Everton fans watched their team win a first away Premier League game in 11 months when beating Newcastle on Wednesday night.

The victory means it is now only one defeat in their last seven league games and like any football supporters, they are happy when they are winning.

Whilst many/most appear to be coming around to the idea of Sam Allardyce as manager, others are a little more clued up and don’t necessarily see it as a long-term marriage made in heaven.

No great surprise to see plenty of Everton fans especially happy because it was Newcastle they beat, due to the ongoing friction between some supporters in the two camps, plus the presence of Rafa Benitez.

Everton Fans commenting on the win over Newcastle via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘Rafa’s small insignificant club beaten by Everton. Proper order that.’

‘I like what he (Allardyce) has done to be honest. We were shipping goals like anything, but he’s clearly made his first job to shore up and sort the defence out. That way you at least get a point.’

‘Danny Murphy saying it wasn’t a yellow card because the foul wasn’t in a dangerous area of the pitch is utterly laughable and was rightly pulled up by Shearer.

Just another thick kopite.’

‘Pints of gravy and wine all round tonight!

Well in big Sam!’

‘Win ugly. All we need at the moment. And all we wanted to be fair after the last regime.’

‘Ugly win but I’ll take it.

1 goal conceded in 4 and unbeaten in four matches from getting pumped 4-0 and 5-1 is progress for me.’

‘Everyone is gong to hate us under Sam.


‘What a turnaround. We was a defensive shambles only a couple of weeks ago.

I know some on here aren’t happy with the tactics but go and ask those fans who travelled midweek all that way just before Christmas if they’r happy.

Love piping down those Geordie scruffs.’

We beat Newcastle, made up, not bothered how we did it either, I hate them.’

‘If nothing else comes of the time I have to put up with fat head as manager, it’s certainly nice to see defenders knowing what their roles are and working and moving as a unit.

Fair play to Sam and his coaching staff for working on that.’

‘Imagine how bad ALL of our away games for the past year have been compared to this.

I think this is a match where both Rooney and Siggurdson had some space but really failed to do much with it, outside of Rooney’s good passing combination leading up to the goal scramble.

As long as Rooney keeps scoring though, and as long as Siggy still cost 45 million, they will stay in the lineup.’

‘Just got in from the match (live in north east). Great to win. But another match in which the players don’t seem to know how to pass to each other. It was a very poor game, bit of luck on our side with the two efforts off the post, but we were solid defensively on the whole.

Newcastle are an awful team that we should always be beating but we barely got out of first gear (I’m hoping we have more than one gear cause we didn’t show much). Both sides were just hitting it forward and neither had an outlet that could get hold of it and take it forward regularly.

But it’s a result, away from home, with a clean sheet. All positive however ugly/badly we played.’

‘Sam will be delighted to win the Chubby Derby against FSW.’

‘Aw my heart bleeds for Rafa after that.’

‘We rode our luck and perhaps this is still ‘bounce’ but these points were much needed.’

‘While I am pleased with the last few results, and cautiously optimistic, I think shouts of us being defensively solid now are a bit premature. Liverpool should/could have scored at least a couple more against us, Newcastle hit the post twice.’

‘I get the impression from the media reports that Newcastle were unlucky, and should have won the game, can anyone tell me if this rings true.’

‘They hit the woodwork before we scored and again after we scored.

They were the better side till we scored, we were better after that.

That’s how I saw it/heard it/had it told to me by two guys at the game, one a Blue, t’other a Geordie.’

‘I thought a team with slightly better forwards would have scored at least one against us, based on quality of chances.

Lucky it was Newcastle on the night in that respect.’

  • raz4u

    More “clued up” not seeing the appointment of Sam Allardyce as a marriage made in heaven!!
    That should read “more clueless” not seeing it as a marriage made in heaven!!

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Scouse Scum

      • Mark Bones

        Gordie scum with the fat Spanish waiter COYB

        • Whitehurst

          What and you’re bragging about this….not really aspiring to much fella?! And btw learn how to spell you Scouse inbred. GEORDIE. Not hard is it?

        • Jezza

          I’ll bet you were one of those Everton fans in the Bullens Road stand shouting “pull the trigger shoot that n****r” at Mirandinha in 1988.

        • Kev Newcastle England

          Pmsl what school did you go to? GORDIE.

        • Andynufc

          Would that be the same Fat Spanish waiter who brought the European CL Cup back to the Number 1 club in Liverpool? Now compare Fat Sams trophy cv to Rafa’s. Grim reading isn’t it?

      • raz4u

        Sophisticated and profound stuff Kev. I am not a scouser for a start, though there is nothing at all wrong with that!!

  • Andynufc

    ha Give it time. Everton fans have accepted him for now because he’s got them away from the bottom 3. Wait til they’re shouting for Europe and Fat Hippos negative football won’t get them there. They’ll want him out. Honestly they were the worst footballing side I’ve seen at SJP this season. Still they left with 3 points off a goal keeping error and Shreks there to tap in. Football can be cruel

    • pacoJones

      Newcastle were garbage, Everton were just a little less garbage.

      • Clarko

        That comment is absolute bo!locks.

      • Whitehurst

        We’re rubbish….doesn’t say much about Everton and their chances tho!!

      • Whitehurst

        Mate you really need to take up local sports journalism!! Enlightening comment.

  • Mrkgw

    Hopefully this takeover will see us back to beating sides such as this. Ten years in the doldrums has given them the edge thanks to Ashley. Ironically, he might just decide to buy them next, as a feeder club for Rangers.

