Saturday and a 3pm kick off. There’s something beautiful about that these days isn’t there?

So on our pre-match mooch to the bus stop I waffled to the wife and kids about it feeling like a great day for football.

Well it did feel like that man, just maybe not for us! The romance didn’t last long.

I don’t normally do buses and I remembered, why when it failed to show up for 20 minutes, and then the driver proceeded to go for the world record amount of passengers.

Think the whole of the Leazes end were on the X88 at one point, compounded by a drunken, death-defying wasp going off its nut in my vicinity, Jesus, Mary and Joseph – had sweat running off me tash.

We then had to sprint to the ground and up the one million stairs to Level 7 of the so called ‘family enclosure’.

Oxygen applied and defibrillator on charge, what a great day for football man!

Anyway, having the lack of oxygen seemingly turned me into a wheezing old gadgie and I asked a gaggle of pre-pubescant quiffed goons to sit doon so my kids could see. They kindly obliged rather than mob-handed happy slap me to death live on Snapchat, bonus!

The first half was pretty decent. We were on top and fashioned some nice positions and half-chances and Atsu and Ritchie were definitely on the front foot.

Added to the surprise of us actually going with two up top, with Rafa shuffling the pack and cashing in Perez for Gayle, it seemed like we would be set for three precious points against a team that sat second bottom.

Richie spanked a shot which came off the inside of the post leaving a tap into an empty net – cue the quiffs jumping up and down and fanta being sprayed like Champagne over Lewis Hamilton. The lino spoiled the party and lofted his flag in a likely incorrect call, though not seen the replay or match of the day yet.

We just didn’t make the most of it and at this level with such tight margins between success and failure, that first goal was always going to be critical.

Even more so considering we have been involved in so many one nil-ers already.

The half time tea lady needs to check her brew as the lads who came out second half were just sloppy all over the park.

Passing sideways, backwards and rarely strung more than two or three passes together.

Gradually the Cherries, who’s fans had slept for the majority of the first half, came into the game.

Atsu limped off and their old boy Ritchie became less and less effective on the other flank, being continually pushed back the other way.

The main man Lascelles had also trundled off, and Bounemouth really upped their game and were getting into some decent positions, but ultimately blowing their beans.

Don’t get me wrong, neither team were great by any stretch of the imagination, but the away team were growing whilst our collective nut-sacks shrank.

This was personified by the young lad Murphy who is having a bit of a personal nightmare. I really feel for the kid and I know there is a player in there and the fact he supports the toon is probably weighing heavy on him.

Rafa might just have to protect him a bit more, but he was on the pitch and whilst on he unfortunately lost the ball every time he got it, and tried a failed cross….a reaction from some ‘fans’ that was frankly embarrassing. Aye he’s cost a lot of money but he’s just a bairn!

It certainly wasn’t his fault we lost.

Shelvey, for every wonder ball, was giving it away the other, Joselu-lu-lu posed less of a threat than the wasp on my bus and Manquillo is literally a number on a shirt.

Mitro, who not long ago was very fashionable to stick the boot into, has now turned into a latter day mythical being, who’ll come storming in to be our saviour. He won’t.

I actually think he’s got a lot to offer and will get goals, more than Joselu – but they could all be double amputees and still get in ahead of the mental Serbian, as Rafa just doesn’t trust him. That should be obvious by now to everyone and in my eyes is a waste.

The away team were gifted a one on one and blew it, hit the inside of the post when a certain goal beckoned, several headers and knock downs causing chaos but we would ultimately welly it away. The referee was having a crock of cack of a game, adding to a frustrated and whingeing atmosphere.

There was an inevitability about the winner but coming in the last minute it was still a kick in the ging-gang-ghoulies.

If we are playing rubbish, we need to scrape a point. Losing tight games to Huddersfield, Brighton, Burnley and now Bournemouth, is not great – but with our attack we’ll have plenty more to endure and hopefully when the coin is tossed, it lands on three points to us like it did against Swansea and Palace.

Rafa will hopefully be given some cash and he can land some additions who can make an immediate impact.

Karen Brady talked about Newcastle United being a tiger waiting to be unleashed, well we all know that’s true, but this current tiger has got nee teeth.

Final whistle goes and a smattering of tools roundly boo and kick the backs of the seats in front. FFS, if these are the YTS versions of future fans God help us.

