Watford fans saw their team run out comfortable winners at St James Park on Saturday.

Two first half goals were followed by another after the break and a final scoreline of Newcastle United 0 Watford 3.

Watford fans had plenty to say after the match but little of it will make Newcastle supporters feel any better…

Not only did the home fans watch their side taken apart 3-0, Watford fans almost unanimously seem to think that their team didn’t play very well AND that they could and should have won by twice as many goals.

The ones who do comment specifically on Newcastle’s team haven’t got much, if anything, positive to say and believe essential work needs doing on Rafa’s squad.

Watford fans discussing Newcastle match on WFC Forums:

‘That was not great…

 A laboured 3-0 against what is basically a good championship team. We won’t win many away from home playing like that.

Having said that we won playing poorly and that is a good sign.

Shows the gulf in class – would you swap any of their 11 for ours – no.

For their sake I hope their new owners are prepared to spend – they must be £150 million behind in squad strength. When you see us bring Pererya on as a sub you sometimes have to pinch yourself thinking this is little old Watford.’

‘I remember the days that you got up at 6 to drive up to Newcastle knowing you were going to lose but it would be worth it for the beers and stopping off on the way home in the midlands for a late night ruby.

Now you get all that and win as well.’

‘Strange game, we didn’t even play that well but could easily have won 5-0. I was surprised how open they were, we were allowed to run through them at will, particularly down the flanks.

Shows how good the squad (and Silva) is that we can win 3-0 away without getting out of second gear and with below par performances from our two best players this season, Doucouré (although he did improve after the break) and Richarlison.

Also, Newcastle are dreadful, we’ve played some bad teams this season but they’re right up there (down there?).’

‘Newcastle are a terrible team we could have won that by 5 or 6 and to be fair we didn’t even play that well.

I was really surprised with how easy they were to go through especially down their right hand side as I thought that they may target Richarlison as our danger man.

Marvin Zeegelaar looks a decent player after all. Happy for Gray to get a goal but he really should have had more.’

Shearer was waxing lyrical on 5Live about how good we were. He said that we were as good as Newcastle were bad and that we could have won 6-0.’

‘Did what we needed to do in a tough fixture.’

‘Eh? Tough fixture? Newcastle? Newcastle on a 3 match losing streak?

We need to be battering this type of dross and we quite rightly did. Never mind this faux-respect for rubbish opponents. They are relegation fodder for a good reason.

Seriously, games don’t get easier than Newcastle.’

‘Despite not playing that well, we comfortably won 3-0 away to the type of club we need to beat in order, first and foremost, to secure our premiership status.’

‘Another great day for us – fair play to anybody on here who made the long trip, turned out well worth travelling for.

As others have mentioned – we maybe weren’t at our fluid best for a lot of the game – but when we were, boy did we look good!

Newcastle might not be one of the best teams in the division – but don’t let their recent run distract from an otherwise solid home record.

Prior to today, they’d only let in 5 at home all season – and that includes games against Spurs and Liverpool.

And Benitez is a decent manager that clearly is (or was) getting more out of his players than what a lot of other managers could do.’

‘Newcastle played very well in bits and awful in others, it was a strange game indeed …

They won’t go down but they need to find their mojo soon, four is bad enough but five straight losses can be nothing but confidence busting.’

‘A comfortable win indeed although as in other games despite dominating we do tend to present the opposition with unnecessary chances.

If Joselu had not been as wasteful it could have been a different story.’

‘Another cracking away day win, we look absolutely top drawer on the road, we always have chances in us. Zeegelaar looks a great addition and it’s a relief to see that the cover/replacement for Holebas is a good egg. Delighted for Hughes to have been so patient and take his chance with both hands.’

‘We’ve played better than that and lost this season so I’m happy with the fact we could’ve won that 4 or 5 nil yesterday.

Zeegelar was excellent and created lots of opportunities. As far as I can remember his main criticism when we signed him was his defending so I’ll watch out for that in the coming weeks.

