Sam Allardyce has been talking about Newcastle’s defeat to Bournemouth.

The former United boss analysing the game for Match of The Day.

Maybe surprisingly, his sympathies lay with Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle team.

Bournemouth may have went on to be the better team in the first half but Newcastle were easily the most dominant before the break, a series of chances going begging due to a combination of good goalkeeping, rubbish match officials, and poor finishing.

Sam Allardyce felt the game revolved around a 16th minute incident.

After concerted Newcastle pressure, Matt Ritchie hit a blistering left foot effort that Begovic brilliantly fingertipped around the post.

Gayle then went close, before Christian Atsu brought another fine save from the visiting keeper.

However, Begovic could do nothing in the 16th minute when Ritchie’s brilliant curling effort from outside the box left the keeper helpless, only for it to come back off the post.

For once Newcastle carried the luck as the ball went straight to Dwight Gayle who was doing his job and following it up, slotting the ball into an empty net.

Newcastle fans were outraged at the time and TV replays clearly showed Gayle was onside when Ritchie took his shot.

Sam Allardyce thinks that if the goal had stood then there would almost certainly have been no way back for Newcastle.

Whilst the United players have to obviously take the lion’s share of the blame for the eventual defeat, it was also one of those games when it felt like Newcastle didn’t get a single 50-50 decision.

That really summed up when Defoe looked possibly offside when receiving the ball and then taking a shot that won a corner, the corner that Bournemouth scored the winner from.

Small margins once again deciding a game this season, just as Newcastle have already found in matches against Huddersfield, Palace, Brighton, Stoke, and Burnley. Sometimes it falling Newcastle’s way, sometimes not.

Certainly with the momentum Newcastle carried at the time of the disallowed goal, you have to feel it would have gone on to be a two or three goal home victory.

Once again you wonder about the use of a video referee which must surely come in at the top level in the future, Newcastle’s disallowed goal almost certainly a wrong decision that changed the outcome.

Sam Allardyce talking on Match of The Day:

“It could have been a whole different story for Bournemouth.

“Because I’m not so sure had Bournemouth gone 1-0 behind here (they would have got anything)…

“I’m not sure that’s offside.

“Even if it was slightly offside, he is not interfering with play, he (Dwight Gayle) is not interfering with play, he is following the shot in and he puts it in the back of the net.

“It is really unlucky (for Newcastle).”

Gary Lineker:

“Well he is interfering with play if he puts it into the back of the net…”

Sam Allardyce:

“Well he is, after that…”

Gary Lineker:

“But he (Gayle) was level (and so not offside.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1


Bournemouth: Cook 90+2

Possession was Bournemouth 52% Newcastle 48%

Total shots were  Bournemouth 16 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were Bournemouth 6 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Bournemouth 9 Newcastle 11

Referee: Paul Tierney

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles (Clark 55), Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie, Shelvey, Hayden, Atsu (Murphy 82), Joselu (Perez 68)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Gamez, Mitrovic, Diame

Crowd: 52,237 (Bournemouth 1,600)

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  • ghostrider

    Yeah, decisions and If’s and But’s.
    The reality is the end result.
    They scored 1 and we scored zero.

    As much as people will go nuts at what I’m about to say, I have to say it.
    We will be extremely lucky to avoid relegation under Rafa.
    All this talk about organising the defence and players improving etc, isn’t as clean cut as it appears.
    This so called organised defensive set up and midfield graft looks good when analysed on a screen at certain times when we do a good defensive job but the reality is, we scrape through a lot of defending by the skin of our teeth and just pure luck and bad finishing from the opposition, until we then eventually get breached by the odd goal which appears to make it look like we’re improving by not being steam-rollered like in the past.

    Rafa sets up his team as an attacking force for this game against a stuttering Bournemouth, at home and could have reaped the benefit of it but to do that would require a lot of work on your attacking players, rather than let some of the rust whilst other on the pitch feed off scraps in 95% of games.

    What’s happened with Mitro? Did he steal a sweety from Rafa’s bowl or something.

    This team is a lot better than what Rafa is using it for.
    He’s no messiah and I want rid of him before it’s too late.
    He will take us down in my opinion.

    • Jezza

      Yes Rafa must take all the blame after Ashley backed him to the hilt in the summer with unlimited transfer funds to buy all the proven Premiership quality players he wanted.

