After repeated attempts to try and get Marco Silva over a period of time, Everton fans eventually saw Sam Allardyce take over as manager.

The thought of having him in charge led to many Everton fans slaughtering the idea, confident that it was never going to happen.

However, now many of them are changing their tune based on so very little, with only the odd voice of reason.

Sunday saw Liverpool with 79% possession to Everton’s 21%, 23 shots to 3, 12 corners to 1, whilst they got their very lucky equaliser from one of the softest penalties you will have seen.

This followed a predictable home win over Huddersfield who had been terrible on their travels this season (one win five defeats) before going to Goodison Park, Everton then following up with a win over Cypriot side Apollon Limassol in a dead group game between two reserve sides.

However, this hasn’t prevented Everton fans falling for Fat Sam’s ‘charms’ already, little do they suspect what lies ahead.

Comments from Everton fans via their top Grand Old Team message board:

‘No unexpected losses with Big Sam in charge. I’m coming round to the guy.

Defensively we look more resilient. Even after conceding, we kept at it. Can you imagine that a month or so ago? If he can keep this defensive strength up and expand our attacking play, then I for one will be happy. I would never have chosen him as Everton manager, but now he’s here then I’m behind him.

I wonder if we have found a manager who will just click. I just get a feeling that Sam might get rid of the loser mentality in the players, and if he can do that, then the sky’s the limit.’

‘Liked his little digs at Klopp

“He can moan all he wants but it’s a penalty,”

“Clear-cut chances for Liverpool were very few and far between for such a talented team.”

We may miss him when he’s gone. Meanwhile, buckle up, this could be fun for a bit.’

‘I think Sam should be given a large contract. If he can organize a defence is such a short time, he can take Everton places. Hope he is there for a long time now, could be his last job.’

‘If  it (Sam Allardyce negative tactics) is good enough for (Man) Utd to park the bus at the Pit, its good enough for me too.

Well, earned point for us yesterday.

Bring on the barcodes.”

‘If he gets another FACTS rant out of Rafa after Wednesday night he’s officially boss.’

‘Big credit to Sam for the agricultural footie and all. Horrible to watch, but at least it’s a result, like. And i’ll take that any day over winning the passing stats in a phenomenal fashion.’

‘I love the fact that everyone hates him.’

‘My view is that Sam did not set up to play so negatively yesterday…

But that plan was scuppered because Pickford’s ball distribution was dreadful.

I think the idea was for him to start the attacks by getting the ball quickly up the field to our two strikers but every time he hoofed it forward it either went straight into touch or found one of our men in an impossible position.’

‘That was a master class in defending from Sam yesterday.’

‘The very essence of his personality that made me hate the guy over the years, actually had me smiling yesterday. His handling of Klopp was just classic Allardyce. He may be a horror but I guess he’s our horror now.’

‘At the moment it is all about results and points.

We can look at performances later when the management team have properly settled and added players to their squad. So far they have been looking at the next game up and trying to figure a way to get something out of it rather than developing a style of play.

Sam is a pragmatic manager and knows how to get the best out of what he has at his disposal.’

‘He has made us more organised and solid at the back, unbeaten and conceded only 1 goal since he took over. Don’t think any other manager could have done that so fast and effectively considering how bad we were. We were getting thrashed by even the poorest teams.

I am definitely happy with the new management team so far and i can only see us improving as we move forward.’

‘The reception he got before the West Ham game shows that the majority of the fans were willing to give him a chance, and, in less than a fortnight he’s won over, to a greater or lesser extent, a lot of doubters in the fan base.’

‘I’ve no problem with him playing a defensive game instead of getting absolutely rinsed by superior attacking opposition. I expect us to be more expansive against struggling Newcastle and Swansea. 6 points would see us in a very healthy situation considering the start to the season.

Also, echoing a lot of people’s comments, it’s a nice feeling to have a manager who is proud to manage the club.’

‘As a short term expedient and in one off games against the better teams at the moment it is acceptable but there is no way we should play like that in the future.

That was a stereotypical BS performance (from what I have seen of his recent teams Newcastle, West Ham and Palace).

Unless BS can show an ability to play more progressive football ( it doesn’t have to be Pep’s possesion stuff , but please not  hoofball all the time ) then we need a new manager next season.’

‘Bit early to even think about judging him yet and talking about other managers! He has inherited a mess of a team and will need a bit of time to sort out what he has.

I honestly believe he could go on to be a very good manager for us and with the money to buy some decent players for the first time in his managerial career will actually relish that challenge.’

‘My opinion won’t change after today about not wanting him as manager.

But what I do want to mention, even though it was a pitiful performance, it got a result and just for the players and mentally where they’re at I think it could be a massive point.

