered, much like Cabella before him, from not being Cabaye. Not all players can hit the ground running when they move overseas, sometimes you need to give them that first 12 months to settle, ease them in slowly, give them some special “arm around the shoulder” moment as you try and get them settled, not just to the football club, not just to the type of football but to the new culture as well. Not to mention that both Thauvin and Cabella were actually very different players to Cabaye and like Ben Arfa, asked to do a role that was not suited to their game. Three flair attacking wingers that were asked to play a defensive role and yet teh players were the ones blamed by the staff….enough said really.

    • Marveauxless

      Alan Pardew left Newcastle 8 months before Thauvin was signed…

      • Down Under Mag

        Yup, my bad. Clearly I prefer even the memories of Pardew to those of McClaren hehe

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        Blame Pardew, it’s the Mag way.

  • Peter Stabler

    He’s got talent alright, from memory he came off the bench at Old Trafford and did a shimmy in front of their LB which stuck him on his rsae.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      In the same game, he was millimetres from winning it in the last minute. That may have given him confidence and hero status and none of the hassle he (or his lass) had after would have happened.

  • TubbyMunky

    The PL is a more physical league than in France. He needed time to toughen up a bit. Maybe then he’d have shown his ability.

  • Paul Busby

    Aye blame the food mate…

  • Rich Lawson

    Not a Gregg’s fan then ? I remember watching him when we lost 0-3 to Leicester in the relegation season and he just stood there a lot of the time playing with his floppy hair. Another millionaire who couldn’t find a decent barber on Tyneside ?

    • Leazes.

      He should have done what Ayoze does and use lard on it.

  • grantham mag

    I feel so sorry for wee boy, by the time I was 23 I was on my third tour of Ulster, the food, the weather were truly awful and locals were rather hostile, OH and the money and living conditions were not quite what I expected, I mean I was on 18 quid a day, happy times.

    • Leazes.

      A bit like Private Benjamin then.