      • ghostrider

        Forget the money.
        Rafa had money to buy and he bought players he doesn’t play and leaves out players that can effect a game attacking wise.
        The team he has if he wasn’t so negative 90% of the time, is more than capable of avoiding relegation by taking the game to many of the opposition teams in this league and also scraping by on good defensive jobs on those that require the genuine caution.

        He bought attacking players mostly.
        Think about that.
        Why buy attacking players if your emphasis is on caution?

        Yeah Rafa is to blame.
        Ashley might be a skin flint but this team is far from mediocre if used correctly.

        • Jezza

          Fine let’s sack Rafa and see which manager we can get who will keep this woeful squad in the Premiership with no money to spend in January.

          • TheNutJob

            Arise the Silver surfer, ha ha

          • Jezza

            Yes let’s bring back the Silver Pox.

          • TheNutJob

            there won`t be new owners by January, the Pie Man won`t spend money, Rafa could walk then

          • ghostrider

            The squad is far from woeful. That’s my point.
            Of course we have some wasters but overall we have a squad that can easily cope for a mid table fight or at least avoid a relegation battle by being schooled into playing better football than we are getting.

            The football is dire mate. It’s dire.
            the players under Rafa look like they lose any technical ability they have and gain in slogger attitude.

            When he gives you a sweety and it’s the wrong flavour, just suck it with a smile because if you complain about it, you’ll never get another…and if you do, you can bet it won’t be your favourite.

            That’s Rafa, or it appears to be with the likes of Mitro and co.
            Soon enough most of the squad will be sucking bitter lemon.

          • hetonmag

            Utter garbage take a look at his CV we should be grateful he took our basket case of a club on otherwise we might have ended up where Scumberland is.

          • ghostrider

            He took us on and relegated us whether you think none of it was his fault or whatever.
            He came in with enough games to use his world class management and failed to save the club from the drop.

            We could all play the ” where would we be without him” for any manager if they appeared to be doing something.

            Nearly all of our previous managers of recent history managed a decent enough premier start no different and sometimes better than Rafa and were lauded until we got relegated in some of those seasons.

            Rafa will do the same because although some players seem to be singing to his tune for him, I suspect that they’d prefer a different one.

          • Jezza

            You still haven’t answered my question. Which manager could we realistically bring in who would be better than Rafa?

          • Jezza

            Yes Rafa came in and relegated us, undoing all Steve McClaren’s excellent work.

          • Stephen Clifford

            Charney relegated us. If he had brought in Rafa 5 games earlier we would have remained in the league

          • Jezza

            Answer me this then. Which manager could we realistically bring in who would be better than Rafa?

          • ghostrider

            If Ashley stays then someone like Eddie Howe or a Sean Dyche. I’d even swap Benitez for Slaven Bilic, because I believe Slaven Bilic is being screwed by that lot at West Ham.

            If we got taken over by a money no object owner, then I’d expect a higher class of manager that will set up up as a minimum of a balanced force with the emphasis on entertaining with results to match.

            That’s a dream but the minimum I expect from any manager is to give the fans as much entertainment as possible in games where we are capable of taking the game to the opposition…especially at home.

          • hetonmag

            OMG Bilic now I know you’ve lost the plot.

          • ghostrider

            Nothing wrong with Bilic. I think he’s being done up like a kipper at West Ham.
            I rate him as a manager and would take him over Rafa as it stands, all day long.

          • hetonmag

            All your posts and not one person in agreement with you tells it’s own story.

          • Stephen Clifford

            Now I know your ready for the funny farm. Bilic over Rafa? Sean Dyce and Eddie how didn’t do enough to out master Rafa in the games played recently. Both games from 1 goal late in the games. Both by mistakes..

          • Jezza

            Neither Howe or Dyche could handle the NUFC job and neither would touch it with a bargepole anyway. You say Bilic is being “screwed” at West Ham but he was given funds to bring in proven Premiership quality players in the summer while Rafa was forced to trawl the bargain basement for rubbish like Joselu and Manquillo. Bilic wouldn’t come either anyway.

            Every manager Ashley has ever appointed at NUFC has either been out of work or promoted from within the club. There is zero prospect of him making a move for another club’s manager. If Rafa goes we are looking at the next Kinnear/Pardew/Carver/McClaren if not Pardew himself. You are not making any sense and I really think your one man Rafa Out campaign is just a form of attention seeking.

