West Brom fans are now looking up, rather than down.

A combination of Tony Pulis’ departure and a surprise point at Wembley on Saturday, have lifted spirits.

Plus, apart from the odd voice of reason, West Brom fans appear to think it could be a bit of a stroll tonight at the Hawthorns.

Yes Newcastle are on a four match losing streak but West Brom were on the same before playing Spurs.

Plus with only 11 points from 13 games, they are three points behind Newcastle.

With Hayden and hopefully Merino able to come back in, fingers crossed that the Baggies don’t find Newcastle as much of a walkover as Watford did on Saturday, although having said that, the Hornets are far far better than the Baggies, especially when it comes to attacking.

West Brom fans commenting via the Independent West Brom Forum:

‘If Newcastle defend like they did against Watford we should be in with a decent chance here.

They’ve not really got anything going forward either.’

‘A mate of mine is a Geordie and they do not expect to win on Tuesday night.

They harp on about they need new players in January, the manager doesn’t have any money to spend, the proposed takeover blah blah.

But he reckons that if the takeover does not happen before Christmas then Ashley will not spend in January.

He thinks that a lot of their fans are really worried that they will be relegated, let’s hope so eh?’

‘Should be looking for three points here. Newcastle look really poor.’

‘All games are tough but we have to be looking for 3 points at home against the toon.’

‘Really starting to look forward to this one even for a chilly, early winter, evening game!

Hopefully them there Geordies will contribute to making it quite some evening and maybe even an ‘I was there’ moment


‘No easy game this one, Newcastle will want to show their steel after that defeat at home against Watford.’

‘Do you know something?

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game.

I can’t even remember the last time I said that.’

Newcastle are shocking right now, spoke to a geordie and he thinks they aren’t going to turn it round.

If phillips has a good game we should get the 3 points, they are so fragile on the right.’

‘They are there for the taking…

Fortunately the man at the helm now will smell blood and won’t bottle it like his predecessor.’

‘My first home game in 18 months, I am really up for this.


‘No excuses for everyone now. Need a sell out crowd and back the boys. A win here would turn our season around and get us looking up rather than down.’

‘Saturday evening I was wondering if I could be bothered on the walk back to the car and just realised I was not only looking forward to the game, now I was actively making plans with chums to meet up for a drink beforehand.


‘I have been making plans to start a drinking celebration around 2pm and then for the first time in ages go to the game with a smile on my face.’

‘Have a feeling the deeply embedded style will still be prevalent and we won’t see an overnight change. Especially if megson is still around.’

‘Yep, I know it’s not a popular view but Megson is part of the problem and should have gone along with Pulis.’

‘I don’t think we will see any big change to playing style. We need decent full backs for a start instead of centre half playing there.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The defence will be tighter & the midfield stronger tonight than against Watford.
    let`s hope the Dimwitted Brummie`s & their dodgy accents rue the day they started shouting the odds

  • Peaky Magpie

    I hope the horrid odious McClean isn’t involved tonight,he makes Roy Keane & Robbie Savage almost,I said almost,likeable.

  • Jezza

    Even if our team wasn’t an absolute shambles I would still be dreading this one on the grounds that West Brom haven’t won since August. Struggling teams always seem to end their bad runs against Newcastle. Never fails. The fact that West Brom’s caretaker manager tonight is one of the worst Newcastle players in living memory just makes it even more inevitible that we’ll get turned over.

  • gallowgate26

    Well wet Sprom sound no better than us after the first 30 mins. Other than clipping the bar from distance. I’ll be worried if we don’t get something tonight.

  • anyobrien

    Boom one nil West brom right on halftime brilliant eh.. Classic Newcastle

  • ToonTom

    Four times in four games now (conceding in added-time). Coincidence or exactly what helped to send us down last time?

  • ToonTom

    It doesn’t take a genius to see we can’t score. It must fill the opposition with such confidence. They can attack at will knowing we’ll crumble and we won’t come back. I’m praying I’m proved wrong here, but my confidence in that is zero.

  • ToonTom

    Play, very happy to be wrong!

  • ToonTom

    Okay (not ‘play’)

  • grantham mag

    FFS, We are bad but you Baggies are worse, but don’t worry Pardew is on his way to take you down, VILLA, WOLVES, BRUM, and BURTON TO look forward to, happy away days.

    • gallowgate26

      Ahaha..couldn’t believe their own fans still say ‘boing boing’. Just shows the tiny mindset of their club. They haven’t been in the championship since they were there with us in 09/10!!! On their way back this season though if tonight is anything to go by, we are dross at the moment. Tonight was the sort of two points dropped that says they are championship bound IMHO.