Was unfair on Newcastle that we were allowed to play 2 Kabaseles.

Our usual stand out performers were a little quiet, but other players stepped up IE Zeegelar, Hughes.’

‘I have to say I am beginning to lose patience with Gray at this point.

Glad he got a goal and you have to be there to score them so fair play, but let’s be honest even that was all about Richarlison’s fantastic cross really.

The two chances he missed were absolutely pathetic attempts at finishing, so painfully lacking in the technique and composure that it genuinely looked like what you’d expect to see down the park in a pub league game from a grotesquely fat, half cut, 40 year old called “big Dave”.’

‘The reaction to a 3-0 away win in the Premier League everyone.’

‘Friendly reminder Watford got Zeegelaar, Hughes, Femenia, Richarlison, Chalobah, Doucoure, and Pereyra, for the same price as Sigurdsson.’

‘We are moving into an era where an owner with loads of money is not enough to guarantee success like it may have done 10 or more years ago.

With the Prem money, all 20 clubs have enough to buy quality players , which means in that busy market place, the best scouting comes to the fore.

In recent years we have seen Big clubs with big budgets suffer badly because of bad senior management and player purchase i.e. Everton, WHU, Newcastle , Sunderland …

… whilst smaller well run clubs have thrived i.e. Burnley , Watford , WBA.’

‘Pretty crazy to think we took apart one of the (historically) biggest clubs without really getting out of second gear, and we’re all slightly disapointed we didn’t score more.’

‘I personally find it staggering coming back on here after another great away day to find that, much more than people acknowledging and celebrating our biggest away win in the Premier Keague, joint best start in the top flight and bouncing back from what could have been a confidence-sapping losing run with two very comfortably seen out wins home and away and as many vital clean sheets, people are content to nitpick several aspects of our performance and slag off a striker just because he missed a couple of chances and still scored.’

‘Great result and brilliant performance from all the players.

Shout out to Britos who didn’t try to get his own back on Shelvey after that shocking tackle.

Zeegelaar is proving he is our number one LB/LWB and he is making a massive difference to how we play. £3mil now seems like a right bargain.’

‘Ant and Dec, Jimmy Nail, Cheryl Cole – your boys took one hell of a beating.’

‘Very satisfying and happy that Yedlin scored the og as I believe he was very dismissive towards us a season or so ago.’

‘It says something when you win 3-0 away and are considered wasteful.’

  • Jezza

    Can we sign the bloke on the left of the picture to replace Joselu?

    • Albert Stubbins

      Ha ha. He couldn’t do any worse to be fair.

    • Kneebotherm8

      The left,the middle or the right.

  • Albert Stubbins

    They should have won by more. Yedlin and manaquin were as bad as I’ve seen. We were awful but like I said yesterday to wor youngun. Could be worse. Imagine being a mackem?

    • Jezza

      In 12 months time we could be exactly where they are now.

      • Peaky Magpie

        And the reality is this time we wouldn’t bounce straight back up

        • Jezza

          That’s what I mean. This time next year we could be bottom of the Championship.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Always look on the bright side of life dum dum, dum dum, dum dum,dum dum…………………

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Well this is what it comes to after ten years of mismanagement by the pathetic Mike Ashley !
    It looks like this time around he hasn’t even given his investment a fighting chance of staying up and looks a shoe in for three relegations at this rate.

    Remember back in 2007 when said there would be good times ahead when he first bought the shares…

    • Leicester Mag

      You maybe can’t fool all the people all the time but you can, as this fat bar steward well knows, fool enough to present a full house as a back drop to sell shed loads of shoddy chav ware. Its the hope that kills you..

    • Jezza

      When Ashley took over in 2007 I knew nothing about him but told myself “he can’t possibly be any worse than Fat Fred”. How wrong I was.

      • Wor Lad


  • Paul Patterson

    Thanks for this by the way Mike..