All in all not a great day of football in the end.

Luckily we can always take a short stroll and get blootered to wipe the memory! Match – what match?

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1


Bournemouth: Cook 90+2

Possession was Bournemouth 52% Newcastle 48%

Total shots were  Bournemouth 16 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were Bournemouth 6 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Bournemouth 9 Newcastle 11

Referee: Paul Tierney

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles (Clark 55), Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie, Shelvey, Hayden, Atsu (Murphy 82), Joselu (Perez 68)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Gamez, Mitrovic, Diame

Crowd: 52,237 (Bournemouth 1,600)

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  • anyobrien

    Good article

  • Paul Patterson

    Quite frankly, starting with Joselu up front was like starting with ten men. Bringing Perez on instead of Mitrovic was an insult to the notion of winning the game.

    • Jezza

      Ten men would have been better. Not only does Joselu contribute nothing positive, he also breaks up a lot of Newcastle attacks

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        True, giving him the ball is like passing to the opposition

        • Geordiegiants

          Regardless of any criticism of Joselu, Mitro is not the answer.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            if the question is: Who is better at scoring goals, Mitro or Joselu? Then yes, the answer is Mitro.

          • Mag_Ladd

            Geordiegiants please enlighten us to what the answer is then?

            When we have a striker who is better at his job constantly not being picked, who is also joint top scorer at the club this season and banging them for his country as well consistently despite all of this?

          • Geordiegiants

            I don’t have those answers. I just know Mitro is not the answer, obviously so does Rafa, it’s a case of been there done that. It’s like taking a step back. He maybe needs to look at other options, Gayle and Atsu possibly? I don’t know, but Mitro is not the answer.

          • Mag_Ladd

            Not a good enough argument from you to say Mitro is not the answer if your not gonna provide a reason why.

            He’s the only one of our strikers who is gonna score goals, he’s the same type of player that Joselu is only that he does his job right when it comes to it. The only thing you can bring into this is his temperament and would you rather go another 11 games with a player like Joselu up top not providing anything or take a punt on a player though whose temperament is questionable but will actually score goals and link up play well given the chance.

            He’s joint top scorer for us this season in the few minutes he has for us and has been banging them in internationally as well, you can’t argue against that. Unfortunately for you your dislike of him doesn’t hold up well for the argument of why Mitro shouldn’t picked Geordiegiants.

            We have 11 games (including Stoke on NYD) until the transfer window opens and we can’t bring in another striker until then and we need to make most of the squad we have until then. Would you be happy going another 11 games with Joselu upfront? Gayle has a questionable injury record too and can be very hit and miss with his form although he put a shift in against Bournemouth.

            As much as I love Rafa, he needs to take a punt on Mitro whether he likes it or not.

          • Geordiegiants

            It is good enough as I’m not the manager. All I know is he isn’t good enough, neither is Joselu. Let’s hope Rafa has a solution, as going back to a striker we have been trying to get rid of for 2 seasons, that has been publicly up for sale, and nobody else wants because he is clearly not good enough, is definetly not the answer.

          • Mag_Ladd

            You haven’t really answered my reply tbh, all you’ve said is Rafa has been trying to get rid of him and he’s not good enough. Yep you definitely couldn’t be a manager, you can’t come up with a half decent reply that even a fan could.

          • Geordiegiants

            I have answered clearly, I don’t have a solution to our striker crisis tbh, but I know going back 2 seasons to a failed solution, is not the answer.
            Very selective in your reply, not just Rafa, nobody else wants him either, nobody has wanted him for 2 seasons, I’m sure if he was any good we would have a que at the door.

          • Mag_Ladd

            Selective in my reply? No I just summed up your rubbish reply tbh, your as thick as two short planks. You haven’t answered clearly to my comment at all, all you’ve said is ‘he’s not the answer’ come up with a proper explanation why, not just ‘it is good enough, I’m not the manager’ as that’s just a cop-out reply.