          • ghostrider

            Whether you think I’m attention seeking or not, I’m merely having my say and will not follow a debate stance just because mass opinion teases me to.
            I’m a one man mind that is peed off with Rafa’s style of management and tactics on and off the pitch.
            He’s dire and soon enough the players will show you just how dire he is when they start questioning him due to losing their will to play.

            As for Rafa having to trawl the bargain basement…who told you this?
            As for Bilic being screwed, I mean that my guess is, I think he’s had little say in some of the signings and is being led by the collar.
            I could be wrong but we’ll know soon enough.

            Just remember that Rafa wanted full control. Full control.
            Many managers are not afforded that.
            A 5 million a year contract and full control of affairs and you don’t think Rafa done anything other than be told to trawl the bargain bin?

            How about Rafa went for caution and then added a few bargain basement signings when he couldn’t get the big fell’s in.

            Maybe, or was Rafa being lied to and led on which made him say ” ahhh I’ll carry on anyway , even though I can walk with a hefty pay off.2

            Not a chance.
            There’s more to it than just bargain bin stuff, although granted, I do believe there wasn’t mammoth amounts to spend, overall but enough considering the earlier 80 million spend he had.

            It’s all or nothing with fans.
            If you’re flavour of the month and seen as some messiah then you’re immunity to criticism will last a lot longer.
            If you are seen as just another basic no name manager and you don’t hit the ground running, you’re ripe for the picking and mashing.

            We’re all a fickle bunch, me included but in this case I’m arguing my right to be fickle and want Rafa out.

          • Jezza

            Rafa may not be getting everything right but it’s not his fault he’s got no quality to work with after being lied to and badly let down by Ashley in three successive transfer windows.

            If you think we have got even the slightest hope of getting anybody better than Rafa to come and manage this club at this moment in time you are away with the fairies.

          • Jezza

            Do you really believe that when promotion was secured on the 24th of April that Rafa’s first choice striker target for the coming season was Joselu?

            Rafa even said “Im signing the players I can sign not the ones I want to sign”. He had to trawl the bargain basement because Fatso would not release adequate funds for proper team strengthening even though he had promised Rafa he would.

          • ghostrider

            It’s not woeful, that’s my point. Rafa is making it woeful by not playing the the strengths of other teams or against their weaknesses.
            His tactics are dire.

    • Wor Lass

      I said yesterday that if we lost to Bournemouth the doom and gloom merchants would come crawling out of the woodwork – and there you are! As Jezza says, you`re attacking the wrong person. We haven`t bought a decent goal scorer since Remi went off to Chelski and that`s down to one man. I do agree about Mitro, though. Joselu just seems to have become more and more anonymous. That gamble just hasn`t come off.

      • TheNutJob

        he was a loanee, we haven`t actually bought a propa striker for yonks.
        Hoss wasn`t a gamble, one look at his CV says he`s useless

      • ghostrider

        Aye mate, I am crawling out of the woodwork. I’ve turned from a glass half full man for most of my Newcastle United experiences, over 45 years worth into this and yet here we are with a world class manager doing a second class job with a reasonable class of players at his disposal.

        I’m attacking the right person because I am sick of seeing his negative set up and his inability to use a plan B.
        He’s a stubborn git and players are suffering for it on and off the pitch.
        They players will soon revolt against him if he carries on like this…you mark my words.

        I’ll tell you something else. The fans will soon turn on him as well as the obvious Ashley chants.
        It appears that Rafa seems to have the excuse of using the limited funds excuse card if it all goes wrong, as it is starting to.

        All this bumph about setting us up to be hard to beat is one thing but worthless if that set up entails a hard to win mindset, don’t you think?

        As for the decent goal scorer. I argued this earlier on in another topic.
        We will never have a decent goal scorer with Rafa’s current mindset, no matter who we get.
        All we will do is disillusion any potential buy of goalscoring quality with the negative mindset and asking that potential goalscorer to concentrate on stopping the opposition movement first before giving them food for thought about your prowess.

        I want him out before it’s too late and a manager in who can get the best out of these players we have, because there’s a lot more in these players than we are getting, entertainment wise and points wise.