  • anyobrien

    If we took our chances it’s a different game but we did not and they deserved it.
    Best team won simple as that.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      that`s the whole point, we haven`t got any one good enough to put away the chances

  • Leicester Mag

    If people think that this team will stay up they ought to stop believing in the lost boys and Peter Pan. We are not even bang average. This says it all and it is not boasting. We were shocking and it was not an aberration. Only hope is January window and buyout Yet again short changed by Ashley and January will be no different if he remains

    • Jezza

      I truly believe we have got the worst squad in the Premiership and have been saying so from the start of the season.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        how very true Jezza

  • HenrySlade

    The Watford fans are quite right; we were terrible yesterday. If we don’t sign at least one decent striker in January, Rafa will walk away rather than risk a second relegation on his CV.

    Also, it’s time for Rafa to accept that Joselu is an ocean-going, fur-lined, gold-plated, 5-star f*cking disaster. He doesn’t even look like a footballer, let alone a Premier League striker.

  • GToon

    The worst thing about it was that it was all so predictable like our battling but doomed display at West Brom on Tuesday and the hammering waiting for us at Stamford bridge a few days later. Same team, same formation, same plan = same result. If we are struggling at left back, the right back not functioning properly then why not go 3-5-2. I really don’t understand why Rafa is persisting with certain players and just expecting them to try harder. When you get outplayed, outthought and are a million miles away from Watford then what hope have we got. No disrespect to Watford but this really is worrying when the gulf is so evident.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    this hardly comes as a surprise Lads i`ve had the worry doll sitting on my bed side table since the window closed & we didn`t buy a striker.
    Old man Murphy would have scored more than this lot & i`ll say this only once if we don`t buy a striker in January we`re DOOMED

  • Saul Williams

    God this is painful!when you hear Watford fans take the p**s out of us.This is a bloody crime!10 years of mismanagement.I think we should all go around to his country pile in bucks and make a citizen’s arrest.

  • Peaky Magpie

    FFS Man City’s goal difference is +34 already ! Frightening.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      that`ll kill off the New Year for us

  • Little Pedro

    What are the point of posts like this ?, To trawl through fansites and forums to of clubs that have just beaten us , then regurgitate it , you don’t learn anything from it, it doesn’t inform fans, it’s just pointless, what makes it less understandable is it’s written by so-called Nufc fans, Howay man you can do better than this.

  • Saul Williams

    Why did we sign joselose.I swear anyone in the stands could do better.He must have been good once.If takeover happens this team must be dismantled except for maybe 2 or 3

  • Martin

    It may be time to go back to the 4-5-1 and get Perez back defending from the front. If he had been playing on Saturday, he would have been pressing on top of the left back and there would not have been the space for him.

  • magpiefifer

    Can’t disagree with many of the comments!
    What worries me is Rafa’s continual blinkered selection of 2nd/3rd rate Spanish players, eg Manquillo,Gamez and Joselu.
    Also,too many players not putting in the extra yard yesterday – that’s really a concern when – thanks to MadAsh – we are short on ability for the EPL!!!

  • gallowgate26

    Hard to disagree with the Watford fans, literally none of our forwards are PL class. Joselu is doing his best to run around and impersonate a footballer, why does Rafa keep starting him just to make some point about not wanting Mitro? This is going to relegate us at this rate. Lascelles and Merino can’t return soon enough. Ritchie has ran out of ideas and looks like he’s been Pardewed, exept he didn’t actually get back and defend either! Three simple goals and at least two or three more really good chances came from Richie and Yedlin’s side and lack of defending. Schoolboy stuff.

  • HarryHype59

    The comments are all valid and show how far we have fallen under the Fat One!

  • Andy Mac

    I read that Watford FC forked out nearly £2k in minibus taxi fares to get fans to SJP after a coach broke down en route. That just wouldnt happen in Fatman’s club. Which is why Watford are enjoying a resurgence and we’re treading through treacle up to our elbows

  • MadMag83

    The difference between a well run club and a poorly run one. As soon as I saw the midfield line up of Diame and Shelvey I slapped a few notes on a Watford win, shameful I know but we are dreadful.