Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1 – Saturday 4 November 2017 3pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle:

Davey Hat-Trick:

“Summing up the game is easy enough.

“We were OK in the first half but didn’t threaten. Bournemouth took control for much of the second half, we wilted, and there was a sense of inevitability about their goal.

“No doubt everyone will have their theories about what is going wrong at the moment. I think our attacking players are all mediocre at best.

“Put Mitro (I would have today) and say Aarons in, and I don’t think things would improve a lot.

“I think the team feel the same; it looks as if they do. And if you don’t think the people up front are going to do much, you tend to play the ball backwards and sideways hoping rather than believing something will happen.

“That’s Newcastle at the moment for me. Decent possession, some good passing, but very little progression.

“The team shifts up and down the pitch in a block without much idea of what to do when they find themselves in the attacking third. And of course, by the time we get there, the opposition is organised and comfortable.

“I’m not panicking, and this doesn’t feel like a crisis but we have some tough fixtures coming up.

“We could be down among the dead men come the full-time whistle in the City game in December. Even if we aren’t, and whoever is in charge by then, we need a damn good transfer window.”

Jack Lacey-Hatton:

“You have to say the better team won and they weren’t even that great.

“Unusually too open from us, the 4-4-2 exposed us, i’m not sure Shelvey is best utilised in that system either.

“Referee was shocking (what is it about us and refs in the past 12 months) but we were poor and need to improve after the international break, which Rafa is usually able to use to our benefit.”

Anthony Stafford:

“Paul Merson will be happy but the signs have been there for a while.

“Suddenly we can’t score, dropping further and further back, last ditch defending.

“Allowing other teams the ball then conceding.

“Merino being out hasn’t helped but losing to Bournemouth, you could see it coming.

“Decisons going against us – see Gayle today.

“Bournemouth can’t believe their luck, you would think they’d won the league.

“Are the wheels coming off?”

Jamie Swan:

“Hmmm. That was a poor one.

“First half aye, maybe bettered it and had one chalked off – but second half were never at the races in truth.

“Our goal led a charmed life and the lack of urgency and quality made the mind boggle and eyes bleed.

“A draw maybe would have been fair – but you can’t knock Bournemouth who grew to the occasion and we shrank.”

David Punton:

“Chances came, chances went, then the sucker punch at the death. That stings.

“A poor week for NUFC just became a very bad week. You could almost see the Bournemouth goal coming. Just seconds remained and then bang, typical Newcastle United.

“The manager went for a more attacking line up today and it’s worked – but the big moments saw the ball fail to end up in the visitors’ net.

“A week that began looking up the table ends with us looking down it.

“The £12m for Jacob Murphy clearly needed to be spent on a striker. We’re paying the price of that blunder.

“Terrible referee today.”

Paul Lyon:

“Tough that today not helped by a poor referee.

“Thought we had the best of the first half, playing some decent stuff at times whilst testing their keeper.

“Second half was a different story as the game turned into more of a scrap, the longer it went on they looked the more dangerous and most likely to score and ultimately win the game.

“Punished at the death two games in a row doesn’t feel good but I think the majority of our games this season will be either won or lost by the odd goal the way we’re set up.”

Nat Seaton:

“Started ok but as the game went on we got worse and were lucky to survive that 88th minute miss, only to fall in injury time.

“A terrible second half performance that was punished by a pretty poor team.

“Not sure I can find any positives to take out of this performance…”

Paul Patterson:

“Utterly disgraceful performance.

“This persecution of Mitrovic is frankly shameful on the manager.

“The manager cost us points today.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1


Bournemouth: Cook 90+2

Possession was Bournemouth 52% Newcastle 48%

Total shots were  Bournemouth 16 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were Bournemouth 6 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Bournemouth 9 Newcastle 11

Referee: Paul Tierney

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles (Clark 55), Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie, Shelvey, Hayden, Atsu (Murphy 82), Joselu (Perez 68)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Gamez, Mitrovic, Diame

Crowd: 52,237 (Bournemouth 1,600)

  • Hopey

    Mitrovic would have scored the Joselu headed chance today

  • Soldier

    If you think we can`t be relegated this season, think again. some serious money needs to be spent & the manager won`t be getting it off Cashley.
    new owners by Christmas is no more than a pipe dream

    • Jezza

      Relegation is a certainty when you can’t score goals.

