In their last nine Premier League meetings, David Moyes hasn’t won a single one.

However, the West Ham boss says he goes into this game against Rafa Benitez with ‘big confidence’.

Moyes is missing Lanzini through suspension for cheating, captain Mark Noble due to injury, whilst Michail Antonio is also likely to miss Saturday.

However, he still confidently states that he wants to show the West Ham crowd ‘how we played at Stoke City’.

The Hammers boss says that before last week ‘we couldn’t talk about anything other than the bottom three’ but now hopes ‘climb the table’.

West Ham picked up seven points from the last nine but still the Premier League table sees Southampton in 12th only six points ahead of 20th and bottom Swansea City.

If Newcastle could get a win tomorrow and other results fall right, West Ham could still end up back in the bottom three for Christmas.

The carrot for Rafa Benitez must be that if he can find a win against David Moyes, then with three of the following four games being against Swansea, Brighton and Stoke, Newcastle could potentially climb into comfortable mid-table. The reverse though is that failing to take points in this kinder run of fixtures could prove disastrous.

Saturday at the London Stadium could go some way to deciding how much the two managers will be looking forward to the rest of the season.

David Moyes speaking at his pre-Newcastle press conference:

“We go into the game with big confidence.

“We want to show our supporters how we played at Stoke City. We’ve had a good week in Premier League points, and there’s a lot of things we’re doing right.

“At the moment, the small job at the moment is we are in the games and picking up points.

 “I would like to see us climb the table and in coming weeks we might do that. Up until last week we couldn’t talk about anything other than the bottom three.

Rafa Benitez had really good Liverpool teams. It would be hard now to come up against better Liverpool teams. They were really difficult to beat. We had a few battles over the years. I missed him in Spain.

 “We have come across each other over the years but we are at home this weekend and our crowd have done a brilliant job in helping us. I want to give them a great Christmas present in three points this weekend.”

“I’ve been involved in football since I was 16 and I’ve not known it any different. Sometimes you’re playing two or three games over a week.

“I think as a professional footballer you understand our tradition is you play football over Christmas.”

“There’s a doubt over Michail Antonio due to a calf injury. He didn’t play in the week.

 “Cheikhou Kouyate has trained this week and we’re hoping he will be available, but Mark Noble won’t be available for the weekend. He’s got a hamstring injury.”

  • TheNutJob

    i have little con-fee-dence in Newcastle these days, not only is the squad total rubbish but Rafa`s off his trolley when it comes to selecting the first 11.
    it we get anything tomorrow it`ll be more luck than judgement.

    • Buck Blacket

      Pick another club then. Nobody is forcing you to support the Toon. Well, when I say support….

      • Soldier

        Bucket head, everyone is entitled to an opinion, even an idiot like yourself. go over to the chron with the rest of the fools

        • Buck Blacket

          Apparently not if I am a Bucket Head and should join the rest of the fools at the chron lol. Your profile though, seriously. If you’re a genuine squady you’ll know what crow bag is, ’nuff said!

      • nufcslf

        Have you watched the last 9 matches. I will be up at 7am watching it here in Vancouver, but with very little hope knowing it will all go wrong. Moyes will have his first win in 10. Remember Rafa had never lost 4 home matches on the bounce in his career until the Everton match. Nothing learned match after match. You can’t really support a losing cause, you just learn put up with it. Not good and very sad with no end in sight.

    • Tomb

      Only if we play the rubbish. We have 25 million of striking talent not starting in Gayle and Mitro it’s just that Rafa chooses to play his cheap striker over them.

  • Mitros gotta start

    Moyes…..a clown with wooden teeth….gan boil yer heed