Newcastle United are in a state of flux.

Or maybe you just think they are in a state…

A poll on The Mag found this week that 78% of Newcastle fans don’t believe a takeover will happen before the end of this season.

It really does feel like a club treading water, or even worse…

There are five obvious key factors to make a really successful club:

Ambitious and supportive owners

A quality manager

Large fanbase

Impressive stadium

Talented squad

Most of us would agree that three of those are in place.

Others may have caught up bit having a stadium that holds (and fills) fifty thousand fans does put you apart from most of the rest.

Newcastle fans, despite one point from twenty four, have already sold out both the Manchester City and Brighton matches, as well as the full 3,000+ away ticket allocations at Arsenal, West Ham and Stoke. Remarkable.

Rafa Benitez has two La Liga titles and has won both the Champions League & Europa League.

Mike Ashley has…created an almighty mess, yet again. He and the missing talented squad are inextricably linked.

Nobody thought that the funds would be there to help create a squad to attack the top six this season but for survival? You can’t help but feel that backing to bring in two or three prove quality players, instead of bargain signings such as Manquillo and Joselu, would have seen Newcastle safe.

Maybe the most frustrating thing about supporting Newcastle United, certainly in these past 10 years, is the knowledge of just what could be possible if the combination of club owners, fans, and manager all pushing together, along with the best possible players out there on the pitch.

It isn’t rocket science to accept that it is obvious investment and better players are needed, if promotion happens, and you want to try and ensure you don’t drop back down to the Championship.

You are investing for the medium and long-term as well as the here and now, if an owner allows the squad to be properly improved with realistic resources.

Why wouldn’t somebody want to buy our brilliant football club that has so many fans and so much potential?

Everybody has their breaking point and if Mike Ashley ‘succeeds’ in pushing Rafa Benitez out of the club and ‘achieves’ a third relegation in eight attempts, there won’t be any 51,000+ average turning up at St James Park next season.

Surely even Mike Ashley can see that, can’t he?

  • Rich Lawson

    2 short ? A steady goalkeeper and a goal scoring centre forward would do it.

  • joe mac

    he can see it….plain as day!… he bothered?…..nope!

  • Leazes Ender

    Half an impressive Stadium….. that’s 2.5 elements in place

    • wheyayeman

      It will be amazing once they rebuild + extend the Gallowgate …erm

  • GToon

    I would add a sixth element in there too, one which we have had very little of in my lifetime and that’s “luck”. Or even the rub of the green, call it what you want. So that those shots v Everton for example end up in the back of the net, so that we get a penalty for once and the opposition have a player sent off. Maybe it could start with our usual offside goal v Man City being allowed to stand this time.
    I know this comment might sound bitter but there’s an element of truth in it too.

  • wheyayeman

    Club for sale!!!! – come on all you super weathly [email protected]@**s ! Be the crucial difference and make history with Nufc please!!!

  • wheyayeman

    Mike Ashley the one man who’d try to sell the furniture on the Titanic after it struck the Iceberg

  • Down Under Mag

    I would argue a 6th of a good youth Academy setup. If we had that then the lack of ambition of the owner and lack of a quality squad would have been lessened significantly.