Sunderland fans told Newcastle supporters to enjoy Burton…and we did.

It made a lot of headlines, with the mighty Newcastle United dropping from the Premier League once again under Mike Ashley’s expert guidance, whilst at the same time tiny Burton continued their miraculous rise to play in the second tier of English football for the first time ever.

Newcastle fans saw their team win home and away against Burton Albion and each had only one goal in it.

Newcastle winning 2-1 away just before Christmas and then 1-0 in a midweek home game in April. The away match gave Newcastle fans the chance to notch up another ground and for most visitors there was the novelty of being in a (official!) standing area.

Sunderland fans celebrated staying in the Premier League in May 2016 and laughed at the fact Newcastle were set to play Burton.

Incredibly, only 18 months later, Sunderland fans are rating Burton away on Saturday as their biggest game of the season!

With indeed many of them more than ready to settle for a draw before the game takes place and comments like ‘We are that bad I’d try park the bus.’

This is how the bottom of the Championship currently looks and if Birmingham win at Middlesbrough on Wednesday night (tonight), Sunderland fans will be seven points off safety before they go to Burton.

sunderland fans

Sunderland fans commenting on the ‘big one’ via message board Ready To Go:

‘Massive, biggest since Everton at home in 2016. Beat a poor Burton side and get a new manager bounce.’

‘Has it really come to this?

Oh, yes it has. Totally agree.’

‘It’s never dull …..’

‘What have you been watching!

Might get some rose tinted glasses mesell.’

‘If we don’t win Saturday it’s game over.’

‘When the ref blows the final whistle its game over.’

‘We will beat burton, the fight back begins, the gaffer will have learned a lot tonight, Chris Colemans Red and White Army.’

‘Can’t afford to lose, we are starting to get cut adrift a bit.’

‘Grabban will pick up an injury in the week. Cattermole will get sent off in the first half and Ruiter will kick a backpass against the Burton forward for 0-1. Full Time. Burton 4-0 Sunderland.’

‘Cattermole has been a fraud this season 5 yards behind play. He’s finished.’

‘It’s a nothing game cos that’s all we’ll get. We’re where we are because we’re utter rubbish. The table doesn’t lie.’

‘A 0-0 will do me.

Anything to get a clean sheet and give our defence/keeper a bit of confidence.

We are that bad I’d try park the bus.’

‘It’s getting to the point now where we need back to back wins just to catch up with the teams just above us.’

‘Big trouble if we don’t get a win from the next 2. We could be cut adrift going into the New Year.

No ifs or buts, we need about 3 wins before New Year or it’s League 1.’

‘Clean sheet would be class along with the win.’

‘A defeat would be devastating, a draw very disappointing, we need the win.’

‘A six pointer, must win game.’

‘Burton v Sunderland is a massive game for us. This is where we’re at as a club, sad times.’

‘It’s definitely a must not lose.’

‘Burton isn’t quite a must win game, but we need to avoid defeat at all costs. That said, if we don’t beat Burton, there will be huge pressure on the Reading game and I’m not convinced the players are strong enough to cope with the pressure.’

‘Burton’s cup final. Will listen with interest with a pint of Bass.’

‘Why’s it Burton’s cup final?’

  • ross richardson

    If Birmingham win their game in hand the great unwashed could be 3 wins off safety. Love it :D

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Mackems hoping for a Dead (Black) Cat Bounce

  • Waxi

    The other big difference is we were top of the league when we faced Burton and that joke of a club BLUNDERLAND are rock bottom. How did that lot not think ahead when the were rock bottom of the EPL and think I best keep my big fat gob shut as we will be playing Burton next season. It will be quite a while before we see that trash again.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Aye,the plane with the banners will be rusting away nicely somewhere now and do you know what 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rich Lawson

    Haway Nigel Clough !

