Some cracking comments from Bournemouth fans here, as they prepare to travel up to Newcastle.

If you are sitting there at work with the Friday blues, counting down the minutes until you can escape, have a read below.

Tyneside has been hit worst than most by austerity measures and other issues but you do sometimes just need reminding of just what a class place to live this is, especially if you are a football fan!

Read these outsiders’ views of our city/people and let it put a smile on your face.

They love the city of Newcastle, the pubs, and the people, but mixed views on Matt Ritchie….

Bournemouth fans commenting via their top Vital Football message board:

‘If you haven’t been to St James Park and Newcastle as a city, then do so. It is the best trip in the PL by a mile.

Great people up there, brilliant city for sightseeing, night out etc. good metro system that will get you out to the wild North Sea coast in a short time. End of Newcastle Tourist Board plug!’

‘Agreed, was right at the top of my list of away games, along with Spurs, Scum & Brighton. Flying up and staying weekend, some great pubs/bars, can’t wait.’

‘Ditto, seven of us going for the weekend including a group of ‘Dutch Cherries’ coming over from Holland with their flag hopefully. One of the best away trips two seasons ago, hopefully repeated.’

‘Really like Newcastle. Staying the whole weekend with a Norwegian in tow. Tynemouth market, a pub and some sausage stotties. Ending up at the Magpie in Whitby for fish and chips and three chapters of Bram Stoker on Sunday.’

‘Newcastle is a great place to stay a few days – Making a long weekend of it with Mrs.’

‘Newcastle has to be one of the best away trips there is (other than the climb to the away end ). Great stadium, friendly home fans, great city and nightlife. Would rather go here any day of the week than plastic lifeless venues such as the Emirates and White Hart Lane.’

‘Been discussions recently how bad our corners have been this season so far.

Next we come up against Newcastle and Matt Ritchie since he left our club for pastures new in the North East.

Ritchie was always good at corners for us and had lots of assists during the season to his name and scored a few goals as well in his time here, though not in the Premier League.

He has made a difference this season for Newcastle with his corners, three goals coming from them.’

‘I know its pointless now saying this but if only we could have convinced Matt Richie to stay and then saved us spending all that money on Jordan Ibe.

I am sure we would be in a much better position financially and position in the league wise than we are now. Just my view….’

‘Or we might have been on 4 points instead of 7 without Ibe’s contribution… we finished 9th last season without Ritchie, we don’t miss him in the slightest.

Not really sure how you can blame Ibe for our league position, based on absolutely nothing. Scapegoating at its finest.’

‘Don’t think Ibe signing was dependent on Ritchie leaving. They are very different types of player. Would quite happily play both in the same side.’

‘After leaving us for Newcastle, it will be interesting to see how Matt Ritchie gets on against our defence and Charlie Daniels who will probably be marking him.

So far Ritchie is leading with assists with four to his name for Newcastle but hasn’t found the net yet himself in this higher league but scored a few in the Championship last season.’

‘More importantly anyone got an idea about which pub is suitable for away fans?’

‘Pretty much all of them! The last time I went the locals still wanted to talk football after they put in a shambolic display and were well beaten.’

‘So many to choose from. Bodega, Bacchus, Head of Steam all near station.

The great thing about Newcastle is you don’t get all that “no away fans ” and designated away fans pub rubbish. Virtually everywhere welcomes you.

Just make sure you tell the locals that it was AFCB that relegated Sunderland last year and they will be your friend for life. Anyone staying in Newcastle for that game at Sunderland last season was a hero in their eyes.’

‘Talking of that shambolic display (Newcastle 1 Bournemouth 3 – McClaren’s last match) ….looking at their line up that day……

They look to have a weaker side this season!……surely not.













Anita, Gouffran, Aarons, Saivet, Darlow, Doumbia, Mitrovic ‘

‘Might be a weaker side but a much better manager.’

‘I’m not scapegoating Ibe. I am not blaming our position in the league on Ibe. I am just saying Matt contributed more to our success and clearly has maintained his contribution levels for Newcastle both last season and this. I am thinking his contributions if he were here, for example his corners, could have helped us to be further up the league. I am not saying Ibe is to blame. See the difference?’

‘Ritchie wasn’t that consistent for us in the first PL season, he just had some very good moments alongside some mediocre ones. I remember us all discussing him here at that time and he did get dropped to the bench occasionally.

While his dead ball deliveries can be awesome, his lack of pace can hold him back. I have seen comments on social media this season from Newcastle fans who have questioned how good he really is at this level.

I think it’s a case of a player leaving and having some good moments, leading us to believing he turned into Messi.’

Newcastle this season have scored from 3 Ritchie taken corners, which has been one of our weaknesses.

Ritchie scored 12 Championship goals last season for Newcastle, this season yet to get on the score sheet.

In our Championship winning season Ritchie scored 16 goals for us, in the Premier League for us Ritchie scored 4 goals.’

‘I’m hoping to get out of St. James a few minutes before the end to beat the crush. It’s a nightmare trying to weave through a crowd pushing a wheelchair, especially having seen the size of some Geordies.’

‘This was a great weekend away a couple of years ago and would love to have done it again this year. It is just a case of doing too much this year and this is one of the sacrifices.’

‘I’m really really looking forward to Saturday.’

‘Taking 1600 to Newcastle is decent for this time of year, I know we took 3000 last time but for many it was to tick another ground off.’

  • Rich Lawson

    It’s the best place in the world for football or anything else.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Thanks,I live over 200 mile away due to work and you’re getting me all homesick !😢😢😢

  • Peaky Magpie

    Decent fans,decent manager, hope they stay up even after we hammer them tomorrow.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Well the worst ground to visit is Bournemouth the bars round the ground are home fans managed to sneak in one bar but someone heard my accent and called over the bouncers and we had a stand off as said was not leaving till I finished my pint along with Brighton two grounds which refuse to cater for way fans makes me sick how well they will be treat on Saturday.

  • Dillon Tovak

    A southerner talking about stotties? Was this written by you Graham?

  • Peaco

    Thought this was a football forum, as such why bring “austerity” into it. Poor.

  • Leazes Ender

    Didn’t the Magpie Chippy burn down a few months back? I think it was owned by a United fan.

  • anyobrien

    It’s a football city….. East sleep repeat.. Love it.. Howay the lads

  • Biggs

    At it again with your so-called politics “Tyneside has been hit worst than most by austerity measures and other issues”

    Although the UK has reduced its deficit by 2/3 since 2010 the country is still borrowing £5,000 every second. The national debt now over £1,900,000,000,000 increases£18,000,000 every hour or £432,000,000 every day. Overspending over the past 20 years is not austerity, it is just piling up the debt for future generations.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Spot on, it’s the one piece that other fans are likely to read and it starts off giving the impression we’re a load of lazy,out of work, self-pitying Geordies who the the world owe us a living.

  • Mrkgw

    Very decent comments and for that, I wish Bournemouth supporters all the very best. Just hope thst we manage to get the three points today.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Even if you’re not a football fan it’s a brilliant place to live or visit. I
    Quite happy for that to remain under recognised tbh.
    It’s 100 miles in any direction to anywhere…and unless you go south east through s*Nderland and smogboro it’s stunningly beautiful countryside for almost all of it. We are very lucky.
    The city itself is beautiful. It’s come a long way since Get Carter!
    And the people are fantastic.
    I could not be more proud of my home.
    Wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else.
    Just want a tin pot to wave at before I die!