Alan Pardew is expected to be named as the new West Brom manager before the weekend.

The bookies make him the odds on favourite, whilst there are widespread reports that not only has he already been interviewed for the job, but he is the only candidate.

Having been ignored for a number of Premier League posts that have opened up this season, Pardew’s previous working relationship with Nicky Hammond (West Brom’s Director of Football) is said to have been key to his impending appointment.

Sacked almost a year ago, the out of work manager stated in June (see below) that rather than looking abroad or the lower divisions, he was waiting for Premier League managers to be sacked and one of the clubs to then call him to come in.

Amazingly, his patience appears to have paid off, with the rule seemingly been followed that no matter how many times certain English Managers fail and get sacked, they will eventually get a job somewhere else.

Below we have published what West Brom fans are saying about the seemingly certain Alan Pardew appointment.

West Brom are away to Spurs on Saturday and so maybe no surprise is if the plan is to delay Pardew’s appointment until it is too late to work with the players and take charge of that game, which could be a heavy defeat.

Maybe a case of Alan Pardew watching that one from the stands and hope he can make a big impact in what would be a first home game on Tuesday night against…Newcastle United.

Alan Pardew talking to Sky Sports – 21 June 2017:

“As a manager, you have to wait for that phone call to come and then you have to make a decision whether the project is going to be right.

“You don’t want people to get the sack…but unfortunately when you’re out of work, you have to keep an eye on things and see where the course is going.

“It will be a big year for the Premier League this year. There’s big money in it, so it has to be spent wisely.

“People will be looking and there will be mistakes made so hopefully I can come and help when that happens.”

West Brom fans commenting via West Brom Index message board:

‘Alan Pardew has a proven track record of long losing streaks and not knowing how to halt the slide.

Ask any supporters of his previous clubs about him and they are amazed clowns like him keep getting new jobs.

Why do clubs keep recycling the same rubbish?

If he was French he wouldn’t get a job at a league 1 club.

When the inevitable happens and our out of touch chairman appoint him let’s be real and not pretend it’s a good appointment it’s pathetic if/when it happens.’

Mr Pardew is not my 1st  or 2nd or 3rd choice…’

‘Only thing that worries me about Pardew is what if he never gets the hot run that he usually gets when he enters a team and he can’t lift our morale, he seems incapable of pulling teams out of a rut which is an extremely worrying trait for a manager heading into a relegation battle team.

It’s still going to be an improvement on Pulis and it’ll be genuinely exciting to visit the Hawthorns again as a positive team (hopefully).’

‘He took Newcastle into Europe.

It is also evident that he tends to lose the dressing room after a time, and abysmal form follows.

His win rate % is far superior to anything we have been used to of late so we have to give him a chance.’

‘Well i’ve read he likes genuine wingers…’

‘Although Pardew’s win percentage is generally reasonable in the top flight, what worries me about him is reading things like:

West Ham: “Pardew was criticised after seeing West Ham through their worst run of defeats in over 70 years”

Charlton: “Hundreds of supporters remained for more than an hour to condemn their manager, chanting ‘we want Pardew out'”

Sothampton: “Pardew was dismissed by the club amidst reports of low staff morale”

Newcastle: “This was arguably the worst personal abuse a Newcastle manager has had to endure at any game…some fans created a website….printing of 30,000 A4 sheets calling for his dismissal”

Palace: “Pardew was sacked as manager on 22 December 2016; Palace had won only 6 matches of 36 played in 2016”

Looking at the above, you have to wonder what he’s learned during his career, as it seems to be a case of rinse and repeat in almost every job he’s had.’

‘I am resigned to it being Pardew.

For what it’s worth I was in the anyone but Pulis camp and although I won’t disguise my disappointment with Pardew there is one important factor that will change is that he is much more of a front foot coach and that is a relief.

I would have been utterly dismayed had we bought in another defensive coach like Allardyce or Martin O’Neill.’

‘Personally still concerned about Pardew.

I admit some of his credentials seem to fit the bill but it all smacks of a lack of ambition and ‘adventure’. Lets hope I’m wrong.

However would be distraught at the thought of Big Sam.’

‘Just been checking Pardew’s antics out on youtube. The guy is a lunatic.

We’ve got to have him, for the entertainment value if nothing else.’

‘Pardew would be alright, he’s got a bit of an unfair reputation when you actually look at his record, couple of cup finals in his time too.

The only job he’s ever actually been properly bad at was Charlton.’

‘McInnes and Michael O’Neill are rated as two of the best young managers around and are highly sought after for a reason yet some on here would rather have dinosaurs like Allardyce and Pardew. I’ve even seen Sherwood mentioned!’

