And they call Newcastle supporters deluded…just read what Everton fans are saying here!

Only two weeks ago the scousers were below Newcastle and after a couple of easyish home games and a fluke of a point at Anfield, they are getting just a ‘little’ ahead of themselves.

Add in the small matter of no away win in the Premier League since January (11 months ago!) and you might find most of the comments below pretty amusing.

Yes Newcastle have been poor recently and finding ever more inventive ways to give goals away…

But this is two poor teams meeting and anything can happen.

Everton fans commenting via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘Sam hates Rafa, Rafa hates Sam.

Is Rafa going to be the second Kopite manager head to wobble off in half a week?

After the Defencefest of our moral victory against the Forces of Dark Delusion, the Horse Punchers are next.’

‘We’ll smash these 1-0.’

‘There’s no love lost between NUFC supporters and Allardyce.

Let’s hope we ruin their week.’

‘These are awful, but it would be totally “Everton, that” for us to lose this after our recent relatively decent set of results and their horrible slide in form.

Take the game to them, attack and their heads will drop and we will win. Go into it with a mindset similar to Sunday and we lose.’

‘We smash them, geordies fewme as they hate Sam, Rafa gets sacked.

Best get some more popcorn on the go lads.’

‘I was speaking to my Newcastle supporting friend, he thinks we will beat them comfortably. If we keep it tight, we can definitely confirm his prediction.

Our players are better all over the park, they need to show their class.’

‘Send these deluded Geordies back to the championship!

Can’t stand them.

Starting to like Mike Ashley though. I’m sure he’s trolling them all for a bit and of a laugh. Well in there mike lad.’

‘Never been to Newcastle away before. quite excited about this one.

I’m hoping for a 3-1 win and allround good performance, with players knowing their exact rolls.’

‘Don`t go near the Bigg Market, if you value your nose and teeth.’


3-0 Everton.

Big Sam and fat Rafa to soak themselves in gravy and start wrestling.’

‘Nothing on earth is quite like the bigg market at about 3am on a Sunday morning.

I always half expected to spot David Attenborough with a camera man giving a running commentary of the absolute apes on the loose. It’s a place that evolution ignores.’

‘Think this will be a struggle but it’s one we can win because they’re so awful. Expecting another performance from us with the emphasis on defence, we do the basics right surely we can nick at least one down the other end.’

‘I am confident we’ll school these clowns.’

‘Really hope we turn these over.

Horrible deluded Skunks, managed by the FSW.’

‘This lot is shipping goals like Everton circa November. If we hold them to 1 or less goals, we should win this comfortably.’

‘The mistake we´ve made is trying to win away games by playing attacking football. That´s not how you dow it. Allardyce is just the type of manager who knows how though. Keep it tight and frustrate. Set piece goal just before half time.’

‘Badly average this Newcastle side, ok so we aren’t exactly great ourselves but this lot have nothing about them.’

‘I really hope we smash Benitez and the Geordies.’

‘We are getting a bit too cocky again so i expect a defeat tonight.’

‘Sam got it dead right on Sunday, but the fact that we had to play that way shows how limited we are at the moment.

Newcastle are having a horrible time and Everton should beat them, but you just can’t be that confident.

If we can play as we did against West Ham we’ll win. Not saying we were all that, but it’d be enough, I think.’

‘These lot are total garbage.

This is the ideal opportunity to lose the terrible record – Jan since last away win.

Would love to see that fat bald idiot Benetiz losing another game.’

‘Off the top of my head I cannot even name five current Newcastle players. They are awful. After a positive start to the season they’ve been woeful recently.’

‘Let’s smash them. Couple of early goals, their heads drop, crowd gets nasty, then we hit them with another two in the 84th and 88th minute respectively.’

‘Sadly sounds like they have a takeover announcement imminent. If so we’ll need to keep them quiet for the first 20.’

‘I just have this funny feeling that if we get the first goal,we will get a bag full.’

‘Isn’t it great going into a game, expecting a victory? Fat Sam is God.’

