Lewis McNall had a Thursday evening to remember.

The 18 year old Newcastle United striker was sent on at Whitley Park tonight for the Magpies second string.

The teenage forward brought on for the Under 23s as they were only drawing 1-1 at half-time against Blyth AFC.

The occasion was a Northumberland Senior Cup Quarter Final tie against the Northern League outfit.

Within 15 minutes of the introduction of Lewis McNall, Newcastle found themselves 5-1 up.

Dan Ward had given the Magpies a early lead in the first half before the visitors equalised.

That 15 minute spell after the break was devastating though, as Lewis McNall hit a hat-trick and Mackenzie Heaney also scored in that period.

A Kyle Cameron own goal then gave Blyth some small encouragement, only for Callum Smith to quickly restore the four goal advantage when making it 6-2.

Winger Callum Roberts rounded things off in the final minute, giving a final scoreline of Newcastle United 7 Blyth AFC 2.

The NUFC Under 23s now take the last semi-final place, joining defending champions Blyth Spartans, Morpeth Town and Newcastle Benfield.

  • ghostrider

    It looks like we’ve solved our striker problem just in time for January.
    I’ll get a New shirt with McNall on the back. I’ll add the number 9 when Gayle vacates it. lol

    • Cuh

      Good to know you’re in good spirits. Lol

      • ghostrider

        It’s nearly Christmas. A new young regular hat trick scoring striker and a multi squillion spending spree after take over by PCP enabling us to panic buy hundreds of average players for upwards of 100 million each with wages of 1 million a week, each.
        What’s not to be high spirited about. lol

    • Peaky Magpie

      Waste of time with that shirt bud,Fatso will be listening to offers for the kid already !

      • ghostrider

        Aye. It would be great to see an exciting youngster come through and do the business for us…but, alas they’re few and far between for most big league clubs, not just ours, although we seem to coach the talent out of ours 99.9% of the time, it seems.
        You’d think Beardsley and crew would have them playing like Real Madrid with slinky skills and what not, instead of him pretending they’re tremendous, obviously, to be fair. lol

  • JohnnyNUFC

    If only Rafa gave youth a chance

    • Experienced Prem players can’t cut it, it would be a huge gamble to risk it on the shoulders of 18-19 year olds when you are fighting for survival in the Prem. Young talent is given a chance when you are safe, pretty sure if we get 40 points come the last few games of the season we will see some fresh faces and for the upcoming cup game as well.

  • Hughie

    So what. Appalling failed youth policy at NUFC for years. I would love to see a balance sheet of the net loss of the youth system under this regime. If you are good enough you are old enough. So what is the point of NUFC’s youth system?

    • mentalman

      the failure is in a string of managers not willing to give the younger players a chance

  • Saw the highlights! OUR DEFENDERS ARE TOTALLY SHOCKING! I’ve never seen so poorly conceded goals, never mind us winning 7-2.
    Another fact that Beardsley can’t coach, besides Dummett(who is still argued good enough or not for the Prem, we haven’t had a decent defender from the academy in DECADES(don’t you dare count Stevie T.!) and we haven’t actually had any decent attackers too(besides Carroll who has proven he was always good enough for the Prem).
    We should be getting better coaches and managers in there, not to physios. Our 18 year olds look like 16 year olds where in Man U and Man City they look like real men!