  • TwinFire

    Whos this Pardew guy?

    • Dillon Tovak

      Your worst nightmare.

  • Little Pedro

    “He was only ever bad at Charlton”…… Quality,

  • Leazes Ender

    Puppet managers….. far too many of them in the game.
    If the lies don’t get to you the results soon will.

  • TheFatController

    I put a fair amount of the contribution to our euro finish down to the fact that every shot from outside the area or mazy dribble (bless you, Hatem) seemed to go in that season.

    Maybe that is good coaching? Maybe just good finishing. If you’re better off having a lucky manager than a good manager, I’d suggest luck can only get you so far …

  • Peaky Magpie

    Vainest pr**k in football alongside him at Celtic and the Welshman at our illustrious neighbours down the A19.

    • Dillon Tovak

      I bet Chris Coleman cannot believe what has happened to him in the last year.
      He’s an abysmal manager but has managed to blag a decent reputation by through his own admission just continuing on what Gary Speed was doing and also simply utilising Gareth Bale. Look what happens with no Bale!

      • Peaky Magpie

        Perfectly put,100% agree.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Don’t forget kicking his wife into touch and getting a hold of Charlotte Jackson.

  • hetonmag

    Not quite the big club he wanted.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Certainly bigger than he deserves.

  • Paul Patterson

    He usually has a good two months followed by a nightmare six or seven. As long as he doesn’t have that good run then we can tick off another relegation spot along with Crystal Palace and West Ham.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    West Brom are a proper football club with an old world identity which is still there in this current climate of corporate knackers who are destroying the very essence of clubs.
    The problem they have is a similar one to which quite a few clubs find themselves in where you become a “Zombie.”
    It is the same at Newcastle United but for some reason West Brom have become the poster boys for this phenomena.
    The club only exists as a Premier League entity and does nothing more than merely survive for another season of dodging the bullet and trying to get to 40 points.

    This is purgatory and when you see a game from The Hawthorns you get that sense no more than there !
    If their management are stupid enough to bring in Alan Pardew it could see the last remnants of that club stripped away.
    You only have to look at the path of destruction this man has left in his wake and the aftermath of the clubs involved, Then you have to wonder “Why” this man keeps getting appointments.
    You add him into an already limbo situation and it could ruin West Brom for years to come !

    I would urge the board of West Brom to think again before you let the man who was once called : “The Destroyer Of Clubs” by Southampton’s chairman anywhere near your club !

    The fans of West Brom have my sympathy if this comes to pass…

    • Paul Patterson

      Hey, let them get on with it. It weakens a rival Premier League club after all . .

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        The last of the great humanitarians !

        Have you ever considered a post with The Samaritans ?

        • Paul Patterson

          What, and up their suicide rate?

          • X,WHY,Y MAN.

            True lol

    • Little Pedro

      All valid points, the business model that is the premier league, but the option of not going to see the club you and your family have followed all your life is a tough one, I have to off-set it against lower league football, watched Harrogate town against Boston on Saturday , proper football, proper fans, proper ground, end to end stuff, all that said will will still be in the Gallowgate at 3 o’clock on Saturday with my son and daughter, the accountants might run it but they would knackered without us H.T.L

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        I am involved in the non league scene and it is fulfilling to say the least.
        I never knew how good it was until I started immersing myself in it and everything that goes with it.
        It’s definitely a subculture all of it’s own and it exists in it’s own universe which in this day and age is a good thing.

        Harrogate Town have a cracking set up and a ground which could support league football no danger !
        They are doing very well at this moment in time so I won’t say much more for fear of jinxing them lol

        • Little Pedro

          Definitely, Harrogate have a plan and see their future at at a higher level, great set-up like you said, more people should check out lower league/non-league if any thing to reaffirm why you like football in the first place, it should be said aswell the standard of football is very high, more than watchable,

  • AlanWVX

    Great that will get him off Sky!

    • Steve Smith

      He’ll be back on for highlights every week after a massive loss, headbutting a player or abusing a pensioner.

      “I fort I wuz a fret”


    ‘Just been checking Pardew’s antics out on youtube. The guy is a lunatic.

    We’ve got to have him, for the entertainment value if nothing else.’

    The sound of a supporter resigned to failure and trying to remain positive. All NUFC fans can empathise with this person

  • HenrySlade

    Who’s this Alan Pardew guy? The name rings a bell, but my sub-conscious mind has blocked him out.