I’ll give him credit for that.

Let’s see if we can express ourselves a little more on Wednesday and get the 3 points.’

Big Sam’s royal blue army are still unbeaten!’

‘His style of football has been indicative of the quality of squad at his disposal. He’s done what was needed at all clubs he’s been at.

What’s to say he won’t continue at Everton, whether that’s staying up this season or qualifying for Europe?’

‘Credit where it’s due. But hoping we actually play football against Newcastle.’

‘If there is one thing big Sam does well it’s make heads fall off. So naturally I like him.’

‘We got lucky getting the Big Man, timing was perfect.’

‘We could end up getting Rafa sacked on Wednesday.

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas!’

‘Actually starting to really like Allardyce.’

‘Maybe it’s time we had a nasty man at the helm.’

‘It reminds me of an interview I read with the Palace chairman shortly after Big Sam got the job there. Allardyce said that he won’t play tiki taka football if he got the job because it was entireley unsuited to the players at Palace.

And furthermore he said that any interviewee who said they could turn them into Barca was talking nonsense and was either lying or didn’t understand football.

He knows how to work with what he’s got and today was a prime example.’

‘Can’t wait for his first signing.

The way he talks about it being important to set the right tone I think it’s going to be a good one.’

‘We’re starting to like him.’

‘He’s a cracking manager and we are lucky to have him. He will also be great in the transfer market. I think he’s starting to suspect he’s found his perfect club.’

‘Allardyce is streetwise and sees it on the pitch as it is. He also doesn’t give one about what anyone thinks.

Quite refreshing this.’

‘Whats interesting with him, is you do see another side to him when he manages you.

You have these moments where you are almost ashamed at his brash chip on the shoulder.

There are also moments though, where he is very articulate, thoughtful and confident.’

  • Bluetonic74

    Quoting fan opinion from an Everton site straight after a Derby result which was a positive one, yeah a great gage of opinion that, especially when you leave off every single negative post and copy paste parts from longer posts which carry both positive and negative views. As for your opinion of the game, yeah 23 shots to 3, but was 3 to 2 on actual on target shots – paints a different picture that ofc doesn’t it? 12 corners to 1 – and 79% possession – do those things get you points these days? and as for the pen – yeah most disagree with you and say it was one – how about the salah push leading up to his goal though mate? Anyway seems your bubble is burst with Benitez – guess if we beat you Wednesday you’ll be screaming for him sacked :)

    • Toon

      Apologies – this website is a bit of an embarrassment for nufc fans

      • Soldier

        don`t apologise for me mate, there`s 50,000 plus of us there every match through thick & thin. do you go ?

        • Peter Stabler

          Well, through thin and thin anyway………

    • Soldier

      you were played off the park, the penalty was correct

      • Bluetonic74

        Just to add – seen us under the last two managers get absolutely bummed by worse Liverpool teams 4-0 at the pit, so yeah for a season can accept a ‘tactical’ game-plan over bending over and getting rammed

  • Anni Selby

    Sam Allardyce left you lot in a reasonble position in midtable,takes time for teams come good,or but no Ashley actions was totally stupid and he is a prat sacked him,belive me Everton will be up for the game despite playing poor at Anfield,some of you lot are short sighted on this board,half the time they do,results count,not kind of play or the football Sam Allardyce plays.There are some thick people on here.He,s out to make Ashley pay for the mistake.Do not get me wrong.not having at NUFC by all means,Rafa is not the blame for the lack of backing by this parastie,we have the same problem.Every other managers you had.

    • Danimal

      I always rated him and definitely wanted him at the time. But he didn’t leave us in a reasonable position, we were getting pastings and sinking like a stone. Obviously no arguments with you about Ashley being a prat.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you`re most welcome to a manager who takes bungs & has low moral standards which i`m afraid runs in the family.
      lost the most prestigious job in Football through sheer Greed
      The Man`s a Pig

    • FatParosite

      Allerdyce is the antichrist of football. Not as big a chancer as Pardew but the enemy of entertainment. West Ham wanted rid because he did not reflect their attitude to football and were not vilified in the way we were for not taking someone so poisonous to our hearts. Allerdyce will not last long at Everton & is likely to illicit an acrimonious divorce.

  • Dillon Tovak

    There’s nothing wrong with them getting behind their new manager.
    It was however not a penalty in my opinion, he barely brushed him.

    • Soldier

      stonewall, pushed him in the back right in front of the ref, try watching it again on youtube

      • Dillon Tovak

        Really, maybe by the rules but if I made the rules that wouldn’t be.
        Which I know I don’t so I should be quiet, but I think it’s sad you can’t touch anybody.

