Brighton fans made the long journey north and weren’t impressed with what they saw.

Their overwhelming impression was that the Seagulls were better than the Magpies but didn’t show enough attacking intent.

More worrying for Newcastle supporters is just how bad they thought the home side was.

Basically, if they had shown more ambition, Brighton fans think they would have taken away the three points.

In fact the visitors were not impressed with what they saw both on and off the pitch from the hosts.

Despite another capacity crowd the atmosphere was shocking, with Brighton fans claiming the booing at the final whistle was the loudest the home supporters had been.

I can’t say that the booing really registered that much with me, I tend to just zone out as I leave after such a poor game, however, it is for sure that unless the team does something, the noise levels from the terraces is all but non-existent.

If the players continue that Saturday afternoon form in upcoming games, nothing will improve…on or off the pitch.

That is five from the last six games at St James Park where Newcastle have failed to score.

This first comment below is very much on the money as the key to Newcastle’s biggest problem, especially when it comes to creating/attacking…’Brighton have strengthened and Newcastle haven’t’.

Brighton fans comment via their top North Stand Chat message board:

‘We edged it, but a draw was probably a fair result and a decent one considering it was away from home and against a team that would have been targeting this game for 3 points.

A team on the slide  like Newcastle, will be thinking’ if we can’t beat Brighton at home we are going to struggle’. Physiologically we have a big boost by staying above them and taking 4 points off them this season. Especially revealing that they did the double over us last season. Brighton have strengthened and Newcastle haven’t.’

‘I think that Newcastle Brown Ale have missed a trick on the free advertising at the end of the game, with all the Toon fans shouting boooooooooooooooze!’

‘I’d like to see a plan B deployed, I know we will lose more than we currently do but we would also win more and score more goals which should breed confidence to shoot!

Newcastle are the perfect opposition to deploy a 2nd striker against.’

‘Annoyed at spending over £200 on this match, yet it didn’t seem at any point that we actually tried to win the game.’

‘A rather annoying end to that game. There for the taking, but our attacking outlets were few, and our aim seemed to nab that precious point rather than three. Could have been so much more, with a thin slice of dare consumed. Still, liked our midfield slickness, and hope we’re given so much space to continue with that, and get a strike or two toward goal as we do.’

‘I think people have a right to be somewhat concerned about the fact we’ve scored one goal from open play in our last TEN. Not a ‘Hughton Out’ shout at all, and it was a decent point today despite the poor performance, but I can’t help feeling our survival hinges on getting the right striker in next month.’

‘Pretty poor game, but it is a point gained considering the form Newcastle are in and that Stoke are getting worse.’

‘One of my Newcastle (season ticket holding) supporting friends was on his FB page around 3pm claiming this was almost a guaranteed three points for the ‘Army…’

‘I don’t really care how boring/cautious/lucky/etc we are. Every point is precious, lets strive to be the least bad team, get as many points as we can, no matter how, and build on that from next season. Saying that, I’m rather glad I didn’t make the trip up to the frozen north today, SSN had nothing good to say about either team (except Maty Ryan, who was brilliant)!’

‘Having a bit of a moan, getting it off your chest is fine. We are reacting as if we lost today which is better than reacting as if we’d just really lost. To moan at a draw is favourable and it hasn’t evolved into a bed wetting scenario.’

‘Surprised Izquierdo wasn’t given the last 10 mins. We completely handed Newcastle the momentum for the final few. Fortunately they were poor.’

‘Its the same pattern thats has happen everytime Hughton has managed in the top flight……maybe Chris should look at tweaking the tactics a bit?’

‘I don’t think it was happening when he was the Newcastle manager – it was just Ashley wanting to wave his willy and get a Big Shot manager in.’

‘Newcastle were really, really bad today, but we didn’t take advantage of that. People watch football for entertainment, and ultimately it’s attacking play that provides entertainment. The team aren’t giving us much to cheer going forward, at the moment.’

‘I was pleased with an away point and would have taken that at the start. Expected more from Newcastle (as did their fans clearly).’

‘I thought we’d lose today as (all the pre match talk and posturing from the Toon indicated) Newcastle were well up for this. To take the sting out of their game and come away with a point at a place we nearly always contrive to lose… I’m delighted.

We need a striker or two for sure, BUT this was a good result – make no mistake.’

‘Appreciate the need for a point away from home and March/Knockaert were defending well, but they were there for the taking today and to not give Izquierdo a go for 25 minutes seemed a bit strange. Not often we’ll be away from home and have a chance like that to get 3 points.’

‘Incredibly dull game from two sides short of goals and confidence with two pragmatic managers. Probably could’ve put the mortgage on a 0-0, with hindsight. No quality in final third from either side.’

‘Again just not good enough against a shot Newcastle side. Terrible game.’

‘Two points dropped as NU were poor but another point in the bag.’

Newcastle were there for the taking, which makes it frustrating. A point is a point though I suppose.

However we could carry on playing all evening and we still wouldn’t have scored.’

‘Two points thrown away today by our total reluctance to attack. Newcastle were rubbish and there for the taking, we just sit back. So frustrating.’

