As you take your journey through life, everybody experiences significant events, events that stay etched in your memory.

Events like important birth dates, first kiss, historic news events and so on, let me give you an example. Older fans will know exactly where they were and what they were doing on the day JFK was assassinated, or when Elvis Presley died, or for odd balls like me…the death of punk icon Sid Vicious!

I would like to point out that I was not born when JFK was assassinated, I may be old but not that old.

Anyway, I wonder how many Newcastle fans can remember what they were doing on 23 May 2007, and what is the significance of that date?

For me, that day I was driving into London, a regular drive that I still undertake  from Newcastle. I remember giving up on the mundane drones of Radio 2 and switched to 5 Live, where it was suddenly announced that Newcastle United had been bought by Mike Ashley!

I remember thinking Mike who?  The radio station went into his background and apparently he was a Howard Hughes like character, a multi billionaire who was also the owner of Lillywhites,  no mention of Sports Direct by the way!

They then went on to talk about what a good thing for the Premier League this was, while foreign investment was rife we now had a rich English owner who would surely bring success and silverware to Newcastle United…

Oh, if only as Newcastle fans we knew what lay ahead.

Admittedly when he had Chris Mort on board things looked promising, buying the Bigg Market a drink and appointing Kevin Keegan, however things rapidly turned sour, I believe Chris Mort saw what was coming and left with his reputation intact.

The rest as they say is history, a succession of disasters as the likes of Jimenez, Wise, Llambias and dare I say Charnley, were appointed to a variety of invented posts.

We all know this anyway, so why talk about it? Well I honestly believe his tenure is about to end, I know nothing more than anyone else but I really feel things are different this time.

What will you be doing when he finally departs, who knows? But I do know it will stick in my mind as much as any event that is significant in my mind.

Anyway, back to the football, and yes a couple of disappointing results have occurred, this is what the season is going to be, surprise wins and losses, however the booing at full time against Bournemouth was disappointing. This squad is not a Pardew squad, they work as one, win as one, draw as one and lose as one, and I for one appreciate that.

If you look at the game, we deserved to win, and if the linesman had done his job properly things would have been so different.

So this weekend it’s off to Old Trafford for another televised game and can we get a result? Why not?  Yes we will be set up defensively and while Man Utd are in the top 4 as expected, they are not in the same class as Man City, nothing to stop us giving them a surprise.

What sort of team will Rafa pick?

Merino is a miss for sure and we look light up front, will Mitrovic get a chance? Well he can do no wrong for Serbia but something tells me he will again be left out.

Is Joselu the answer? Not really, but I think criticism of him is a little over the top, for sure he is limited but he is decent in the air, does try to link up play and defensively at corners he does a job.

Anyway, whatever team Rafa picks I am sure it will be a tight game one, to enjoy without fear.

Away from NE1 and a glance at SR5: no manager, no fans and no hope, enough said!

International breaks, don’t you hate them, I have no interest in England whatsoever and I for one don’t want to see Jonjo Shelvey in an England shirt, risking getting injured in a meaningless friendly Yes it’s nice for your club to receive recognition but it’s just a risky inconvenience, remember Michael Owen anyone?

Christmas is just round the corner, a time when misery is inflicted on us all, as pubs suddenly become packed with once a year drinkers. Family members suddenly appear out of the woodwork as a reminder they want gifts, people walk around in the most ridiculous of Christmas clothes, including silly jumpers and ties that flash and play music.

The relief being Boxing Day when we can escape to the football……oh yeah, thank you Sky for changing that (Man City home is on 27th Dec) and totally ruining this not so festive period!

Yes I am one of them at Christmas, I detest it and what it has become,  it is commercialised dross and it starts earlier every year. Feel free to call me a miserable git or anything else but it’s how it is, goodwill to all men etc, why wait until Christmas to wish goodwill on everyone, should we not do that everyday?

Rant over!

Anyway, I touched on Christmas for a reason, just maybe this year we will all get a gift we can savour forever, something we will remember until we shuffle off this mortal coil, namely the departure of Mike Ashley!

Wouldn’t that just be something?

Happy November everyone!

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  • Rich Lawson

    1963,coming back from cubs,went to the chip shop on way home,heard about JFK,instantly more interested in if perpetrator would get electric chair (morbid little sods !) 1977,”No Elvis,Beatles or The Rolling Stones”,2017 No Ashley,job done.

  • Buffalo newcastle

    I was on holiday in marmaris in turkey and my mate rang me to give me the ‘good news’ that some billionaire had bought us I immediately started dreaming about how good my club were going to become at last, no more waiting for success surely this man had seen our potential and would take us to the next level and genuinely challenge for trophies and possibly win one! Little did I know we would win two trophies both were of course the championship hardly the ‘success’ we had all expected but only NUFC could attract the most short sighted billionaire ever who sees success as profit for him while extracting hard earned cash from us.