        We play football as if we can dodge bullets for long periods of time and for people to shout ” wow, we are great at dodging bullets” only for one stray bullet to kill us stone dead and for people to shout ” ahh well, at least we still looked good at dodging the bullets until that happened.”

        I want us to be firing them for at least a share of a game…especially at home.

        • Damon Horner

          I see what you’re saying but the scrutiny on every detail could be applied to most teams and managers. I’m happy to judge the overall picture and at the moment we’re seemingly in takeover talks and 6 points away from the relegation. Causing our only instability at this stage could be suicide.

          • ghostrider

            It’s swings and roundabouts as regards whether we can cause our own instability where a takeover’s concerned, but to be honest, regardless of a take over, I think Rafa is effecting it right now.

            If Rafa carries on with his mindset I can see us cast aside of the safety pack with a mountain to climb by January, with no wins from this point on.

            I’m actually bei9ng ultra negative myself but I honestly do not see Rafa as being the man to take us anywhere other than back to square one.
            A take over would benefit us right now as long as it consists of proper money to spend long term and with an immediate change of manager to effect it. A real world class forward thinking manager, not a negative soul destroying one like Rafa.

            I’m sorry to be saying this but I’m sick of it and do not want to keep enduring his ego.

        • Whickhamrobbie

          i half agree with you . We the fans are holding on to Rafa as we know we are doomed without him but is he a part of the problem ? .
          Did Rafa not bring in Joselu and Murphy ? are they good enough ?.
          I have seen better players in the FA cup games this weekend
          so the scouts or Rafa are just simply not good enough to pick talent

        • Wor Lass

          I agree with some of the criticism you make. I`ve mentioned his stubbornness elsewhere, especially in regard to Mitro, and he is ultra defensive-minded. However, he has transformed the character of our club despite the best efforts of fatty to derail him. Without a decent budget he has managed to bring together a group of players who are proud to wear the shirt and graft their b*lls off. It wasn`t long ago that people were saying, “We don`t demand a team that wins just one that tries”. Well, weve got one that tries now and they win some as well. I just think your going OTT at the minute and over-reacting.

          • ghostrider

            I agree, I am probably going over the top and over-reacting but I’m getting some weird visions of all of this falling flat.
            I hope I end up looking a right dipstick and Rafa goes on to turn this club into a force…

          • Wor Lass

            Fair enough. At least Sunlun are doing their best to cheer us all up!

          • ghostrider

            Yeah and to think their demise is due to an owner who kept on doing a Ashley Pitt in the great escape film by allowing money to keep dripping from the holes in his pockets for all and sundry to pick up and spend willy nilly lol.

            It’s a strange state of affairs for them but that’s their issues.
            I’d be more than happy if Rafa started to give this squad some offensive attitude on the pitch with a ball against the opposition rather than suffering it from the opposition for 90% of the game in most cases.

        • Stephen Clifford

          When the likes of Bournemouth spend 3 times more than us then I can’t see your argument. If Rafa was given the same to spend, we would not now be having this conversation

          • ghostrider

            You mean like Everton?
            It’s a none argument.
            It’s about setting up the team/squad you have to effect a game.
            Bournemouth are below us for their spend.
            We will soon be below them if we carry on playing like we do, unless we set up more like we did in the first half against Bournemouth or similar in terms of taking the game to them but having the conviction to carry it on and then work from that….especially at home.
            It’ll not only gain as many points as the negative shut out games but may also do much better or at least give us entertainment in the process.

            I don’t mind of we finish 17th by 1 point if I feel like we’ve been entertained for a lot of the season in a reasonable portion of most games.
            The way Rafa’s going he’ll have us near there or worse but with dire football.
            I’ll accept that but I won’t be happy about it if that ends up the case.

    • Kneebotherm8

      We’ll be relegated a whole lot earlier without Rafa.

      • ghostrider

        I disagree mate. I really do.
        This team would thrive in a sense under a Eddie Howe type of manager. It’s stifled under Rafa.

        • Jezza

          That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Eddie Howe is a bright young coach/manager but he is nowhere near ready to handle the pressure and poison chalice of NUFC. He couldn’t cope with the job. He wouldn’t come anyway, not in a million years. If Rafa goes there is only one manager going to replace him and I’ll give you a clue, he’s got silver hair and he’s had the NUFC job before. Maybe that’s exactly what you want.