      • Big Al 1967

        We are currently a goal away from getting beat every week

        • Jezza

          Agreed. As soon as we concede it’s game over.

    • anyobrien

      Do you and jezza attend the games?
      I’m not having a go but I’m curious.
      Yes we lost and it hurts but we played some great stuff first half… I sit in the east stand and some of the stuff first half was good attacking football… We had from what I seen a good goal chalked off for offside and things could of been different that’s football we will win and lose again so pull ya pants up and keep the faith.

      • Soldier

        I drive 90 miles for every home game mate & have a look at the next 7 fixtures
        we cant score goals. get your head seen to

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          Correct, we can`t score

        • anyobrien

          Reet then relagation it is… I’m . So sorry we’ll never score again. Ohh aye West brom, Leicester, Everton three of them oh and Watford… I’m wrapping in….

      • nufcslf

        Outside of the first 17 mins, we were clueless and only looked like losing to the second from bottom side at home. Hopefully you recorded it, have a second watch.

        • anyobrien

          Watched it on match choice on sky…. Gayle goal should of stood… First half good second pony…. But I’m not wetting my pants that we will go doon….. Places like this seem to be buzzing when we lose but when we beat West ham and the the likes we weren’t good they were poor…..we will win again try and enjoy it.

  • Marveauxless

    “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Mag.”

    Have I been censored? 🙄

    • molend

      Me as well. I tried to post something complimentary about Rafa, no bad language, just a suggestion that Mitro might have played.

  • Jezza

    No disrespect to Bournemouth but a home fixture against the second bottom team is always going to be a must win game. The fact that we failed to win, or even draw, is purely down to Fatso’s refusal to allow adequate investment in the summer. I truly believe that we have got by far the weakest strike force in this division and one fluky goal from a midfielder in three games against Crystal Palace, Burnley and Bournemouth would appear to amply back up that notion. Lack of goals was always going to be our achilles heel this season and the way things are going it will ultimately see us relegated in May.

    • anyobrien

      “Relegated in may”…. Howay man there’s plenty of games to be played ffs… We could of been out of sight first half….. It will come again and we must remain united

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        there`s plenty of games to lose as well, we go behind we can`t recover, End of story

        • anyobrien

          That’s the spirit… It’s the same bells last year who wet there pants when we blew promotion eh.

          • nufcslf

            We did blow it. Only Brighton’s draw with Villa gave us the league.

          • anyobrien

            So the fact we won 95% of our games contributes to nothing…. I have to laf you fool.

          • Jezza

            We won 63% of our games not 95%. Are you Fleckman/Clarko/Monkseaton posting under yet another new user ID?

          • anyobrien

            Still not a bad ratio 63%..and wtf you on about.. Fleck man, Monkseaton, clarko…. Look just because I’m not in the bed wetting knee jerk, doom and gloom click doesn’t mean I’m someone hiding behind false names ffs I’m a 46 year old growing man from Ryton and been watching Newcastle since 78…ive seen much much much worse than this lot…. We will be fine but the modern [email protected] fake book fans do my head in, half never even going to the games. We have lost two in a row big deal we may even lose three God help us the melt down on here…. Ffs let’s just see how it pans out.

          • Jezza

            You couldn’t be more wrong if you think I’m one of “the modern [email protected] fake book fans”. I’m a good few years older than you, have been going since 74 and I have got absolutely zero interest in media social networks. I haven’t even got a normal mobile phone never mind a smart phone.