            We’ve had 2 managers since Mitro has arrived and thats McLaren and Rafa, Mitro in his first season played most games in which McLaren and Rafa both managed in. We all know Rafa has wanted rid of Mitro since he got sent off against Norwich the season we were relegated, nobody has wanted him is a daft remark maybe Rafa hasn’t wanted him but everybody else has. At the end of the day it’s down the player if they want to move or not and Mitro has wanted to stay and fight for his place as he’s playing for the club he supports. You can’t say his goal record is rubbish either as he arrived at 20 years old as one of the hottest prospects in Europe with 62 goals in 132 games which for his age at the time was brilliant, he played in Champions League football with both Partizan and Anderlecht leading the line at 18 years old. Him and Mbemba were the only couple of the bright sparks we had when we got relegated along with Gini, he still managed to bag 9 goals leading the line in his first season with practically no service and divide in our squad.

            What put the nail in the coffin was his sending off against Spurs season we were relegated for Rafa, but we won that game 5-1 if you remember and ever since then Rafa hasn’t gave the lad a chance. He missed the first 4 games of last season because of his sending off against Spurs the season prior but he wasn’t actually sent off at all last season, he hasn’t been sent off at all this season either his elbow against Lanzini was picked up by TV cameras but Harry Kanes scissor kick against Lejeune was picked up by TV cameras and nowt happened to Kane, he was then banned but he’s just a target and so are we as a club.

            Mitro’s had 1 start and 2 sub appearances this season and scored 2 goals, Joselu has only managed that in 10 games and Gayle hasn’t scored any in 3 starts and 5 subs appearances. Mitro still managed 6 goals last season when he only had 13 starts in all competitions and the rest were from the bench. His confidence was took from him from being benched by Rafa and that Gayle was having a good season but we only play 1 striker and you can’t drop a player in form.

            If anything Mitro is good enough he just needs to be given the chance, when he’s played for his country this season he’s scored and played well too. We have 11 games until the transfer window opens, we can’t keep playing Gayle and Joselu as they aren’t scoring currently so we need to take a punt on Mitrovic as thats all unfortunately for you we can do at the minute until we can buy a new striker in January. Rafa as much as I love the guy needs to stop his pig headedness with Mitro and play him, as if we don’t try anything else than we are currently when we’ve got Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton within these next 11 games we are going to slide down the table very fast.

          • Geordiegiants

            I maybe thick, I don’t dispute that, but tell me this, why has nobody else come in for him? He is a top International goal scorer in your opinion, so everyone in world football knows him, yet he is still here after being up for sale for 2 SEASONS now. It must just be me Rafa and every other professional manager in the world that thinks like that. How thick are we?

          • Mag_Ladd

            I commented that the player has the last say on whether they move or not and he has chose to stay and fight for his place, he’s had offers from abroad that were well documented in Serie A etc. How is it my opinion if I’ve provided statistics and facts for you? Here’s another for you then for his international goal record, in his past 14 international games for Serbia he has 8 goals, that got into your thick skull? He’s only had Rafa as his manager along with McLaren this past 2 years so how is every other manager in the world the opinion of that? You literally are as thick as sh*t!

          • Geordiegiants

            My thick skull tells me he would be off like a shot to play for anyone given the chance. He is not wanted here, I know that and he knows that and Rafa has made it perfectly clear. Why would he want to stay?
            Must just be me being thick.

          • Mag_Ladd

            As I’ve stated in my previous comments he supports Newcastle of course he’s gonna want to stay and fight for his place, Rafa has had no choice in the end but to keep him. Same goes for Colback too, he supports us even though he is torrid he’ll want the move to work out as well. You got to think these players are on wages that clubs outside of England can’t afford, there’s a lot more money in the game here compared to abroad. Then again I wouldn’t expect you to understand that either, it is you being thick again. Like talking to a brick wall, you should of stuck in at school kidda.

          • Geordiegiants

            “He supports Newcastle of course”. He knows as well as I do he isn’t going to have a future at Newcastle. Anyway regardless, I thought you said he was a premiership striker?

          • Mag_Ladd

            What are you on about now? I literally don’t know if your trolling or if you are actually that thick? Where have I said he’s not a Premiership striker?

            He came out in the summer having said he wasn’t going to leave in the Chronicle and everything, he’s a Newcastle supporter, he has the final say whether he leaves the club or not and his wages won’t get matched abroad as clubs abroad can’t match English wages in football.

            You really are one of the most stupid people I have ever had the misfortune of interacting with in my entire life.

          • Geordiegiants

            So you are saying he is a good prem striker?