Damaging for Newcastle, they’d have expected to win at home against us. Their wobble continues.’

‘Although we may be disappointed, the reaction of the home support at the end says a lot. They are on the slide and it was important to not lose to them today.’

‘Last 15 min we shut down and stopped passing – need to manage the full 90 mins(+3). Still a point is ok away from home, but Newcastle are so bad we should have taken them.’

‘The home crowd were deafening….when they were booing at the end.’

  • anyobrien

    Both terrible tbh… They had nowt up front same as us… As for mocking the home fans… “Where were you when you were shyte”… Rings true with this lot… They were nearly bankrupt because the luvvies on the South Coast didn’t go.. Why because they were absolute garbage now there in the big time roll out the super fan.

    • Andynufc

      “where were you when you were Shyte” Erm do Brighton fans not realise we are shyte now. Weird thing to sing considering where we find ourselves now.

      • GToon

        Every time I hear that sung to us I always sing back “here we are, here we are and we are shyte…….”

    • gallowgate26

      Despite their, now well trotted out remarks (bandwagon jumping?) that we are quiet with poor home support… I thought they were really quiet for away supporters. I could hardly hear them at all. They certainly have no business calling us, if that is their away ‘support’!!

  • TheNutJob

    both teams are rubbish & neither fans have anything to shout about,
    where`s Fatty, the silence is deafening.

  • gallowgate26

    They were rubbish, need to take those rose tinted glasses off. Two poor championship teams is what I saw, they’ll do well to survive their first season in the Premier.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Well be challenging them next year in the championship.

  • Andynufc

    Nufc not win at home in 5 games with Brighton having lost their last 4 away games. Basically two teams who neither had the guts to go and try and win the game and scared to lose. Brighton’s passing was slightly better due to the fact nufc players stood watching like cones on a training ground. No real urgency to close them down or try and get the ball forward quickly. Second half we edged the chances with their keeper pulling off a good couple of saves. Being away from home, it’s s decent point for Brighton but nufc being the home team, it’s 2 points dropped. Just a poor game from both sides overall.

  • Viru leckworth

    A bit like watching 90 minutes of a test match.

  • Arty Hume

    Have to say both teams were poor but they out passed and won more balls than we did. We just could not take the ball off them, we had no one in mid to break up the play. Hayden and Merino looked out of their depth, Hoss and Gayle have never hot it off when paired together so what could be expected? Sad thing is there is no one else, and Mitro is not the answer, but according to some gets better each game he does not play…..strange that one. IMHO if we do not get at least 4 decent players in on loan or outright buys we are sunk. Its like the usual story with us under this carpet bagger, buy cheap and hope for a big return with a sale, like those who he struck lucky with, but forgets the countless others who fail to make the grade. Our club has been degraded, devalued and sucked dry of all the things we once had of value in the last 11 years. Baring a miracle or 4>5 new players coming in, and I mean decent players Rafa actually wants, not what he is given, we will go down again. I could take this if it meant getting new owners who would actually care about the club and the fans. I make no bones about it, I stopped going to games years ago because I saw what was happening and though painful swore I would not line his pockets with my money or attendance. Thats my choice, it hurts, but I am am adamant my choice is right for me, and I will not step back into St James Park until he is gone! Criticize me if you want, I really dont care, all I care about is the club, and as I said numerous times before Rafa arrived, going to games while he is the owner is just playing into his hands. The dynamic IMHO has now changed, and we have a decent dedicated manger who is doing the best he can with what he has been given, but even he cannot weave straw into gold, or if you chose another analogy, he cannot make bricks without straw ( the bible says so, so it must be right LOL’s ) .

  • TheFatController

    Do you know what would be one of my first thoughts if we do land the dream and get the takeover?

    How we won’t have to hear opposition supporters talk about us like we’re a flogged horse on its last legs.

    They don’t appreciate – nor should they – how miserable we have been made by ten years of ‘putting on a smile and a brave face on match days’, and watching any forced optimism fizzle out at the realisation we really are just another poorly funded PL club at best now.

    How could anyone expect a good atmosphere when every piece of positivity has to be forced, battling against the all consuming negativity of Ashley’s reign?

    If we were to spend in Jan and break our transfer record, part of me will enjoy any concern that gives the other teams around us…

    • Blackburn1066

      If we spend in Jan and break our transfer record the take over is on.

  • jack

    When a Brighton supporter says Newcastle were really , really bad , it just shows how bad we really are , we played quite well against west ham ,so why didn’t he play that team against Brighton , it’s no use picking your favourites if they are just not performing , the likes of saviet , mbemba , mitrovich, Aaron’s must be tearing their hair out , they are all on the payroll and all deserve a run in the team , what the problem is with Rafa not giving them

  • Andy Mac

    “I think people have a right to be somewhat concerned about the fact we’ve scored one goal from open play in our last TEN” and yet Rafa set up to go for a point ?

    We were there for the taking and the diehards say it’s up to the fans to rouse the team at home while I maintain its up to Rafa to meet us halfway ! How can you cheer paint drying ?