            Yes I have seen worse NUFC sides than this one too but I have to say Joselu is as bad as any “striker” I have ever seen in a black and white shirt. There is zero goal threat in this NUFC squad and if you can’t score goals you go down. Look at Middlesborough last season. One of the best defensive records in the league but they got relegated because they couldn’t score goals. I just can’t see where the goals are going to come from with this NUFC squad.

          • anyobrien

            Was not aimed at you personally I understand the frustration but I do believe we will be OK…. We are hard to beat I just get frustrated at the instant doom a d gloom in my humble opinion I expected bottom three but we are 11 and there are worse teams than us… PS Bobby shinton

          • Jezza

            I know that talking about relegation when we’re 11th seems a bit extreme but the signs over the past three games are very worrying as is the glaring lack of goals in this NUFC side. I hope we can survive. In the run in to last season I genuinely believed we were going to blow promotion and I was wrong. Hopefully I will also be wrong about relegation but I am concerned.

            Yes I remeber Bobby Shinton as well as Mike Larnach, Billy Rafferty, George Reilly, John Robertson, Frank Pingel and Andreas Andersson and I really believe that Joselu is every bit as bad as any of them.

          • anyobrien

            Christ rafferty and rambo Reilly

          • Damon Horner

            you’re justified in being concerned about a lack of goals but the issue sits with half a dozen other teams as well. We can’t be all relegated.
            we just have to see how it gets addressed in January.

          • HarryHype59

            The difference is the club wasn’t getting its operating costs covered by TV sponsorship! The fiscal constraints of the past necessitated the signing of dross. Now it is down purely to penny pinching!

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            My figures are real, in this case, so are yours. The fact we were promoted 9pts clear of 3rd place.

            Liam Andy anyobrien was just making the point that you are being negative as ever (or should I say, negative as you are 93% of the time.

          • Jezza

            I’m not negative at all. Just read any of my comments after our good results earlier this season or after promotion last season. I am just a realist.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            You go missing when we do well. I’ve never read a post from you that reads ” The fact that we won or even drew, was full justification of Fatso’s investment policy”

          • Jezza

            Not true. You’re good at trawling through old posts so do a little big of digging and you will find plenty positive and happy comments I have made after recent good results. For the record when we do do well it’s in spite of Fatso’s “investment policy” not because of it.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            I thought it might be

          • HarryHype59

            Face facts, this team is woefully short of EPL quality in the most important part of the pitch! I didn’t see us losing to bottom three Bournemouth and I am a pessimist! Unless your hero backs Rafa big time in the next window a relegation battle is a certainty! Imagine Phatz trying to sell a Championship team?

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            We’ll just have to see who wins the £10

          • HarryHype59

            Everton won today!

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            Good to hear you are rooting for them.

          • HarryHype59

            I had wondered! There is a difference between optimism and plain delusion!

        • Jezza

          Yes we’ve already lost to Huddersfield, Brighton, Burnley and Bournemouth and we’ve still to play the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester.

      • Jezza

        Yes but the most important thing is that we weren’t out of sight by half time for the simple reason that we can’t score goals. This team’s chronic lack of any goal threat is the reason why we could well be relegated in May.

        • anyobrien

          We won’t be

        • nufcslf

          It will be very much the case based on the last 2 performances especially. 2 rotten draws would have hard enough to stomach, but to lose both of them late on with no goals scored has to be a big worry.

  • Andy Mac

    The reason clubs have squads is to help with injuries, changes in playing style and lack of form. No one in NUFC or even in the general footballing world would disagree that Joselu has lost form (if he ever had any ?).

    As Davey HT mentioned not only is this lack of form a problem for the Spaniard, who must feel like he’s never gonna score again, it’s also a concern for the rest of the team who may feel that playing him in to a scoring position is a waste of time ? Would you sweat blood racing after a ball and choose to play Joselu in rather than take it on yourself or wait for other options ?

    However you weigh this up the bloke needs to be “rested” for his own benefit and for the morale of the team.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Suckered today,we need a goal threat .
    Mitro needs to be given a chance, but I fear he’s no better than the other two.
    We’ll be near the bottom by seasons end if the owner doesn’t invest properly in the squad.