  • Paul Patterson

    Why the hate? Nasty! Hope this is isn’t a General consensus. We seem to be universally hated for no reason.

    • Jezza

      Jealousy, marra. We get crowds that supposedly giant club Everton can only dream about and that’s what rubs them up the wrong way.

      • Ramon

        Is there anyone alive that can still remember your “giant” club winning anything?

        • Jezza

          Nobody said our club was giant and it’s not about “winning anything”. Any club can draw huge crowds when they win trophies every year. It’s the ability to go 60 odd years without winning a thing and still draw in 52,000 crowds every week that is the mark of a truly big club.

          • Ramon

            Jezza, only partially true. You could say that with only one club in a medium sized city that any football fans will support that one team. Surely a history of also winning things is more important. I have seen my team crowned Champions 4 times, you don’t look old enough to have seen your team win anything, And that’s NOT a sly dig. I posted on here earlier about the rubbish comments from some fellow blues and the racist comment but it was not shown. Unfortunately.

          • Jezza

            The same tired old one club city argument. Leeds United, Southampton, Wolves, Coventry City, Norwich City, Leicester City, Portsmouth, Sunderland. All of them are the only club in a city with a population equal to or greater than that of Newcastle Upon Tyne, all have won a major trophy more recently than Newcastle United yet none of them can ever hope to draw the size of crowds Newcastle United get.

            I am older than I look but yes you are right I have never seen my team win a major trophy but I still keep supporting them. That’s what being a football supporter is all about. Not glory or trophies but staunch loyalty. Where would you be if you’d never seen Everton win a trophy? I’ll tell you, on the other side of Stanley Park, standing on The Kop that’s where.

          • Ramon

            On the Kop? I doubt it. My Father, Grandfather etc., all followed the Blues. No need to be offensive. Yet all you have to offer is “big crowds”. Just shows how easily you’re pleased. Or starved of success.
            Funny, nearly all the clubs you mention have also been more successful than you, big crowds or not.

          • Ramon

            Well, the little club certainly put you in your place again tonight, didn’t we?

          • Jezza

            Yes good nioght for Everton fans. You got the three points and also got to see a crowd.

          • Ramon

            We can see a shower like that at Chester zoo each week if we wanted.
            And you got to see a team that is getting used to winning.

          • Jezza

            Keep voting up your own comments. You just don’t get it do you. Supporting your team is what it’s all about not winning trophies or glory. Will be a bit of a come down going back to 30,000 crowds at Goodison after tonight.

          • Rich Lawson

            Well said Jezza,I was fortunate enough to attend every home game (age 14) the season we won The Fair’s Cup.It’s true to say things have been a bit up and down (no pun intended) since,but If your born here you support the club whatever it brings,that’s it, and I would never swap my allegiance for trophies or anything else. Hopefully the alledged takeover will take us into a new era with silverware ?

          • Ramon

            Rich, these days there is no guarantee that money will bring silverware. ALL clubs have money now and the likes of CITY could put out two teams and play each other in the final.
            I have tried a couple of responses to Jezza but they have not appeared. Are things censored on here? There was no bad language or anything offensive. Maybe it was too good a response…

          • Rich Lawson

            Hello Ramon,Yes posts on here are refused for no apparent good reason,it doesn’t matter if you try and alter them,they just don’t appear and you never find out why ? I appreciate what you are saying about money,when I bigged up a new era it was more a matter of seeing a more considered and enlightened approach to running a football club.As we have seen in the recent past an element of luck can bring the League or F.A. Cup to relative paupers like Wigan or Brum’ City so hope springs eternal ? All the best to you and your club for the New Year.

          • Ramon

            Hi Rich, Yes, the posts were not inflammatory at all, not even banter, but it’s out of our hands. I think that the amount of money swilling about football now has had a detrimental effect on football, too many foreign mercenaries driving around in Bentley’s, the game had changed and not for the better. The Premier is now a procession, I doubt if we’ll see another Leicester situation again any time soon, they got it right just as the money clubs were rebuilding,changing, whatever, it just all fell into place for them.
            Like us, you might see the sudden influx of money won’t make a great difference initially, to catch the “big boys” will take time and vast investment.Or, like Leicester, luck.I’m off on holiday tonight, so All The Best to you and the rest of you Magpies for the Festive Season. It’s still only a game.

