Alan Shearer has been answering an interesting variety of questions.

The questions ranging from whether he’d want Newcastle to win the Premier League ahead of England lifting the World Cup, right through to which three current Premier League players he would sign for Newcastle in January.

The questions were posed by fans in a special facebook event for Coral and as usual, Alan Shearer was very straight with his answers.

After some deliberation, of course he’d rather Newcastle won the Premier League than England winning their first World Cup in over 50 years.

Whilst when asked if Newcastle were in danger of being sucked into a relegation fight, the former Newcastle and England captain replied that NUFC already are in a relegation battle!

Alan Shearer answering questions for Coral:

‘Would you rather Newcastle won the Premier League or England won the World Cup?’

“That is a very good question, it is around the same time the two things last happened, 1969 for Newcastle and 1966 England…a tough question…”

‘Get off the fence!’


‘Do you think with the right owner could Newcastle get back into Europe?’

“Yes, I do.

“Newcastle is a huge football club, fifty two and a half thousand turn out every other week, and they did that even in the Championship – not a lot of clubs could boast that.

“The current owner doesn’t want to be here, so the sooner the better the takeover happens.

“Rafa needs investment in that team and I thought it would be a long hard season anyway, but he needs new players n January. For that to happen it needs investment. Something needs to be done because the current owner doesn’t want to be here.”

‘Is the takeover talk affecting Rafa and the players?’

“It shouldn’t affect the players because a takeover is nothing to do with them, once they get out on the pitch you are there to do a job. The players haven’t done that as well as people have wanted them to do.

“It has been a tough watch of late but players need to go out and play and forget about everything going on off the pitch, it has nothing to with them.”

‘If you could sign three current three Premier League players for Newcastle in January, who would they be?’

“The three players would be ones we couldn’t get because they play for Manchester City – De Bruyne, Silva and Aguero.

“Newcastle need a centre-forward, they need a goalkeeper – because there have been errors in that department in recent games that has cost us points, we need another centre-half and we need a midfielder, so they need strengthening in every position.”

‘Are Newcastle in any danger of being sucked into a relegation battle?’

“They are in a relegation fight already as things stand. The one big plus point is Rafa Benitez, hopefully his experience will show.  

“I hope he gets some funds in January because they desperately need new faces, they need a new spark in that football club. I don’t think there is any doubt about it that if he doesn’t get new faces in, they will be in a relegation battle with, Stoke, Crystal Palace, Swansea, Brighton, Huddersfield.”

Who was your football idol as a kid?’

“Kevin Keegan was my hero.

“I was lucky enough to be a ballboy on the day of Kevin’s very last game when he flew away in a helicopter.”

  • BillytheFish

    It has never been so critical than now that we get some quality players through the door, or we are going down again..

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Not vey imaginative answers there from the very one dimensional “Call Me Mr Shearer” !
    Why are people surprised that Newcastle United are in a relegation battle this season ?
    Anyone who thought anything different is suffering from severe delusions because this was always going to be the case.

  • hetonmag

    Lots of people laughed at Shearer’s assessment before the season started that a £100m + needed to be spent, he wasn’t far wrong was he.

    • Leazes Ender

      True…. I said the same thing but nee one listens to me.

  • TheFatController

    Thankfully football people still recognise what Rafa brings.

    When pundits were asked at season start if we’d stay up, most said ‘the squad isn’t good enough due to lack of investment, but with Rafa there they may have a chance’

    So within months we have people wanting him sacked. Let’s take every advantage away football people think we have shall we?

  • S.G.M.

    We all new this was a season to “just survive” but once we were off to a flyer it’s not surprising that people are asking questions abought our sudden lack of Form, Fitness, desire, durability, passion and potential.

  • Buck Blacket

    I think that people have lost sight of the fact that both Brighton and Huddersfield are now struggling big time and are also wondering where their next win is coming from. Unfortunately, we lost to both teams in tight 0-1 reverses, both away fixtures I might add and with both of those clubs having a significantly higher net spend than us.

    • Damon Horner

      Might be fortunate for Swansea and West Brom as well.

      • Peaky Magpie

        See below

    • Peaky Magpie

      We really need to beat these 2 at SJP or we are scuttled I fear.

    • Tomb

      We have a better squad than Huddersfield. Burnley and Arsenal have a lower net spend than us but we wouldn’t expect to beat Arsenal. This net spend excuse didn’t come up for Pardew or Hughton

      • Geordiegiants

        Are you taking the p!ss? Honestly we have THE worst/weakest squad in the prem, easily by a mile. Our spend is not relevant with Arsenal’s or Burnley’s, they have prem squads already.