    • Alan Pardew

      I gave debuts to Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jonjo Shelvey, Mark Noble

      • Little Pedro

        But wouldn’t play Tevez or Masherano

        • Alan Pardew

          When you’re the King, you can do anything.

          • TheFatController

            I’m having your dinner…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I bet the dressing room at WBA is ecstatic with the impending appointment of
    Mr Scumbag himself.
    a prevalent liar who is devoid of any moral standards whatsoever & a quite odious human being.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The stick Newcastle fans gave Pardew was a disgrace. The guy had got us fifth one year and was named manager of the premier league and all four divisions. The way the fans from Bar Loco the head quarters of the hate Pardew went on you would have thought he got us relegated. The stick both him and Ashley received made us a laughing stock throughout the country and cemented the image that we still live in the early 1900’s in mud huts.

    • TheFatController

      You’re re-writing history. They rightly got stick for only buying Anita, and not coping with European matches and PL, resulting in near relegation. Why would criticism for going backwards be ridiculed by people?

      You rarely follow the evidence before you when you make a claim on here, instead because you want to make a claim in support of Ashley you resultantly find the weak evidence to back it, or just make it up, whilst ignoring the facts that reveal Ashley and Pardew to be far less spectacular than you seem to believe they are.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        What I am saying is nothing to do with the performance of the two although we did very well one year it is the continued protests against Pardew it was nothing short of a disgrace. These people should be banned for life. Anyone booing players or the manager or chairman should take up fishing on a remote island in Scotland as they are not welcome here. The protests at the Hull game where we lost got us relegated but the protesters are to thick to realise the implications of not backing the club.

        • Paul Patterson

          We did ‘very well’ one year? Oh well, ‘one year’ in ten isn’t bad then.
          We did ‘very well’ one year because we had two good goalscorers that we haven’t had since through shocking recruitment.
          Yeah right, the protests at ONE match got us relegated and the treatment of Keegan was fair and just was it?

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Well Keegan walked out on Newcastle not once but three times and you can add other clubs like Man City to that. Lot’s of clubs have systems for recruiting players. Going back a few years it was not in common for us to spend six seasons in the second division and mid table at that. The problem with the johnny come lateley’s is that they think the Keegan years was the norm when it’s the exception. The boo boys and protesters should be banned for life and sent to Scotland on a fishing trip.

          • Paul Patterson

            Slight distortion of facts but hey ho.

          • TheFatController

            I like that you criticise keegan in the same paragraph that you are pointing out how bad we were in periods before he arrived first as player, then manager.

            You don’t really think through what you say do you ?

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Yes I did you missed the point so will explain in simple terms.
            He walks out at the drop of a hat if he does not get his own way twice under the Halls and Shepherd once under Ashley.
            Add to this Man City and England and you have a pattern.
            The success Keegan had was in the first spell as manager and when he walked out for the third time was under Ashley.
            The highest we have finished since Bobby Robson was with Pardew and the fans still protest some fans.

          • TheFatController

            He walked out on Ashley and won a case for constructive dismissal. If you aren’t going to use facts but instead ignore them to win the argument people will not take you seriously.

            You don’t criticise a wife for walking out on a husband. Once you discover he was beating her up.

          • Paul Patterson

            Keegan has only ‘walked out’ once and that was in protest to lack of funds for team building in his first spell as manager.
            The second ‘walk out’ was in 1997 when the club wanted to sell Les Ferdinand. Keegan said he would leave at the end of the season, but the club said it would be better if he went that January to safe guard the floatation. Keegan left in January, the club was later floated and Les was sold in the summer.
            At Man City he was asked to leave.
            Youtube his press conference from 2008 and start watching at 3:30 and 8:40.
            He’s an honest man and Ashley is a liar as proven in court.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            He walked before a home game against Swindon on the day of the match under the Halls and the Shepherds got about sixty miles and Terry Mac made him come back.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Most clubs do the transfers not the manager these days and he should never have won a penny out of the club.
            There have been directors of football and head scouts eg Graeme Carr and none of our other managers walked out and sued the club only him what a surprise. It borders on fraud.

          • hetonmag

            You don’t like Keegan and yet you like Pardew, you never come across as a dyed in the wool Magpie supporter I’m afraid.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Pardew is a man of principle Keegan walked out of every club he has been. Will be there on Saturday and Tuesday and Saturday this week so as dyed in the wool as it gets.

          • TheFatController

            Yet again you ignore the facts, choosing (wisely as you’re invariably wrong, no matter how ‘simply’ you put things for us) to ignore facts to make your argument.