  • Sadman

    I hope they get stuffed.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Fkn hilarious.
    Swings and roundabouts,what goes around comes around,he who laughs last laughs longest ‘n all that………………….🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕up yours you SMB’s.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • An honest Sunderland fan

    Concentrate on reporting on your own team lads…
    We all laughed because you’re deluded fans believe you’re a champions league team and you’re clearly nowhere near that, so the whole country laughs at you… Not just Sunderland fans.
    My daughter is 7 and has never seen us beaten by your club.
    Yes, we’re in trouble, because we have an owner who doesn’t want to spend any of his 13bn.

    • Andy Mac

      So you think Fatman is any different ? Get a life its makems who are deluded because you think that players with ability, skill and ambition would be happy living in the land that time forgot and playing for you lot ? The reality is you can only attract half hearted mercenaries who offer nothing in terms of character, passion or will to win.

      Thats why you’re struggling !

    • East Durham Mag

      Yes we haven’t beaten you for a few years but that will be all worth taking if your sorry ar$es got sent down again. I will believe in Karma then. Why are you on this site then? Concentrate on your own team.

      • An honest Sunderland fan

        Unfortunately NewsNow posts this garbage in with Sunderland news

    • Kneebotherm8

      We HAVE actually been a champions league team for a few seasons unlike yourselves.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      sunderland have played 3 european games Toon 122 with a trophy win .Beaten Barca ,played champions league oh and been to Milan , Have you ever seen a Mackem there ???? thought not.

    • Jezza

      I agree that we need to concentrate on our own team and have been saying so for a long time on this forum. SAFC are of no relevance to us, they are just another team, nothing more. The two clubs are even in different divisions so there is no need whatsoever for this site to be reoporting on Sunderland.

      Let’s get one thing straight however, Newcastle fans do not consider our club to be Champions League material. NUFC will be lucky to avoid relegation this season and we all know that. NUFC have played in the Champions League in the past but we are not there now. By falling back on the old very well worn “Deluded Geordies” cliche you have lost all credibility. The only people who laugh at NUFC are rival fans who are jealous of the size of our crowds and stature of our club.

      SAFC are in trouble because of years of complacency. Season after season they finished fourth bottom of the Premiership and their fans celebrated as if they’d won the European Cup while the club’s owners and directors gave themselves a pat on the back and said “job done” and glibly assumed there would always be three worse teams in the Premiership. Keep thinking that way and eventually your luck will run out as you are finding out now.

    • Paul

      Concentrate on your own team..yet you’re on an NUFC fansite.
      As you’re an honest Sunderland fan, do you remember the fact you didn’t
      win a home derby for 28 years! some of your lot in their 40s before seeing a victory. Can’t take away your 6 in a row, but when you’re watching the dvds do you fast forward all the goals scored by A*** J******?…must leave a sour taste..
      Enjoy Burton anyway.

  • Steve Pearce

    Another stinking bag of Makem shyte!

    You and your mate Porter should realise that we don’t give a flying Donald Duck about Scumderland or anything to do with their fans or their team.

  • nufcslf

    The derby’s are closer in number all thanks to a cluesless rsole called Alan Pardew. The FA Cup was always bigger to win than even the league at one time. Nothing to be scoffed at. Your assessment of both clubs being pathetic in the way they are run for the support they get is spot on. Still of the mind people should think before they start spouting off, though.

  • nufcslf

    The only real fear is if fatty stays, all 3 clubs could be playing each other in league 1. Fortunately, the fatty part isn’t going to happen…staying that is…and we are going to get a fresh start with a new owner. Totally agree with the shut your gob before it comes back to haunt you.

  • Steven05

    I think both sets of fans are happy – here’s why.

    Would Newcastle fans swap the 6 in a row for the current state of sunderland?

    Would sunderland swap the 6 in a row for the current state of Newcastle?

    I think both sets of fans would say no

    Yes it was horrible to go through those defeats (when we shouldn’t have had to, thanks Ashley and Pardew), we are now fighting to stay in the premier league and hopeful of the future. sunderland (should) have a grim view of the future, but hey, they beat that horrible big club up the road 6 times, so everything is suewpa!