I am increasingly seeing talk of the ‘Newcastle United TV Jackpot’.

The north east media constantly referring to this when talking about Rafa’s transfer kitty, or rather lack of it at the moment.

It usually goes along the lines of ‘next summer will be when Rafa Benitez gets access to the Premier League TV Jackpot’ but until then he will have to manage with buttons.

The thing is though, clubs such as Brighton and Huddersfield aren’t waiting for this ‘TV Jackpot’ to come along.

Their owners understanding that if they were to stand a chance of competing this season, to then give them a platform for future seasons and ongoing access to the ‘TV Jackpot’, they had to spend some of this season’s Premier League/TV money before they actually received it.

This allowed them each a net spend of over £40m per club, whilst Rafa was left scratching around with a net spend of £11.5m.

The talk of any ‘TV Jackpot’ is of course a myth really, as the way it is used is to suggest that once you start banking this cash, it then means you have some big advantage over the competition.

The reality though is that every Premier League club gets this cash and indeed with Newcastle very likely to finish bottom half of the table, the truth is that when it comes to next summer, Newcastle United will actually receive LESS than most of their competitors from the TV deals.

All that the TV cash does is buy you a ticket to stand a chance of competing, it isn’t a miracle moment when you are suddenly at a huge advantage to everybody else.

In fact, next summer, assuming we have no relegation to deal with, Newcastle would really have only a ‘TV Jackpot’ advantage over the three promoted clubs.

Though having said that, with Wolves spending £16m on a single player this summer, I think it is clear that at least they would heavily invest (if promoted) and do at least what the likes of Brighton and Huddersfield did in this last transfer window on promotion.

With Newcastle we have a badly run club that repeatedly failed to look at the long-term and wasted opportunities to grow the club, such as when finishing fifth in 2011/12. Instead stockpiling money and panic buying when relegation threatened – in both January 2013 and January 2016.

The advantage Newcastle United should have isn’t a ‘TV Jackpot’ that everybody gets, it should be significantly more cash through other routes, especially the commercial revenue which is no better than what it was when Mike Ashley took over 10 years ago. Whilst other clubs have increased theirs substantially.

It is dangerous to think that once access to bigger TV cash is there, that it will automatically make the club’s situation ok, even if Ashley is still here.

That Premier League broadcasting income was there year after year before and yet the club was dabbling with disaster time after time.

The cash has to be made available at the right time for the right people to spend.

We have already seen the last two transfer windows with Mike Ashley undermining Rafa Benitez, the manager having made the club a transfer surplus of almost £30m so far, thanks to the £40m surplus Newcastle United officially announced after the summer 2016 window.

It is gutting/comical to think that in the two windows before Rafa Benitez arrived, we had the combined clown talents of Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley, Steve McClaren and Graham Carr largely wasting most of an £80m+ net spend. With the likes of Mitrovic, Saivet and Mbemba now not even able to get a game under Rafa Benitez.

What could Rafa have done with an £80m+ net spend this summer?

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  • Leicester Mag

    The reality is he doesn’t give a flying truck and no amount of money theoretically available, will change the reality. While he remains we will be -20/30M south of rivals like south coast giants Bournemouth and Brighton and even further away from titans like Huddersfield. #norfolk in chance.

    • Andy Mac

      I still cant get my head around the fact that Bournemouth have four strikers any one of whom we’d take right now if we could ?

      • HarryHype59

        Come on now! You can’t expect us to compete with the mighty Bournemouth !

  • Paul Patterson

    He could delay any sale until the summer, pocket the tv money and then swan off..

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He was planning to do that for his Christmas Box, flog the cloob empty the till and do a runner to the Nags Head

    • HarryHype59

      Any buyer would wait until the of the season to see if we are still an EPL club! He has already had a percentage of the TV cash!

  • Andy Mac

    In 2004-5 this club had a larger turnover than Spurs. A year earlier NUFC were the third ranked club in Europe using UEFA coefficient rating and Spurs were nowhere.

    Twelve years later we’re so far behind them we might as well have been treading water under this owner. Oh wait………………..🤔

    • Down Under Mag

      Treading water with lead weights in our pockets…

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Rafa spent £47m in the transfer window a lot more than Burnley who are doing very well. So stop making excuses when we lose the money was there to buy good players nearly fifty million is a lot.

    • HarryHype59

      I have to agree partly with what you say! Manky, Hoss and Murphy are no better than players already here! In fact they could even be worse!

      • Down Under Mag

        I think Murphy is getting more stick than he deserves. I felt he actually showed some good potential against Man Utd at the weekend an he just needs to stop tryin gto do too much (which is understandable since he feel she needs to justify his selection and price tag somewhat and is obviously keen to impress and do well). Joselu was only really brought in at the last minute after Ashley took away any chance of signing a better player and Manquillo is actually an OK player and one that we are lucky to have given Dummett is injured. BUT yes, perhaps Rafa thought there was going to be more cash and missed out on some targets after he was told it was all already spent. who knows for sure, but we weren’t exactly a strong squad to start with…the likes of Burnley, Brighton and Huddersfield were actually a lot better off than we were in the summer…

  • HarryHype59

    The club will get £109m minimum for avoiding relegation! That surely is a jackpot!

  • Gallowgate1982

    Brighton and Huddersfield ‘s Net spends were bigger as you state and that has givern them 1 more point than NUFC and in Huddersfields case a far worse goal difference. we only have a worse goal difference than Brighton because of Saturdays game vs MUFC. Reality is we are doing better than expected with the funds we have and we should be getting behind our players end of. The need to constantly chip away at our players on Social Media totally baffles me. If you do the then you need to understand you are not a proper or decent NUFC fran and you should P’ss off down the road where you will be welcomed with open webbed hands and where you belong. I know the future might look bright if we are taken over but at the minute some “fans” are making us look a total bunch of c’nts on here and on SM.
    Have some patience FFS

    • HarryHype59

      One win in seven! The form table makes worrying reading!

  • mactoon

    It doesn’t matter how much profit we make from transfers, advertising or anything else. The only thing that matters is how much Ashley decides to make available for transfers. He wants the club to be self-sufficient so he will not provide any money that hasn’t already been banked (ie TV deal money) and his attitude is that he will not provide any further personal money to the club so the amount available for transfers is what is made by the club itself, limited by how much he deems necessary to provide. I don’t expect any major transfer deals to be made in January.