So, where are we now…well nothing much has changed, we are still waiting for further news of the Amanda Staveley bid being accepted, still in the middle of a minor slump on the field and Sunderland lost again this week, albeit in some cultural city award.

However, news and pics broke on Friday morning of Amanda and Mike having a little quiet meal together, my man on the inside informed me things did hot up for a while, but apparently this was due to the contents of Mike’s vindaloo rather than takeover disagreements.

What can we learn from this little gathering, well not much really, apart from the fact that it seems that they are on good terms, the pictures do look quite amiable.

Just one to throw in the mix, could the Amanda Staveley group be looking to invest in NUFC alongside Mike Ashley, it was something he did hint at when he went public a little while back, this could satisfy all parties, Rafa gets investment for players, NUFC become a threat to the top four and Ashley somehow manages to keep SD in the limelight. Win win win if you’re Ashley!

What a simple world we live in.

Anyway, back to reality, and we welcome Leicester to town today, typically this game coincides with their return to form while we are on the crest of a slump, however if we turn up we can give anyone a game. Hard one to call but I think we will nick it 2-1,

Last week against Chelsea I actually thought we played ok, and while Chelsea were obviously the better team, there is nothing abnormal in that, they were at home and their squad is worth one hundred times that of ours, but like the game against Man Utd a couple of weeks earlier we could still have got something from the game.

One fact though, if we play like we did against Watford we will lose.

Team-wise, I hope  Lascelles is fit enough to start, he brings something to the team and has the heart of a lion, he also does not suffer fools.

Who will be up front? Sadly it won’t be Mitrovic, Rafa just does not fancy him and who are we to argue, I hope there is room for Shelvey alongside Merino and no room for Diame anywhere near SJP!

Off the pitch and Leazes Flags are now moving forward, and groups like these and Wor Hyem need to be applauded and supported for trying to bring the atmosphere back to SJP, so a huge pat on the back for the boys and girls who do such good work behind the scenes.

Away from SJP and it’s now old news that Sunderland attracted a decent name to manage them, whispers are that it is a last throw of the dice to avoid financial devastation, like Aston Villa they need to get back to the premier league quickly. Another relegation will be a financial disaster and their income will be depleted substantially.

Their self-proclaimed best fans in the world have already given up. They don’t seem to give a s… anymore, well apart from one of them – he subsequently somehow claimed he was too drunk to remember, really? You’re stuck with this one for the rest of your life son! A little tip though, keep off the wine gums in future.

Away from the NE, and it’s not just the SOL where the empty seats are prominent, other clubs have noticeable gaps in the stands, big clubs like Chelsea and Man City struggle to sell tickets week in week out, oh I’m sorry did I say big clubs…. You don t have to go that far back to see their real status, both Mickey Mouse clubs!

Stamford Bridge is everything that is wrong with football, full of corporate plastic fans with no identity to the former real fans of Chelsea. Gone are the welcoming but unfriendly pubs around the stadium, it is now up market restaurants, coffee shops, street cafes etc.

Man City fans bleated on for years about being the best supporters in the world,  following their team in massive numbers even in the old third division,  and being the biggest  club from Manchester. Today they are streets ahead of any other team in the premier league, they have had a few seasons of continued (manufactured) success, yet week in and week out there are pockets of empty seats at home games.

Why is this? Could it be they are bored already or do their true fans not have any identity with the modern day club? Answers on a postcard please.

Let’s get behind the lads today.

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  • Leazes Ender

    To be fair to City fans they had a choice of clubs and they chose City…. its quite a brave choice actually, a desire to dwell in eternal misery….. maybe they are closet manure fans and secretly cheer them on.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Bad news that.
    Fatso & his Minion would still be in place, more bad news the Hammers have just beaten Chelsea, so the gap closes

    • anyobrien

      Aye it’s looking grim… Two points off the drop and no chance of a win today.

  • Whitehurst

    City haven’t had a sold out home game this season!!

  • Leicester Mag

    Hardly surprising Sunderland failed in City of culture bid. Crapping on a seat may have swayed the judges

    • Paul Patterson

      Well Done to Coventry.
      Mackems seem to be keeping ironically quite about the whole affair.. 😂

      • Hebburn

        wots there to say?

  • Albert Stubbins

    Unlikely as she is reportedly worth just over a hundred million. Small change in today’s world of billionaire owners.

  • Grahame Johnson

    Today I will be a bit emotional thinking about my family’s black and white history,my grandma took me in the 70s, my mam and dad took me, I’m 52 my sons wear black and white and my grand children do. To know what a football club means to fans of all clubs you have to love yours, 25 years today Charlton returned to the valley I know that meant so much to them, Ashley changed our grounds name and that hurt me

  • mactoon

    You seem to have forgotten that Staveley has already had one bid to BUY the club outright.

  • anyobrien

    It’s f’inn freezing and I’m off to the match I must be mental

  • Jezza

    If anyone did invest in the club alongside Fatso there would be no money for new players. Every penny of the investment would go the same way as the thransfer profits and television money. Straight into Fatso’s pocket.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Ashley has not taken a penny out the club unlike all the other chairmen before him sick of your lies time and time again.

    • Phil Yare

      how much in advertising money have newcastle missed out on in the last 10 years because of sports direct?????????????????
      millions!!! so there you go, bascially robbed the club to fund his tracksuit shop