  • TheFatController

    If they think we’re rubbish, I can introduce them to the man that was a major part at the start of the rot.

    He’s in their dugiut every game now….

  • Danimal

    “Hate”? What’s the matter with these people? Hopefully he’s in a minority but really, what a t1t.

    • Jezza

      It’s all down to their huge inferiority complex that comes from a hundred odd years living in the shadow of their more illustrious neighbours and of course jealousy of our crowds.

  • Vito Genovese


  • Gazbag

    Do you know why people hate newcastle? It’s because they get promoted and expect to be world beaters straight away. A one club city is the only reason you have a decently fan base and yous have zero history and still expeoct to be challenging at the top. What’s so different to yous than a Huddersfield except For the fan base? Absolutely nothing except yous exspect bags full of money to be lauded at you and instant success. It’s laughable.

    • Andynufc

      Arr shut up you tit and get off the fan page

      • Gazbag

        And yet you’re fan page is discussing what Everton fans have been saying. News must alow down in Tyneside

        • Andynufc

          i really wish they wouldn’t as it’s normally just rubbish spoken just like you’re original hate filled comment

    • Jezza

      People hate Newcastle because they can win nothing for 60 odd years and still get crowds that clubs like LFC’s poorer relations can only dream about.

      As for being a one club city, then how come the likes of Leeds United, Wolves, Southampton, Norwich City, Coventry City, Portsmouth, Leicester City and Sunderland can’t get close to the crowds Newcastle get? All of these are one club city clubs and all of them have won a major trophy morec recently than Newcastle.

    • TheFatController

      I hate to break it to you, but some people like Newcastle and love coming to an away game here.

      Get over yourself, you sound like no one listens to you so you come to us for an audience. You’ve come to the wrong place …

    • Danimal

      In other words, you choose to fill your life with hate and throw around mindless cliches, based on total ignorance. No Newcastle fans expect anything of the kind. We’re perfectly capable of seeing who we’re competing with and in which part of the league. We would just like to be better, what’s wrong with that? You should understand that after your struggles of recent decades. I don’t remember Newcastle fans taking pleasure in Everton’s regular relegation battles of the 1990s. If you’ve been to SJP you’ll know that it is one of few places where away fans are welcome in all the pubs and people want to talk football. Some people have chosen to trade that camaraderie in for mindless keyboard abuse. Good luck with it.

    • BillytheFish

      People don’t hate Newcastle, it’s just morons like you who actually hate everyone and everything, you sad little man.
      I travel to all away grounds and get a great welcome from everywhere and mostly everyone, as we welcome friendly away fans to our City.
      All clubs have negative people like you, who are usually keyboard warriors, fat, ugly, little willy, and no girlfriend. Try to be nice and it will come back ;-)

      • hetonmag

        Loved that last sentence.😁😁😁

    • hetonmag

      You read the Beano too much.😴

    • IAmYTM

      It’s always nice to have a guest speaker come to tell us how we all feel and act.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      You have no history here because it is back in Ireland !

  • nufcslf

    Well, you have to accept what you have thrown at you when handing results to the other team. Too thick skinned to let petty comments from other fans to wash. I’m not blind and know the damage fatboy has done is the reason the football on the pitch is such a shile of pite. Football is not what we are about, it is all about fatty and won’t change until he id gone. Simple.

  • Jezza

    Great victory for Everton. Scraping a 1-0 win over a Championship team thanks to a goalkeeping howler and two shots smashing off the woodwork with their £30 million keeper nowhere. An added bonus for the visiting fans was seeing a decent sized crowd too.

  • BillytheFish

    “Big Sam’s Super Blue Army” I can hear it ringing out at that theatre of pure football that is Everton, yes that WAS sarcasm….Would rather be where we are, in fact would rather be in the Championship that suffer that anti football under old jowly…These two really do deserve each other.

  • Gazbags

    So you expect to be doing better when you have just been promoted?! listen to yourselves!!!! No one mentioned the hospitality of supporters. The support is great but that is were the greatness finishes. ANd who said I was a toffee? Presumptive geordies again eh!!! Just be happy staying up this year

    • hetonmag

      Talk about hospitality when I was down at your dilapidated ground for our replay with Forest in 1974, walking to the ground an Everton fan came out of no where and punched my mate on the nose then ran off, my mate ending with a broken nose. Shyte fans Shyte ground.

      • Gazbags

        1974 mate? Come on! I call shyte fans cheering their own player off when he gets subbed. Great way to lift your team that fella! And that dilapidated ground has seen more glory in a year than SJP ever has. Everyone knows Everton have amazing supporters home and away. And will be moving to a new stadium now that planning permission and funds have arranged.

        • hetonmag

          Great fans what when carrying a child in his arms and trying to punch an opposing player.

        • HappyToons

          Everton v Newcastle, 27th August 1988 – Away fan ‘highlights’ youtube

          I can’t hear your amazing fans despite the number of goals because of our noise.

          Everton fans never turned up at Newcastle pre-premiership, nor did Liverpool, if you can post a vid of Everton’s amazing fans up here any time before the big money premiership?

          First trip to Goodison was 77’78 and a 4-4 draw and Everton don’t rank anywhere as amazing fans. Liverpool at Anfield on a big night might be amazing.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Oh the irony, A Scouser who has the audacity to call Geordies scruffs !