  • Rich Lawson

    Thanks for that Brian,I too am hacked off with Christmas,hate it,shops with decorations up from October.Ludicrous amount to be spent on presents ! Last 2 years I have gone to early morning service at church ( no hymns) to remind me what it is really about,single figures attendance both times ! This year I am really thinking about bombing it out and going on my own to somewhere hot that doesn’t care. (Kids have been grown up for long time)

    • HappyToons

      Gateshead Evangelical Presbyterian Church or Newcastle Reformed Church Benton, details online. Churches holding to the old Protestant confessions and reverent worship, no waving hands or electric guitars, or liberal nonsense, or fake priest craft. If you want to hear what I Timothy 3: 16 really means from the KJV then you’d have a better time of it at either of the above. Should be a decent attendance!

      A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) (YouTube) will remind us what it used to be all about!!! I am sure we were all kids once (maybe not ‘Leazes’)

      If people could only see that is now a bit like Halloween. Commercialised and the shops just saying ‘gimmie your cash’ hence all those early November xmas shop adverts and shops with the trees and xmas decorations in October. Then all the gifts are half price in January???

      The jolly fake xmas TV specials filmed in the Summer or the sad drunk with the santa hat and tinsel; can’t decide which is worst.

      • Leazes Ender

        All religion is fake.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Religion is real. It’s god that’s fake.

          • Peter

            Surely it depends on what you mean by God….

          • paul mclaughlan

            A divine creator.

      • Rich Lawson

        Good call,I hate all the happy clappy stuff they’ve introduced,false and no dignity in it.

  • Paul Patterson

    At least getting to the game on the 27th will be less troublesome than the usual Boxing day difficulty.
    I’m pleased I’m not the only one that hates Christmas and by mid December wishes it was mid January. By Christmas day, ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ by Slade has lost all meaning, having heard it at least five times ‘Every day’ for over a month . .

    • Paul Patterson


      • Leazes Ender

        Yes it was ‘Wizzard’ wasn’t it. Noddy Holder gets royalties of half a million every bloody year for his effort.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Was at the ground when the news broke out and I remember Brian Williams (R.I.P) being interviewed by the press and he said he wondered if he had bought the club as a toy very interesting indeed saying he had just bought the club. Anyway Ashley’s ten years have been nowhere near as bad as the six seasons we had in the old second division now that was bad real bad with crowds dropping below twenty thousand on a regular basis. By and large the fans have stuck by the club during Ashley’s tenure with average crowds of fifty thousand so it carn’t have been that bad just look at our friends down the road that is a real mess.

    • Brian Standen

      Yeah but going was more fun in those days! More for the off field antics

    • Leazes Ender


      • Brian Standen

        Now now peace and goodwill to all….

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        So there are fifty thousand Morons under Ashley and twenty thousand under Westwood and McKeag these are facts believe me the bad times in the late seventies early eighties saw off forty thousand people with crowds as low as seven thousand but this site hates Ashley with a passion so facts do not matter.

        • Brian Standen

          In fairness those 4 figure crowds were very few and all clubs had lower crowds inc Man Utd, it was a depressed time socially – in general our average was very acceptable in those days

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            If you go on Nial and Biffa’s site and go to top of page the rest then archive then match stats you can spend many an hour looking at all the old games and believe me while there are many happy memories the crowds were low.

          • Brian Standen

            I know as I was there. But in fairness the Norwich game we were already down and it had early kick off due to no floodlights ( 6.30) and Wrexham games ( one was abandoned ). Off top of my head I can’t think of any others

  • Buffalo Newcastle

    Hey Paul the next time you listen to ‘ I wish it could be Christmas every day’ check out who sings it…. Clue… It’s not slade

    • Paul Patterson

      Yep, just checked that, I was in the middle of typing Merry Christmas Everyody and then thought it would emphasise my point better if I changed it to IWICBCED. It shouldn’t take a Wizzard to work that one out . . Lol.

  • Steve Pearce

    There’s nowt wrong with being an oddball….

  • nufcslf

    Thought he might be onto something, especially the King Kev appointment and then the true Cashley showed up. Won’t take anything Sports Direct United seriuosly until the fat [email protected] is gone. Unlike every other time the he has lied about selling up, it did make the sports news and papers here in Canada. Fingers and everything else crossed that the silence will lead to a new owner this time around. Nothing lost for me if he does stay, the damage is already too far gone to be disappointed anymore.