The Brighton fans certainly appear to be looking forward to their day/weekend on Tyneside.

However, judging by their comments, they aren’t as confident about the result.

Brighton have lost their last four away matches whilst Newcastle have lost these past five home matches.

So guaranteed to be a classic!

A poor game of few chances in the 1-0 defeat at the Amex Stadium earlier this season, where Rafa Benitez maybe wished he’d set up in a more attacking formation.

Last season saw a very good 2-0 home win for Newcastle and a deserved 2-1 away victory despite the Seagulls leading for most of the game, the Magpies the better team and winning through a superb team goal (finished by Perez) after a very special Diame strike!

Brighton fans comment via their top North Stand Chat message board:

‘Hopefully Chris Hughton will know how to play the Geordie fans, Albion to score goals and shut the crowd up.

They seem to go deathly quiet when goals are scored against them at home!’

‘The far waiter is bringing excuses out early.

The Newcastle boss believes his side have been short-changed at the Amex twice in 2017.

He urged them to be on guard in a very public reminder about he feels are illegal blocking tactics by the Seagulls.’

‘The Cumberland is my fav pub in Newcastle. Real ales. Fire in the winter. And the occasional bit of rapper sword dancing!

Free Trade and Tanners also good. All makes for a decent pub crawl.’

‘Sounds exactly like my last night down there, finished off in The Cluny watching a Devo tribute band. A fine evening, putting aside me missing my bus stop and trailing through the Byker Wall to get to the Cumberland. Happy days.’

‘Not feeling confident. I fear another Huddersfield performance and dejavu of last season when we didn’t turn up in a hostile atmosphere. Newcastle have lost five on the bounce at home and that can’t continue for much longer.’

‘Think we will set up not to lose (as usual); will make half time 0-0. Second half we concede & that will be it 1-0 defeat’

‘Difference is Huddersfield press and Barcodes (as a rule) don’t. We struggle against teams who press.’

‘So despite all the good pubs, I think we should make Town Wall pub ours.

Decent bar/size, 1min from station for late comers and easy short walk to stadium.’

‘Many years ago in the days of thuggery, a mate of mine discreetly asked a policeman for directions back to the station at Newcastle. He said ” Walk down to those traffic lights……..and run !!! ” Nowadays the locals are friendly & it’s about a 15 -20 mins pleasant stroll back.’

‘Elliot and Darlow are basically the same and they’re just ordinary Championship goalkeepers. The question is whether we’ll have enough play in their box to expose how poor their goalkeeper is, whoever plays.’

‘Try the Bridge Hotel.

Brilliant real Ale pub overlooking the Tyne and the Old Bridge.

Top Pub.’

‘Just waking up in my superb b&b in beautiful Durham countryside, having a nice cuppa before a shower and amazing breakfast. Visit my sister then off with the family to the game, can’t wait for those 14 flights.

Just need the 3 points to round off a lovely weekend.’

‘Surely Newcastle can’t lose 6 in a row at home, can they?’

‘Don’t have much hope for this one to be honest but would love it, love it, if I’m eating my words at 16.45.’

‘Darlow was the difference between us winning and losing the home game last year.’

‘Seagulls have landed in Newcastle.’

‘St James Park usually has a rubbish atmosphere, one of the biggest myths in football that it’s noisy.’

‘Geordies 2, Albion 1.’

‘They should show us some respect and let us win. After all, we gave them the championship.’

‘Win for us, tight game, Propper’s first goal for the club.

I don’t think I have got one right in the last 2 seasons though!’

  • gallowgate26

    ‘They seem to go deathly quiet when goals are scored against them at home!’
    Aye, your team won’t score many goals so it’ll be alright…

  • Leazes Ender

    News that United are going to sell Shelvey to West Ham shouldn’t come as surprise…

    Ryder had preempted it with the beginning of one of his many hate campaigns a couple of days ago. News of this was of course broken by Ryder before the match today….. very timely bid to destabilse United at this time.

    When is the Liverpudlian fifth-columnist going to start on the ones we need to ship out….

    ….I would gladly transfer Ryder.

    • Leicester Mag

      Ryder is a quisling. One day the FB will leave and people will judge Ryder and his numpties and which side they were on

      • Andy Mac

        “When the Revolution comes”…………………………….

        • Rich Lawson

          ”The Revolution will not be televised” Oh hang on, Sky and BT have got the rights to that as well.

    • Wor Lass

      The man is a snake in the grass. He should be run out of town back to Toxteth.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    This game is a huge 6 pointer, both teams really need to gamble for the win here, a point will leave both looking down. I think the Toon will possibly just nick this one but should be very close, I think the Toon Army will be impressed with the travelling Brighton fans singing but hopefully they will have to travel all that way home sulking as I have done in the past in this fixture. Howay the Toon !!