          • ghostrider

            You read far too much into Ashley and Pardew.
            I don’t want Alan Pardew or anyone like him, even though he gave us much better football than Rafa has.

            This club is far from a poisoned chalice. That’s just in the minds of those that see an owner as the devil and thinking managers won’t work for him when the truth would more likely be that many managers would jump at the chance.

            The only issue with the bigger managers is Ashley’s stance on spending, but that can be offset with some of them if, say, Ashley were to offer something like a 5 million a year salary.
            Do you know anyone that’s on that kind of money who’s getting it from a skinflint?

            Planting halo’s over people’s heads does not guarantee anything other than what they’re capable of and Rafa only seems capable of producing dire football with the odd daring hint of what can be construed as 10 minutes worth of entertainment every now and again.

            Let me put this into perspective for you.
            If what we were witnessing right now, this season was being done with a manager in charge, such as a Sam Allardyce or even Eddie Howe, I’d guarantee the fans would be up in arms and screaming for better.

            Because it’s Rafa who is being lauded by all and sundry and Newcastle United happen to have him….it’s like we all have to sit back and keep our fingers on our lips for fear of upsetting him and making him walk out.

            Guess what?
            He can walk out right now and I’ll be more than happy.
            I do not like his management style or his ways towards players.

          • Jezza

            If any manager was producing that kind of football with those results with those players having had the rug pulled from under him in three successive transfer windows I would not be getting on his back.

          • ghostrider

            Rug pulled from under him. How?
            Do you realise how much transfer money he’s had considering the fact that he took us down to the championship?

          • Jezza

            £40 million profit in summer 2016 window
            NOTHING to spend in January 2017 window
            A mere £11.5 million net spend in summer 2017 window compared with £40 million+ for both fellow promotees Brighton and Huddersfield.

    • hetonmag

      You need a reality check why don’t you put a name forward who you think would come here, we have a manager who is trying to turn this club around on limited resources and up to now he is doing ok in my eyes, promoted at the first time of asking just have a look at the championship and see how other teams that went down with us are doing. Rafa needs backing and see’s the great Mitro day in and day out and he doesn’t fancy picking him why is that so hard to take in.

      • Damon Horner

        I might be alone in this but our issues look to be a penalty box issue, I think Gayle could help us more than Mitro but we seemed to have written Gayle off as a fanbase.

      • ghostrider

        AHHH come on man. He was given a pot load of money to take on the championship and many managers would have done as good, if not better with that layout.
        Rafa might see Mitro day in and day out but that means nothing.
        What counts is Rafa’s inability to trust in players other than the robots that adhere to dire tactics.
        He’s a managerial slogger.

        • Damon Horner

          Like Aston Villa? Who still can’t break into the top two with the multiple PL winner former Chelsea and England captain.

          • ghostrider

            I’m not interested in what Villa do, I’m interested in what Newcastle United do and want the best that can be for them.
            I feel that Rafa Benitez is not the person for us. I’ve seen what he’s offering and I don’t like it and believe it will haunt us if we don’t change it sooner rather than later.

          • Damon Horner

            Villa is just the example why Rafa’s promotion was not a formality.
            Probably going to stand alone in your view though mate although arguments on “balance” can be used against you for last years achievement and for the risk of management change.
            Personally think we’re safer with Rafa than David Moyes though.

          • ghostrider

            I hope we are safer with Rafa if he stays, I beg for it, but you know what?
            If safety by a whisker means a season of that dire football, then he’s going to have to buy an entire new squad, because the squad he has right now would all want out rather than endure another season of the same.
            Then it’s all about getting in players who will play his way.

            I don’t think the futures bright under this man, I really don’t.
            I have no choice but to suffer him because I bought into Newcastle United for life and through thick and thin and have seen more thin than thick.
            It still won’t stop me moaning about Rafa or any other manager that serves up gruel for football.

          • Stephen Clifford

            Got to say, if you think Rafa is wrong, what did you think of the likes of Kinnear ? There are several clubs just waiting to pick up Rafa. We should give him a few quid to buy a striker or two. A defender maybe. Then we will survive. In Rafa I trust.. believe me, blow this chance and you will end up with mediocrity again. The likes of pardew or mclaran… no thanks..

          • ghostrider

            We are less than mediocre now mate, seriously.
            We shouldn’t be but we are.
            As for Kinnear, like many managers we’ve had over the years, he’s just a wrong choice for whatever reasons those choices were made, whether it be old friends or a big name or whatever.