          • Geordiegiants

            Is that a no?

    • Geordiegiants

      Mitro is not the answer.

  • Dillon Tovak

    The boos at the end were terrible and s**** all over the idea that we just want a team that tries.
    Is it going to help?

    • Leazes Ender

      They didn’t try.

      • Paul Patterson

        If you sit through a 90 minutes borefest and don’t get a result, you are entitled to voice your opinions at the end.

        • Paul Patterson

          That was meant for Dillon.

          • Leazes Ender

            After the goal went in most made their way to the exits…. it wasn’t the entertainers….

          • Dillon Tovak

            I agree it was crud but do we really want to give the message over to the players that we’re only with them when they’re winning?

          • Paul Patterson

            No but performances have been turgid.

      • Dillon Tovak

        I think they did try they’re just not particularly good.

    • Andy Mac

      I’m wondering if the boo’s were directed at the officials for ruling out the goal ?

      • Dillon Tovak

        Could be, you hope so.

    • Lhc

      I agree, I’m not saying people never have the right to boo but after 2 defeats seeing 40 50 60 year old bloke having a meltdown man is embarrassing. Maybe after a long run of bad results attitude etc but not 2 games! What is rafa thinking to himself there at the end with that reaction?! Thickle set these maybe. Rafa baffles me sometimes with certain player selections substitutions etc but those boo’s after 2 defeats ain’t going to endear him to us. He’s all the club has going for it so give ya heed a wobble the boo brigade!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It was plain for all to see from day 1 that we are a championship side playing in the Prem.
    the 1st 11 is bad enough but when you look at the squad overall that`s really scary.
    Perez, Manquillo, Hosselu, Diame wouldn`t get a start for the Mackems.
    Rafa has 2 weeks to sort it out, I for one don`t envy the Man.

    • Magman

      It’s up to the players to sort themselves out. Problem is with injuries we have a wafer thin squad lacking in quality. Mitro must be given a chance as we are lacking goals and a forward with presence up front. Thats my only criticism of Raffa.

  • Tom Elrod

    Basically Rafa has Ashley to blame for the lack of quality many of the first eleven has. However, SHOULD this takeover happen shortly and he has a vastly greater transfer budget compared to any beforehand. Rafa has to balance personality with quality when purchasing new players and will be far more accountable. The lack of effort let alone quality was plain to see for many yesterday.

    • Lhc

      This takeover isn’t happening anytime soon, or if it’s even credible, very sceptical now.

  • fistsofsteel2

    If Mitro only played 7 out of 10 games all season due to red cards, he’d still score more than Gayle and Joselooser combined….even if they played every game.
    Rafa needs to get over himself, and give Mitro a proper run of games – he can’t do any worse than Gayle and Joselu.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Whatever people think of Mitrovic him just being on the pitch worries the opposition.
    Against Burnley the ball was coming straight back at us but a target man makes the ball stick up top and brings others into the game.
    Opposition defences are just not bothered about a lightweight Perez or the slower than the Swing Bridge Joselu !

    Rafa should have went with Gayle and Mitrovic upfront because the big man, Little man works if you go with two.
    Gayle scored a legitimate goal yesterday and I am sure he might have had a few more similar chances with Mitrovic heading the ball down and on for him.

    • Rich Lawson

      Big man,little man,it’s worked well in the past.

  • Damon Horner

    If losing two games in a row justifies booing the team off the pitch could you argue against being called an expectant fanbase?

    Astonishing how hysterical we can get when we don’t get our own way.

  • Martin

    The fans who booed at the end need to have a good look at themselves, as do the one who threw their hands up in the air and wet their pants when Murphy lost the ball in a 1v1. Young players need to be encouraged to take on players and to put the ball at risk. These sorts of hysterics are embarrassing. There is no point getting out flags in support of Rafa when things are going well but booing him and his team, and getting on their backs when things aren’t going our way. That is not support. It is also not very clever shouting for Mitro when he isn’t even on the pitch. Unless of course you want Rafa to move on and take one of the many offers that will come his way, in which case you will probably help make his mind up

  • Steve Pearce

    Well written Jamie – that was sheer poetry!

  • Rich Lawson

    Loved the bit about the buses,don’t know why but it put me in mind of the opening titles for Likely Lads when the bus goes straight past Terry !