    • Jezza

      A wet match and a Nottinghamshire miner would make a better pair of strikers than what we’ve got.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        Quite funny that, Jezza.

        • Jezza

          Cheers I was quite pleased with it myself.

    • fistsofsteel2

      Well he’s joint leading scorer despite only having about 2mins on the pitch this season.

      I wonder how he’d do given a proper chance…..a run in the team? Don’t forget he was young (still is) when he arrived. I still think he has great potential…….look at the way he mugged Joe Hart and scored weeks ago.

      Rafa needs to get over himself, and stop being stubborn.

      • Big Al 1967

        As someone has already mentioned, would not at all surprise me if Mitro is given his ‘chance’ against Man Utd (the best defence in the league) and if he doesn’t get goals will be dropped again

    • Marveauxless

      Mitrovic scored 9 goals in 34 games for a relegated side at 21 years of age. A side that created an average of 10.9 chances per game; the current side creates 14.4 chances per game. Neither Gayle nor Joselu have any chance of scoring 9 goals this season.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Sounds like a fleckman/Clarko statement.
        Rafa,obviously,doesn’t want Mitro in the team as first choice whether that’s due to workrate,discipline or whatever.
        If it was facts and figures like you’re quoting then Rafa would have him in the team all the time.

  • Big Al 1967

    In total agreement with Paul Patterson, and its not just Mitro. I am a better left back than Manquillo and I’m Fifty! The games Chancel played there he did well enough and yet is no where to be seen again. Likewise Clark is the left sided centre half so surely he can cover left back as well. These three must look at each other in training and wonder what is going on they cannot get a game ahead our centre forward and left back

    • lupa

      Manquillo awful.Joselu’s got the control of a fat kid in McDonald’s.
      Le Jeaune alright 1st half sheite 2nd
      Linesmans flag never moved for Gayle’s “offside” goal.
      Brighton Burnley & Bournemouth zero points from 9
      Let’s all pray for a take over before the January transfer window shuts

  • molend

    Let me try again and see if I get blocked. I watch Mitro on Serbian Tv when he plays in international matches. He scores and in the last two matches he provided two excellent assists. I can understand that he doesn’t fit into Rafa’ style, but surely he should be in the picture until the January window.

    • fistsofsteel2

      Numpty fans tend to forget his age. The few mins he’s had this season under Rafa he’s scored – he’s our joint leading score….go figure; and as you say he’s got his country to the finals with his goals and assists……he’s also provided assists when he’s played for Newcastle.
      Frankly his treatment at Newcastle is nothing short of disgraceful.
      I hope he goes elsewhere and starts banging goals in for fun….and he will.

      • Lhc

        Well said!

  • fistsofsteel2

    Benitez is Spanish. Joselu is Spanish. Go figure why Mitro is being overlooked.

    • Leazes Ender

      He’s Rub-ish

      • Big Al 1967

        That he may be but he provides more of a goal threat than Joselu ever will do

        • Blackburn1066

          there both rub-ish

        • Leazes Ender


      • Mxpx

        He’s scored more than joselu and Gayle despite only having around 90 mins on the pitch with a great strike rate for Serbia didn’t do badly for Anderlecht either and scored 9 for us the year we went down in don’t doubt he had offers from top flight teams when we went down and stayed i think he’s got both the talent and drive to be our main man it’s clear joselu hasn’t got the talent although i won’t question his attitude but mitrovic is a bonifide goalscorer which is what’s needed

        • Leazes Ender

          He is indeed better than Joselu.

      • Lhc

        9 goals in his debut premier league season in a relegated side at the age of 20 is good going you numpty! If it wasn’t for him it would of been 7 in a row.

        • Leazes Ender

          He was the cause of the relegation, well one of them.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Look at Boro last season, 3rd best defensive record in the Prem.
    Where are they now ?
    They couldn`t score goals !