            I’m not interested in what clubs want to pick up Rafa and in fact I hope West Ham poach him or he resigns or whatever.
            I don’t like him as a manager.
            I think his brand of football is sickening.
            I think he’s turning talented footballers into sloggers and robots.

            This team and squad is capable of far more than Rafa is producing from it, because his negative stance is bordering on the ridiculous.

            Let’s put it this way.
            If Rafa has honed this squad to play like the first half against Bournemouth and trained the team with more emphasis on that aspect, we would be more entertaining and the attackers would weigh in with goals in a more confident set up.

            His trouble is, he gets twitchy and has to revert to the cautious again.
            This team/squad can’t be enjoying what he’s setting them up for in 90% of games.

    • Dirty Pierre le Punk

      That’s right because getting rid of the manager when the going gets a bit tough works really well doesn’t it? I mean just look at how well it worked for Sunderland – where are they again? I’d rather trust the judgement of a world class manager when it’s raining hard than some simple minded horse who pushes the panic button because we were cheated out of a result by a Championship quality refereeing decision.

      • ghostrider

        We weren’t cheated by anyone but ourselves.
        A me pushing a panic button is nothing of the sort.
        Rafa hasn’t been here for 5 minutes, he’s been here long enough to at the very least play a balanced team instead of adhering to caution and dire football in doing so for 90% of the time, home or away.

        It’s ridiculous management.
        If he’d just came in at the start of the season I’d be inclined to give him time.
        If he gets too much more time we will be lucky to avoid relegation and then what will the fans be saying?

        Let’s put a scenario to people.

        If we get relegated with this dire football, will the fans say ” ahh well, Rafa could only work with what he had and tried to play from the back.” Or would they say ” Rafa Benitez has given us mostly dire football with little entertainment and attacking nous and yet we’ve suffered in it for the prize of staying in the premier league but have even failed to do that.”…?

        We need another manager and hopefully the sooner the better, because this team is capable of much better than we are getting.

  • Peaky Magpie

    I honestly think West Ham will be closely monitoring the takeover situation before they sack Bilic.If nothing happens by January (which is unlikely) or he’s not backed by Lardy ( which definitely won’t happen) I really think this will be the time Rafa walks.

  • Kneebotherm8

    The wrong offside call by an official who gets one look at the incident from one angle,can you blame him cos I don’t.
    Video technology required which would have OK’d the goal in seconds.

  • hetonmag

    That dimwit Merson couldn’t bring himself to say the goal should have stood instead saying maybe his head was offside.

  • Steve Pearce

    I too started wondering if Rafa’s tactics are not starting to become a bit jaded. We don’t seem to have an attacking edge any more and that may not just be down to the complete shyte we have up front. Defensive prowess is one thing, but we should be going at the opposition’s throats from the kick off and not give them the chance to move into our half. I await the takeover and a new effective strike force to see if I am proved wrong,,,,

  • Hughie

    Benitez made a major howler yesterday bringing Perez on for Joselu, Diame a much better bet than powderpuff Perez–can take people on, better in the air and stronger physicaly . Similarly, sadly, Murphy looks totally confused and devoid of confidence. Rafa to blame for this one– apart from bad luck with the Gayle goal and Ritchie’s post effort–wrong substitutions.

  • gallowgate26

    I thought we were too defensive and the substitutions were baffling. Bringing on Perez, we may as well have taken off a player and played with 10 men. Yes we will have to be defensive away at Old Trafford and hope for a point. But at home against a relegation candidate? Bournemouth had two good chances and wasted them both (one looked a certain goal). That was the clue that they are in fact, not very good and the game was there to be won. What does Rafa do? Make like for like changes and leave Mitrovic and Diame on the bench.

  • Derek

    ‘Sam Allardyce thinks that if the goal had stood then there would almost certainly have been no way back for Newcastle.’

    If Newcastle scored that goal and went 1-0 then there’s certainly no way back for Newcastle United???

    Great journalism!

    • Doghouse Reilly

      ‘Bournemouth may have went on to be the better team in the first half but Newcastle were easily the most dominant before the break‘

      Proof read? Waste of time!

      • hagar

        happening more and more on this site. Lazy, lazy writing.