Watford fans can’t complain about the entertainment levels this season.

New manager Marco Silva has introduced an attacking style of play which has produced 40 goals in their 12 matches, 21 for the opposition and 19 for the Hornets.

Eighth in the table, they could have been top four if they’d seen out wins against Chelsea and Everton, after leading 2-1 with 19 minutes to go only to lose 4-2, then lead 2-0 at Goodison Park before going down 3-2.

Overall they seem very positive ahead of Newcastle, apart from one (there’s always one…) who isn’t happy with the new boss.

The travelling fans have seen two Watford goals in every one of their six PL away matches but do they see that continuing at St James Park?

Watford fans commenting via WFC Forums:

‘I had Newcastle down to really struggle this season (which they may well do yet of course) but they have done quite well so far, albeit dodgy recently but fair play to them.

This said I genuinely don’t think they have a very good team, Lascelles is good and will go far (but injured for this one), not sure many others would get into our match day squad.

Shelvey has managed to develop from overrated promising youngster to massively overrated liability with anger management issues.

Still as they are only playing Watford the pressure will be on them at home, reckon that will play nicely into our hand.’

‘Newcastle team news:

Lascelles and Atsu injured, Isaac Hayden suspended, Merino and Dummett doubts.

Ideally Merino will miss it as he seems to be their main creative outlet.’

‘Big fan of the Geordie people and the city itself. Shame I can’t make this one. Those defensive injuries on Newcastle’s part are promising; we should now score as many goals as we will leak.’

‘I’ve genuinely no idea if this is a good or bad thing, as I’ve never heard of any of them!’

‘Tsssk. What sort of Premiership fan are you exactly.

Lascelles (ex-Nottingham Forest second division clogger)

Atsu (Type of sushi often enjoyed by players post match)

Isaac Hayden (US Singer most famous for ‘Theme from Shaft’)

Merino (Breed of sheep renowned for its wool)

Dummett (Geordie slang – a person who’s not very bright).’

‘If Dummett is back for them at LB, I feel sorry for him. Your first game back against a fully fit Richarlison is no easy task.

Would be great to get Dummett and Shelvey booked early.

Pressure will be on the young ref though. He can’t succumb to the pressure the home fans will put him under. Newcastle are a dirty team and he needs be strong early on.’

‘Richarlison is more likely to give their right-back a torrid time.’

‘Already on my way up, indeed I’ve been at sea for 3 weeks so I hope it’s a good match!

Newcastle are a weird one, basically Championship quality players with a World Class manager who is inexplicably still there.

We have a lot better players than them, but it wouldn’t shock me if Rafa pulls a number on our less experienced manager.

The priority of course is to maintain our record of scoring exactly 2 goals in every away game. Does anyone know if our current run is a record?

Prediction: Newcastle 2-2 Watford.’

‘Anything less than a comfortable win and Silva can **** off. We’ve got to be beating the likes of these.

Fair play to Leonardo Bonito, he’s got a team of championship players fired up and doing ok, but if we can’t take these to the cleaners with our squad, then I will drive Silva to Everton’ s relegation dogfight myself.’

‘One of my memories from going there as an away supporter was the amount of people who had puked on the way up those stairs. However, the bar at the top is worth the climb.’

‘I think we should stick with the back 3. Newcastle will surely get numbers behind the ball and the 3-4-3 gives us almost five upfront at times with the wing backs so far forward.’

‘Surely they won’t sit back and defend at home?

They have to come at us a little bit don’t they?’

  • Rich Lawson

    Hopefully that is their front 3 shown in the picture above ?

  • TheNutJob

    If they play 3 at the back Hoss will murder them

    • Kneebotherm8

      Hoss will have a bonanza.

      • Wor Lass

        I don`t Adam and Eve it!

      • Rich Lawson

        The stetson’s bound to confuse the defence.

        • Kneebotherm8


  • TheFatController

    It’s interesting that none mention the ‘takeover’ word, not even the guy questioning why Rafa is still here (I’ll give him three guesses) or the guy thinking we may end up in trouble.

    Rightly no one else cares, why should they, but this confirms for me that they don’t .

  • Whitehurst

    They have a go at our away section!! Vicarage Road’s away section has to be the worst I’ve ever been to….5 mile walk around feckin allotments!!

  • Wor Lass

    “Newcastle are a dirty team”?

  • Whickhamrobbie

    and the press call toon fans deluded

    • Little Pedro

      Definitely, they hung on to the premier league by the skin of their teeth last season, got the brass neck to assume they’re world beater’s now, just a feeder club for Udinese, we will see what tomorrow brings

      • Whickhamrobbie

        sorry Watford i just got it wrong you are magic so Udinese must be brilliant

        • Little Pedro

          I too apologize also, gutted, going to see if I can get an Udinese scarf for Leicester

  • Mark

    Last season we were a premiership team in the championship and this season we are a championship team in the premier league?????

  • anyobrien

    The mighty Watford eh lmfao.

  • Scooter

    Gayle looked sharp last week & with Merino back i think we`ll win this one

  • Martin

    As fans the one thing we can control is how well we support the team. The support at the Bournemouth game was poor and had a negative impact upon our own players. It still staggers me that fans will come to Newcastle and boo their own players and get on the backs of young lads like Murphy. Do the same tomorrow, and you may as well stick a Watford top on. Alternatively, a loud and patient crowd will make it more likely that we win. Be positive, support the team or do every one a favour and stay at home.

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