    • Jezza

      Excellent point. It all comes down to goals and if you can’t score them you will always get what you deserve in the end.

    • HarryHype59

      Joselu and Perez have scored three goals in eleven games this season! That strike rate is comparable to teams that get relegated!

      • Jezza

        Realistically Joselu has got no goals this season. The one against West Ham was put in by the defender and the one gainst Liverpool was a clearance that richocheted off him and into the net. He has yet to score a bona fide goal for us and looking at just how wayward and innaccurate his finishing is it’s hard to see him ever getting one.

        • anyobrien

          I’m soooooooo pleased I don’t sit near you…… I’d get banned

    • anyobrien

      Where’s your seat in the ground?
      East stand, Milburn leazes,?


    For me, we were far the better team in the first half and did not take our chances, cannot remember them creating much. If u don’t take your chances u will get punished. As the second half went on you could see what was going to happen.
    One positive, I thought Gayle was looking sharper today. Hope we can pick up a few more points before the window opens. Rafa will have to wheel and deal but even the fat man will know he has to invest or he will be selling a championship club next season.

  • HarryHype59

    I know Fatso didn’t back Rafa adequately in the last window. However, the £12m spent on Murphy looks like bad business! Joselu, Manquillo and Murphy cost around £21m! That could have bought us a better quality striker we so badly need!

  • Dillon Tovak

    Perez coming on instead of Mitro was the moment I completely gave up on this match.

  • molend

    If you don’t rate Mitro, at least bring back Armstong. He must be better than Joselu. And as for Manquillo, let’s remember: a) we have Clark and Mbemba; and b) we released Lewis Gibson to Everton! Not that he would be playing yet, but what a prospect

  • Taz

    Peed off today, tried to look at some positives but finding it hard. The only one I could come up with was a reality check…. it shows we r not that good, we can and will be beaten by teams we should or could beat. Investment is and was needed. The fat [email protected] will look at this and know he has to get rid, if that is indeed what he intends, coz if we start to slide so will the price and we all know it’s only money with that c__t. That’s the only positive I could see with today’s result!!!!!

  • 5floorshigh

    a load of huff and puff but no real class or quality……..get fit soon Merino

  • Virsino

    The only positive with these recent results, it keeps the potential for the sale price
    of the club reduced due to the question mark hanging over the division we will play in. A solid top 10 could mean a bigger price, as the squad value could be pointed at as strong, while a bottom half certainly means a less valuable squad.

    • HarryHype59

      I cannot see any deal being completed until the end of the season due to uncertainty over our EPL status! How ironic it would be if Ashley refuses to budge on price, prolongs the sale and a third relegation occurs!

  • Dublintoon

    Surprised rob eliotts getting off the hook so easy. The defoe shot which led to the match winning corner was bread and butter. Should have been held and not palmed behind. The art of saving a ball by actually catching the thing is pretty much dead in the game in general. His distribution was awful today as well

  • Natturner26

    Jokelu 9 starts in a row. Sheer idiocy from Rafa. And poor subs again.

    • HarryHype59


      • Martin Rooney

        It already has people around me were booing Perez coming on

  • HarryHype59

    Where’s Herr Fleckman…..seems to be very quiet of late!

  • Cuh

    I said it at the start, I’ll say it again. Mitrovic needs to be in this team. Rob Elliot needs to be out of it. Enough said

    Rafa should stop acting like a spoilt brat and make the most of what he has. There is no competition in tje squad anymore, something that kept them going last season. Atsu, Elliot, Ritchie will always be automatic starters.

  • Martin Rooney

    Simple had our goal not been chalked off incorrectly we would have likely won that game referee to blame yet a fing gain. Getting sick of it.

    • anyobrien

      100% goals change games

  • David2211

    ‘Thought our fans were a disgrace. A bad game yes but booing the players and, in the case of the area around me, destroying seats and going wild? Embarrassing really. Turning up doesn’t guarantee a home win and we were poor today. It happens. Get over it.