  • Martin

    I think we have more than enough of our own problems to worry about without worrying about what Everton fans think of Sam Allardyce.

  • wheyayeman

    What’s embarrassing isnt Everton fans getting behind their manager it’s imbeciles who pose as Newcastle fans getting on Rafa’s back.

    • Clarko

      Why should Benitez be immune to criticism?

      • Soldier

        nobody is above criticism

        • Geordiegiants

          Read above.

      • Geordiegiants

        Because he has enough on his plate with the parasite never mind the so callled fans on his back. He is fighting tooth and nail for us.

        • Clarko

          Did you/other people in the fan base not criticise previous mangers like Pardew, Kinnear or Carver. I forgot, you like to refer to them as “Pinocchio JK and Charver”.

          Benitez makes mistakes and should be criticised for those mistakes, just like every other manager.

          • Geordiegiants

            I certainly did, those muppets were in it for what ever Jabba wanted. Rafa has a genuine affinity with the fans, the club and the city. He may make mistakes like any other manager, but everything he is doing he is doing for the right reasons. He needs support, he needs everyone pushing in the right direction.

          • 8prestondave

            He has support and even those that criticise him are pushing in the right direction. What he really needs is some money to buy some new players from an owner who will back him not back stab him. Either way some of his decisions make your eyebrows go up and fans are allowed to disagree with what he has done. Doesn’t make them haters though.

          • Geordiegiants

            Yeah that is correct, but do you people not realise that’s what makes him different/better than your Pinocchios and Charvers.

          • Clarko

            Did the other managers not need “support” and “everyone pushing in the right direction”?

            “Rafa has a genuine affinity with the fans, the club and the city”. Does he? What has he done? That just seems like like a load of bo!locks to me.

            “Everything he is doing he is doing for the right reasons”, is he? Or is he just doing his job, the job he is paid a lot of money to do. I suppose the other managers were doing everything for the “wrong” reasons right?

            You’re an idiot and a hypocrite.

          • Geordiegiants

            No the other mangers didn’t. They were Jabbas little hoop lickers. They went along with everything he said, they were frightened to question him. Everyone of them has said so after they left. You really are in the dark if you think Rafa does nothing for this club and city.

          • Clarko

            “They were Jabbas little hoop lickers. They went along with everything he said”. Of course they did…

            “You really are in the dark if you think Rafa does nothing for this club and city”. It’s his job to keep the club in the Premier League, something he has already failed to do in his short tenure as manager at Newcastle.

          • Geordiegiants

            What do you mean? Of course they did? Rafa doesn’t.

          • Clarko

            Ashley owns the club, whatever he says goes, now taking into account that Benitez is still the manager of Newcastle, he is, by your own definition, a “little hoop licker” and is going along with whatever “Jabba” says, just like the other managers mentioned. Keegan is the only manager who didn’t, he walked away, he quit, he acted.

            But logic is pointless when talking to someone who is as biased as you.

          • Geordiegiants

            Ok Rafa is doing what he is told.

      • Mrkgw

        Agreed Clarko. I like Rafa but just cannot accept some of his choices in terms of team selection. Bizarre at times.

  • Toon

    Fair play to Everton fans, backing their manager after three solid games to turn things around. This is a small selection of their fans chosen by an idiot simply to generate ‘hits’ as this will go on both clubs online searches. This site is embarrassing for Nufc fans

    • Soldier

      don`t use it then !

      • Dillon Tovak

        Why? He probably wants to read news about Newcastle?

  • Soldier

    Stonewall penalty & i wouldn`t want that guy anywhere near a club i supported

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Allardyce is an odious individual who should not be allowed to be in football after his dodgy dealings. The love in with the Toffees will soon wear off.

  • TheNutJob

    Hippo Heed should have been banned by the FA

    • Peaky Magpie

      Should have Nutjob but they are probably just as corrupt as him,he’s probably got something on one of them ?

  • FatParosite

    Just wait till Potato Head gets in the likes of Smiffy & Cacapa…… Funny as F….

  • Mrkgw

    We need Rafa and the side to win on Wednesday. Desperately.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”I love it that everyone hates him” There’s a good reason for that pal,he will probably get you to mid-table.Next season you will be wanting to know why he does not play free flowing attractive football and the motorway service station cctv is showing some dubious late night visits corresponding to your transfer activity ?

  • Geordiegiants

    We haven’t spent millions and millions have we though, plus your hippo heeded oaf is about to waste all of your new owners dosh and you will end up in the same boat as us soon 🤪.

  • Davros

    He got Bolton wanderers to consecutive top 6 finishes… Give the boy time