            Keegan was told he would control transfers. That’s how the court tribunal ruled Ashley et al had lied and why they settled in Keegan’s favour and decided ‘constructive dismissal’

            You’re right to point out some clubs and some of our managers don’t give their manager control of transfers, but that didn’t apply with keegan and Ashley.

            Am I going to have to state facts back at you again when you make claims that are completely wrong about Keegan’s time under Ashley? You like to confirm your beliefs with bias rather than facts, that are beliefs (at best misinformed opinions) not the truth. Stop it, this is a public domain…

          • Damon Horner

            I find it odd you’re judging Keegan on a reputation and the nature of his exits from clubs. Pardew by the same criteria is arrogant, egotistical and more know for his touchline antics than on pitch achievement, his exits have been by sacking after reversing all of his clubs fortunes.

        • TheFatController

          The buck stops at the top. Ashley got us relegated.

          Only the least ‘aware’ people in football fail to see the benefit to a club of having fans onside.

          How many owners in football history have had constant disputes with fans and refused to leave other than Ashley and Owen Oyston …? And look at the success they made of their clubs…

        • Mike

          go back to the stadium of plight

      • Paul Patterson

        I wasn’t going to list the negative sides to both as it would take too long, but here goes for old times sake-
        ASHLEY- Renaming St James’, W***a, JFK (twice), S****s D****t advertising (for free), Two relegations (and two near misses), tarnishing various club legends, Transfer policy, Derek Llambias, Dennis Wise and proven (by court) liar.
        PARDEW- Headbutting opposing player, Linesman abuser, Opposing manager abuser, Two near relegations, Shocking form, Record against the mackems.

        That kind of stuff isn’t accidental. It’s the records of idiots on both parties.

        • Mike

          hear hear total wnkr. not fit to manage us

        • Vito Genovese

          More 3 goal plus defeats than all of our other premier league managers combined. No plan B.

    • Mike

      eh? he is a ars licker and to blame fans for losing games? he gets found out at all the clubs he manages

    • Sing in the Leazes

      Yeah and he rested on those laurels for years. Defended the club when the club refused to back him. Why? He lacked ambition? Or worse, it was nothing more mysterious than the money. That is his crime.
      He was lucky to finish 5th really, we had Cabaye and Ben Arfa bang in form and putting in some amazing performances and crucially, the frankly supernatural form of Cisse in the second half of the season. Nobody could have predicted (or coached) that. We went on a late run when other teams had nowt to play for and got 5th. What did he do? He couldn’t believe his luck and he sat back (nice easy summer with no signings) and stuck up for his mate Ashley. For years.
      I mean we are still going on about it now. Poxy 5th? 5th man?
      Wor Kev and SBR would have been determined to better that position yet even right now I am having to type a reply to someone who feels one 5th place in half a decade of raking in millions in wages every year is worth defending.

  • Wor Lass

    “Well i’ve read he likes genuine wingers…” Yes, but then he plays them at left back.

    • Peaky Magpie


    • Peaky Magpie

      And don’t ever forget the classic “Colback is the ginger Pirlo” ??? Enough said.

      • Wor Lass

        That was “Woy”, though someone must have told him that!

        • Peaky Magpie

          Was it oops 😬 Still Pardew’s fault in my eyes,as is global warming,the North Korea crisis and yesterday’s budget !!!

          • Wor Lass

            Too true!

  • hetonmag

    Thought he should have been on strictly after his jig on the touch line at Wembley.

  • TubbyMunky

    I’ll be feeling sorry for the WBA fans if it goes ahead…most of the ones I met when I lived down that way were a good bunch.

  • Alan Pardew

    I always thought I should be a manager at a big club.

  • Alan Pardew

    I won’t ever let it rest until I’m done, to get to one of the big clubs, because I want a bigger percentage chance of winning. I envy those managers that are there, I really do.

  • S.G.M.

    The law of averages says “He has to be a success at some point”
    The old adage. Chimps, typewriters and Shakespeare.

  • Andy Mac

    ‘Pardew would be alright, he’s got a bit of an unfair reputation when you actually look at his record, couple of cup finals in his time too. The only job he’s ever actually been properly bad at was Charlton”

    Properly bad ? Just bad is bad enough !

  • 1957

    They need to look on the bright side with Pardew. He could bring along with him the best coach in the PL three years ago, a rolypoly goal keeping coach and Geordie John’s personal door opener all of whom have been involved with incidents with opposing players and coaches at some time. With that much passion their future could be…

  • Mike

    i want a job as a manager talk sht play sht get sacked with ££££ payoff then tout for another job oh i forgot say that the fans dont like me cos im a cockney