      • Buck Blacket

        Correct me if I’m wrong but Arsenal and Burnley didn’t come up from the Championship this season and already had squads fit for purpose, unlike us. As for Pardew and Hughton, they unquestionably had more quality to work with than Rafa does so that point doesn’t work either. Rafa built a fit for purpose squad to get us out of the Championship and he did a fantastic job. Just look at Villa still languishing down there and look at the Mackems this season not to mention teams like Norwich and the Smoggies. There is no question that Rafa thought fatso would provide him with the funds to inject some quality into the squad and it just didn’t happen.

        • Geordiegiants

          The players Rafa has bought have been terrible, the problem is, it was either Joselu or nobody. What was he supposed to do?

          • Buck Blacket

            I agree but Rafa thought he’d be shopping at M&S and Cashley steered him into Pound land! Lol

  • TheNutJob

    No panic until there`s one game to play & you need 4 pts, once the New Years in we`ll add to the squad. all the teams in the bottom 6 have hard games this month

  • Down Under Mag

    I think the players have definitely been affected by the take over talk – be it fear for their places or just not caring any more because they know they will be replaced – it’s hard to say why but there has been a noticeable decline in work rate and concentration levels since this talk first surfaced. While we all go by the philosophy that they are being paid to do a job so go do it, or if you are going to be replaced you should be putting yourself in the shop window, but the truth is we all know footballers are a delicate breed these days and are likely to throw their collective toys out of the pram over anything to justify not putting as much effort in.

  • wheyayeman

    Frankly I’m embarrassed at the amount of turn coat fans criticising Benitez. Can’t you see he has a squad of championship players ??? Many of them are middle of the road championship players at best. Surely you can see that. I believe in Benitez quite apart from his glittering managerial career, he took a huge step of faith which was with our club’s fans in mind when he stepped into the championship with us. Clearly that was too long ago for some fans to remember but I can’t forget what he did for us. He could and as time (with Ashley) goes on I think he maybe should have walked. But he stayed and he risked his own reputation and he did a magnificent job in a short time to pull us out of the nosedive and he did it – he got us back into the Prem. We’ve had some poor results – exactly what everyone of us predicted including the manager before a ball was kicked. But now the results are coming through suddenly it’s Rafa’s fault? Rafa is one of the best managers in the world and besides he’s a good and decent man, he wants to do his very best by the fans of our club. He didn’t know Ashley the way we do at the end of his first season but he still instinctively realised that to give us any kind of competitive advantage going into this season he had to get out of the blocks like a rabbit – so he did – trying to tie up deals before the window opened and other clubs started moving. Missing his own holidays to get us on the front foot. As it is Ashley has publicly embarrassed Benitez just as he did to Keegan. Rafa of course has thicker skin but it’s clear from his talk to the cameras that he still (sadly) thinks Ashley will ultimately do the decent and right thing by his manager. Many fans thought the same thing about Ashley in the first couple of years he was around. Im not saying Rafa shouldnt get a bit of flack if his tactics aren’t right but let’s show a bit of faith and show something of the same respect for our manager that he has shown to us. He is a brilliant manager and in the state we are in as a club I am grateful he’s here at all. Even Ashley recognises that Benitez can be the difference between relegation and creeping just above the bottom 3. The harsh reality is that even Rafael can only do so much with this squad. The last 4 weeks have started to expose just how poor our team really is and so here we are again- left simply hoping that there are 3 more disastrous clubs than ours in the Prem. If the takeover does go through and funds are released then we can start to dream big because Benitez with the finances he needs and a chairman in support – the sky is the limit

    • Mitros gotta start


      • Geordiegiants

        That name is in your title. Baa Mitro, Baa Mitro. The same Mitro that was first choice striker the season we got relegated.

      • Damon Horner

        Give us a shout when you want to support the club, not just Mitrovic.

      • Buck Blacket

        Do you mean the nutjob who elbowed that West Ham lad in the back of the head for daring to challenge him? Fairly I might add in a match we were winning, That Mitrovic?

        • Geordiegiants

          That one yeah 👍, the one that made all the difference that year as well.

    • Geordiegiants

      Well said, I’m of the opinion Rafa makes mistakes, and a few of his big signings have been poor, Diame etc, but he is trying for the club and fans.

    • Buck Blacket

      Spot on pal!

    • Damon Horner

      What’s worst about it is, it is mainly because Mitrovic isn’t starting. A man who scores once every 270 minutes at Championship level and has aided a total of zero comebacks this season. It could be better but I also think Rafa’s margin for error I smaller and I don’t think anybody can guarantee a to do better this season and beyond personally.