Diego Alonso has been talking about the coaches he played under and who impressed him the most.

The former Uruguayan striker is now manager at Mexican club Pachuca and was interviewed by Marca in Spain.

Playing much of his playing career in Spain, it is the managers/coaches in La Liga who had most impact on him as a player.

Diego Alonso calls Luis Aragones ‘a genius’ after playing under him at Atletico Madrid.

Whilst he also has special words for Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez who he was with at Valencia: ‘Methodologically Rafa Benitez is a genius. I was lucky to work with him and I learned a lot’.

Rafa’s ‘methodological’ talents are being tested at the moment with a run of only one point from 21 with an underfunded squad on Newcastle’s return to the Premier League.

Anybody who thinks Newcastle would be somehow better off with a change of manager, with this set of players, is very definitely deluded.

Diego Alonso talking to Marca:

“The coach that has marked me most has been Luis Aragones, he was a genius, a different type.

“I knew all of them, especially in the management of the players. He was a born motivator, he had the key to each player.

“I also had Rafa Benitez.

“I have not seen Mourinho or Guardiola trained, though I have seen Cholo’s, but Benitez must be among the top ten methodological trainers.

“Methodologically Rafa Benitez is a genius.

“I was lucky to work with him and I learned a lot.

“Also with Juande Ramos I learned a lot.

“When I was a player I wrote down all of my coaches.

“At the end I had ten notebooks full of notes.

“I realised that it served little, that one has to train what he feels and not what he sees.

“Yes we learn by copying but the message must be from you.”

  • TheNutJob

    I`m a genius as well but i diven`t go around bragging about it

    • TheNutJob

      the problem Rafa`s having with methodology is the fact that his players aren`t good enough to carry it out.
      add to the the Pie man has sent him off his trolley

  • ghostrider

    I remember many players calling McClaren a top coach and singing his praises to the hilt.
    Talk is cheap and anyone can spin any yarn. It doesn’t mean the yarn will turn into a nice suit.
    Let’s be totally honest.
    If Rafa’s such a genius then the players he identified and trained should now be a good deal better than they were and also his team should be progressing under this genius.

    World class Rafa should, at the very least be ensuring this team improves and also plays the best way for each team they come up against, because Rafa is meticulous, isn’t he?
    He leaves no stone unturned….right?
    He puts out teams that are simply hard to beat….correct?

    I expect to see the football I’ve seen from a team like we have, to be a little bit better than I’m seeing and this would be with a rookie manager.
    I expect a lot better from a manager that commands 5 million a year and who has a CV that states he’s world class, with references from top players who profile him as a genius.

    Let’s see some of your genius, Rafa.

    • hetonmag

      And you know more than Diego Alonso and the top coaches that came to our club from around the world to actually watch his coaching methods, I have read your posts and you have an opinion but quite frankly with respect your an idiot, we are privileged to have Rafa.

      • ghostrider

        We aren’t privileged to have Rafa, at all.
        He’s privileged that we allow him to manage this club and pay him a kings ransom to do so and yet he repays it by coaching the life and soul out of the squad.
        Get the dinosaur OUT and get in someone that can organise a balanced team to play football.

        • TheFatController

          Haha! Taking a deep breath might help …

          • ghostrider

            There’ll be plenty of deep breath’s soon enough. They will be massive sigh’s when fans get absolutely fed up of Rafa.

    • 1957

      You’re right about SMc. I spoke to an international footballer, at a promotional event, who had played for Steve at Middlesbrough who said he was probably the best one to one coach he had worked with. Steve’s problem he said was indecision, he would set the team up to play one way during the week and change everything a hour before the game when he got the opposition team sheet.

      • ghostrider

        The thing is, Benitez doesn’t even have a plan B.
        I’ll never understand a manager that can set up to defend when you’re 1-0 down as he has done.