We asked you the question earlier…Which 11 players would you pick in your Newcastle team v Brighton?

We put together a list of the 21 players who could potentially be selected on Saturday afternoon at St James Park.

Jesus Gamez, Rob Elliot and Florian Lejeune all missing.

There were 10 players with 72% fan support or better, with Jamaal Lascelles (99%) once again topping the voting.

Gayle (95%), Atsu (92%), Ritchie (93%), Clark (78%) and Merino (94%) were all rested/left out against Manchester City but they are amongst the seven players with the highest ratings.

DeAndre Yedlin (93%) has impressed recently whilst fans have also gone for Dummett (72%) and Shelvey (72%) after they played against Man City.

Karl Darlow (77%) is predictably the choice in goal but with Freddie Woodman picking up 23% support, Darlow hasn’t exactly got unanimous support with Elliot injured.

Supporters once again struggled to pick a clear 11th choice, Chancel Mbemba (43%) getting the vote despite a minority of fans choosing him.

Here is the percentage support for each player from the thousands of votes cast and in brackets the fan support/vote for the team selection v Manchester City on Wednesday:

99% (97%) Jamaal Lascelles

95% (85% ) Dwight Gayle

94% (81%) Mikel Merino

93% (93%) Matt Ritchie

93% (91%) DeAndre Yedlin

92% (88%) Christian Atsu

78% (93%) Ciaran Clark

77% (7%) Karl Darlow

72% (41%) Paul Dummett

72% (53%) Jonjo Shelvey

43% (45%) Chancel Mbemba

35% (63%) Henri Saivet

32% (33%) Isaac Hayden

28% (52%) Joselu

23% Freddie Woodman

19% (14%) Rolando Aarons

17% (15 %) Ayoze Perez

16% (12%) Jacob Murphy

16% (35%) Javier Manquillo

7% (13%) Mohamed Diame

1% (3%) Massadio Haidara

Newcastle v Brighton Match Betting:

Newcastle win 23/20Draw 9/4Brighton win 3/1

Joselu to score and both Lascelles & Clark to be carded 28/1Both teams to score in 1st half 4/1

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  • TheNutJob

    Not happy with the rumours about selling Jonjo, not happy at all !
    that`s the chron making out that Mikel`s the next Stevie G


    • Wor Lass

      It`s typical Ryder trying to rock the boat before a big match. The man`s a snake!

      • TheNutJob

        i`m on the verge of giving up & i never thought it would come to this

        • Wor Lass

          I agree that rafa hasn`t had much success in the market – maybe Merino if he can stay fit. The thing is, not only has he not been given the funds but Penfold`s blundering and time-wasting has scuppered deals that might have been possible. Joselu was purely a last-minute panic to just get someone in. Keeep your chin up – we`ll win today. Just tell your kid to get on to Bet Victor and put a wad on Brighton!

          • Mitros gotta start


          • Wor Lass

            Hindsight`s a wonderful thing – just ask “Anita kick up the hoop”.

        • Mike Adam

          Same way I feel about Mitro not even getting a chance when total garbage like Horselu has 1300 minutes of playing time and 3 goals!!! Mitro had 2 in 192 minutes. I will always ask what competent manager would not have played him at some point, unbelieveable! And, no I do not want Rafa replaced, I just question some of his choices.

    • Clarko

      I would sell him and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did, the price quoted is way too low (£10m-£12m), I would expect him to bring ~£18m. He is just ineffective in our team in the Premier League, he’s a passenger in the majority of our games.

  • Mike Adam

    At least the fans know that Horselu, SloMo, and Manquillo are rubbish.

    • Wor Lass

      I agree that they`re not real PL quality but at least they get out there and try.

      • Soldier

        well that`s a bonus, it`s hardly likely to keep us up though, is it

        • Wor Lass

          Definitely not.

      • Mike Adam

        The others don’t try??? Horselu is embarrassing!

        • Wor Lass

          Who said anything about the others? All of the lads try nowadays.

          • Mike Adam

            You said, “at least they get out there and try”, sorry but to me that suggests that the others don’t. Those three players shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch.
            Mitro hasn’t even been given a chance to “get out there and try”!

          • Wor Lass

            No, it suggests that, even though they`re not real PL quality, they at least try. That`s exactly what I said and exactly what I meant. Learn to read, you numpty.

          • Mike Adam

            Really, you should learn to read, I said, “to me”! At least I do not have to make insults and call names! You are quite hostile mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Wor Lass

            Sorry but “to me” your insistence on reinterpreting what I actually said suggests you are, indeed, a numpty. Nothing personal – just an observation.

          • Mike Adam

            Call me anything you want, it means nothing. I did not reinterpret, the prefix re means again and I stated what my original interpretation of your statement was. Stop being so touchy. Enjoy the game mate, we are on the same side!

  • Wor Lass

    Watch out boys, n0bby`s about!

  • Soldier

    sell Shelvey to a club that`s in the same position as we are. that`s a real plan isn`t it.

    • Clarko

      It worked for Swansea.

      As I’ve said earlier, he’s a passenger in our team, he is ineffective in our team in the Premier League. He has become a bench player, it would be beneficial to the team to sell him (~£18m) and use it to strengthen the first eleven.

      • Wor Lass

        Doing well now, aren`t they.

        • Clarko

          A whole 2 years later.

          You really don’t know how to pick your battles.

          • Wor Lass

            Yeah, I forgot how well they did last season.

          • Clarko

            They were in the Premier League, finished in 15th, a finish which I would take right now for Newcastle, speaking of Newcastle, where were we last season again? Oh yeah that’s right, in the Championship.

            You just make yourself look silly.

      • TheNutJob

        When have we sold a good player & replaced him with an equal or better one ??????

        • Clarko

          That’s not the right argument to make. Do you think Shelvey is effective for us? He’s on the bench, Hayden is preferred, it’s just a waste. Would you rather have a Shelvey on the bench or a further £18m in January to be invested into the first team?

          As I said, your argument isn’t the right one to make, but it’s wrong anyways:

          Atsu > Gouffran
          Merino > Colback
          Lejeune > Hanley
          Clark > Taylor
          Gayle > Cisse
          Yedlin = Janmaat (maybe)
          Manquillo = Anita
          Ritchie > > > > Sissoko + ~£20m

          And that’s just since Benitez arrived.

          • Mxpx

            Townsend > atsu
            Janmaat > yedlin
            Wijnaldum > Ritchie
            Sissoko > diame
            Mitrovic > joselu
            Dummett > manquillo

            Not arguing with the Clark and merino situations BUT we got a lot of money for wijnaldum and Sissoko which was NOT spent on our team and the Carroll cabaye demba ba money if you’re suggesting that money is reinvested then we must be in for some amazing signings with all that money at our disposal and all those players to replace I think we’re going to need shelvey to the end of the season

          • Clarko

            Again, that argument isn’t a good or the right argument to make. Plus the “scenario” was sold and replaced and to my knowledge Dummett and Mitrovic are still at the club.

            “BUT we got a lot of money for wijnaldum and Sissoko which was NOT spent on our team”. No we didn’t, the Sissoko transfer fee will be received over the next “3-4 years” (quote from the official accounts).

            The money has been reinvested, all of it, go and read the articles on Swiss Ramble, go and look at the accounts.

  • Soldier

    I`m off to the match, 3 pts today will do