          • Kev Newcastle England

            Great post

        • Tom Page

          Yes, me. What year did Everton win the FA cup or a European cup?

          • Ramon

            I have personally seen us win the FA Cup at Wembley in 1966,84,95 and crowned Champions in 63,69,85,87. and the Cup Winners Cup in 87.
            We have obviously won other Honours but I didn’t see them in person.

        • Kev Newcastle England

          My Dad

    • TheFatController

      In Tibet they say ‘a friend’s good fortune is a blessing’

      We’re not their friends and we’re on the verge of a new, ambitious owner.

      no need to speculate at the reaction …

    • csh

      Possibly some of this hate stems from when we played them under Pardew and he uttered the infamous line – “we should be beating teams like Everton”
      Always nice of your manager to do the opponents team talk for them…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    One of my old Army pals comes from Liverpool, he always txts me before a match saying “good luck mate`
    you can guess who he supports

    • paul mclaughlan

      Tranmere Rovers?

  • Jezza

    I went right off Everton fans when I witnessed a section of them in the Bullens Road stand chanting “shoot that n****r” at Mirandinha in 1988.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose


    • Whitehurst

      ….”pull the trigger” by any chance? The 80’s have a lot to answer for!!

  • csh

    Still trotting out the old “deluded” line huh? Isn’t it about time some of these numb trolls got some new material?

  • Leicester Mag

    This is the club with one song with one word umm.. clearly with austerity bin dipping is giving slim pickings must be low blood sugar level causing delusion

  • raz4u

    It’s not the Everton fans who are deluded, the recent results provide confidence.

  • Mrkgw

    Whilst we are on a shockingly bad run at the moment, I have a sneaking feeling that we will edge this one. It will be a tight game though with Allardyce steering their ship.

  • Andy Mac

    Everton fans rescued from the depths of despair are now looking forward to Champions league football, FA Cup Final and a win over their local rivals ? Typical delusional behaviour from those around the Stanley Park area.

    • Ramon

      And you are looking forward to what, exactly? Survival?

  • TheNutJob

    Team sheets due out, will it be a rocka or will it be a shoka
    see you in 10

  • HTL

    slo mo starts ???

  • Ivan

    Everton, always been Liverpool’s mackems

    • Whitehurst

      Cracking comment….so on the money mate!!

  • paul mclaughlan

    Does anyone still drink down The Bigg Market anymore?

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Just in The Beehive. 1.50 a pint

  • Scott wood

    And they call us lot delusional they got a lucky pen against pool they win a couple of games and think they can beat anyone

  • Danimal

    11 months? We see away wins at our place every other week.

    • Jezza

      Yes they obviously haven’t played at St James’s Park in those 11 months.

  • Toon

    Hardly deluded thinking they will get a win, we are useless and the full time score – Everton win. Porter, you are a class A fool, rubbish article

  • Kev Newcastle England

    New Stadium?…Thats tradition and history gone then…

    • Ramon

      Kev, history can’t go anywhere.

  • Ramon

    Nine Titles, actually. And we’re not jealous of you at all. You seem a bit…childish Jezza. “Voting up your own etc.” Is that all you can say. Bleat on about big crowds. Does that make West Ham a bigger club than you? They’ve won more and get bigger gates than you. They get gates as big as City. Are they as big as City.? You need a better argument my friend.

    • Truly Toony

      When we have owners that give a s*it, like Sir John Hall, we’ll have a club that can match most. We’re big in support, but not rich in history.
      15 years ago Man City were getting 28,000 in league 2. Now they’re considered one of the best clubs in the world. How? Owners and ambition. If it wasn’t for the owners, they wouldn’t be where they are now, and if it wasn’t for ours, we wouldn’t be where we are!