After only one point from six matches, Ayoze Perez insists that the Newcastle players still aren’t panicking.

However, he does accept ‘we have to start winning now, otherwise it’s going to get very tough for us.’

Newcastle are home to Leicester on Saturday and then four days later Everton visit St James Park with Perez admitting ‘we have to make the most of them, we need the points and we have to win.’

If Newcastle don’t pick up points in these two home games, things wouldn’t look good.

After Everton visit Tyneside, Newcastle have away games at Arsenal and West Ham, before Man City visit on 27 December.

That game against the runaway leaders would be the 20th of the season and whilst you would hope that Newcastle at the very least would be able to come away with a draw from West Ham, it has become apparent that no game is now easy for Rafa’s players.

Ayoze Perez:

“We started the season pretty well and that has helped us with our league position, but we have gone too long without winning, and we have to put that right.

“We are at home for our next match and we have to make the most of that and get three points.

“We can’t keep saying we are still OK in the table, this is the moment to start turning things around and get back to having the winning feeling again.

“We need to get back to picking up points and it doesn’t really matter how we are playing, that is the most important thing. It has to start from now.

“We have two home games coming up (against Leicester and Everton) and we have to make the most of them, we need the points and we have to win.

“It’s hard to play against Chelsea, just like it was hard to play against Manchester United the other week.

“Two of the best teams in the world and that is why they are where they are in the table, that is why they are in with a good chance of winning the league.

“It is always tough to play against these kind of teams and you have to do a lot of things well, not make mistakes.

“Then if you also have a bit of luck, maybe you can get a good result, but it is a very hard thing to do.

“We knew there might be periods like this but it has gone on too long now.

“When we were winning, we knew a bad moment could come, because it is a tough league.

“It is not such a bad situation that we have to say we’re panicking…but we have to realise that we have to start winning now, otherwise it’s going to get very tough for us.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The time to panic is if Rafa goes haywire again on Saturday with his team selection

    • Peaky Magpie

      Yes,it’s turning into a weekly game of expect the unexpected.

      • Leazes Ender

        I expect a bus to turn up.

        • Peaky Magpie

          Alas you’re right,neither Leicester or Everton will come to SJP with an ounce of fear,sadly.

          • Rich Lawson

            Both on a roll now.

        • Rich Lawson

          Or go straight past !

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    As long as Perez keeps up his brilliant form we will be ok .. watching his unique head down dribble,fall over,appeal for a free kick signature move performed with expert timing I have no doubt we will surge up the league especially with Joselu rested and Dummett due back soon!

  • Peaky Magpie

    “It has gone on too long now “ Has Perez finally seen sense and going to drop the Brylcreem for a while ? It’ll make ya bald eventually bonny lad !

  • Leazes Ender

    Yes things are bad…. if United beat any of the top clubs they’ll probably sack their manager.

    This is the consequence of positioning the club at fifteenth…. the club spent money…. the minimum to get the club up to a full squad, with the help of the ‘bin-dipping’ chronicle boys.

    Oh god …..just a thought, its that time again for Ryder the scouse rat to scurry through the back alleys to find Rafa a golden nugget…. read it and weep…. or laugh…. or both.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”It’s gone on too long now” ? Your 1st team selection pal !

  • Perez is a class player, get him a few more technically gifted and fast players to keep up with his pace and we’ll start being more of a threat. Murphy has really showed promise in the last few games, luckily we can deploy both and with Atsu back we’ll once again have a threat with the ball on all sides(left, right and center)
    For me if Atsu and Lascelles didn’t get injured we would surely have over 20 points by now, but this is the reality when you have a thin squad. With all our top players fit and playing we can take on any team. We need to address that holding/defensive midfielder and fullback issues in January as we need a more industrious BOX-BOX tackler like Tiote was, since Diame really isn’t suited or that and Hayden needs some competition. If we manage to get a decent fullback, winger and box-to-box midfielder we’ll definitely score much more goals. Gayle can finish, Murphy and Perez too. For all I know we don’t need another striker, but rather get more creativity and technical ability in the team. I for once will sell Yedlin, Joselu, Mitro, Mbemba and Diame to make up some 30+m and add 20 more. With 50-60m we can surely get 3-4 quality players to come and 1-2 bargain buys as cover.

    • Mike

      sorry he is crp. been here ages and getting worse

      • Pogba was horrible last season, did as much as Perez, but don’t see Man U players complaining now.

    • Michael

      Steven have you been watching the toon recently? From what you’ve said it appears not. On Saturday Perez didn’t do a single positive thing in the first half, absolutely nothing. Second half slightly better he made four successful passes three of which were less than 5 yards. So if you take the game as a whole Perez made 4 positive contributions, a waste of a strip. This is why we are struggling too many bang ordinary players getting their games every week and I know Rafa hasn’t got much choice but anyone could contribute more than Perez, Diame, Joselu et al.

      • I fail to agree that every player has to score at least 10 goals or do 10 assists to be worthy. Perez does so much and is playing in a new position for the past year and getting better. Against this Chelsea team almost any player will be hard to contribute, they were really on 100% on Saturday and I don’t think we would have won even if we had Pogba, Ozil and Sanchez in our team.