Wolves hammered Leeds United 4-1 on Wednesday night to go four points clear at the top.

Wolves are four ahead of Cardiff and five above Sheffield United, whilst Aston Villa are fully nine points adrift, suggesting it could be a similar three way fight as we saw last season, when Newcastle and Brighton went up automatically and Huddersfield in the play-offs – having chased the other two until the very closing stages of the season.

The Championship is now at the 18 games played stage and many in the Black Country are now comparing the start made by Wolves with that of Newcastle last season.

Wolves have 41 points now, which is one more than Newcastle had at this stage last season.

If they keep that rate up, Wolves would end the season on 105 points. However, Newcastle were on track for 102 points when at that 18 match stage but finished on 94 as champions, thanks to winning the last three matches as Brighton stumbled.

The last 10 seasons actually show big spending Wolves have more points at this stage than any other team since…Wolves, back in 2008/09. That season they had 43 points and went up as champions but with only 90 points, as their form levelled off.

As you can see below, Newcastle have the next two highest 18 match totals after the two Wolves seasons over the last decade and indeed Newcastle kept their form well both times, as only Leiecester City in 2013/14 matched Newcastle’s 102 points of 2009/10.

Reading did it the other way round in 2011/12, ending as champions despite only having 24 points after 18 matches.

The stats certainly suggesting though that a strong start is a major factor in ending up top in the second tier.

Sunderland are leaving their promotion charge a little late as they have only one win and 11 points in their 18 matches so far.

After defeat at Aston Villa on Tuesday night, the Mackems have to win all remaining 28 games to reach 95 points and exceed Newcastle’s points total last season.

These are the last 10 seasons in the Championship, with points total after 18 matches before each club that ended up as champions, then their final points totals:

41 Wolves (2017/18)

40 Newcastle United (2016/17 – 94 points)

34 Burnley (2015/16 – 93 points)

32 Bournemouth (2014/15 – 90 points)

38 Leicester (2013/14 – 102 points)

37 Cardiff (2012/13 – 87 points)

24 Reading (2011/12 – 89 points)

38 QPR (2010/11 – 88 points)

39 Newcastle United (2009/10 – 102 points)

43 Wolves (2008/09 – 90 points)

  • TheFatController

    Further proof that Ashley owes thanks to Chris H and Rafa that he’s in a position to hardball for millions for the club now he seems to be selling.

    Says everything that he instead treated both disrespectfully within months of getting us back on the gravy train.

    Pray that the sale goes through…

    Also, a funded Wolves would be a good addition to the PL in my view.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Yeah,I could see the mackems winning their next 28 games and beating our total,they’ve been hanging back for bets…………..

  • mentalman

    The championship this season is nothing like what it was last season, Leeds have gone backwards as have Norwich, Sheff Wed and a few other teams like Fulham. Add to that the 3 teams that went down are really quite poor, there’s not the teams there to compete against the high hitters in the league anymore

    • Danimal

      It’s much tougher this season. Villa have got their act together. Wolves’ money is starting to work. Smoggies are thereabouts. Dark horses Cardiff and the Blades. Sheff Wed, Derby, Leeds not doing so well but still knocking on the door. Fulham, Norwich etc still to have a good run.

  • Steve Smith

    Wolves have spent more than most premier league team (and by extension any other league team globally) over the last couple of seasons. They should cruise the league.

  • Peter Stabler

    I thought Wolves were excellent at St James’s last season, pressing and dropping off as it suited them. Then they sacked their manager and did nowt, now they are flying again, a roller coaster ride.

  • Danimal

    They’re a year behind us, thankfully. Wouldn’t like to be in that league now. Or next season, for that matter.